Walk the talk!

Promises to keep

Promises to keep

The MP from Gangzur-Minjey Constituency questioned the Finance Minster this morning. His question was straightforward:

DPT Government during the campaign has promised various developmental activities and till date not much has been delivered. People are grateful to the Indian Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh for the 100 billion financial assistance but our Government is yet to activate the 7 billion SDP grant. The people of Gangzur-Minjay Constituency would like to know the status of the fund release.

The Finance Minister’s response was long and detailed, but confirmed that the MP was correct in asserting that, “…till date not much has been delivered.”

Another MP, representing Trong-Bardo Constituency, complained that his constituents now accuse him of deceit. “Last year, you came and lied to us”, impatient voters have criticized, and then questioned if he had “come back to lie again?”

Our people are not concerned about the status of grants and financial aid. All they ask is that promises be kept. What the want is that the DPT Government Walk the Talk!


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  1. Your Excellency,

    I am not at all surprised that Hon’ble Karma Rangdol asked the straight forward and tough question. He earned my respect quite some months ago when he said, after completing the hard villages tour of his constituency “I think we don’t need Ministry of Agriculture, one of the biggest ministries, because they have done nothing in the villages that helps the villagers in agriculture.” I replied to, partly jokingly,”Your Hon’ble, will you propose the Bill in the Parliament to close down the Ministry of Agriculture and perhaps propose an alternative, something like giving that mandate to BDFC since what the villagers need most is access to cash?”

    He laughed. But now I am thinking he might propose it in the Parliament or at least ask the tough question to the Government what he was “thinking.”

    He earned my respect not because of what he said but because he was at least “thinking” real, in touch with ground reality of the vast majority of our “invisible people” of Bhutan. We need less of “Yes Men” and “Yes Women” around our ever powerful Lyonchhen. We are “collectively” misleading our Lyonchhen through “Yes Men” and “Yes Women” and even allowing him to get angry and “scold us” once in a while even in “democratic Bhutan.” By doing so, we are only misleading him in the long run by cushioning him from the truth of ground reality. It might lead not only to his own downfall but what I am worried is even our Nation might be dragged down in the wrong path along with him since he is so powerful doing “my way” or “highway.” We must save him and the Nation by welcoming him to the world of reality if he is ever willing. Even if it requires a famous Brazilian actress to convince him, I think we have to do it. He was a fine man, my role model, before. But now I am wondering why he is converted into a “hippie” and tell Bhutan “we don’t have GNH.” To me it is simple. Fight “poverty” and prevent “injustice.” Did his party ran on the ticket of “Equity and Justice”? or was it some other party no more existing because we never now even hear “Equity and Justice” slogan, let alone action. Fighting “poverty” and preventing “injustice” will bring “Equity and Justice.”

    On a different note, Your Excellency mentioned about “Walk the Talk” thing. I am not sure if they will do that since it will be seen as a “borrowed” strategy. But I keep wondering why “Equity and Jusitice” slogan disappeared from the passion and Keynote speeches of our Lyonchhen. I don’t mind even hearing “Equity and Justice” in our Lyonchhen’s scolding.


    • Dear Invisible,

      I enjoy your comments. I find them helpful. And very useful. Thank you.

      The last thing I want the government to do is to say “Walk the Talk”. That would just be more “talk”. What I want–what our people desperately need–is the government to deliver on their promises, i.e., to walk the talk. Call it service. Call it trust. Call it honour. Call it integrity. Call it leadership. Call it anything. But get the work done!

      One more thing: this personal blog is an informal forum. I’m sure you mean well, but please don’t address me as “your excellency”. I am “Tshering” or “Tshering Tobgay” or, if you must, for the time being, just “OL”.



  2. Birds of the same feather flock together – it is quite alright for Karma Rangdol to be singing the same tune as OL. After all who doesn’t know his past with BDFC. In any case, aperson who didn’t even know where he came from before the elections now seem to be undermining all that has been achieved by LSN and others before him in passing such smart remarks on agriculture.

    • Dear Shogun,

      Please don’t misunderstand. When Hon’ble Karma Rangdol made that light comment to me, in no way, he was thinking about LSN. He was more referring to his own party’s Government having not done anything useful in Agriculture now. Hence, I brought this episode here to relate to what he asked his own Government.

      Let’s leave LSN, the Old Samurai of Bhutan, out of the context here.


      • Sorry, Invisible, for the oversight. Your idol Karma Rangdol is not attending the NA sessions these days as he had to go and pick up his new car. So the ag min is safe for now!!!

  3. I am honestly if the walk the talk stuff will ever happen. It is a hard slogan and for that matter Danyam & Dangden is even harder for tis government to acheive. I am from a business community and had very high hopes when teh government came forward to meet the private sector and hear them out – once at the YDF hall & another time at the BCCI hall besides the many other small consultation meetings held. Many grievances were submitted for the government to look into and rectify asap for the sake of streamlining the processes of conducting business in Bhutan or say in Thimphu. Lyonchen toughened the tone and promised change, promised progress, promised one stop shop, promised to support the private sector and the business community as it is the backbone of the countrys economy. However, the replies the various ministries have made to the pvt sector call was vague and not adequate, it was very generalised, it is kept intentionally vague without any specific time line. Was this reply worked out by the ministries with the concerned ministers input or was it done just by some junior officers or irresponsible beaurocrats who are not bothered and who are almost all teh time jealous of the private sector’s progress. In a nutshell – it is not satisfactory. They have not delivered, they have not heeded to the orders of Hon’ Prime Minister. BOTTOLINE – WE WOULD LIKE TO SEEK ANOTHER MEETING/OPPORTUNITY TO EXPRESS OUR CANDID FEEDBACKS TO TEH GOVERNMENT MINISTERS INCLUDING THE SECRETARIES AND OTHER RELEVANT CIVIL SERVANT OFFICERS. THIS IS NOT TO RAISE A TURMOIL BUT TO PROVIDE CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK AND HAVE MEANINGFUL DISCUSSIONS. THANK YOU.

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