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A lot of people called me today. They were mainly civil servants expressing their frustration over the government’s pay revision report. They must be really frustrated. After all, by now they would know that a two-member opposition can hardly influence important discussions.

So I hope they’re calling the DPT MPs too.

And I hope they turn up to watch the debate. The visitors’ gallery is normally empty – it would be good to have it packed once in a while. At the least, it would remind us, politicians, to serve our masters, the people of Bhutan.


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  1. How can we be happy when Ministers who are quick to point out that they are not taking any pay hike is actually taking the hike in the form of discretationary allowance which is not taxable. Thats a sum bigger than 100% increase for the people in the lower rung of the ladder. You can fool some people some time but not all the people all the time!!! OL, all the best and BE COOL…..

  2. What’s wrong with our government, how can they not see for things as they are.
    Anyways thank you for fighting for the rest of us. More power and strength to the OP 🙂

  3. The assembly hall will remain empty for three reasons. Firstly the security is not freindly when you try to go in (it should be hassle free. Secondly we can watch the debates live on television up close and personal. We can view the MP,s talking upclose facing them where as if you are in the hall – you are looking at them from behind. Thirdly, the hall is cold (ice box). But having said that, we will be there once in a while to witness the grandeur of our assembly hall.

  4. Dear Badger,
    Please find out how and what for discretionary allowance is to be used before making such comments. If you think that being a minister is so lucrative, why don’t you try to be one? I am sure OL will give you a ticket to stand from his party. By the same token, you are not fooling any one apart from ignorant ones like yourself.

  5. this is why we have the after thoughts- if onlt they worked as before thoughts, there say would have been taken across and respected. good luck in the enxt elections!!!!

  6. The increase of 35% has very little impact on lower class civil servants, but it does make a difference for the people at higher rank. Wise decision made, because to control the rats we need to please the cats. Even 35% increase also said to have major impact on the Government fund, but the earlier proposal by the pay commission was more than that. On what did they based their pay hike proposal then?.

  7. Out of my busy office schedule, I did manage to hear the debate on the pay hike today online.

    Its an impressive support from Hon’ble OL, from the point of revenue generated from the Hydro Power Projects and GDP growth. It made me also wonder, despite Bhutan being highest in the region in GDP, why are DPT always talking about resource constraints. What is the basis of 35 percent hike? What is the inference behind this magic number or it came just out of blue?

    DPT during their campaigning, has very proudly said that they can get grants, assistance, funds, budgets from partner countries, bilateral or multi-lateral countries, we don’t seemingly see any effort by DPT towards achieving this promised onus. Now they complain about resource gap, because, their motive seems to divert a substantial amount of resource in fulfilling their promises, which they don’t seem to get any grants/assistance from outside. Thus, the hike is kept very minimal in order to achieve their promises and at the same time failed as usual.

    My dear folks, it is a reminder to us that, the next government we elect, one component that can really help people and the government is the Opposition Party representation in the Parliament.

    Cheers for our Hon’ble OL.

  8. what did Lyonchen annouce that there will be sustaitial pay hike earlier? didn’t he look at the resources then?

    I am sure Pat commission made the proposal based on resource availability?

    is 35 % enough? is it sustaintial increase?

  9. Pay comission has been the puppet of the Government. They wasted so many months to work on the salary hike and finally after the live panel debate the Pm changed it over night. Do we really need a pay comission when things are changed over night. Becareful guys Pm is a smart cunning guy… people did feel in his trap and there arnt anyone to rescue.

  10. I agree with Mr. Penjor.

    PM is smart but cunning. We are seeing a lot of things that we did not expect from him. He is playing all sort of tricks to fool the people. But all fingers are not same, and we won’t keep quite if this kind of things go on like this…

    Coming to the pay hike. Forget 35 % hike, at the end of the day, civil servant are getting nothing. The government is increasing everything, PF contribution, Taxes, Pension Colony, other contributions. The private sector/business, they are increasing prices of goods and services, house rent, so who is hit most, obviously the Civil servants are hit the hardest. For our ministers, NCs, MPs and higher post holders, they are not increasing their pay, but increasing other allowances – they get houses, voucher, driver allowance, fuel allowance, electricity, all sorts of things they want and majority of the works are carried out by the civil servants.

    At least DPT should provide the civil servant with housing facility. The house rent in Thimphu takes almost 60 percent of the salary and they get free housing or allowance, how ridiculous.

    They should look at alternatives. DPT government is robing people and tricking them in every possible way.

    It is blunder to have chosen them, next elections we should really remember this kind of good will done to us!

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