Earlier this week, the Anticorruption Commission’s annual report to the Parliament was discussed. Members of National Assembly – including the PM, cabinet minters, ruling party MPs, the opposition and the Speaker – registered their support for this important organization, and reiterated their resolve to fight corruption.

The ACC’s annual report, however, was silent on one issue. The report made no mention whatsoever of the recruitment of DPT party workers by the Government. About a year ago, I had informed ACC that the unilateral appointments of the DPT party workers may be unlawful, but have received no response so far. I’ll be writing to them again.


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  1. Yes la this has been a topic unrevealed since this issue was brought up last summer. So we believe that with your diligence and supports that this misunderstanding of unauthorized or illegal matter be solved.
    “Better late then never”
    We await patiently to hear the conclusion of this silent matter which has to be resolved sooner then later la.

  2. Are you telling us that the DPT government is “INTERFERING” in the ACC? Are you telling us that the ACC is “NOT SO INDEPENDENT” as it is supposed to be? If that’s right, that’s TERRIBLE. VERY TERRIBLE.

    • Tangba: I don’t know if the DPT government is “interfering” in the ACC’s work. Perhaps ACC has a good reason for ignoring my complaint. Perhaps they don’t. But, I’ll be guided by their wisdom. And for that, I need to hear from them. TT

  3. Dear OL,

    Thank you for keeping us informed through your website.

    It has been reported in Kuensel that your excellency brought up the education ministry’s issue during Q & A session in NA, so I thought it would be appropriate to ask you regarding this issue.

    It’s regarding the “termination without benefits” thingy. What “benefits” are they talking about, if it’s the benefit from NPPF, I have the following questions. If it’s not, please ignore my comments for I haven’t really done my homework.

    Isn’t the benefit from NPPF their own money in the first place? Money that was deducted from their salary every month for X number of years. Therefore, if NPPF operates as a government-owned financial institution, it’s like having some savings in BoB or enrolling in some scheme with RICBL, which belongs to them whether they get promoted or fired. And if NPPF functions as a social institution, like Social Security System in other countries, is the social security only for so called “clean” citizens, where ex-convicts are not entitled to get the benefits.

    In line with this, shouldn’t civil servants be given a choice of whether they want to enroll in the pension system or not? After all, a majority of the population doesn’t have social security anyway and you may be better of not paying monthly installments if you are not going to anything back if you lost your job.

    • Tashi: “Benefits” include two items: the first is gratuity, equal to one month’s salary (most recent salary) per year of service rendered. The second is the cumulative total of the government’s contribution to the provident fund. Hope this helps. TT

  4. Your Excellency,
    I am more inspired your blog than some media papers. Your excellency is sharing personally to public, what else is really discussing in Parliament house.
    Your excellency, if you don’t mind, actaully, the issue here on unileteral appointments of the DPT party worker doesn’t cover extensively to the public interest rather the ACC’s actions prelude may justly affect the group of party workers at PM’s door. Your excellency have more roles than that to oppose to the ruling Govt. in many different categories which could be benefitted to public at large.Yes,I understand, what your excellency proposed has a meaning on different involment grounds, hope ACC may take it seriously to tie it tightly accordance with the OL’s second letter.Yet, your excellency may really need more support from parliamentarians/public on your proposals. So, your dignified, simplicity,oratory power and etc. may assist further..

    Thanking you

    • Tshering Tobgay says

      Gatsho: I’ll be sending a reminder to ACC, and will be guided by their wisdom. As of now, all I seek is an answer to my letter. TT

  5. Education_City says

    Mr. OL,

    Why you be petty? Forget the nitty gitty 4 poor DPT workers handpicked by PM in his office. I am a businessman. Don’t worry about penny corruption. Go for dollar corruption.

    Here is the dollar corruption – a serious one.

    I think there is a office call REC, Royal Education Council. REC did good work and proposed for good education for children of Bhutan, good schools, colleges to be built in good Govt land at somewhere near Wang sisina (about 1000 acres I am told).

    Nice PM rejected the idea nicely as not nice, not nice for the people of Bhutan.

    Idea was shelved for quite sometime.

    Suddenly, out of the blue, Nice PM’s nephew Palden Tshering and I am told PM’s son also involved, came up as with partners with Indian firms in Kolkata (blatant fronting of course) to build Education City at the same place with similar to REC proposal.

    Nice PM not only nicely approved but also pushing it. Now not just huge fronting business but leasing 1000 acres of prime land of Bhutan in the name of leasing (leasing for 99 years or forvever which is giving free) to his nephew and son sounds like more than corruption or nepotism but giving away a piece of our country. Is this the power of democracy given to demon?

    Nice PM doesn’t seem nice. Something not only fishy. The whole Thimphu town knows including members of parliament. Hot talk of the town these days. I heard it at OM Bar.

    Go to OM Bar along with Aum Neten. Let her hear even if she also prefer not to listen.

    Ciao! Ciao!
    Education City

  6. As long as we don’t uproot the trees of corruption in Bhutan, just plucking away little leaves and branches won’t kill the corruption tree.
    In most countries, when something is not done correctly, the minister or the top official have the answer tough questions. So we should be looking at questioning the particular minister of the corrupted ministry instead of punishing some low level civil servants.

  7. How can be uproot the corruption!!! It is very shame ful and sad to hear from PM to the corrution report saying “It would be hard to get ride of NEPOTISIM from our culture” PM accepts himself of doing some nepotism and favouritism.

    So better we have our own share of nepotism and take chances.

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