Cabinet’s idle website

Total solution?

I trust that part of the Nu 2.05 billion total solutions project will go towards updating the cabinet’s website – for some odd reason, the cabinet has stopped publishing their executive orders, cabinet decisions, and press releases on their website.


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  1. 10000eyes says

    they don’want publish it… so be it…. good for them and bad for democracy.
    they are doing undemocratic democratically…. had PDP it would have been same… what is difference!!!!!!!!!
    in democracy public, media and information is only important in election,,, after election government/ politician become powerful….. what a paradox in this democratic world.. during election they come knocking in our house,,, after election we have go knocking on their house to be kicked.
    ‘politics is not bad but players are’
    all the best politician…… we trusted and still trust you… please don’t forget that everything too much is bad…….

  2. Democracy is becoming Demo-CrazY in Bhutan…..I am really worried……..

  3. Tashi Tenzin says

    Zero tolerance to crruption, transparency and accountability is just a joke for JYT-led government. I am for a new group of people in power, not PDP, certainly not DPT

  4. mediawatch says

    Again…some DPT bashing here, with or without any reason!

    Not just the cabinet’s websites, websites of all the ministries, departments, authorities, and autonomous bodies’ websites need to be revamped! The government has been talking about e-governance, ICT BOOM, information superhighway et al for a long long time now, and all this time, all most all these websites have remained idle!

  5. Why do such dpt govt. is acking, am really in ????????

  6. Yeah! mediawatch is absoultely right in saying that amlost all websites in bhutan expecially of the Ministeries are obsolete and has to be revamped. Please employ our unemployed IT graduates and make your websites updated on daily basis. If we want to provide correct and up to date information to the public you got to up date your website on daily basis. Or else out dated information will be of no use to public.

  7. Even when which is Bhutan’s “DAILY” news site and where so many people are paid and engaged to keep updating the website is so much redundant with stale news and delayed updates of the readers’ forum which is also heavily monitored and edited, what can we expect of other websites in Bhutan? Bad shot this time, OL.

  8. Sometimes for reasons as discussed here, we begin to ask ourselves what the IT experts are doing sometimes. In some Ministries there are more than 2-3 IT experts and many say that they do not see measurable outputs. Are they controlled too much to stop their innovative thinking or are they too lazy? Only those people know the real answer. But we definitely need to do something to get the returns. I think all the chat sites in the govt. agencies must be blocked too as they take major part of the office time. All the websites must be updated and also made little more professional than what they are today. Some of them are really lousy ones, even the colour selection and designs are not attractive to the eyes. But to get all these done, we need to first understand what is the objective of the websites? Who are the target audience and whether they serve the purpose intended?

  9. Well I do agree with some points about IT people being lazy or otherwise in designing a nice and interactive website, I totally disagree when it comes to keeping the sites updated all the time. The frequency of updates depends entirely on the available information to so called webmasters. So from my point of view updating website specially in Ministries or government agencies is more of management task then a plain IT job where one has to decide what information to publish and what not to. If the right information on the desk then it shouldn’t be a problem for the technical part of updating. I think it should be just few clicks.

  10. First&Last says

    Mediawatch and Chagey,
    Well not directly confronting coz you guys will reply to this post BUT ministry website like (not sure about others though)are regularly and constantly updated. go click and u will know for yourself. No kidding.

  11. Active n hardworking ppl expect others to be same too. If there is anything hardworking and active ppl despise in other ppl,it’s their incompetence and sluggishness.
    Take the example of OL himself. He’s just one single person,yet his website is always uptodate. If a single person like OL can do this,why can’t a government, with all the resources and IT staff,do it.

    Unlike few others,to me,it made big sense OL raising this issue.

  12. Pema Tenzin says

    The issue here is wanting to be transparent and accountable. If JYT-led government wants to inform and make things transparent and accountable, putting all decisions of the government where people can access it is one way to start.

  13. 10000eyes says

    ministries, department and autonomous bodies….. they are DPT….. we are ruled by dpt government… no bias… when we talk about cabinet… we are talking about all the ministries, department etc- simple word… bhutan. my friends visit dzongkhag website……dzongkhag website is worse than any website in our country… what is dzongkhang IT officer is doing……. and all the IT officers in bhutan… not much budget is required to update !!!!!!!

  14. yonten-darchap says

    The website situation is not bad in all the cases. I can see for example private sites like kuzuzangpo and nopkin and few others updated regularly. Some true writers and poets of Bhutan are hiding behind such sites. I would suggest that Education Ministry take note of how to harness the talents of students by promoting such a website where aspiring writers and poets can put their talents on show. This will encourage students to write more and more and thus promote learning. Similar kind of website should be there for Dzongkha to be promoted. My suggestion is based on my personal experience. I was an aspiring writer and poet many years back but my affection and desire to write slowly died away without any support and forum like this. There was no money to publish and let others read. Now time has changed thanks to IT. There is a good opportunity of harnessing IT. I am hopeful that my humble suggestion will not fall into deaf ears.

  15. OL
    “I didn’t mean to complain that the cabinet’s website was bad in any way. What I did mean”
    what you mean. you meant to say that cabinet ministries shall be provide nu-2.05million for their personal use, so that their website will be automatically update.
    why to spend NU.2.05m if it is not bad…. just a logic. why cabinet is not able to publish and update their website..
    yeah.. i got it that they are deliberately not updating their website.
    OL… be clear your self first…..and make us clear on it


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