Hijacking democracy

BBS reports that the Prime Minister, in his National Day address in Mongar, cautioned the people about threats to our democracy.

On democracy, the Prime Minister said the threats to democracy are mainly from within, reminding the people to be aware of divisive politics for personal gain. He said in many countries in the world, democracy has been hijacked by people who seek power and privilege.

I agree with our Prime Minister. I agree with him one hundred percent. We must never allow our democracy to be hijacked by people who seek power and privilege!


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  1. uʍop ǝpısdn ʎɹʇunoɔ ǝɥʇ uɹnʇ uɐɔ ʎǝuoɯ ʇuǝɯuɹǝʌoƃ uo ƃuıpǝǝɟ ǝןdoǝd ʎɹƃunɥ ɹǝʍod ‘sǝʎ

  2. Genuine concern or fear tactics?


    Or when he says “power and privileges”, is he doing some soul searching? Because the only people who are hijacking our democracy for power and privileges are his MPs.

    Because the opposition has neither the power nor the privileges. So who is he referring to?

    • Sangay Dorji says

      What our PM says is a bit tricky, hard to understand and can be interpreted in different ways.

      For me, I had a feeling that he still leaves with a sense of insecurity and without confidence. Otherwise, there is no need to make such statement like “On democracy, the Prime Minister said the threats to democracy are mainly from within, reminding the people to be aware of divisive politics for personal gain. He said in many countries in the world, democracy has been hijacked by people who seek power and privilege”. Who are these people that he is referring to? The only people are his own MPs who are power hungry and money greed. The opposition party is weak, very weak that he even doesn’t have to count. So, it is hard to understand who those people are within the country. Is it his some among his council of ministers like Lyonpo Yeshy Zimba, Lyonpo Khandu Wangchuk or for that matter Lyonpo Nandala Rai?

      As long as the party, I mean DPT plays fair game, I don’t think a question of insecurity arises. Only the unfair games like the CDG & now the pay raise for MPs paints the party with big question marks which can not be erased so easily from the minds of the people of Bhutan.

  3. Letho Drukpa says

    I don’t care what he said. He is the greatest lair from the beginning of the foundation of democracy in Bhutan. I clearly remember him lying infront of the innocent bhutanese students abroad. If somebody can hijack democracy let them do it because democracy is never safe in the hands of lairs.

  4. Haha…our shitty PM is still into the business of fooling the people! Who is he referring to? Only danger and fear we have right now is from the DPT themselves and more so because they are lead by a dangerous power hungry PM.
    Or when he said within…did he mean within the DPT? Maybe some are opposing his son’s business!!!
    May God save Bhutan from these Money and Power Hungry PM and his Gang!
    Om Mani Padme Hung

  5. The PM has still not shaken off his “fear tactics” to gain his mileage. I think he is like “well, this tactics” works in illiterate Bhutan so why not use it again.

  6. Didn’t he pull the same line during his campaign. Who does he think he’s talking to – some idiots I guess … How dare he warn people of such a thing after his govt. Is doing …… this person that we have elected as PM thinks people in Bhutan are fools. paying his Mps more than required… Trotting thr globe when he was neede to be in the country… What else can be more harmful for the success if our democracy. Talking only GNH in the abstract sense won’t bring that into the country ……..there’s work that needs to be done…… That he and his mps are not doing besides paying them some huge salary.indeed our democracy that was such a precious gift from our dear monarch is in danger at the hands of people like that. Exactly what the pm had warned against a few years ago is happening ……. I wonder why the insecurity all of the sudden

  7. Dremten Drukpa says

    Mr. OL,
    You wrote “I agree with our Prime Minister. I agree with him one hundred percent. We must never allow our democracy to be hijacked by people who seek power and privilege!” Isn’t that alreday happening with DPT in control?

    So I ask you this: are you wearing your thinking cap these days? Or have you exchanged it for more pay?


    Dremten Drukpa

    • Dear Dremten: we think alike. my intention was to draw attention to the possibility that “people who seek power and privilege” may already be attempting to “hijack” our democracy! TT

  8. PS: I agree with Dorjidrolo… who is he referring that to? vague and very baseless as always… I know I will be only repeating what has been said over and again but this is very very disappointing for our people….

  9. Our PM is a great lier and his best MPs are the likes of Abdul and Sonam penjore. So what can we say about democracy in Bhutan?

  10. Bhutanse Monkey says

    I would include the very person who said this among the list hijackers! long live democracy and long live the corruption

  11. I totally agree with PM on democracy being hijacked by people who seek power and privilege and that the threat is from within. Few examples to substantiate these points:
    1) Since day one PM has been harping about his government not having enough power at hand. God knows what more power he is really upto when his government enjoys all the powers that are laid down in the Constitution and even beyond;
    2) PM, Ministers and NA MPs fought tooth and nail for Nu.20million per year per MP as CDG that will go as a pork barrel fund for their voters who will ensure them of votes in the next election;
    3) PM does not like to have too many checks and balances — meaning, he wants his government to function freely and unchecked even if it is at the cost of nation’s interest and most importantly the “rule of law”.
    4) Ministers surprisingly supported MP’s pay raise despite country facing resouce crunch only to enhance desposible income of their MPs so that they can dish out more cash (selra) to their party worker/supporters who are now claiming their dues.
    These are surely a threat to a vibrant and successful democracy we all aspire for and that too coming from within.

  12. P.S: sorry typo there: CDG = Nu.2 million not Nu.20 million

  13. Secretary General -to-be says

    we need to congratulate PM since he is really using political education he learned from indian university to act like indian politician.
    For me, he is just paper manager (PM)and his MPs are bunch of Money Predators(MPs)

  14. What can we expect of a democracy that is run by a party which is manned by former teachers and unemployed fresh graduates and egoistic and full of crab ex-ministers who are concerned about their own wellbeing?

  15. GOing by the complaints and hate speeches DPT vs PDP, at the end of the day, BHutan is not yet ready for democracy. Our Education system must be crap and all the citizens vying for MPs nothing but a shit. And all the online writers including myself a piece of shit for we have nothing but Ultimately it falls back to HM. None of us seem to be quite befitting of embracing the grand vision of GNH. In the end what we are all looking is for a state of nature, where all kills all. We are the hollow men, head filled with straw and not in a position of framing our own idea of what is good life.

  16. Lyonpo-la,
    I have no word to express how angry I’m with the recent pay raise of the MPs. I would not have even cared if it happened if our country is in good shape. As a result of recent earthquake lots of villagers in the east are rendered homeless and going through terrible time. More than anything ,I am enraged beyond limit at seeing how insensitive the MPs are. Are their hearts made of stones? Do they have no feelings? If they are capable of pulling off something like this at such time,Im sure they can be capable of anything.
    But all these frustrations and anger are useless if we can’t stop them from doing something like this in the future.

    So Lyonpola, what do you think,we as a concerned citizens should do to stop such things from happining in the future? Obviously we can’t shoot them, because it’s not even worth it. That would be like killing a pig and serving life sentence.

  17. The benefits of democracy is only derived by our self claimed honorable Dasho MP’s and no one else, therefore I think the best way out is to hand back the power to our Monarchs and let him be the head of the state as well as the head of the

    I hate democracy if democracy is what is being preached and practiced by the current Govt..

  18. What’s wrong with the PM? He says one thing and does the exact opposite. He talks about the risk of Democracy getting hijacked by our own people while it’s the PM’s own government and the MPs carrying out activities that are constitutionally questionable: the MP’s salary raise, the CDG, the banning of BBS live telecast of NA sessions, etc.. He talks of his government’s “Zero Tolerance” to corruption and then bulldozes the CDG which will mainstream corruption – taking corruption to the grassroots and all corners of the country. We hear of so many other such examples.

    What’s going on? Is he going crazy – intoxicated by too much of power and his government absolute majority or is it a political strategy to keep fooling the Bhutanese people? Contrary to what Abe Lincoln said, he seems to think that he can keep fooling all the Bhutanese people all the time.

  19. Our great PM didn’t even spare National Day to instill ‘fear’ instead of ‘hope’ amidst subsequent natural disasters. The 17 December is a special day for every Bhutanese. It is a historic moment for all of us to get-together as one for the celebration. Our PM is supposed to speak on unity not on divisive politics. How sad for the people of Bhutan!

  20. I think PM is hinting at our OL’s popularity or maybe be he has nothing relevant to talk abt but definitely something fishy going on

  21. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Let me remind you that you may accuse our Prime Minister of anything else but you cannot accuse him of stupidity. There is no compulsion that I know of that will compel him to make stupid remarks at a public gathering and on such an important day.

    Sit back and ask yourselves: What drives an intelligent man to make such a statement? Those of you, who contend that he is employing fear tactics, please know that he has no need for such a cheap recourse. Don’t forget he has over 97% of people’s vote.

    Something is totally wrong somewhere. I am truly worried that there must be forces at play that drives such a brilliant man to make such remarks! Let us not fool around but try to understand what the hell is going on in this country.

    • Guest,

      First, what drives you to think that he is an intelligent man and rest of us here in this country are dullards?

      Second, it saddens me an educated man like you choose not to see what things are for what they are. It is very apparent and obvious to even a farmer with no education that we are unfortunately experiencing a big problem in our small democratic country: the tyranny of democracy. The 97% vote. You can see that the DPT MPs are passing whatever bills they want and whatever laws they feel like to have in the parliament. They can increase their salaries de facto. They don’t listen to anyone, do they? And that is the real hijacking of our democracy. You still don’t get it?

      Just a thought.

      • Dear Tangba

        Better men than you and I have accepted that he is an intelligent man. There is no refuting that and you and I saying that he isn’t will not make him any less intelligent. But that does not mean that you and I are dullards.

        I know that I too am infuriated by a number of things the DPT did, the most recent being their passage of the pay raise for the MPs. I dang care that they raised even the NC’s and the Opposition MP’s salaries. If they had any sense, they should have not approved it. As the majority in the Parliament, I am going to hold them responsible for it.

        Still, in the context of what I said about an intelligent man making such a strong remark at such an important event and at such a location that represents Bhutan’s most populous region, my antennae goes up! No way the man is going to be so careless as to make such a remark if there wasn’t something that compels him.

        It is good and useful to be critical but there are times and occasions when we have to be pay attention and engage our minds to ask: WHY? It is not good to reject the onion based on the look of its shriveled outer covering. Peel off the outer layer and you will find that there are many layers beneath the outer one.

        I am happy the the OL has brought this out because without him I would not have heard of it. But now it set me thinking: is something really amiss in this country about which we are blissfully unaware? Please let us be objective. It does not matter which party you support but at the core of it, you and I both want the same thing: something good for this country.

      • Dear Guest,
        You are right. A thief can act as if he lost something. A liar will not say he told a lie. A politician will say everything they don’t mean and mean everything they don’t say. We should not just look at the surface but delve deep into it.Yes. But for things that are so obvious, why dig the shit? Right?

        I don’t believe one man is more intelligent than others. I neither believe JYT is any more intelligent than any of us nor anyone of us is more dull than JYT. All men are born equal. It’s just the matter of opportunity. If you get a chance, I am sure you can make a better PM than JYT. If I get a chance, I am definite I will be 1000% better than JYT.

        I have no party affiliations of any kind. I am a free man.

      • Yaya Tangba,

        I am sure you will be.

        I do not know about being affiliated but I am a DPT supporter and yet I too am a free man.

    • If the ‘threat’ they realized or are aware of (as they claim) aren’t they ‘themselves’, they wouldn’t go for decisions like the CDG, banning live coverage of NA and their latest self-approved pay hike. The ruling government would have translated their words of giving real teeth to ACC into action to tackle the thread if it were anybody but DPT. There are a number of cases to support this argument, one being the infamous, Bhutan Post MD interview. They have the absolute power. They do anything they wanted for their cronies. Now I don’t understand why they want to instill fear of threat in us, the voters, the Bhutizens. Be objective and tell us about the threat if there is one besides the DPT. Let’s identify it and together try to tackle it. I hope together we can tackle any nature of threats except ‘the DPT’s threat.’ It has become difficult for Bhutizens to assess threats and opportunities facing our country after you banned NA live telecast, censored both broadcast and print media and try to filter online discussions as far as possible. You discuss and decide national issues in closed-door. So, we have no clues about the threats you are vaguely hinting us. Please tell us, we need to take countermeasures la…

  22. One Angry Citizen says

    The only threat I and a lot of other concerned people see is the PM himself. Maybe, PM was not speaking of “threats to democracy”, but the “threats to JYT Dictatorship”.

    JYT may take our innocent folks for a ride, but the time has now come for us to make them see him as what he is and what he is capable of.

    Honorable OL, it would do great service to the nation, if you could shed some light on the JYT – Palden – REC controversy.

  23. Real_Threat says

    The real threat to democracy is our Hon’ble Lyonchhen, the powerful Prime Minister because he is not “practising” what he is “preaching” so we have lack of role model and trust crisis in our political leaders.

    I would like to agree with the Prime Minister that “threats to democracy are mainly from within, reminding the people to be aware of divisive politics for personal gain” and that divisive politics for “personal gain” is created from “within” by our prime minister when he “hijacks” REC’s good proposal of Education City of 1 billion dollar business and gives to his son Dasho Palden Thinley and his nephew Palden Tshering.

    Worst is when his nephew Palden Tshering says “oh that idea of Education City came up in December 2008 when I was chatting with Infinity Chairman in Kolkata.” Hehe..no one is believing that and whole Thimphu town (talk of the town) is laughing at his lie. In addition, “I hired Palden Thinley as employee because he is the best candidate from 17 graduates I interviewed.” Again Thimphu town is laughing since they know Dasho Palden Thinley is a silent partner and not an employee.

    That is a real threat to democracy our Prime Miniter was talking on the National Day at Mongar when he reminded the people about politics of “personal gain.”

    So I agree.

  24. To Guest,
    Don’t beat around the bush-just say it, that PM was indirectly referring to OL when he was talking about threat to democracy. Yeah,I can see the threat to his Prime Ministership,come 2013 election. He’s already seeing OL as a contender to PMship in 2013. He’s good reason to worry because come 2013 we definately would like to see someone young,intelligent,wise like OL to be our PM. It’s about time oldies took break and go mountains and caves to meditate and reflact on the terrible things they are doing to our country.

  25. Honourable Lyonpo (OL),

    My respect for you doubled after I saw the BBS panel discussion on MP’s pay raise. I felt very sad when the DPT MP ran away from the English session of the discussion. Coward.

  26. It is confusing. There is tension in the air that I breathe. Only time will tell the truth as to who is right or wrong. Bhutanese people know well.

  27. Yeah we are already aware of the members of parliament already hijacking the democracy in Bhutan

  28. If not for power and privilege, then what? I hope not a bridge where there is no river…

  29. Sounds like GNH top down ……

  30. I think of Thuenpa Puenzhi and wonder what the elephant at the bottom and the bird on the top would represent in our context. Does the elephant feel threatened by the bird? After all, the bird actually plucks the fruit and could easily fly away with it.

    We see with the eyes, but understand with the mind, so everything really depends on the nature of the mind.

    It is indeed sad that Thuenpa Puenzhi lives only in the books, yet majority of us Bhutanese are who we claim to be – Buddhists.

  31. The only Bold man in Politics!!

  32. i still remember honorable PM sitting honorable on the scorching sun surrounded by our rural friends. my father and i was also part of the group, listening to his campaign promise that has yet to be fulfilled. he used to talk about equity and justice. my father did not understand it. i explain about his brand name to my father(equity and justice) he smiled and never spoke about it to me. after three year i explained about inequity and injustice. this time he replied ” during campaign time you explained about equity and justice, now i know about inequity and injustice”
    i believed in our honorable PM and never doubted his intelligence and judgment. i didn’t know much about him before campaign.now i regret not knowing and even
    if i have known him before i could never known him.
    i believed him as a man to lead this small nation to the destiny foreseen by 4TH druk galpo. oh! what a mess he has done and continuing with it.
    the following are some of political blunder he have done as the first democratically PM;
    1) banned live coverage of parliament session- reason never told to the people who made him PM.
    my opinion- he can do anything inside his home- he made parliament his sweat home where his legion can cook food without people’s conscience. most of the time food cooked in their home where poisoned and people were served.when food was on their plate people know about it!

    2. CDG- most controversial money. people were against it and it also contradicts with constitution and decentralization process. yet they decided unanimously. justification by DPT- CDG-is money to be used in unplanned activities in their constituency. my question is- what about annual grants- annual grants has provision for unpanned activities- untied grant where respectivities gewog can use 20% as untied from it.
    where is CDG- i doubt most of CDG are unspent- DASHO NETEN His Majesty gave teeth to you and your organisation… plz take extra care of it… find where and how it is spending? hope DPT didn’t punch you!

    DPT government lost five sense organs after landslide victory- they never listen to people’s voice- they fail to see peoples suffering. failed to touch people shoulders like they use to do during campaign.i am happy they know the size of their purse…. Dasho MPs how big is your purse….hope your honors are not carrying womens handbags.
    we are reading on black-necked crane and it is flying higher and higher in the sky towards china-communist- when it reached above GANGKHARPUNSUM- i ‘ll jump from it and die in bhutan.
    why should not DPT fear? they must fear and have to fear- NOT ONLY FROM WITHIN BUT OUTSIDE. WITHIN- THERE OWN SELF .OUTSIDE- PEOPLE WHO VOTED COZ OF 2013.

    lyonpo O.L. your honor would have done same? maybe or may not be! answer me lyonpola….
    my answer- i shall call MR. MCKINGSENY to research about it- paying him thousand dollars… ha..ha..what a idea….. asked everything to him about Bhutan he has answer and he is always rite.

  33. where this Mr. Mckingseny has gone…no news and no update on its work…. ha ha …..thousand dollar has gone vein…..

  34. he is highly educated n experience prime minister but da thing is dat der is no use of his education n experience as his government is doing nothing good for the welfare of people.

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