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your position?

your position?

The results on our last poll, on banning the sale of tobacco products, is in: of 210 voters, 199 (that’s 57%) think that prohibiting the sale of tobacco products is not a good idea; 83 of you (40%) would support the ban; and 8 voters don’t care either way. While those against the ban win by 17 percentage points, the last poll was the closest so far. Thanks everyone for participating.

Our new poll is on the civil service. The position classification system continues to spark debate among civil servants, so I’m asking if the system has support. Please give me your views. They will help me prepare for the upcoming discussions on the Civil Service Bill.


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  1. While your polls look good and deals with pertinent issues at hand people like to eaplian thier standing. like- i like to say i support the position classification syetem and it was started with with good intentions but it hasn’t been implemented well i think. So while i believe that its a good system i like to see it carried out well too.

  2. what is the problem with pcs? as far as i understand, its principles suit our civil service very much. unless these principles are strictly followed and firmly upheld, i cannot see any other means to realise our beloved fourth Druk Gyalpo’s wisely stated policy of a “small and compact” civil service in bhutan.

    however, as much wonderful as they are, principles, on their own, are nothing and do not achieve anything if they are to be left unimplemented. so the option is to implement them all in order to see the tree of our civil service bear the fruit of pcs.

    i see the need for the following to make pcs work:

    1. give full independence and autonomy to rcsc when it comes to HR actions. this will entail stopping all meddlesome behaviours from higher authorities in the areas of appointment, transfer, promotion, and separation of the civil servatns. following this, make rcsc fully accountable for their actions.

    it is high time to acknowledge that appointing someone through orders (shortcuts), which had worked in the past when there was lack of skilled manpower, is seen today as being biased and unfair by the majority. and it does not help when others have to be appointed through rcsc’s procedures, which has helplessly drawn fierce criticism and harmed rcsc’s reputation. rcsc has become the scapegoat. somebody has intelligently remarked somewhere that rcsc’s role has been reduced to making announcement of appointments and promotions. and i feel this is true.

    2. support rcsc. make it become a respected institution that will serve the present and future wellbeing of our nation and people. i say this, because it’s only through capable civil service that any government can deliver its plans and programmes.

    if there is no sound policy governing civil service, people will not have faith in the system. people in the system will be concerned only with their self-interests. red-tapeism and unnecessary bottlenecks will make welfare services difficult to reach our people, who will suffer at the end.

    today, i see such support for rcsc lacking. people in ministries and agencies always try to by-pass rcsc not for the benefit of their ministries and agencies, but for individual benefits.

    moreover, government should provide its share of support to rcsc to become a respected institution. in the past, there was an instance where government approved pcs policy like difficulty allowance, etc. but withheld financial package, which was necessary to make it happen. such things hamper the reputation of rcsc.

    furthermore, all must accept that when rcsc brings certain reform initiative, it is brought after full consultation and approval from the government. knowledgeable professionals from other ministries and agencies are involved in the process. as far as i am concerned, rcsc’s reforms have so far been a consultative process. it was never imposed out of the blue. ministries and agencies, and above all – the government should acknowledge this fact and be an important part of it.

    3. on the part of rcsc, it has to to be firm and steadfast in its dealings. they cannot be swayed. moreover, they have to change their stance on open competitive selection process, where it is very open today and results in the loss of skilled manpower in scientific fields for administrative positions.

    on the other hand, rcsc should pass its judgement and decisions on training approval after careful considerations. its decision should not be subject to change. i say this because there are instances where rcsc does not approve someone’s candidature for some training in the first instance but later on approved after negotiations. this is ridiculous. it should work towards how such practices can be reduced.

    everybody owes one’s share to make rcsc a strong, dynamic and professional organisation.

  3. hon! Ol,
    well the PCS is a good system in principle but if not implemented properly it would be a mess. I know the PCS is a good for all professionals but how far can we implements is still not known. To debate or to vote i think there should be some facts and figures that should be provided to the readers. Although every civil servent are under PCS yet we all see at our selves where it has taken and how far it is good. and not many look at the over all system and policy levels. at individual levels, some have been benifited while other may not have. and at the system or the over all policy levels, figures and facts sheets are not there so would not be possible to say if it does good or bad. I think, like any new systems, it will need time (very long time) tests. while the “time tests” being done the progress made should be transperent and should be made known . the bad part will be very vivid to all.
    so i would like to request if it ispossible to have some progress figures of the PCS…


  4. I understand that PCS was developed at huge costs as an improvement over the cadre system! Looks excellent on paper but doubtful in its implementation. Therefore, I am wondering if question could be rephrased as “Was the PCS implemented as planned?” I know civil servants are not against the PCS per se.

  5. waterland says

    PCS is timely and there is no looking back as we continue to implement and remove problems along the way. It is our responsibility to provide full support and provide selflessness and valuable findings and thoughts to make it a perfect system. We keep removing bugs and add relevant wishes. Computer and other software systems came in the same way and today it is trying to find “Are we alone in this universe”.

    PCS allows you to get promotion on time because you don’t have to wait for 7 to 8 years even though you perform very well in your work. PCS provides a platform to develop and climb the ladder depending on your capabilities and innovative ways of doing things. It forces you to upgrade your qualification and be optimistic in life so that you are not socially demoralized in the working environment. It provides platform for development.

    Thus, PCS is a dynamic system that provides you with ample opportunities and guides you to grow as you wish. PCS is wonderful and it is moving in the direction.

  6. Sir,

    I Sir,
    Let me share my opinion with you on the topic. I am sorry you do not represent my vote because I have not voted for your party and i see no point now to regret my decision. I am writing here for the first time and would like to thank you for giving this platform. I wish atleast the DPT ministers do the same but alas they are carried away in their own status and egos.
    Coming to the PCS, PCS in theory is good but terribly gone wrong and now it has reached a point where no further improvement is going to change. So only option is do away and fall back to cadre system.
    Example; do you honestly with your intellect and experience believe that PCS will be fine tuned by these commissioners. We know very well about the 2 commissioners and the CC who has got nothing in PCS knowledge. Then we are left with 2 commissioners who actually played an important part in ruining the civil service morale by PCS. Now they are the 2 important key people to oversee its refining.
    For every selection, there is a hidden agenda and the present govt is more concern about their own self. Example look at the selection of recent dzongdas. Apa Sherub from trade. Everybody knows what type of a man he is but the point here is – is he related to Aum Kinley? Yes he does . otherwise on what criteria he is chosen? Another case sonam jigme from trade. He is average but they are many averages like him. So then why he is chosen- is he related to commissioner Sangay Dorji- yes he does.

    So please look into this la.

    • tshering, you seem to have poor knowledge about the procedure for appointment of dzongdags.

      rcsc’s role in the appointment of dzongdags is limited to submitting a list of nominations. PM recommends to HM, and HM appoints them under his hand and seal. that’s how dzongdags are appointed.

      i think there is a better way of critiquing. maybe u were not happy when your contemporaries rose to the posts of dzongdags.

      teach me to think better – i am a junior civil servant – so that when i see my contemporaries get better positions than me in future, i learn to appreciate their personal attainment.

  7. AwayfromHome says

    If Each of us play our own conscious roles and stop taking advantage of the “FAVOURS” and stick to following rules…perhaps we can begin seeing the system we all wish for.
    If others take advantage, it’s unfair, if I benefit with favours…it’s ok is the mentality baggage we all carry.
    Let shake that off and PCS will be perfect

  8. Urgent attention and efforts need to be made to regain the confidence and credibility of the RCSC commission and the secretariat. Top bureaucrats from different ministries and organisations had their roles either as chairpersons or members of the commission in the past. Each one of them have derived their share of benefits by virtue of being the esteemed members. We can forgive them since the opportunity must have been too tempting!

    Since it is difficult to right the past wrongs, we should agree to put the past behind us and instead put our heads and minds together to correct the system. Let’s bury our grievances for the sake a better Bhutan – land of happy people.

  9. The success of democracy in Bhutan will purely depend on the successful implementation of the Position Classification System. Otherwise, the civil service which is the backbone of the country will be heavily politicized and ours will be no better than Nepal and Indian system. I strongly believe that PCS is politicised as the Executive wants total control of the civil service. If PCS was a failure how come the system is going strong after 3 years of its implementation – according to to some critics the government would have been collapsed long time ago. We must understand with a reform such as PCS many individuals would be affected. I agree with the author that we must work towards equal pay and right person but that can not happen overnight. In fact cadre system had worst example of job mismatch of placing much needed doctors as administrators. As some one said it is only PCS that can delivers HM’s vision for Bhutan. We request RCSC to fully implement PCS and build its credibility as an Institution of highest esteem. Thanks

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