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Article 7.3 of our Constitution guarantees that “A Bhutanese shall have the right to information”. But read what Kuensel has to say about one reporter’s experience with Lyonpo Wangdi Norbu. If what Kuensel reports is even partially true, we should be seriously concerned .After all, this is not the first time that our government has yelled at and intimidated journalists.

The DPT promised a “friendly and accessible government” and a “strong and independent media”. We cannot settle for less.


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  1. no hope in bhuta. i have given up. time to leave bhutan

    • Thinley la,

      I disagree with you about your comment of leaving Bhutan. Giving up is worse than anything that one can imagine. If you are a genuine Bhutanese and a bonafide one, then giving up is not the option.


      • For him to say what he said and walk away without apology is just disgusting. I consider myself as bright person and I can do better elsewhere with my knowledge. I love my coutry, but I cannot afford to see my life and my goals ruined. There is no justice and our government is full of greedy people including PM. I think be working elsewhere and sending money home is a better way of serving Bhutan than staying in Bhutan and not given any opportunity to add value

    • Middlepath says

      Yes, will be good riddance! Please do so.

      • Jagpamelen says

        Please do not get personal, with reference to what Thinlay had to say. He has every right to exercise his opinion.

        It is a well known fact that the ‘DPT Government’ has not delivered anything at all, all we see is the continuation of what HM the 4th King has put in place and thank god for that & please stop quoting the constitution for us I think we can all read it for ourselves!

  2. Shame for FM… Life will be tough for us till 2013, until we get another time to vote. I pity the Kuensel journalist

    “With good men in authority, the people rejoice, but with the wicked in power they groan”

  3. SHAME TO MR.WANGDI NORBU(Don’t deserve to be addressed as Lympo). I really feel guilty for voting for DPT….

  4. According to me, ‘right to information’ is a simple human right, for the very simple reason that every individual has equal right to development. It should be in our conscience. We are educated enough to understand its importance and make it a part of our value system. What has been reported in the Kuensel is indeed very sad, disturbing and unimaginable. And, what’s more pitiful is that we need the protection of the Constitution for matters that the government and leaders are trusted with in the first place.

  5. Government information is public domain by the constitution, and thus, every Bhutanese citizen has the right to information.
    Times have changed. Let’s come out of the box! Why don’t the reporter sue the named individual for the misdemeanor!
    This is ridiculous!

  6. Anybody who doesn’t want to share information is either working in a very classified organization who are protected by their own ofice rights, or is someone who has taken a brash decision and is ashamed to explain to the public; hence he is forced by his guilty conscience to step the line and berate at whoever tries to question him.

    When a man is being hanged it is his right to be told why he is at the receiving end.

  7. Too much of government bashing…well we could also look at it this way, that it was the time or place to ask for a public information firstly, and secondly perhaps there are better explanations.

  8. i have just 1 reason to live in BHUTAN(being my birth place).
    BHUTAN stands 131 in HDI becuase of the people like WANGDI NORBU and his fellow selfcentred budoos..

  9. Right to information is not one sided! Perhaps, the reporter was also too arrogrant in asking the Lyonpo for information at the wrong time and wrong place. Freedom of expression, whether to express or not, is part of the right just as freedom to ask. Reporters, in their hunt for news (their bread and butter), sometimes overstep on other peoples’ rights. Lyonpo WN is a decent guy who doesn’t deserve all this criticism.

    • pingpong says

      At the least he should have said like “we have not yet decided to release the information, it will be made public soon…..” what’s so hard about it…everybody knows he’s Lyonpo…needn’t scold like that….indirectly portraying his heroism….going wilder is not a solution…afterall Bhutanese people are not animals…

  10. Linda wangmo says

    Too Bad… People working in the same office are also sacred to visit Lynpo WNs Chamber. Where are the rights of the people.

    OL I just wanted to ask you if people here in Bhutan are allowed to have peaceful rally to go against the government on the CDGs and Live telecast.

  11. Just reading, analyzing, and commenting based on what is written should not be the whole story. has anyone tried to find out why Lyonpo reacted that way?

    We are a educated lot, and our analytical powers should be higher than just reading kuensel. Knowing both the sides of the coin and judging on that would be a better decision. i would love to hear Lyonpo’s side of the story too…..

    • I don’t find much sense in those collective and organized bashing either. Let someone dig further into the issue and reveal the truth. I don’t – I really don’t – believe that a person will react in such harsh manner unless provoked.”‘Lyonpo, may I please request you for details of the corporate pay hike decided by the Cabinet yesterday la,’ asked the Kuensel reporter.” Kuensel reported. Is this all the words uttered by that reporter? The opposition leader have rightly said, “we should be seriously concerned.” And let me repeat it too. If this is the epitome of critical outlook – just relying on one point of view and then brutally attacking a person – from our educated lots, we should INDEED be seriously concerned. SERIOUSLY!!!

  12. Something that concerns me. Some loose cannon goes about airing his right to freedom of information and the rest joins to condemn. I always though Bhutanese are much more intelligent then that. Whole episode is ridiculous and stupid.If you follow the herd the only place it will lead to is the slaughter house.

    • Good point we all should not go with the herd mentality but aren’t u doing the same thing by using words like ‘loose cannon goes about airing his right to freedom of information’ (like we have no freedom of expression), ‘only place it will lead to is the slaughter house’ (oh really great leader hail hitler) and ‘i always thought bhutanses are more intelligent then that (sorry we bhutnses dissapointed u so much)’. Now this is truly the best example of a herd mentality and that too in the wrong direction with all presumptions made before justfying the above statements. hmm

  13. I too dont believe that Lyonpo WN would have snapped in the manner he is supposed to have done.

    Would some other media cross check it with the Lyonpo and publish his version of what transpired? It is not fair to go on a rampage without hearing the other side of the story.

  14. I am glad i didnt vote says

    I am a human being and had my schooling (not as higly qualified as Mr. Lyonpo), and my conscience doesnt allow me to point fingers at some one who is doing his job. What do you want- the reporter to stay back in his room and cook stories. He is not trying to get answers from you la, he is trying to make a living for himself and in the meantime trying to do something different that your party has promised (promoting media). I am ashemed of the act. I am glad the i didnt vote.

  15. well i think the lyonpo is getting what he deserve’s since he has a long history of snapping at his own staff who are sacred to goto his office.
    He also apparently had fired up a female bbs reporter just a few hours before firing the kuenesl reporter and nearly reduced the female bbs reporter to tears outside tashi-taj hotel on the same issue of corporate pay.
    bbs however could not tape the thing otherwise it would have cleared the doubt of some of the members of the lyonpo wangdi rent hiking supporters club here. cheers.

  16. Jagpamelen says

    If our ‘beloved monarchs’ in it’s most exemplary manner bequeathed the responsibility of governance to the people, for the people to make a choice of responsible self governance. Why should we tolerate such ‘autocratic ways of dealing with situations & circumstances’ from any elected individuals at all?????…….Think people think!… and make the right choice next time.

  17. I am a foreigner who has just recently visited Bhutan and see a lot of positive in this situation. The MP behaved very badly, that is a fact. But isn’t it wonderful that it could be reported so candidly in the Kuensel? That people might think of his bad behavior next time they go vote, or are required to express confidence in his political abilities? If anything, such situations should happen more frequently as they enable the electorate to see politicians true colors, and make politicians realize that they need to treat journalists with the respect they deserve!

  18. as a Lyonpo he shouldn’t have treated the media person that way..

    and yes i do feel that presently DPT is acting like one man show…not even bothering the constitution of the kingdom.

    so shame on u DPT…

    • maybe Lyonpo Wangdi Norbu was exercising his right to expression, which is also guaranteed in the constitution, who said the politician do not have any fundamental rights.

      the reporter must conform to protocol, come groveling on knees and hands and in humble tone appeal:
      I lie down for with humble submission for your kind and necessary action, the reporter must understand the period of equality with justice phase is gone for over a year.

      Lyonpo might have considered the request and told the reporter come on Monday ( which Monday is not specified )

      Being the Finance Minister is not easy, he is under pressure how to do away with the govt employee veh quota and justify withholding the exercise refund from India, ( business community is calling the govt a thief).
      the cooperate pay hike,? let them eat cake.

  19. Hi,
    As long as jyt is the PM, he will keep on dictating terms on others and thats his style and he loves doing that.Don’t you agree with me.however, no one can attack the PM be it in the parliament or else where because he is well guarded by two ” SHA CHI” MP Tshering penjor and pasang thinley. But I would honestly say that the OL should be happy when these two dogs bark because their talks even don’t deserve a fart of the OL.

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