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The 5th annual meeting of the Dzongkhag Tshogdu and Gewog Tshogde Chairpersons will end today. These meetings are important as, once every year, the gups of all 205 gewogs get together to discuss issues relating to local government. And this year’s meeting is especially important as this is the first such meeting since the introduction of parliamentary democracy.

But the opposition party was excluded from this meeting.

I’d hoped to meet our local government leaders to solicit their opinions and advice on the opposition party’s work. And to seek their views on the amendments to the Local Government Act that are expected to be discussed during the parliament’s next session.

So when the meeting was announced, I requested the organizers for an opportunity to meet the gups. But I was told that their agenda was packed. And that it would not be possible to include a session for the opposition.

And so I’ve decided to contact the 205 gups personally.

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  1. I would say that this is just another example of exclusion of minorities.

  2. There is something wrong with JYT and he has done it purposely. This is done with an intention to show that you are insignificant and disrespect to the opposition party. How can he ignore the opposition, it is equally important. Please find a way to a brighter future. We are all there for you.

  3. This is absolutely terrible decision on the part of the government to exclude the OL in this manner. The gups need to hear from the OL also. It is super petty on the part of the govt or however is organizing to exclude OL.

    OL should not meet them personally. Why do you have to give in like that. OL should meet all of them as a group and not personally. We the citizens demand this facility for the OL to meet the gups. Lets play a fair game. Don’t be selfish like that and narrow minded. It is democracyn and is this how the first government treat the Osspsition.

    We demand that the OL be facilitated to meet the gups (not personally but as a group) immedaitely.

  4. Anonymous says

    Hon’ble OL,
    I am sure you might have thought about it a hundred times. But I will put in my brain for your work for once.
    I fully understand the need to meet the grassroot leaders. All of them will go through election soon, but that should not be a setback. It is indespensable to meet them for the government and also for PDP.
    The best way to go about is, arrange a weekend meeting. I know a couple of gups and they are mostly free on the weekends, or in an evening.
    By the way, dont tell me its already over!! ha haa..
    Anways foo for thought la!

  5. Anti - JYT says

    Sir, This is not a good approach by the govt. but you can do in your own way and later you can also do the same…. a day will come for JYT to be opposition leader (rare chance) that time you can show the same example….

    The govt. does all by lips in front of the public… but internally they all are RANGDOEN DRUBMI… and they are already aiming for 2013.

    But i am sorry JYT… you and your people will have less chance…. as we are here judging everything…

    OL… You can ask the Gups at your palce tomarrow for a lunch or dinner and talk to them as well…. Organise a archery match tomarrow (Sunday)… Those who can play can take part in the match and those gups who cant play will sit, watch and enjoy tey…

    How about this… If good… start planning…..

    All PDP supporters are there for you sir……

  6. Anonymous says

    This is a good example of EQUITY and JUSTICE… ha ha ha…..

    Come 2013…. equity and justice will be real…. ha ha ha

    Dont mind la…..

  7. Palden Drukpai Paw says

    Sir, You should ask this question to DPT govt. and JYT through media… Let every body know that la….

    BBS Dawa… do something… Ask the govt/JYT and OL…. plus organisers and gups on LIVE to night tey… Will be good and hot… Come on Dawa… Start your work… We are there for u…

    Sir let every body know the real EQUITY and JUSTICE…

  8. Anonymous says

    Don't panic folks. These are benchmarks and indication of how insecure teh govt is by engaging in such stupid acts.

    The gups should insists that they need to meet the oppossition also. Unfortunately, gups are also like a herd of cows and they have no sense of anything going on with the govt except accept & become vulnerable to sweet talk. I commend JYT for being able to do that but I don't commend other ministers of DPT to be no more than the gups following like a herd of cows.

    They are all in the same boat to sink together. Terrible feat!!!

  9. Anonymous says

    The govt. and Bhutan will continue to be like this as long as we don’t have poeple who are more progressive in thier thoughts. We call ourselves “democracy” and yet people want to hold on to power. Why can’t anybody learn at least a little bit from our Monarchs and really step down as the people rule the country.

    Many a wise men have said that no form of system has worked perfectly… even if a perfect system existed …. and one of the biggest factor is people. Most countries accept problems in thier country…. and then let the world judge them. bhutan has claimed special and god knows what?

    But special people don’t behave that way. Special people know special thing…. and special don’t act with suspicion. Special peole specially don’t udnermine other people. Not matteer now small!!!!! I am no Anti- JYT….. he must have a reason to do whatever he is doing but i am confident he shouln’t continue as he does…. or become the next prime minister…. he is too old fashioned for the 21st century..and so are the other ministers.

  10. Anonymous says

    Huh!!!! too much, depriving ‘even’ opportunities and insulting the word democracy. And god damn DPT endorses Equity and Justice. Total dictaroship. I wish the monarch intervenes.

  11. Anonymous says

    This exclusion could be the result of being a real opposition to the Hon’ble PM and the govt. by the Hon’ble OL in any respect.

    I think everybody will get the message.

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