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Managing markets

Managing markets

So the Cabinet has directed the Ministry of Agriculture to take over the Centenary Farmers’ Market. Apparently the Cabinet had decided that the Thimphu City Corporation was not managing the farmers’ market properly.

The government’s intention is good. They want to ensure that the farmers’ market is well managed; that it is hygienic; and that it benefits our farmers.

But the implications are not good. The government risks undermining local government. Accepted, the Thimphu City Corporation may not have done a good enough job managing the farmers’ market. But that is precisely why they need to be supported. And their capacity strengthened. Instead, the government has decided that the city corporation is unable to manage the farmers’ market.

If local governments fall short, we must support them. We must build their capacities so that they can discharge their duties properly. The most damaging thing we can do is to take away their responsibilities. That amounts to centralization. And that, regardless of intentions, is not good for local governments. And what’s not good for local governments, is not good for our democracy.


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  1. It is good to note that finally the problem at the vegetable market finally came to the notice of the government. As a Bhutanese it was a pride to see for the first time such a nice facility being contructed but within months from the opening, the facility was degrading in front of the eyes of many people. It was a sorry sight. I do not know whether the decision taken by the govt. to handover the facility to the Ministry of Agriculture was right or wrong. All I am saying here is that people will make a second thought and do something once a decision of that nature is taken. City Corporation might have done all it could, within the bugetary limits. It seems that it will take some time for people to understand the value of such kind of facilities. We have experienced in other cases and we continue to face such problems each day. I feel we need to create more awareness on civic sense and how to make use of the resources provided as if they are our own “phazhi”. And in fact in this case it is our “phazhi”. Hope it will come to the previous shape soon.

    • Dear OL,

      Please can you tell us what you think about the hottest topic right now of ACC investigating MOH and concerns over quality of drug, equioemts being purcahesd and also the controversial way in which it being purchased.

  2. I would love to read what measures are taken to correct the wrong and what’s being done to maintain that place. It sure looked dirty and disorganized in the picture you once posted. With all the veggies laid out on the floor where people are supposed to walk on and stuff, this sure is not hygienic.
    I hope the Quality control section would be invited in too.
    Do they still have the ‘open air butchering’ in the market place? Where limbs and loins are dangling with blood? Please stop that. It’s not a pleasant sight to look at, it’s not hygienic and most of all, It’s against the principals of our Buddhist Philosophy.
    Thank you

  3. Let the government take it over if at all for good. Change for good and not for the sake of change. Democracy is still a remote concept in the minds of Bhutanese be it the government our the people.
    What shall be done if there is no improvement should be clearly noted in Black and White, for it is easy to point finger at City crop. but would our fingers be cut if we happen to point at the government.

    I liked you poll on “How often do you go to your village?” I voted once a year though i go at least twice. I am a village man and love being in the village, bringing about changes and development, take care of my aging mother and maintain the old house, but the irony is since my childhood my school kept me away from home. I thought when i have a job i will be around and stay with my mother but finally when the time came my job took me even further.
    I wish if the government has some plan for home posting, thus doing away with population crisis in towns and also helping the villages develop.

    Thank you

  4. I agree with some of the comments above with regard to community and social responsibilities. However, inculcation of such values of civic sense and hygiene to our community will only get better as education level of our population increases. So, i would say that the most important factor would be the over all level of education.

    In my opinion, we should work towards addressing the core cause of such habits and human behaviour, which i should say is education.

  5. Wang Dungyel says

    The issue of Centenary Farmers’ Market have become an immortal issue. The media have reported the issue in many occasions. We have not notice any measure taken by Thimphu City Corporation. The point is who had designed the centenary Farmers’ Market? Who had evaluated and passed the design? Who had implemented the project? Who had supervised the project? Is project implemented correctly? And who had given clearance and taken over the completed project? The concerned authority should get answers to the questions and ultimately sued the person concerned. This is only fair. People responsible should take accountability.
    I feel the decision of the cabinet to take over the CFM by Ministry of Agriculture is appropriate and timely. But let us wait and see the outcome of their action.
    It is also important that central government intervene timely if the things are not functioning properly and creating problem to the people/public or nation be it autonomous organizations, NGO or any other organization for that matter. Affecting issues should not overlook in the name of democracy.

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