Anonymous fear

Of the many reasons we may have to comment anonymously, fear of government reprisal is the worst.

Here’s how Kuensel introduced a contractor’s remarks recently:

An owner of an established construction company, who requested anonymity, fearing possible backlash from the government, said that …

The government must dispel such fears. The Constitution, after all, guarantees “…the right to freedom of speech, opinion and expression” as a fundamental right.


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  1. Breaches of Article 7 of our Constitution are:
    Section 2.A Bhutanese citizen shall have the right to freedom of speech, opinion and expression.(ONLY UNDER ANONYMITY AND AT YOUR OWN RISK)
    Section 3. A Bhutanese citizen shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience.(ONLY UNDER ANONYMITY AND AT YOUR OWN RISK)
    Section 4. There shall be freedom of the press, radio and television and other forms of electronic dissemination of information.(YOU KNOW WHERE TENZIN RIGDEN IS).
    Section 5.A Bhutanese citizen shall have the right to information(THEY NEVER TOLD US ABOUT MCKINSEY EVEN WHEN WE ENQUIRED, DID THEY?)
    Section 14.A Bhutanese citizen shall have the right to freedom of peaceful assembly.(BULLSHIT…IT’S PROHIBHITED)
    Section 17. A person shall not be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment(DIDN’T YOU HEAR AN INNOCENT MAN WAS FORCED TO DRINK HIS OWN URINE BY A POLICE OFFICER UNDER POLICE CUSTODY?)
    Section 18.A person shall not be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence nor to unlawful attacks on his honour and reputation (DIDN’T YOU HEAR POLICE BUSTING OUR HOMES WITHOUT WARRANTS?)
    Section 19.A person shall not be subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention (WHY IS THE CENTRAL BOX ALWAYS FULL?)

  2. Dremten Drukpa says

    Ol and Tangba, you are so right!!! It is our duty to fight for our right. The govt that rules with intimidation should have no right to govern.

  3. Given our transformed political system I’d like to believe and help others to believe that our democracy is above mere right to vote with the press of the button …that we are indeed equipped with the right to true participation including constructive feedback, debates, deliberations and discussions. If not…we must then accept we have failed somewhere and find ways of proving ourselves true to the values associated with democracy. It is our moral responsibility.

  4. kenchosum says

    Having been a victim to the govt’s reprisal, I for one is very scared of what the govt. can do. The govt. can make right into wrong, good into bad, truth into false, and yet go on saying that they are “right” and dranem and drangten is provided.
    Therefore, the govt is all too powerful and anyone who says against the govt is taken to task.
    So it is better to keep quiet or take the brunt of it/suffer quietly
    do things anonymously to escape from the clucthes of the govt.

    Where are we heading?

  5. what the hell is happening?

  6. Pema Tenzy says

    This government is so vindictive but they are so clever and would always portray a clean and nice image in front. Down with JYT government.

  7. hindiman,

    What is happening is that every one here is exercising their “… right to freedom of speech, opinion and expression” – as guaranteed by the Constitution of Bhutan.

  8. The govt.of the people by the people is a sham in our country.It has no respect for the views of the people.Things are rammed down the throat and we are indeed chocking and breathless. While the world believes we are a constitutional monarchy, in fact, we are closer to socialism of the old Soviet system.The govt. hogs everything and really believes that they can preform better and are always right.If we are to be guided by the Constitution and the laws enacted,than, recent events prove that only ordinary citizens like us should abide by it and not the one’s that actually make the laws.Therefore, simply put, the govt. feels it is above the law. How about listing down the countless violation of our very young Constitution and laws enacted since the DPT govt. took over, will shock all of us.
    Comments like “We are the govt.and you cannot question us”, will prove that a kind of dictatorship is underway.
    Whether we fan such unhealthy developments or put off the fire before it rages out of control, is in our hands and we should act before our rights are razed to ashes.
    While we talk of our rights, we must also realize our responsibilities as citizens and act intelligently for not only our individual rights, but for the peace and prosperity of our nation.If we don’t take our responsibilities seriously, than we too are no better than the one’s who throw dirt on our sacred Constitution.We Bhutnanese love to blabber but, when push comes to shove we seldom ‘walk the talk’. “Khey Mi and or Taka Mangpha” seem to be our guiding philosophy.And,this is not what is going to take us too far down the road to prosperity or GNH oop’s sorry JNH!.

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