Our PM’s report

Yesterday, during the opening day of the National Assembly’s second sitting, our PM submitted his report on the performance of the government.

His report did not touch on the government’s performance in the social sectors and on the economy. Too bad. It was a good opportunity to showcase the successes of the government in these areas. Unless, of course, there hasn’t been enough successes to speak about.

But, on the one hand, the new government has been in office for only eight months – it probably needs more time to prove that it is keeping the promises that it has made.

One the other hand, however, 8 months is enough time to talk about the ground work that the government has done to keep its promises.

And then there are some things that people really want to know. The pay revision, is one – it’s causing too many people too much grief. Effects of the global financial crisis is another – again causing grief. Then there’s inflation, unemployment and education, all causing grief.

And talking of education: what happens when a student delivers an incomplete report? He fails.


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  1. Hey Opposition Leader,
    In almost all of your posts, I could not help but notice your personal criticism on government. Did I read somewhere that you will not always oppose the government but will try to work and help them? Where are those words now? If you think the government is not doing something right, tell them what is the problem and how YOU WOULD DO OTHERWISE. If the policies that are formulated by government are not up to your mark, give them suggestions and make them incorporate your ideas. Don’t just critique each and every step the government is taking without offering anything from your side. If you think the Prime Minister is failing in his duties, show him how will you do. If you think government is not doing anything regarding pay revision, global financial crisis, inflation, unemployment and education, show THEM and US how will you solve those issues unlike the government. If you can’t propose a solution that is better than the government’s, I don’t think you have the right to criticize either. I have a feeling that politics to you is all personal. So, please stop barking like a dog and provide some real answers to real issues. Every fool can say someone is not doing well; the crux of the problem is WHAT CAN YOU DO INSTEAD?

    A Citizen of Bhutan

  2. Bhutanese Blogger says

    Tshering, I have no doubt that the owner of the blog will take your comments in good stride. But I cannot help myself pointing out that your comments do reek of personal dislike for the posts here.

    This blog has been informative and is a very good (forward looking) way of connecting with people. Criticisms should be levelled when there is more to be desired from any party and this is how things improve.

    I reckon that you surmise your observations based on this blog only.I hope you will also learn to take things in good stride, criticise people in good faith and contribute constructively and positively to the discussions here.


  3. Well..Tshering i understand that your comments do make sense as in dont just “talk” but “do it or show them” if you feel for it. But i am wondering at the level of participation bestowed upon the opposition leader to present his views and suggestions in dealing with what is really happening with the government. well just as an example…I believe that in the UK the committees of the parliament is chaired by the opposition leader, which means he is equally responsible for whatever may the outcome be…but my knowledge on politics is still very blurry as of now. However, i considered this article purely from what i read here and i believe criticizing is the first step and then hopefully WHAT CAN YOU DO INTEAD follows…

  4. Dear Opposition leader, this is the way to go forward. “I salute you”, you have indeed earned my respect for you. Inspite of so little support from the government you have stood firm in bringin out your observation and giving ppeople “HOPE”. We are behind you and we want you to know that “there is light at the end of the tunnel”. Just keep going and do not stop. God bless you.

  5. Hope? Light at the end of the tunnel? I think that should suffice, we all know where you stand. This place is for constructive criticism. Let’s try to do some good instead of choosing sides and causing ill feelings towards others. I think the new government including the opposition party are doing very well. Whatever said and done, both are doing their jobs with much dedication. “Cheers and Long Live Our KINGS!”

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