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The previous poll, on our government’s performance, drew a record number of voters. 409 of you participated in the poll. And, 206 of you said that our government’s performance so far has been “good” or “very good”. That’s an impressive 64% approval rating. Not bad, indeed.

But some of you were suspect. Which promoted one reader, freewill, to point out “…that some DPT fanatics are corrupting you poll results by voting 50 to 100 times by one person. I think your website should be set up in such a way only one person from one ip can vote once and disable proxies.”

Indeed. The numbers favouring the government’s performance changed overnight. I do believe that we had one, or a few, voters casting multiple ballots using, as freewill suggests, proxie servers. So perhaps we did not have as many as 409 people participating in our poll. And so perhaps the poll results are not honest.

But, I will still respect the results. That’s why I chose not to close the poll even though I noticed the overnight swing. My views, however, on our government’s performance is public knowledge. I wrote about it a few days ago.

Our next poll is on our parliament. Let’s see which of our two houses conducts their debates well.


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  1. Your Excellency,

    Yes, indeed the poll on you blog can be easily manipulated in the following ways:

    1. Install firefox web browser
    2. Go to ‘tool menu’ and click on ‘clear private data…’ from the drop down menu
    3. Uncheck ‘cache’ and ‘cookies’
    Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 each time you vote. Then you can vote multiple times.

  2. PS: Repeat steps 2 and 3 only, not all lol

  3. Be honest says

    I would request to add one more check list as “joint session”” in your poll for “which house conducts debates well?”


  4. speculationman says

    I am not a DPT supporter. And lately I am also having the thought that the DPT government is undermining public opinion just too much.
    But I would also like to point out that your thought about DPT supporters manipulating the votes is difficult to buy. If some supporters can go that far, some staunch anti-DPT supporters and also do the same to vote against them.
    Anyway, I like the way you are providing a platform for the people to voice out our thoughts. Keep it up.

  5. Linda wangmo says

    Dear OL

    Time to use some common sense here.. your poll on which house debates well would be useless because of the following reasons:

    National Assembly would get more votes because the ruling party has an opposition to debate with but with the present gobernment they will not get more votes because there are lot of MPS who talks without any common sense, its like a stage where kids perform debates in schools.

    The National council would win because they are more or less prepared and they would win because they have live telecast.

    The National

  6. speculationman says

    sir, i wanted you to post the following article in your website.

    The DPT hegemony

    After DPT won the first democratic election, Bhutan Times, in its journalistic modesty but with a pinch of embroidery, coined the phrase JYT phenomenon. It tweaked.

    Now that we have moved on to a new calendar, the axiom still reverberates, in ways more than one.

    The DPT has, of late, repeatedly played a monologue. One that they interpret is right and they have clung to the maxim. Public opinion is hushed and brushed aside.

    It began with the infamous stint of camouflaging the funding for political parties and the constituency development grant under the figural ambiguity of the budget report last year. Thanks again to Bhutan Times for unearthing the ploy following which the nation reacted and the issue was brought to the public forum.
    The National Council snubbed the proposal. The public and the media vouched against it. But the DPT stood valiant in its pursuit neither giving a logical explanation nor listening to public opinion which they said they will regard highly during their pre-election campaign.
    This year, the DPT unanimously decided to launch the CDG. Despite a huge outcry, it was endorsed.

    Now, the DPT has banned live telecast of the parliament session. Even this time, the DPT did not listen to the public. They decided that the airtime will cost the BBS too much money and people will be bored with the discussion and the MPs (not confident enough to be leaders) would stagger in front of the camera.

    All the DPT MPs gave the same reasons when inquired about their decision. Not a single MP said people deserved to watch the live telecast. That seemed a bit weird. It is a bit uncanny to think all 45 MPs have the same conscience and harbor and share the same ridiculous thoughts.
    Off the record, an MP shared his feelings about the decision. He agreed that it was wrong to discontinue the live telecast. I enquired why he would not voice it out in the National Assembly. The answer was “I would not want to attract the wrath of the party.”


    There were so many thoughts that paraded in response. But I did not tell the MP friend of mine anything. It appears that all 45 DPT leaders have agreed to endorse any kind of decision that is taken by the few DPT leaders (party decisions are taken by few). They have decided not to go against party interests. After all, they will face the voters only after four years but have to face the orange droned leaders of the party daily.

    And one public secret of the DPT allegiance is that no one questions the prime minister. JYT reigns supreme. There is not even a single MP who acts like the spokesperson of the party. It is him and him alone. And I don’t know how much he has a role to play in the whole ball game. Period.

    In such a scenario, I am concluding that there is no democracy of thoughts or democracy of expression among the DPT MPs themselves. It has been subdued intellectually and I can call it intellectual assassination of democratic thoughts. It is a pity that the DPT MPs don’t realize this and will dispute it if they read this article like they have been defending all the DPT decisions taken, blindly with party allegiance calling the shots.

    I would like the DPT MPs to urge at least to speak their minds out in the parliament. I think I represent the public in asking you to do it. And all I am asking is to do your job as a leader of the people who elected you. If you can’t voice out even what you feel how can we rely on you to be our voice in the parliament?

    Hey! by the way, guys, I voted for the DPT.

    • Nicely put. All along I too suspected JYT to be a dictator within DPT and his words were final and binding without a single opposition from the other MPs. I mean look back at our election, we didn’t elect the govt based on the capability of the cadidates but the the so-called leader. He is probably telling his MPS, had it not been for him, they wouldn’t be in the parliament in the first place. Firstly, that old system of fearing JYT and his cabinet is still there among the party members and thereofre do not dare oppose them. Secondly,I dare say that most of the MPs are not intellectually gifted or learned enough to offer an alternative reasoning that do not seem stupid and laughable even to common people.

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