Pay increase broadcast

A lot of people followed the pay revision debate today. According to BBS, people throughout the country watched it live.

Well I saw this group of people right outside the National Assembly following the proceedings on live TV. The group was gathered around BBS’s OB Van – outdoor broadcasting van – to keep track of how their representatives were serving them. They didn’t look too excited.


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  1. undergraduate says

    Respected lyonpo,
    GUD TO HEAR THAT CIVIL SERVANTS’ PAY HAVE BEEN HIKED. in the light of what our lyonchen committed on his visit to sri lanka to revise our stipend, we the bhutanese students studying abroad (including india) would like to state that the committment is never being fulfilled. the present stipend (in india being rs. 3,600/-) hardly meets our necessities. and we also have to atleast manage our own expenses for other miscellenous requirements. plus, with recent hyper inflation around the globe (india included) it is visible that the prices of essential commodities have shot up. this has made us hard to meet our ends.therefore, we request ur excellency to kindly address these issues in the assembly.

  2. ITs interesting to see our media follow this news. I hope something positive comes out of the whole thing.
    And I do remember hearing about Lyonchen’s committement to increase students stipend from someone studying in S.Lanka. I think it was made in one of his visit and meeting with the students in Colombo and Kandy.


    Here are some observations of the NA delibrations on pay hike:

    1. It was very blunt of one DPT MP to mention that the 35% was in going with the “Drangnam Drangden” slogan of DPT Government. The actual reality is that the receivers of the Hike will experience bigger gaps in income disparity and work on towards the inequality of rich becoming richer, so no Drangnam Drangden.

    2. Lyenpo Yeshy Zimba’s clarifications excluded touching the factual numbers and was just words to save DPT’s face in the assembly. Well, if the income from THPA was being made up by CHPC generation, there should still be some money for pay hike as the OL rightly pointed out.

    3. A funny observation was that most DPT MP’s including ministers were full of shame on not being able to deliver what they promised…anyone notice some lyenpo’s hiding behind their palm or looking away trying not to notice what is happening in the NA Hall.

    4. If DPT MP’s feel there should be some difference between PM, Ministers, and MP’s pay, they should rightly have given up some amount to make their pay lower based on the GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS and NATIONAL EFFECTS of the SAME GLOBAL CRISIS in the INTEREST OF THE NATION. Instead they were all up for increase of the PM’s Pay.

    5. The Speaker, tried his best not to allow anyone to speak against the 35% proposal, but was looking out for more people to support the PM’s pay increase. He is twisted and biased, not fit to be the speaker of the NA.

    6. Other than that, the speaker instead of taking the deliberations on Pay Hike Seriously, was time and again concerned about the assembly not discussing SITTING FEES.

    7. It seems the PM, already briefed the DPT MPs, and SPEAKER particularly to direct the session in favor of the proposed pay hike, and was watching the session to see if it goes as planned. It was not a fitting action for PM of our country.

    8. I still believe that if anyone needs Patang Allowance, all Patang Holders be given a “Daa-Doh” every month to sharpen the edges of their Patangs.

    9. The Voucher Allowance should be given to Bhutan Telecom or Tashi Cell, whichever the MP’s choose. Then there should be limit on how much the MP,s Dzongdags or anyone entitled can use for the number as paid by the government.

    10. Driver’s Allowance should be used by giving the MP’s actual Drivers through RCSC, instead of MP’s just pocketing the money….that could help solve unemployment of close to 100 Drivers.

    11. Fuel allowance should be merged in mileage claim (if it is being claimed) or they should not claim mileage.

    12. Vehicle Maintenance is jot justifiable entitlement, as MP’s are given money to buy new vehicles. Some may even have warranty and free servicing from the company usually limited to 5 years, i.e., the term of the MP. Other than that, these NEW HIGH CLASSY VEHICLES will not need much maintenance.

    All in all, I think that NA ASSEMBLY DELIBERATION on JAN 19 2009 was just a waste of time and resources resulting in bashing of the trust of the people in DPT Government. I can only say for that session as I have not watched others due to other responsibilities and that day was particularly important for sustainability of the civil servants.

  4. is this a typical bhutanese trait? govt does something..blame them….govt does nothing..blame them…govt does something else…blame them.when do we learn to appreciate?i always thought MPs ..ilcluding pm ministers and given the best salary because their term in NA is 5 years..and if they want to come back..they wont afford to any blunder decisions..if they do..they are out the next election …we need the best of people in MPs seat..and people complained they are all about they pm and ministers dont get any raise..mps get 20% raise..all civil servants get 35% ..i think its enough for the moment..
    you guys are lucky to get 3600 late 1990’s and early 2000’s we got only Rs2000 ..we didnt complain ..we thought it was enough.. it wont be enough if you party around and watch movies and date… Human want will never keep it cool guys and be happy..

  5. im sure none of you guys, who now speak against govt voted, for any party ..its your fault man!!

  6. Needs and wants of human keep on increasing, that is the life style and the expenditure level keeps on growing. Today’s life style is not same as it was in late 1990s or 2000. The price of commodities have shoot up significantly, house rent has reached unimaginable, so it is 2009 not 2000. What we were paid in 1990s or 2000 is not definitely the argument, but how to sustain in 2009 onwards is a big concern especially for lower income group.

    Given the hike, the actual increase is just 10% and not 35%. A person with 9000 as basic salary, his hike is 12,150, out of this there is 11% increase in the PF which is 12,150 – 1336 = 10814. If he is staying in Pension Colony, there 500 increase in the house rent which is 10,814 – 500 = 10314. Than there are other increase such as TDS etc. So finally he will now encash 10, 000 (approximately). Earlier he was earning, 9000 (after all the deductions) now he will earn 10,000 (after not all deductions). Therefore the hike is just 10%.

    The hike is not at all justified. We can’t compare somebody who is earning 30,000 per month to somebody earning just 10, 000 per month. A meager percentage increase will cause a huge difference between this two earners. The 35% hike will amount differently to this two pay scale.

    Our Ministers, MPs, NCs are already withdrawing a hefty sum, so why would they worry about hikes. Instead, they have increased other allowances which the P1 and below level civil servants don’t get. I think the concept of equitable distribution of wealth is challenged here by our politicians. They want poorer to remain poor and struggle and richer to be rich and happy. We are beginning to DPT’s “growth with equity”!

    The deliberation on Jan 19 was purely one sided with no one really fighting for the civil servant. Everyone inside the NA seem to have secretly agreed to come to consensus before they actually debate on it. The debate was just talk show, just like the blabber of Growth with Equity, equitable income distribution and GNH.

    Whatever be, civil servants are being fooled here from both the sides. One side the DPT government did not fulfill what they promised, second, the increase in commodities, house rent, taxes etc on one side is severely sandwiched them.

  7. So… What about the ‘incentives’ to teachers? What about the scarcity allowances? Is it justified?

  8. I agree- the 19th Jan 09 NA session was a well planned one. I am well sure that the PM had briefed the Speaker and the MPs to divert issues in favor of the government. Yes, the speaker tried his best to malfunction the debate on the 35% pay hike for the government and it is also true the he also paid much attention to instigate the PM’s salary raise and that of the sitting fees.

    Gosh! its depressing as a government employee to see a government run in this tone. If its issues concerning themselves- the house was quite enough to flip the page without a single raise of hands and so was the speaker glad.

    And so on and so forth!!!

    I wish i wish …no wish to turn back the clock but i wish wish all luck for the Opposition!!!

  9. Blame the governemtn for taking responsible and not POPULAR decisions which the opposition is always seeking. Who would we blame, if after a few years, the country goes bankrupt – no one else but the government. The opposition will turn around and say, it was a governemtn decision. They have no responsibility, not accountability and must I say, no principles. For once, ask yourself, why you deserve a raise – for playing computer games, for gossiping, for cahtting, for all sorts of other things but work!

  10. Did the OL sya, he wants a reduction in his pay and allowances? NO. Did the Opposition MP say he won’t accept the increase in his salary or allowances? NO. While comparing the benefits, please compare the burdens too. Those who are earning more are shouldering beigger responsibilities and paying higher taxes, health contributions etc. relative to their income which goes to cover the development costs and health expenses for those who cannot afford. Think holistically and not emotionally.

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