Medical grants

Many of you have commented on the government’s decision to provide financial assistance to private medical students. And some have telephoned me.

I don’t know enough about this sudden development to comment publicly. So I’ll talk to people who do know. And learn.

I notice that all the comments I’ve received so far denounce our government’s decision. So I urge those in support of the decision to share your views.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Its great to hear from you…
    I dont find the substaintive objective behind such a decision.
    You should read the kuenselonline forum and get to know more views from the public
    And it would be highly appreciated to hear clarifications asap from your side.

  2. Anonymous says

    i want to throw some light here… people need to know the truth…
    the truth is simple… do you know that the private student studying in sri lankha are under the scholarship called sarcc scholarship, where by the seats are given to Bhutan in much lower price. true they don’t get any funding but getting the seat there itself is corrupted.. other people with high marks would have got there… but no one will know such thing exist.. all sri lankhan universities are government runned colleges.. they don’t entertain everyone unless its something to do with the scholarship they have offered.. or some talk with high officials..
    it doesn’t entertain all pvt students even if they have enough money to do so unless it is a official thing.

    do you know that any such scholarship need to be advertised first..
    … in the first place people are getting there without a proper interview.. when actually the sarcc scholarship is offered to bhutan as a whole… it should have been openly advertised even if it is by your own funding.. there is certainly a benefit of getting seat in a good university first.. concession under the name of sarrc scholarship.. any parent who could afford would have loved to send their kid there and that too with those having good marks if an open interview has been held but that is not happening .. what is actually happening is suddenly three students come out of no where and lands up in a privileged medical college.. ask them how they got there.. their aunt or uncle have arranged sarcc scholarship just for three of them.. ask their marks..fifties and sixties would have not even spared them with sherubtse.
    what next..
    they wont stop ..landing there by corrupted means isn’t enough… they want stipend too.. people can go to any extend.. the more you give the more they want.. and what more.. the govt instead of finding the root of corruption grants them with even more money three lakhs… are they joking.. do they really want to throw money..
    .. and the lame excuse… BHUTAN IS in SHORT OF DOCTORS.. if bhutan is really in short of doctors why dont they start it now with the fresh group of students passing out by actually increasing the seats and sending the deserving students… the question is why all of a sudden this year… any one important student studying in sri lankha.. ah! for sure… a daughter of the important figure in dpt is there .TS POWDELS DAUGHTER DOIN MBBBS UNDER SARRC SCHOLARSHIP..THOUGH NO STIPEND BUT A CONCESSSION COLLEGE FEES.. AND YEAH.. LANDED UP THERE WITHOUT A PROPER INTERVIEW…
    now wat… the era has changed you might fool god… but this is the modern era.. where truth prevails and there are a hell load of educated person who cannot be easily fooled… its time to act wisely… or else…
    think twice before you do anything..but now i should say ,thinkhundred times before a foolish statement like this is made in the news.. 3 lakhs for pvt student.. hahahahaa… what a joke!

  3. Anonymous says

    I a m sure many parents of the private medical students must be so happy owing to this decision but will they do same thing to other students who are pursuing different courses incase they approached to the ministry because according to Health minister he said that they granted the amount because the parents of the private medical students approached to them. We should also realize that other than acute shortage of doctors there are also shortage of other professionals and if they grant such a huge amount in the name of shortage of medical professionals then why don’t they can also grant to other private students whose professions are badly in need at times.
    Honorable OL la!!!!! Will they give same treatment if we the parents approach to ministry for grant to help our sons and daughters pursuing the courses, whose professions are badly in need in Bhutan(shortage)??????, I feel they should definitely do same thing who ever approaches to the ministry for grant other wise their decision is unconstitutional, no equality. ALL private students are equal ……….

    Why they did not increase the slots for MBBS for lifting the trend of acute shortage of doctors instead of granting huge amount to private medical students????
    Nu. 300, 000 is not a small amount and even scholarships who are pursuing MBBS in India are not getting this much per year and why to private medical students?
    As Nu. 300,000 are enough to fund one student in India to purse MBBS why they did not escalate slots? If they had escalated slots this would have been fair because selection must have been on merit basis.

    If the sons and daughters of MPs and minister were not pursuing Medical course they would not have come out such decision and must have dumped the approach of parents of private medical students.

  4. Anonymous says

    The act of government is simply against their motto “equality and justice”.

  5. Anonymous says

    The country definitely needs more doctors. But a fair process would have been if the government lobbied with the various countries for more MBBS seats, advertised them and then use a merit-based system to open up more slots. There would have been no contention.

    Even those privately studying could compete for such slots based on some criteria of merit retroactively. The way it is done now is ad hoc and unfair.

  6. Anonymous says

    well,the amount of rs 300000 per yr for private students?? Thn i will simply perfer to do private than on scholarship..Studying in india in a 2nd rank college hardly excess amount 150000 per yr(including tuition fees,fooding,lodging and other expenses).whn the private students are getting much more benefits than those who are on scholarship, the message is very clear…somewhere somthing is going corroupted….and i bet students with poor academic paid higher stipend will never prove to b solution for the SHORTAGE of doctors in our beautiful country…..DPT plz …dont mishandle our gift from wangchuk dynasty

  7. Too many questions raise in mind: Why only medical students??…why not for other professional courses.THey equally deserve and have a right.
    DOnt we need more Engineers and lawyers?

    I wont be doing any one my treatments after these lawyers start work in the hospitals in Bhutan…I cant trust such doctors.

    If they country really needed doctors they could have just raised the no. of Mbbs slots, instead of granting cash to the govt.

    Or else they could have made a load system, where an bond was signed between the student taking the amount and the government for a much more efficient allocation of resources…

    ANd moreover why give 3000000 to students who are already going their mbbs….So it just shows something fishey and ugly going on behind the walls…

    WHat going on man…Bhutan is changing….the bad changes

  8. It is a good decision because the privately-funded students can breath a sign of relief. On the other hand,I really donot how statistics will corroborate the total impact of this decision on the financial coffers of the government. Was this is a planned activity? Or was it an ad-hoc decision in response to shortage of doctors in the country? How sustainable is this? Is the government going to stop this after it is convinced that the number of doctors is sufficient? I leave it to the Economic Honchos to delve into the nitty-grities.

  9. Anonymous says

    Seriously it would be better if present crooked cabinets don’t make such type of decision!!! After all, we Bhutanese people are not foolish like they might be thinking! I don’t see any promising and intellectual decision coming from present group of cabinet.

  10. yes – it seems this decision is just a continuation of the ‘pay and allowances’ discussion between doctors, teachers and engineers (mostly)
    So although those who have finished studies will continue to debate and argue to promote their profession, now RGoB is showing favouritism to medical students. I can see that they might justify that teachers and engineers can be educated in bhutan and just now that isn’t the case for doctors, but the prinicple is being undermined of parity for all.

  11. can= Can’t

  12. Tshering Tobgay says

    I had to remove two comments … both contained obsene language.

    Readers are very welcome to express their frustrations on this blog, but please, no profanity.

    Our collective purpose is to make a differnece. And obsenities will not get us there.

    Please help me.

  13. Anonymous says

    Your Excellency, sorry for my use of profane language. I knew you were going to delete my post but I wanted you to sense my frustration at least.

    I know it must be hard for you as the Opposition Leader with just one MP but things are not going right with the government and you are the only person we can approach and hope.

    For the want of time I would not like to delve into other areas as of now. Regarding the stipend for private medical students, it is there for all sensible people to see that not only it is biased but corrupt as well.

    The justifications are plenty as mentioned by others above.

    My sincere apologies again for the profane language.

  14. Anonymous says

    by IseeU: Cabinet ministers’ approval of funding private medical students is a biased decision. Although it is done with a good intention encouraging parents to send their children to pursue medicine, the other sides of the decision’s impetus are way too heavy. I am hundred percent confident that those parents who did not know the ministers did not approach them. Even the prime minister must have been approached by those who knew him and those who are related to him. I would say the initiator stimulus of this meeting in the cabinet is nepotism and total corruption. I wish there was a clause in the constitution against this so that I can file a suit against the government. When I oppose this, the parents and students who are planning to receive the grant or who are already pursuing the medical profession should not get angry. I would be happy too if I were in your place. Who doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of funds and pleasure? But we must not forget there are lots of other students and families who just couldn’t afford to do just like you did. We feel it is just not fair.

    Such decisions only increase the gap between haves and have-nots.Here is the simple example; a student from a poor family background wishes to pursue career in medical profession but he didn’t make it on the government scholarship, and his parents just can’t afford to send him to study on their own, not even with government’s grant of 300,000/-. But his friend has no problem because his parents hold executive posts in the civil service (imagine how much money the couple could have laundered), and in addition the cabinet had approved a grant of 300,000/- per annum (chhu yoed sa chhap). How fair is this? Where is the so called ‘equity and justice’ the famous slogan of the DPT political party? Did we have no choice at all, in choosing the better party? Are we feeling betrayed by the very government that we chose? Are we supposed to feel happy that government is doing something for a handful of rich people?

    This particular decision from the cabinet has so many negative implications to other professionals as well. It is so demeaning to rest of the professions. It seems Bhutan doesn’t need engineers and architects to build infrastructures. It seems Bhutan doesn’t need programmers and soft ware engineers to secure the network and telecommunications. It seems our country doesn’t need educated entrepreneurs to increase the economy of the nation. The list could go on. Which profession is not required in Bhutan? Even our political leaders and policy makers need to be replaced by learned and qualified people. The system of government and bureaucratic procedures too need enlightenment. Every profession is important and needed; every procedure is important and needed in Bhutan to gear towards professionalism if we are to reach even closer to GNH. Can the government give grant to all the professions? Mr. Prime Minister, would you not fire your personal assistant who is unprofessional? Would you be happy if your driver is unprofessional? Would you be satisfied if people in your secretariat are unprofessional? Are you telling us that a sweeper or a gardener need not be professional in their work? And are you being professional here?

    On the other hand the cabinet and government are giving too much importance to medical doctors, and this is the major reason for eruption of problems and un-ethical practices in the healtcare settings. Over the last couple of months and years, most of the doctors and health workers have become rude and un-friendly. They say they are not satisfied. Some say there is no equity and justice; they say there is discrepancy of incentives among the health workers, blah….blah and so many complaints and grievances. The simple fact is that if you pay attention to a nagging child, he or she seeks more but if you ignore he or she remains calm and satisfied.

    It seems our present government doesn’t want to follow the philosophy GNH for development. Until now I used to believe that there are capable people in the cabinet. Now my trust of intellectual potentials and capabilities in the cabinet seems to erode as they start making poorer decisions.

    How do we help us?

    By redalert: Let’s say the Government pays 300,000 per year…something like 2 million for the whole course, but what happens after that. I am quite sure, there will be disgruntled doctors again. I am quite sure that the Government cannot hold them back, just because they were paid for their studies.

    Thats what, is happening right now. Instead of investing in their education, which is a noble decision no doubt…I think we need to invest in the upgradation of the SYSTEM. As far as I see, lack of doctors is NOT the MAJOR problem, lack of motivation and support from the Ministry is the problem.

    Although, I do not work in the Health Ministry, but from primary sources and also from these kinds of forums, I tend to understand that Health Secretary is the problem, DG is the problem, CAO is the problem…. I mean the interest of these few individuals do not match with the interest of the rest. Well, they may be good in some field but surely Health Ministry is that field.

    Why do we want to make the same mistake again?? Why do we not learn from the past mistakes??

    Let us develop a system for the Bhutanese, which will help the Bhutanese …. Invite all stakeholders (Dr. Nurses, BSWs, Dungtshos, ward boys, sweepers…etc..etc…) to a common table and discuss the problems and work out a solution. The main drawback of our system is the fact that the *decision-makers* tend to think they know what the stake-holders want. We never consult, infact we do not “bother” to consult. This is violation of true and vibrant democracy. Equal representation, which unfortunately we dont have.

    This problem is not confined to Health Ministry, it is very much prevalent in the Bhutanese society. Infact, it is “decaying” the society and I believe this is the major threat instead of “security clearance” issues etc..etc…

    I cannot change the system myself, but collectively we can raise concerns make sustainable decisions.

    Ok, invest 300,000 per year and make a good doctor. But we can we guarantee that it will solve our problems.

    We need a plan, not excuses.

    And I think PM, Zangley, Thakur and everyone else need to realize that.

    anyways, hoping for the best!!

    By dungjur: Well said because that is the sad truth. The current fiasco in the health ministry versus doctors saga is not the lack of doctors. The unmanagers at the ministry of health have promoted all kinds of relatives and friends and promoted all kinds of health assistants and support staff to positions where they can boss around doctors and everyone else. You can’t do that and not expect doctors to leave eventually. Throwing money at training new doctors is not going to solve that problem.

    The only solution is better management and unfortunately that is an alien concept at the ministry of health.

    By sowiakolay: I did a little research and guess what – I discovered there is something worst than giving partial scholarship to pvt medical students: giving medical scholarship to students who did not qualify. Apparently all the top bureaucrats (including former minister) in the MoH all have their children doing MBBS through govt scholarship even those they did not qualify for it. These peoples’ children will benefit from every aspect; now and when they return and join service – place of posting, PG course choice and being pulled to administrative responsibility.

    The recent decision by the cabinet shall give rise to two kinds of doctors in Bhutan in the future: full scholarships and partial scholarships. People shall have the choice of getting treatment from which ever type of scholarship doctor they desire. I will definitely opt for the former type of doctor (except a few falling in the above mentioned category) for receiving treatment and I hope the MoH will be prepared for litigations against the doctors, hospitals and ministry for negligence, and for permitting doctors from non recognized medical colleges to practice in our country. MoH did turn away a doctor because his/her standard XII marks very poor. I hope MoH continues that practice without bending rules and regulations as per individual or few people’s interest.

    courtesy (please visit the website for more such information.

  15. Anonymous says

    Bhutan ,a last shangrila ,is what believed by the world. i cannot imagine when such type of mischief appears in Bhutan .Now Bhutan is full of rats ,as what a selfish , cunning and unconstitutional govt we have. They have no other better intension than to get self satisfied.
    DPT, a spoil brat!!! what a heck ?. Don’t u remember what u have said to people and dont u remember your promises.
    Remember DPT , we may be sliced in btw ur cheats like a cheese sliced in between two piece of breads ,but remember both cheese and bread are eaten together.Dun make us to fall, along which u may fall also.
    U are party leaders not a headmaster of community school, in fact forget abt head master ,even a villager can decide much potent than u .
    Don’t waste money on something tat is notsensible.Tat money u are going to waste is ,all above it owes to country ,people and govt (tsa waa sum )
    how they can grant a pay of 3 lacs to private medical students .They are not building the capability of youngsters in Bhutan.their decision seems hinder the opportunity for those students who has been struggling their life in studies , coming to school on walk of two days walk , sleeping on the floor of hostels and eating food which is no more less than junk .Consideration has to given those students who have the in buit capability and not to those who are dancing on the wealth is what present govt does .
    actually this is not the only solution left , there are many options: either increase the number of mbbs scholarship slots or decrease the required eligible marks for mbbs with increased slots…
    So far , i know those who are pursuing self medical studies are not other than sons, daughters and relatives of MPs and lynpos , if not then y they have suddenly came up with such type of decision .There are many people who are of huge in capable ,rather than giving money to those ,better to give to the poor people who are having dream to get centralized .
    In the future i won’t visit those doctors for checkup , as i would be prefer to consult with HA , nurse , sister and BHW.
    I feel funny when they come with such type of decision .They seem to be a crap , a bigger piece of crap.
    People has changed now , not same like thirty years ago .u may can cheat god but cann’t the people of is very important to get act wisely and to see the matter properly , the feasibility , before such thing is granted .Remember

    “to govern the government one should has motivation;equality and justice “
    Is it a potent image of preset govt ? His OL has to do sth la

  16. Anonymous says

    Your Excellency,
    What’s going on is not fair. If the govt. is allocating Nu.300000 why not to other professions as well. To send my only son for LLB course in India I had to sell my lands and cattle.There are many like me who needs help from the govt. too. If the govt. grants this fund only to the students of rich parents for doctor course we will be compelled to arrenge a peaceful public demonstration against the government. This is the time to stop the govt from making wrong policy. We hope as a oposition leader you will oppose the govt strongly on this issue.
    Thank you la.

  17. Anonymous says

    i am working as Health assistant rite now .i have taken biology in class 12 .As i didn’t qualify for scholar has made to join job. Now i have decided that me and my wife(she was also science std)will go for Mbbs on loan and will pay back loan by money tat we will get from govt together total we get 6 lacs together , out of 6 lacs , most probably two lacs can saved to expense for my son who is studying in class pp…what a great plan..isn’t it ..i will send my son for mbbs in the future ..then my family will be full of docter ..thanks DPT for ur wise decision

  18. Anonymous says

    I am against the DPT Government’s decision. The reason being not because i am not benefitted but because there is lack of rationality and reasonings. It is good for the the DPT to encourage more doctors but will it really increase the number if the Education system itself is not reformed? Is our Government after the quantity or quality? It it is after the quality, i feel that the whole system of educating our children in Science and Mathematics should be reformed.

  19. Anonymous says

    how can a highly qualified person like ts powdel be so unwise in his decision. Ofcourse we understand with zangley dukpa. His acts and decisions are acceptable coz we know his qualification…..DANGPHU GI MI………
    JYT we perceived you as a true leader but now we know its all a fallacy. Could JYT or for that matter the cabinet/govt. explain us the rational of granting such huge amount to the private MBBS student? i mean other than the request made by the parents of the private MBBS students and the shortage of doctors?

  20. Anonymous says

    Remember, 3 Doctors in each Dzongkhag. Our Cabinet isn’t as stupid as we would like to think. Please correct me if I am wrong, but i am sure there is a clause whereby these private students will have to come back to work in bhutan for a certain period of time.

    A lot of these private students will finish their degree before the DPT term finishes in 2013. Thus, the probability of having 3 doctors in each dzongkhag is high. If, our govt. were to start this scheme starting with the next batch, it only means that these “contract bound” students would come back only after 2013, which doesn’t help their campaign efforts in 2013.

    A political decision, but a good one in the long run, provided the govt. doesnt stop the scheme after 2013.

  21. Anonymous says

    Hello my fren! my reply goes to the one who have left the latest comment. You think tat cabinet’s decision is not as stupid as we think and all above you are saying tat probability of getting 3 docs in each Dznkhag is high .If i m not mistaken , i denounce what u feel as we all know that it will avoid the shortage of doctors in the Bhutan .But the main problem with their decision is of granting 3 lacs to private medical students,which seems to be totally nepotism rite. And 2ndly this is not the only method left.We can increase the shortage of dcotors by increasing the slots of mbbs scholars .3rdly if they want to help private students , y only medical one , not others .Fourthly the people who are doing medical at present are son, daughter and relatives of big and rich people .5thly why govt has suddenly came up with this decision .Isn’t this corrupted ? ….what do u say ?

  22. away from homeland doesn’t mean that we don’t keep track of information regarding our country. its really saddening moment to hear such non-strategic decision making from the new government.doing work in favor of self-satisfaction is predominantly root cause of unhappiness for us. despite rendering nu.3X100000 per medical students why not take wise decision by increasing the slots in medical students in government scholarship scheme for fresher students.

  23. His Excellency ,0L!
    Firstly, i would like to thank you, Excellency for responding our comments so affectionately .In order to become one spiritually happy and abide with “Gross national happiness”.Government have to make such decision tat is not deemed to be a wrong one.
    Cabinet decision seems to be meaningless .Usually everyone try to maintain the gap with deficiency and move along with efficiency but government is trying to reduce the gap and make deficiency and efficiency on same track .whats this ? In long run forget about getting abide with bless of triple gem but we will fall down … we people have to do something . I would like to request his honorable to get set with BBS TV(life and exclusive show).so that his honorable can firmly get oppose the Govt in the witness of all the people of Bhutan …And i want lynpo zangla and thakur to answer the people of Bhutan…Thanks la

  24. Cabinet ministers approval of funding private medical student is a prejudiced decision. Although it is done with a good intention to fulfill the lack of doctors in our country. But when I go through the kuensel forum and also heard from many others, the decision taken by the Education minister and Health minister is nepotism and total corruption. I say “CORRUPTION” because someone has already reported in the forum that those students who are currently doing MBBS course in Sir Lanka, got their admission there under the name of SARRC scholarship through parent’s assist. Actually I’m also under government scholarship doing technical course in india , during our orientation time after 10+2 we didn’t know that there is a scholarship like SARRC scholarship. If it is there then many of us who are interested in medical field would have opted for it. So I think it is not fair .Deserving students are missing their chance and it is taken by the big shots children who are not qualified in any of the higher studies courses.
    Well, actually I appreciated when government is going to bring more doctors in the country in the near future, but their way or plan for achieving the goal was unreasonable. Instead of giving Nu. 3 lakhs annual stipend to private students , it is better to increase the no of medical slots for fresh graduates and spend in them which is more economical to the country’s financial.
    Again there was some mistake which government is going to decide , that is regarding the revising of stipend only for medical students under government scholarship. Yes we know our country is in shortage of doctors but it doesn’t mean that our country is enough of engineers, lawyers , teachers, business professionals and so on. So I think revising the stipend only for medical students is going to undermined the other students.
    So lastly I would be highly appreciated and grateful to the opposition party and Anticorruption commission if they look into the matter seriously and make our new government to decide the right decision. Make our country CORRUPTION FREE. As being a Bhutanese citizen it is my concern and I have to say this. THANK YOU.

  25. Anonymous says

    at this particular juncture, an incredible ideology cum philosophy put forefront by the DPT to boost up medical students with an undeserving generosity is even beyond the envision that could be visually seen in layman. what-soever might be education background entail within those sophisticated member, i think they are falling in the trap in saying, “a graduate of yesterday he who stops learning today becomes uneducated tomorrow.” hereby my earnest request is that please DPT what ever work you carry out in shaping our small nation, do that benefits the every nook and corner of the bhutan. in nutshell i mean your benediction is blessing for all people. whereby if you all take such unexpected choice then your form of transparency is being smeared with the black spots

  26. Anonymous says

    hearing such unprecedented news through broadcast and other news channel is really disgusting. its all matter of chance you all are waiting for. but it’s cock-sure that your endeavor to open the doorway to next chapter of life for self-contentment throws sets of commotion to the people of bhutan despite giving an illumination.common ya, now time has come to bhutan to change situation where there must be perfection through the genius implementation carried out by you all.

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