Dangerous nonsense

road to nowhere?

road to nowhere?

The first item on the National Council’s agenda today is Question Time. And they’ve summoned our finance minister to answer, in person, questions that have been sent to him ten days ago. I predict that our finance minister will not show up at the National Council. He will not respect their summons.

Yes, we are, in many ways, still transitioning to a democracy, hopefully to one that’s honest, robust and vibrant. But, this brinkmanship playing out between our government and the Council cannot be blamed on transition. What we are witnessing is the lack of decency, and the absolute disregard for principles of democracy.

This is dangerous. And, especially so in the land of GNH, where relationships are supposedly the bedrock of our happiness.

Please! Stop this nonsense.


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  1. This is so much for preaching to lay the strong foundation of democracy in the country. Yes we simply cannot ignore it saying we are in transition stage, ad so such things should happen. How long and how far can we go being in transition? This is gonna create precedence for the next ruling party to excuse and avoid question time on the justification that the trend was flexible from the first ruling party of the the democracy in Bhutan.

    What appears to the common lay Bhutanese is that both the reasons of NC and NA on attending and not attending the question time sounds reasonable. I, for one, haven’t seen NC act or the clause in the constitution requiring Ministers to attend. If there is a clause there, then the Government must respect and honour it rather than reacting to their own egos.

    Looks like this needs to be sorted out in a joint sitting. If NA Assembly thinks it is not necessary, then the clause should be removed so that NC doesn’t have to bother either.

    Bhutanese are learning democracy, and please don’t deceive.

  2. I asked myself what I would do as the CEO of Zekom’s Best, if such “dangerous nonsense” hits my company.

    I would say, “What great fun! Let’s all learn from this, to make our beloved company even better!!”

    I would help my people celebrate mistakes, for one cannot learn without mistakes. I would also look for and rejoice in successes, for good things tend to be overlooked when negative stuff takes the centre stage.

    I would not blame anyone but myself, for I am the one accountable for anything that goes on in my company.

    Having learned all we can, I would say, “I am sorry I let this happen. I have made a mistake, and have learned from it. I will not let it happen again, with your help.”

    And, most importantly, I would laugh at myself. I would laugh at my own silliness in front of everyone – enabling my people to do exactly the same.

    There’s a silver lining in every cloud. Even in a “dangerous nonsense”. If I forget that, my company will be sucked into a negative spiral, and cease to function. That’s what makes it “dangerous”.

    The most sacred duty of leaders, any leaders anywhere, is never to allow negative spirals to take hold of people’s psyche.

  3. What exactly is wrong with the DPT? A party that has been voted to power so overwhelmingly does not seem to be able to do anything right. Was the whole nation hypnotized during election day? I recall I had my senses intact. Then why do I get this feeling that I wasnt quite myself when I voted for them?

  4. OL, If your party is in government, I am sure NC would be a closed shop by now. I know you will tear the Constitution apart to prove that NC has no right to question the government on executive matters. If both NC and NA have the same roles and responsibilities, why have two houses? NC is nothing but an instrument of the OP for now.

  5. Tshering Dolkar says

    I had been observing very carefully the arguments of the NC against NA and finally came with the following conclusions.
    1.0 Many of the NC candidates are simply egoistic and they tend to forget their mandate.
    2.0 I don’t see any need for ministers to attend in person to answer the questions of NC members. Written answer should be more than enough. We the public would like to see the questions and answers in the media (kuensel, Bhutan Times, etc.)
    3.0 NC members should remain within their mandate.

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