What’s centralized

Consider this: Nu 38.32 billion had been budgeted for capital investments in the 9th Five Year Plan. Of that, Nu 9.32 billion had been budgeted for the dzongkhags and gewogs. That was about 24.37% of the total capital outlay.

Now consider this: Nu 73.61 billion has been budgeted for capital investments in the 10th Five Year Plan. Of this, Nu 12 billion has been budgeted for the dzongkhags and gewogs. That is only 16.30% of the total capital outlay.

In 2002, after two decades of decentralization, the government was prepared to earmark almost a quarter of the total capital outlay to Local Governments.

Today, with democracy, the government should be giving proportionately more to Local Governments. In fact, at only 16.30% it’s preparing to give less. A lot less.

This reeks of centralization.

We need to reconsider how resources are distributed. We need to seriously reconsider our priorities.


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  1. yup….absolutely we should know it..and you must fight for it!
    good luck!

  2. PANIC!!

    I just read the prelim transcript of Monday’s NA on the discussion about Community contribution, particularly towards Farm Roads.

    It is full of factual errors and aI’m very worried that neither Agriculture nor Works Lyonpo made any clarifications. Were they there??

    Farm Roads are not Feeder roads and they can never be confused. Farm Roads are supposed to be handed to the community (not farmers) immediately upon construction for maintenance and not after 2 years. If they have been built by a contractor, the contractor may have defects liabilty period of up to 12 months – but this does NOT cover maintenance.

    As you rightly say – what happened to decentralisation? Now they want to hand all the roads to DoR, which means they all need to be upgraded to feeder road standard – do they have any idea how much this will cost the nation? and for what – a couple of dozen trucks of oranges once a year? I totally agree with the need for rural roads – it contributes in many ways to poverty reduction, health and education access, agriculture support, improving links between urban and rural and may even slow migration after some time (see kuensel forum on this issue)

    But the NA’s solution of private sector doing all construction and maintenance is impossible at this stage. Even the larger contractors doing DoR work can barely cope with the contractual and quality issues and see what soup DoR is now in with ACC. Does NA really expect that dzongkhag and geog can design, procure and supervise construction by petty contractors? and even if they could, ask any DE – are there sufficient contractors in the industry? and do any have interest in such small value works.

    It worries me that NA members seems to have so little grasp of basic facts about the government rules and activities in this area..just to placte the public, they say we should stop Zhabtoglemi. Sure- but what are the alternatives – please tell us ignorant civil servants because we are slogging our guts out to find workable solutions

  3. my mistake above

    it was NC discussion, not NA, but even so – how do they get their basic facts so adrift??

    I am quite sure now that MP,s will resort to returning the 7 lakh car also back to the government. They are becoming better and better. Good going Mp’s return the car and save money for the nation and get re-elected. This is not time for joke now rejecting an 1800 worth bag from DHI and accepting every other perks from the government. Afterall DHI is also another government body who was just trying to wish you well as the first MP’s of the first democratic Bhutan. So, keep the Patang and return the car. Our government will provide car pool services to ferry you around.

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