Working online … securely

Okay, I’m impatient. I wish we’d make better and quicker use of ICT. I wish we’d use the decades of hard work and zillions of dollars that others have invested to leapfrog to the frontiers of ICT.

But I should also wish that we learn from their mistakes.

A close friend of mine tells me that filing taxes and declaring assets online is dangerous stuff. She warns me that financial information, such as bank accounts and personal identification, that is sent online, especially as email attachments, can easily be intercepted and misused. And that “identity theft” and stealing other people’s money online is already a rampant crime all over the world.

But she also tells me that it is possible to design secure systems. And that ACC, MOF and other online service providers can and should provide complete security that goes beyond simple passwords.

We know about the opportunities of online finance. Let’s learn about the dangers as well – Wikipedia has some information on identify theft.


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