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Public anxiety over the pay hike issue is on the rise. And a lot of grief and surprise is directed at the huge increase that we, politicians, are expected to get – the pay commission has recommended an increase of 130% for the prime minister, 66% for ministers and 100% for parliamentarians.

The public should be surprised. After all, the previous cabinet had already approved the draft Parliamentary Entitlement Acts and made public what aspiring politicians could expect to earn. And that was essentially Nu 30,000 per month plus 20% for house rent plus a chauffeur-driven car. Everyone knew this. And accepted it.

So most of us had a fairly good idea of what we would get – salaries and other perks – before we joined politics. In fact, many of us were influenced, at least in part, by what we expected to earn. This reality, which some would obviously quickly deny, was, for some reason, disregarded by the pay commission, which has awareded the highest increases to politicians. That’s why the public should be surprised.

But it should also be suspicious. Last July, DPT decided that its 45 parliamentarians would voluntarily contribute 10% of their salaries to their party. How 45 people can all agree to “voluntarily” contribute exactly the same amount is amazing and should, sooner or later, be seriously questioned. But that’s another matter.

For now, consider the obvious: that 10% of 60,000 is 100% more than 10% of 30,000. So while DPT MPs currently “voluntarily” contribute 3,000 per month to their party, they could possibly contribute 6,000 per month. But for that the salaries of MPs would first have to be increased to Nu 60,000.

Surprised and suspicious? You should be.


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  1. The fact that the new government is working more out of self-interest and less on the interest of the whole nation makes me really sad and frustrated. The thing is you can’t even do much besides complaining and i hate that. I think a lot of people have raised their contempt of the pay hike proposal but we are yet to see how the new government reacts to it and hopefully submit a logical proposal.


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