Opposing the oppostion

My last entry made Di demand that the opposition leader oppose the government’s decision directly and firmly. This is what she said:

“dear OL, are u not going to say anything to oppose this directly to the cabinet? this is wrong wrong wrong. this goes against every morals, values and ethics we have ever been taught. this is showing us that the people who are incapable and the least deserving get the best in life. It is a mockery to everything we have been taught is right. Do u not have duties and rights, as the opposition leader, to oppose this firmly?”

Di is right.

I have the duty to oppose the government when their decisions are unlawful or are not in the best interest of the tsa-wa-sum. I have this sacred duty at two levels: first, personally, as a citizen of this great country; and second, officially, in my capacity as opposition leader.

My last entry was a “personal” attempt to oppose our government’s decision. Through this blog, I have made my personal views on the medical grant issue public. Naturally, I hope that my humble views may receive favour of our government’s attention.

Similarly, but more importantly, many of you have also expressed your personal views in this blog and other on-line discussion fora. I believe our government will give serious consideration to all constructive comments, regardless of how they are communicated.

But what will I do officially? As opposition leader, I still do not know the full story. I don’t know the real objectives of the grant, the number of private students it would cover, criteria for selecting students, obligations of the students, financing source, and how the scheme will be implemented from the new academic session onwards. I also don’t know if the government is considering similar assistance for private students specializing in other professions.

So, as opposition leader, I have spoken with people in the cabinet secretariat, ministry of education and ministry of health. I have also written “officially” to the ministry of education, who will presumably implement the scheme, requesting for information. Their feedback, your views, and the government’s response will determine if I, as opposition leader, should “officially” oppose our government’s decision.

Our government will make mistakes. But know that the opposition’s earnest belief is that, when that happens, our government will admit their mistakes, apologise for them and take corrective measures – all this without “official” opposition.

On a related note…

The public has been quite vocal. This is good for democracy.

But our media has not given any attention to the public’s growing concern on medical grants. This is not good for democracy.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Dear Hon,ble OL,

    You are doing the best possible for the benefit of general public and I for one is really really proud of you. You have done your part on this particular topic and now the ball is in the Lyonpo Zangley’s and Thakur’s court.Lets see how they perform this drama.

    Excatly, media is not playing its role on this topic. BBS should request our concerned Hon’ble Ministers for Live Show Programme(in dzongkha). Its the only way of mass communication to the public at large.

  2. thank you la, lyonpo, for answering my question with a new post,and for the link as well.
    About the media being quiet…..like you said, its a personal opinion that we update on the blogs, but more work is needed for an ‘official’ action. we are working on it, though.

  3. The Bhutanese media are silent for two reasons: a) Kuensel is the government’s mouthpiece. So, don’t expect anything from it, except for direct reporting of what is happening in the country!

    b)For the other new media to be really proactive, there is no real freedom of expression as yet. Those of us who believe that there is are lying to ourselves and to everyone else.

    My two chhetrums!

  4. di,
    I don’t know what official work u are talking about. A decision was already taken by the cabinet and published in bhutantimes dated 8th march. Following the decision there is spontaneous reaction from the public through various media.

    Why don’t reporters read this news, listen to gossips, spy, interview, investigate and come out with some articles. They can keep following up and inform us in piece by piece as the event progresses. Please reporters be factual and remember reporting is a time series job lol

  5. Anonymous says

    I am very very Very happy to know the truth, dear OL. And thanks for admiting that u still donot have any information or detail to oppose officially. At the same time very very very sad to know that if at Ur level as OL donot know the detail of the announced information on thisw issue.. how will a commoner like us know the detail of the issue.. Is this the so called transperency and right to information to the fellow citizens. IS our system so transperent like the clear glass. u look at it, u can see both sides but not the medium “THE GLASS”.

    I have not gone through the laws or the constitutions but i feel that as an OL u have the right to informations more than the commoners. And u can fight officially or through media if u want. Is the information from a PERSONAL computer than even the Highest rank offical donot get to share. (May be u need to hack.)

    how long will we look and wait for media to acts. i think even the media have no information that is why they are silent. why don`t u send to the media the news that u donot know the details of the this information, and would like to know information officially. will that be unethical as OL or as a person to whom we look upon. only a person at ur position can demand for information officially.

    So, will wait when the information comes out.
    I am not against the grant or for the grant but i am on the transperancy and the right to informations.

  6. Honorable OL,

    You are doing a great job by connecting with the public through this blog. When I heard of many of the govt. decisions and announcements which sounded silly such as the so-called pay revision misprint and now the medical grants issue, I wondered if the opposition party had nothing to say on it in the media. After reading your blog, I came to understand that the opposition is not given due recognition to be heard by both the govt. and the media – I say this because you don’t have much information on what the govt. decides, and you have to resort to blogging to make yourself heard on many important issues about which our media should actually interview you and disseminate. Elsewhere, the opposition leader wields great media attention, and his view is sought on every major decision the govt. takes. Should it not be the case with our democracy too?

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