Demand for equity

Consider this: in rural Bhutan, our people are undernourished, stunting and wasting.

Now consider this: in urban Bhutan, our people are overweight and obese.

Time to get serious about the equity in the DPT’s Equity and Justice.


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  1. Well, that is really very interesting issue to ponder over! Are city dwellers really rich and can afford to eat rich food and become obese? Or we are just very lazy?

    If rural people are poor then what are the causes? Are they lazy and don’t work? Or coz they don’t have basic infrastructures like road, electricity and other services? If it is the second case then it is government’s responsibilities to provide such infrastructures and services. But it is also individual’s responsibilities to work and improve their living standard. Everyone should put our own effort to make better living.

    On the general note, it will be very difficult to make all equal in every aspect as we are not in socialist country. But everyone should have access to basic services and amenities. Government should ensure that everyone gets the basic services and after that individual should work hard.

  2. I very much agree with O.L. It is true with all the decision taken by the ruling government. in some parts there are constrains and donations contributed by some of us and there are some of us enjoying the fair weather by luck and just making commands after all is done. As we might know that we are really having natural disasters hindering some parts of the country and rather then making an effort to play the unfair action of the majority rule and keeping on dwelling as much as we can in the term mentioned it would be of great mercy if our beloved politicians make an act to support and take up their responsibility diligently. “Pay raise”

  3. Dremten Drukpa says

    From OL: “Consider this: in rural Bhutan, our people are undernourished, stunting and wasting.

    Now consider this: in urban Bhutan, our people are overweight and obese.”

    The dispairty between rich and poor is as urgent a probem as lack of jobs for the new college graduates. It is time for action before it is too late to do something.

  4. yes, O.L!

    The point you have raised is very much relevant at this junction.

    One shame done by DPT government is discussing about the pay raise for the MPs.

    The reason is:

    1. last year, they considered a pay hike for civil servants. Till today, it is still an allowance and its not clubed as a real basic pay for the civil servants. And before doing what is promised (to make the allowance a basic pay from July 2010)

  5. they have started talking about their pay

    2. the second point is, when our country is going through such tragedies(earthquake in eastern Bhutan), they started talking about their pay.
    I just really don`t know why they are not spending a second to reflect about this things…

    i support your point fully O.L

  6. Transplacement says

    Hello Politicians and Policy Makers!
    Remember the term “egalitarianism,” the fundamenatal norm of democracy!

  7. I would say both these groups need EDUCATION.

  8. “Everyone thinks of changing the world but nobody thinks of changing himself” Leo Tolstoy.

    Let us give our elected govt. time to work. They have been voted in a democratic way. Democracy is about freedom but also about majority. Let us not try to find out “end of an egg”. There will be your chance if Bhutanese have faith to vote in other parties after three years.

  9. Go and visit hell if you are trouble maker instead of bringing solutions for peace

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