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Many businessmen and women would have been delighted to hear our government’s assurances to start the one-stop service centre during BCCI’s annual general meeting last Friday. And they would have been pleased to know that our government is already acting on these assurances. Because, yesterday, according to BBS, our prime minister met with government secretaries to consider ways of reducing the administrative burden.

Our government’s assurances and their immediate follow up came as especially good news to Dragyel Tenzin Dorjee. You see, Dragyel spent a year, running from pillar to post, to get permission to establish the Bhutan Institute of Media, a private institute offering courses in photography, journalism, graphics and design. He has his license now, but says that he wouldn’t wish his experience on any other person trying to start a business.


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  1. Paw Dorji Penjor says

    Well sir,
    it is a good news for Mr. Dragyal Tenzin Dorji who went here and there to do this… But one stop center…. i really doubt as wheather the present govt. do have the idea and capability to do this. i heard that this idea of coming up with one stop center is originally of Lyonpo SN and i heard during the campaign that PDP candidates and supporters talking about the one stop center and how it will benefit the rural people. so i really doubt!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Yes Mr. Paw… i too heard that the PDPs are talking about the One Stop Center and heard that Lyonpo SN did the pilot project also….. i have big doubt DPT govt.

  3. Anonymous says

    Well doubting is one thing and giving somebody a chance to mention it and try to do it another ball game. The fact that the government mentined it and the fact that it was mentioned during the meeting with prominent business people and on national TV is in itself witness to whether the follow through will be there or not.

    I have a good feeling this time that there will be some results. Meeting the govt. secretaries is no small task and I believe a single step for a thousand mile journey has begun. We may now see the ball rolling.

  4. Bhutanese Blogger says

    Great news about the one-stop centre but like many things, it has been doing rounds for a couple of years.

    I hope we do it for real this time..

  5. Anonymous says

    Talk about one stop shop – Tourism Council is the place to start this. To process a tourists permit/visa, there are about close to 10 places one has to visit to avail all the required documents. Tourists don’t see this happening but the internal hassle of various processes are a handful.

    So let see what they are : TCB recommends a visa, then drive down to Immigration, then send the visa to Druk Air, then go to department of culture for special permits, go to MoA for park permits for trekkers or tours going thorugh parks, then avail road permit again from Immigration, stop and make un-necessary entries along with passport details at all police check points (For what?),then extra special permits from ministry of Home – works only if you know someone there, etc

    Couldn’t we have it all under one roof at TCB. Lets see what happens now. I am sure the PM will immediately look into this as it should be an easy task if the will is there.

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