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It’s been six months since I questioned the legality of the appointment of DPT party workers to the Cabinet. The government has not addressed my concerns. So I’ve decided to go to ACC. Here’s what I’ll tell them:

That in mid-June, five DPT party workers were appointed to the Cabinet. One has since resigned, but four of them continue to work under the government’s payroll.

That on 19th July, the RCSC approved the proposal to recruit four staff on “contract basis” for the Cabinet. By then the DPT party workers had already been working for more than a month.

That according to BCSR 2006 (Bhutan Civil Service Rules), people can be recruited on contract only for: (i) time bound projects and programmes; (ii) temporary vacancies caused by civil servants on long term leave; and (iii) positions where there is an acute shortage of human resources. The appointments to the Cabinet do not fulfill any of these criteria.

That Chapter 4.2.1 of BCSR 2006 requires that “The recruitment of personnel on contract shall be based on merit through a fair, open and competitive selection process.” The job vacancies in the Cabinet were not advertised; the government simply appointed their own party workers.

And that Article 7.8 of the Constitution declares that “A Bhutanese citizen shall have the right to equal access and opportunity to join the Public Service”. This fundamental right to every citizen was denied by the government.

I’ve thought about this long and hard. It’s not about the four people in the Cabinet – I have absolutely nothing against them. In fact, they may be capable. They may be qualified. They may even be deserving.

It’s about how the jobs were given to them. Were their appointments legal? Did the government follow procedure? Or did it disregard the law? Did it misuse power and authority? Was there corruption?

The long arms of the ACC will tell.

The National Council has also called these appointments unlawful, and they will demand a judicial review. This is good news to supporters of democracy. To crusaders against corruption. And to the champions of equity and justice.


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  1. BRAVO!

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Lord John E. E. Dalberg-Acton, April 1887)

  2. Before you do that, think of all your PDP colleagues, who after failing to get elected, are presently employed in various corporations and government affiliated agencies. Should the DPT choose, it could take all of their cases to ACC since many of them still contine to be members of PDP and in any case didn’t have the required papers before being appointed. Don’t be aphungzey!

  3. Why weren’t these four people selected through proper procedure like interviews as is normally done? DPT government should have submitted their requirements to the RCSC and then RCSC could call for an open-selection process where both civil servants and even private citizens could compete for the posts through a merit based system. This kind of handpicking by DPT government is highly suspicious and sets a bad precedent for subsequent governments and democracy. So I agree with TT here.

  4. I totally support and agree with you on this one. It’s been ages since their appointment. It’s high time something is being done on this case. I wish you strength to fight this case. I only hope the ACC and other concern agencies take the right course of action.
    And anonymous 1, I think it is the responsibility of all Bhutanese citizens to voice out anything our government does wrong. After all they are there representing us. If we don’t say anything and continue to tolerate corruption, then it will be taken for granted that things can be done the wrong way and there will come a time when we the people will be the biggest loser.

  5. Iam writing this even though you may guess who I am, even as a friend I am disgusted with your behavior which is exactly like a corrupt politician when they are not in power- “bring down the government at any cost so that you can come to power”!!!

    What is very clear is a conspiracy between the NC and you to render the democratically elected PM ineffective and powerless to serve the people. You are talking about the PM’s responsibilities(in your blog). To act with responsibility, you do need authority. If the PM cannot even appoint 4 people in his own office, one wonders what kind of power does the PM have to take decisions and take actions that must bring about further progress to our country in all spheres of life including creating thousands of jobs for the youth who come out of schools and colleges each year.

    You on the other hand are showing the typical traits of a defeated egocentric arrogant fool of a corrupt opposition leader. You certainly have every reason to be vain, for you are the leader of one member in the parliament who everyone knows is embarrassed by your leadership or rather your stupid arrogance. Even as you criticize the PM, you remind us of the corrupt man you are ( having swindled the Ministry of Labour to take an ADB loan of some hundred thousand US $ to pay for your Master’s Degree while you were in fact building your credentials for politics which you entered a year or so later). Is this not corruption? Have you written to ACC about it? And what of your womanizing and your adulterous life, are these not acts of a corrupt politician? Are you fit to lead morally? Speaking of decency and good conduct, what about your drunken bar room brawls. Probably the lump on your head from the last beating you got from young boys at SPACE 34 maybe squeezing your brains out.

    Hey man whatever be the case, you are still the opposition leader, behave like one. You have responsibilities. Don’t disgrace the orange scarf His Majesty has so kindly bestowed on you in the interests of good democracy. What you are showing and exercising in fact is reckless power of a destructive opposition leader without any sense of responsibility. That is dangerous. God save our country should you or anyone like you should ever come to a position of power!!!!!!

  6. This is really a valid point. It is totally unfair on the part of new govt., Hope something will be done soon.Yes, some of them joining private and corporations is understandable depending upon their needs and theire service rule but breaking the rules and recruiting as civil servant is unacceptable.

  7. The comments of anonynomous is not professional at all and we condemn you. You have no substantial argument to argue on the topic therefore resorted to personal attacks. If he/she is a professional you must arue relevantly rather than insulting people on the forum without any basis.

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