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Our finance minister issued two notices on 13th February.

The first notice announced that “Upon approval of the Parliament, the Ministry of Finance is pleased to announce the revision of pay and allowances of the public servants with effect from 1st January 2009…”

Good. This is consistent with the Parliament’s resolution and the government’s Pay Revision Proposal which states that “In order to reduce the magnitude of the costs, the Government has decided to implement the pay revision from January 2009” (see Pay Revision).

The second notice, addressed to the Hon’ble Speaker and Hon’ble Chairman of the NA and NC respectively, states that “…the pay raise and revised benefits of the MPs shall be effective from 1st April 2008…”

Not good. This is not consistent with the Parliament’s resolution, which was that the pay revision would be effective from January 2009. Parliament did not discuss or decide to apply the pay raise for MPs retroactively.


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  1. The finance minister must have been not mentally sound when he was issuing the office order like Dasho Pem Dorji when he was bashing the doctor in Paro hospital. Otherwise, how can he ever dare to issue two different office orders when it was not at all discussed in the NA. Is it because 10 percent of the salaries of MPs goes to their party fund? I think the civil servants should also contribute some percentage the DPT party fund andd request FM to change the effective date of salary. I am sure they will do it.

    All in all, what I want to say is, please be consistent and try to be transparent. Don’t decide something in dark.

  2. Go ahead, suck the country dry. Greed is what our elite seem to have plenty of. BTW, pay your taxes accordingly, don’t forget that. Tell your Aums they can’t cheat on the rental income anymore.

    If MPs can get their raise retrospectively, so should the civil servants. They work harder than most MPs, really. So the rest of the country’s supposed to be considerate of the limited resources in the country, and the MPs can pilfer it dry?? Doesn’t make sense. And ministers can preach GNH to the world. Bleah, what nonsense!

    On a serious note, I don’t think the Finance Minister has the right to dictate such unilateral decisions, bypassing actual assembly resolutions. If the house(s) resolved to make the pay raise effective from January 2009 citing reasons of limited national resources, how can any sane government decide that it is ethical to increase their own pay retro??? Is he forgetting we are living in the 21st century? For so long we have tolerated such things. But not anymore! Bhutan is not a country of ignorant idiots – maybe it is run by some.

    I badly want to fast-forward to the next elections. The real peoples’ choice will then ensue forth. What a bunch of greedy, selfish losers. GNH, huh?

    Thanks, OL, for bringing this issue to light. The public will remain ever in the dark because OUR elected representatives don’t seem to have a clue as to what is going on around them. They are just happy to call each other “Dasho.”

  3. Thank you sir for bringing to light this story. What kind of a democracy have we entered into or signed for? I want my king back, who was fair to all his subjects. Had we still been in a monarchy, we would not have to face this double standards of a mean and unfair political party.

    This is outright unfair. What does the DPT think it is doing? How can civil servants voice our grievances? Someone please help us!

    This is unfair, this is double standards, this is shameless, this is blatant misuse of power, this is … this makes me sick.

  4. Can you please provide a link to the actual revised salary in the revised scale for civil servants so that I can cry over how much (or how little) I am getting?


  5. Thank you for bringing this to our notice. This is truly unacceptable. You are the Opposition Leader in the Parliament. We hope you will fight tooth and nail to disallow this. You have our full support on this.

    Please go to any length to have this nullified. This is totally unacceptable.

  6. why would he so that? is there a specific reason or is it just random? Sometimes all the talk in teh assembly, the discussions in the meeting are mainly a ritual. you sit long hours, debate on an issue and see most of the sides and at the end a decision is made that is somewhat different…. “effectively different”.and as long as it comes as a official order… it is to be followed.
    i really hope that this doesn’t continue. Even at program level that happens. the whole process of ddebating, analysing the pros and cons and then an official order is drafted… and its different.
    I don’t the real meaning of this…but for many of us who want to work and make a difference…its very discouraging……
    i don’t know really what the intention of the Government is to give thier raise from January 2009 as comapared April 2008 for the MPs but if it is not consistent it is absoulutely bad.

    His Majesty the 4th King and the
    5th have tremendous amount of trust and faith in our elected leaders and if there’s no valid reason for the differences… it is unacceptable as a breach of trust not only of our monarchs but of all the people.

  7. Dear OL,
    Let me thank you on behalf of the public in bringing up this issue in your blogg. With so many previous lyonpos in the DPT i thought our country will develop leaps and bounds. But now i realise they are not better than a bunch of cabbage. JYT, we trusted you but is it the way you should be leading our country? We know this is not the unilateral decision of the FM. It must have been discussed in lenght within the four walls of the ruling party. Can JYT be transparent to explain us the reason for such inilateral decision? or is it the hidden agenda of DPT that compelled to come out with such hasty decision? common JYT do not let us down. Do not let yourself and your MPs become marauders. We know you refuse your pay increament but it shouldnot be an another startegy or is it because you are surrounded by a recalcitrant ministers? It sounds so coz your appeal not to increase the house rents fell to the deaf ears and we now know why…thanks to the public media for highlighting on this.Anyway we hope JYT will let us know….

  8. Hon'ble OL, though serious, forget about other issues. Trying to address all issues together will lose the focus. Focus on the most dangerous thing that PM is doing: Planning to Award contract to Christoper Benninger without Tender. It is white collar corruption of organized crime in the country. Millions of Nu. is taken by high level leaders in commission. So until, you address it boldly. I will keep bugging you and repeating my point:

    Christoper Benniger leads a white collar, highly organized corruption in Bhutan. Thimphu Structural Plan and Supreme Court desgins are both failure (not able to deliver on time and costing huge). In the case of Supreme Court plan, Christoper Benninger makes contractor required to buy for example, CGI sheets from India but has to root through Singapore (making it seem like from Singapore) and a Minister approves it (many ministers it seems indirectly). Why? Commission, commission, huge commission. Commission like that is a white collar corruption. Also openly discussed at:


    PM talks about learning from past mistakes. Why rewarding and repeating past mistakes deliberately and intelligently if it is not corruption? Or is even PM involve in this white collar corruption? Bhutanese society is not stupid.

    Opposition Leader, please do something about it. Only you have the boldness and courage to face the PM. I don't like you personally but I admire your courage for the good of the country. I may not like you but my children will appreciate you for making their future clean. I voted for DPT and supported PM but now I am losing faith in him.

    Do something!

  9. Bhutanese Blogger says

    Lack of consistency in decision making is a sure-fire way to lose credibility and confidence. I hope there is some shred wisdom in this decision.

  10. Lyonpo, you are the only one in the house that represents all 47 constituencies as others are only for their own benefits.

    we heads off to you laaa.

  11. Lyonpo, as per MoF’s decision on the effective date for the pay revision, it seems that Government have no money to pay the civil servants, but not the MPs.

    This will leave a very hard stains in the minds of the people and perhaps may remind the voters, civil servants during 2013 election or even before.

  12. OL, I know you personally and you are a good man actually. But, many people do not like you because they are jealous of your rising so fast in the civil service. They are also jeolous because they could not compete with you in wisdom, knowledge and other professional activities. Anyway, now it looks like more people especially civil servants have realized the importance of supporting people like you whose interest for the general welfare and not vested interest like our MPs and cabinet ministers.

    Next time, if you lead a party, I am determined to join the party and stand for election from my constituency. I know people in my constituency support me and they will definately vote for me if I stand.

  13. NOT fair!!! Isnt there anything we can do??

  14. As an OL you have done your job but not enough by just putting it here in the blog…go one more step ahead and let the whole country know through TV and let the press find out why from the government. we need to know why?

  15. Isn’t the year mistaken when the clerk typed the day on the office order of the MoF? This is my optismistic surmise for the better. If there were no mistakes, then the DPT gov and the Fianace Minister should resign for repeated failures: the concealed development fund from the main budget,the meat ban, hike in the rents by the minsters(let us not say Aums for God’s sake), appointment of officials to the PMs office bypassing the RCSC,telling lies to the public/civil servants that government has budget constrainst to give big raise in salary or w.e.f.the 2008July…..Now where that extra money has come? It is totally unacceptable as it was not the assembly resoultion. One man taking unilateral decision behing closed walls is a dangerous precedent for the generations to come. I think he was also drunk like the Jap recently.The PM also sid that the PCS was a failure and without giving second thought to it; today the kuensel has pointed out that the implementer have failed which I strongly believe in it. Whatever maybe the lapses, the salary story of a new thing out of the closet is totally unacceptable. We really appreciate the OL and will stand by you. Pleasetry to reverse one man/party decision that ingored shamelessly the general public and went preaching GNH to the world while the so called DPT motto:”dra nyam dhang drangdhen” has disappeared in thin air. Why cant we go for referendum against the greedy govt.?Bhutanese people please speak before; we made them Dasho and the actions are deplorable to the limit. Thanks OL. You are our real dasho and saviour of all.

  16. All of u can just sit back and watch the play. U cannot come out of ur Anonymity but you have lot to say. that is the saddest part. to make thing better show ur self up so that people who read will belive what u have for ur future generations, and see if those are for good or is it just to oppose the present gvt. all of u seem to make a good team. so why donot u come up from ur “saddam’s pit” and let people know who u really are and what u really want the gvt to do. in that way we can all be working in light. “not hide and seek game”
    good luck and see u all..

  17. i am sure something is wrong with finance ministry, i even heard the ministry is sending their s(support) level staff fot training to India( Kolkatta) with cost sharing with GOI but paid only 300 as DA per day…. i wounder how those staff going for training manage with Nu 300 per day in India

  18. soul asylum says

    hon’ble Lyonpo,
    in essence, the main thrust of the salary hike was to offset the inflation and have ripple effects on the dependents of the civil servants. the only man who made sense during the discourse in the parliament was your excellency who was in favour of a lump sum amount to offset inflation. the counter argument from the jackasses was that the salary raise should be proportionate to the responsibilities held in the breaucratic hireachy.. implied that the rotting micro managers from the old school of thought who actually doesnot ve much responsibilities , already sucking so much from the treasury like maggots gets more…( owing to the wisdom of our mp drakshossss).
    Now this….the difference in the effectivity. this could be the hallmark of all other decisions that the present government has/will make. i guess, as the party funding didnt come through and their asses on fire for the fear of having to close office in dzongkhags—-implied that they cannot feed lies to the uneducated voters…implied that they might loose 2013 elections.they are loosing it nayways…this could be the main motive……while the modus operandi is not as concealed as schemed….disastrous decision by the MOF with consultation with other DPT MPs…the ramnifications will show but slowly…i guess this sole decision has resulted in DPT loosing atleast 20% votes…

    horray OL,,,,keep up the gud work..

  19. This is just an opposite of DPT’s mission and vision, DRANYAM DANG DRANG DHEN.

    Why from April 2008 for MPs? Are they not the Bhutanese? Are they above all public civil servants? They are indeed supposed to be a “loyal servant” of general public not the “selfish and greedy” ones which is now turning to be.

    If MPs are paid from April 2008, then be it for Civil Servants too. Since we are sharing the same fate of so-called salary hike with hike in house rents and other essentials in the market, DPT can’t favour only MPs! Why is it not discussed in NA/NC? I don’t think DPT govt. can’t alone make decisions which hampers general citizens of Bhutan.

    Let there be justice!

  20. Anonymous 10:56 has written as if it is perfectly ‘safe’ to come out full guns and criticise the PM and the Lyonpos. I hope you donot believe that we already have complete freedom of expression as they have in advanced democracies. Indeed if we had full freedom of expression, by now the civil servants union would have already approached the PM and debated/argued/bargained about what is happening.

    Lets not pretend. If things were different, we would not hide behind this blog and cry over the shoulders of the OL, who with his seemingly good intent is powerless at this moment.

  21. Is there a way to dissolve the current government by our beloved king and announce fresh elections.

    I think it is the right decision to give the lay people a second chance before the current government makes everything worse.

    We need a government thatcan take the country forward, not a government who wants to go forward by pushing the country backwards.

  22. Hon’ble Lyonpo,
    I feel you are our only hope.DPT government has begun to show their true colors now.
    As a concerned citizen of this country I really feel sad to see these kind of developments taking place.
    I think even the comments posted on kuenselonline is censored and filtered.
    The media in our country has no independance as it should be like in any democracies.
    The DPT government is taking us all for a ride since they know we can’t do anything.
    It would be really good for the citizens of the country if Hon’ble Lyonpo could direct BBS to showcase a live panel discussion on the MP’s arrears, where Finance Minister along with few MPs could be invited to justify it.

    pelden drukpa gyalo..

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