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I’ve filed my PIT returns electronically. It’s quite easy: go to the MOF website; download the electronic form, an excel file; complete the form; and submit it as an email attachment. The only cumbersome part is sending the supporting documents – TDS certificates, proof of education expenses, donation receipts and the like must be scanned and sent as email attachments.

The entire process should not take more than two hours. If you have trouble, telephone them. The officials are polite, patient and helpful.

I learned that, so far, only 600 of the 5500 PIT returns were filed electronically. That’s barely 11% of the total returns filed. As the PIT deadline approaches, I expect and encourage more tax payers to file their PITs electronically.

I’ve also submitted my asset declarations online. This new feature of the ACC came as a pleasant surprise. I’d gone to their website to print the asset declaration forms and accidently stumbled on their online service. Declaring assets is now very simple. Just follow the online instructions and you should be done in less than an hour.

The ACC system, however, is new and they are still piloting it. So expect small glitches. But nothing that can’t be handled with a quick call to Chimme Wangmo who manages the system – she’s knowledgeable, courteous and very helpful.

So far about 40 people have submitted their asset declarations to ACC. Of them only 8 were filed online. Again, I’m sure more people will use this very convenient service as the deadline to submit asset declaration approaches.

One important point about submitting asset declarations: Public servants who fall under Schedule I are required to submit their asset declarations to ACC. All others submit them to their respective organizations. Read page 9 of the Asset Declaration Rules to see which public servants are under Schedule I.


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  1. Impressive..its a good progress. Hope people make use of this facility before it becomes redundant like many others in the past.

  2. Dear Ol,
    Sorry, althought this is not relevant to the “working online” I thought that you could throw some light on the topic on “the Nu. 30 million expancese on the doors and windows imported from outside, which caused the delays” DO u have any says on it. I am sure there would not be any other who could bring this issue to a debate other than u la.

  3. This is good news. Hopefully, the banks will follow suit and open online banking soon.

  4. i think being able to file tax online is a huge step forward for Bhutan. I’ll definately file my income tax online when i get home.

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