Dangerous talk

I smell danger.

The prime minister is going all out campaigning for state funding for political parties.

In January, the prime minister informed the business community in Phuensholing that both the political parties were facing severe financial difficulties. Referring to the Parliament’s decision not to provide state financing for political parties, the prime minister complained that:

We asked for financial support but, there was so much criticism about it being unconstitutional, we withdrew the plea … whatever the government had done so far is in accordance with the Constitution.

Shortly afterwards, in Gelephu, the prime minister told the community there that DPT needed state funds to run their offices. He explained that the reason the parliament could render state funding for political parties as unconstitutional, was because:

… although the DPT government outnumbered the opposition, they [the government] retreated.

Earlier this month, in Thimphu, at the annual dzongdag conference, the PM argued that he had not seen any rules in the Constitution that specifically prohibit state funding for political parties. And he threatened that, if funds were not made available for his party:

we might have to compromise sincerity and not serve the people anymore. We might even have to sell the party

And, the day before yesterday, in a press conference, he insisted that only state funding could rescue the political parties. He called for a “liberal interpretation” of the Constitution arguing that:

while there is no specific provision in the constitution to allow state funding and political parties, there is no provision prohibiting state funding either.

The PM continues to insist for state funding, in spite of the fact that the National Assembly had decided against it. And in spite of the speaker suggesting that the Constitution would first have to be amended, if the legislature wanted to discuss state financing for political parties.

Why do I smell danger? Because I am becoming increasingly convinced that, constitutional or not, the government plans to bulldoze state funding for parties in the next session of the Parliament.

Would they really do that?


In fact, that’s exactly what the government did with the CDG. The Parliament hadn’t reached a resolution on the CDG. The National Council had called it unconstitutional, faulty, and ambiguous. And they had submitted the matter to His Majesty the King.

Yet the government passed the CDG. And they did so without even discussing it the National Assembly. Instead, the CDG was discretely incorporated in the annual budget.

I smell danger.


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  1. If I had known political parties will be funded by the State, I should also have formed a political party and tried my luck in the last elections.
    If I had known they will legalize looting and plundering, I should have formed a gang of robbers and plundered all the rich people in Bhutan.
    If I had known they will not imprison a murderer, I wouldn’t hesitate to kill some stupid MPs.
    If ONLY I HAD KNOWN…..this is the fate of so many humble and modest people in every walks of life in Bhutan….only the rich,the powerful and the well-connected people know it all!!

    Am I right OR am I right?

  2. I am worried that if there is no fund to help sustain the parties, then those with money will buy the votes from the poor people and win the game. So what is the solution? Dissolve the parties and move backwards? How do we get out of this thick soup? Keeping the other points aside and talking about the reality, do we have the population to raise so much funds for the parties when the no. of parties can be even more than two? Say we have five parties, all asking for funds. Already with two parties we are facing fund raising problems. What percentage of our people can give money, majority are thinking only for the next meal. I am not suggesting that state funding should be there but where is concrete alternative solution to the problem so as to have a democratically elected government? We need options and solutions for the future and not fall in our own trap. It is easy to take a stand on either side but we need the solutions to get out of the trap. Was this kind of scenario imagined when the constitution was drafted? People cannot just keep contributing money. Apart from the private and corporate sector, the only people who have little money are the civil servants but then they cannot contribute. Even if they were allowed, they will not have any left after paying for rent, food, clothing, children’s education and kidus for relatives. If people fall prey to those with money, it is really dangerous.

  3. More confused!!! says

    Ever since I read the news about the two political parties’ financial stand, it keeps me wondering how could they really gonna survive or clear such a huge amount? Given the present scenario, it seems like they are rather losing the members day by day forget about covering the cost from the membership fees.I also wonder if at all our small private companies are contributing to them? Then again, as someone had mentioned above, relying mainly on the contribution from some rich people would mean that they(political parties) are obligated to do some favor in return. Which certainly won’t turn out good for us in long run as everything gets politicized. Again, I am assumming that they are prohibited to organize some kinda fund raising activities, am I right? I might be wrong. So considering all these things, I don’t see any alternatives than to resort to the state funding. BUT again, can our country afford to do so, given the fact that ours is a donor-dependent country! So what’s the deal? What should they do? I can’t think of any! By the way, what/how is your honorable (OL) doing to clear the debt of PDP and subsequently save it from its premature death? Or are you the least bothered about it?


  4. Pema Tenzin says

    do away with part workers at all levels, may be perhaps keep a constituency coordinator for each and make village tshogpa inform people of party meetings, etc. If DPT and PDP dissolves, we can ask others to come up with parties. Our democracy and our country is more than important than sustaining DPT and PDP in the name of democracy.

  5. Transplacement says

    If the political parties are incapable of running for the next election as a result of financial difficulties, why don’t they quitely phase out of their office when their terms are over.Political parties can’t go door to door of our people for begging financial supports for campaigns because most people, as we know, don’t even have a fortune to live as a breadwinner.People in most rural areas who are not even access to basic neccessities are very much optimistic that their political parties who have made unreasonable promises would make their area a better place to live, rather than pressuring them to contribute for campaign funding.

  6. The best remedy for the party’s financial need would be the contribution of funds from their very own MPs.Mind it, not from CDG! But from their personal pocket……..

  7. I am surprised details such as these were not thought of earlier during the time of party formation and campaign… really, its quite irresponsible on the part of the Govt. to not have thought about issues like this earlier. So much for successful democracy in Bhutan when one after another… most things are a mess.

    What i also don;t understand is what this is going to become in the future. ECB is always encouraging more parties in the future. with such rigid rules how are people going to form a party let alone campaign and win an election.

    So if both the parties can’t pay off thier debts by 2012 , what will happen next? how are the parties going to raise the money?

    I hope the ECB has a rough budget of how much an election campaign cost each party including if they paid thier party workers. I believe that if all the people who weere invloved during the 2008 election were paid the paid debt would sky rocket even more.
    If there is a need to fund the parties, i think it should be…. not exactly to save the parties ( DPT or PDP) but to at least save democracy in Bhutan !!!It might seem like a race between the two parties but at the end of the day its our country !!!

  8. 10000eyes says

    OL. inwardly you are happy man rite. i can read your mind….i am superman!

  9. It looks like in the land of GNH, everyone thinks they are entitled to more money. It started with MPs now the gups are saying they need more money, they are saying their pay should be on par with the MPs.
    Thanks MPS for setting good examples to our local leaders. Someone who has not gone for a year of formal education making more than university graduate, and that is not enough for them anymore. Maybe if they want higher pay, we should set a minimum qualification of undergraduate degree for gups. Lets see if the present gups still think the same.
    Now out of nowhere JYT incrases their DSAs and gives them 500 per month on mobile voucehrs, is that their reward for supportng the CDG. I have no problem with CDG as long as MPs are not involved with it. But when MPs are involved it is nothing more than vote grab.

    I personally grew up in a remote village, and I have first hand experience of what these gups do. They are treated like a king in the village, people feed them the best food for free, people carry their stuff for them, they don’t spend a single ngultrum when they go to villages.

  10. 10000eyes, even methinks so.

    OL, being President of PDP, do you think PDP can sustain? or will be bust soon???. I remember reading stories in newspapers about PDP facing shortage of funds.

    After all, half a million Bhutanese people can’t keep contributing money to political parties every year, can they?, we are not rich enough unlike some few business tycoons

  11. Yes, I agree with PM that state funding is important for sustain the parties for strong democracy. At the same even the voters also equaly important for the strong democracy to chose the right party. So, the voters of Bhutan also facing funding problem in their home. Please Mr. PM don’t think state funding only party but for voters also. Mr. OL can you keep reminded this problem to goverment. They may forget since they have to count their benifit everyday. all the best. OL

  12. The point we are discussing here is not about DPT or PDP or any other party, its about the survival of democracy. I think it is also wrong to blame any party as any party would have done the same way. I think it just happened that one party won this time and faced the problem first than others. Some make noise and get the blame but some keep quiet and reap the fruits at the cost of others. Do we have MPs who gave up the pay increase? None. So why blame others if you have benefited in the process? We all need money to feed and quench our endless desires. But some need while others want, that is the main difference. Some may say also that some may die of indigestion while others may die of starvation.

  13. I am wondering how the democracy will develop in Bhutan? She has so many problem to solve. Refugees issue is now international concern how ever the Bhutan gov is deaf ear. Now it will not work since resettled people are advocating for their cause. The boarder problem is still unsolved. How the political party are working in this situation? They need to solve these problem and the southern Nepali speaking people should get chance to get voting right then only the problem could be minimize.
    Bhutanese political move to wards solving the problem then they will win the heart and sole of the people and get the financial support the people.

  14. Dear OL,

    Frankly, I am for state funding of the present financial crisis of the DTP as well as your own PDP. The reason is simple:

    a. I do not want a political party to look to the business community to bail them out of their financial crisis. You and I know that DPT as the ruling government can easily raise ten times the money they owe – from the Bhutanese business community who will be more than happy to pump in the money. Why Bhutanese business community alone? Even the Indian businessmen would be more than willing to dish out such measly sums that are owed by the DPT.

    b. If state funding is not approved, then PDP as a party is history. Unlike the government backed DPT, a 2-member Opposition Party that is the PDP cannot even go to the business community since it can offer nothing in return.

    It is now time for us to be objective as well as realistic. There is no way this country can afford for our political parties to collapse for want of funds. Also, don’t kid yourselves that the Lyoenchen will permit his party to be closed down because he couldn’t raise few million Ngultrums to pay off the banks. Too much is at stake. He can raise the funds and he will – no two ways about that. He will try to do it honorably (which is what he is trying for now) and if that fails, he will employ other means.

    By the way, in all these discussions, you are forgetting one thing – that the DPT is the government and as long as they are at the helm of things, we the people have given them the mandate to decide what the right thing to do is.

    Let us not corrupt them with our small mindedness.

    Dear OL, please admit that you are simply fingering the government just for the heck of it. You know that there is no way the country can afford for the two parties to collapse. You know that they WILL be bailed out and when that happens, you know that PDP too will stand to benefit equally. So for once please be reasonable and support the government on this. Whether you make noise or not, PDP won’t be blamed for this bail out. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor!

    A pertinent question: Without state funding, how does the PDP proposes to liquidate your substantial debts? Another pertinent question: since you are making so much noise against state funding, are you going to tell us that PDP will not accept the funds when the state funding is finally approved? Please tell us.

  15. pema tshering says

    Dear Guest,

    U seem not to think of any lnger than just a couple of years. Ps. do not help to further burden our poor govenrment to fund political parties with the borrowed money, loan and gifts from other countries.

    Let the parties find their own solutions because they spent beyond their own capabilities.


  16. Include exile Bhutanese from abraod. Time has come for “national reconciliation” compatriots!. Democracy without exile Bhutanese participation is just meaningless. And all exile Bhutanese are not “Bad Guys” as JYT has been campaigning. We have high respect, hope and admiration with 5th Druk Gyelpo too.

    Atlanta, USA

  17. Dear guest,
    You do not seem to have an idea of how democracy works. Business community cannot bail out parites because there is a maximum contribution limit.
    They maybe the governing body, but it does not mean they can do whatever they want. According to you , since they are the governing body, they can sell Bhutan to China. Remeber they maybe the governing body, but still not 100% of Bhutanese voted for them. I think 40% or so voted for PDP.
    State Funding will hamper new parties from contesting because established parties have advantage of money over new parties. DPT government already have advantage with CDG to garner votes.
    Why don’t MPs use their money to bail their parties, they already gave themselves huge raises and benefits.

    Acording to the guest, we should be happy with whatever the government does. That is not how democracy works. There always have to be check and balances. If it is a dictatorship, sure, people have no choice, but in democracy people should have a say.

  18. 10000eyes says

    dear truth
    ‘they can sell Bhutan to China’ physically they didn’t sell bhutan to china. in ideology, half portion of our nation is sold to china. we always see black-neck crane(DPT) soaring higher and higher towards china.
    coming to state funding, it is acceptable only if MP give back their recent pay hike. so government can add fund to the recent pay hike for state funding of political parties.
    OL. PDP need state funding but not pay hike for MPs. support for state funding of party, before you have to fight DPT mps to return back the pay hike.
    OL be honest man, only honest man deserve respect.
    all the best political party…not MPs.

  19. I agree with you 10000 eyes, I forgot they we already lost a big part of our land to China. Somehome our land magically decreased from 46,000 sq.km, to 36,000 sq. km.
    On top of giving back recent pay, they should cancel CDG, CDG for one MP is big enough to erase entire party’s debt.

  20. Whatever be the theory part, considering the reality, I agree with Guest on few points that state funding is one realistic alternative. Everyone knows that it is going to cost a lot of money to the government but at the same time I would not like to vote for someone just because he/she is rich. I want to vote for someone who is capable, wise and sensible enough to do good things to the Bhutanese people. I am saying this because, if there is no money for the people to campaign then only the few rich will be qualified to come out and buy the votes from the innocent. There should be equal playing field and the only way to do is through state funding. We cannot compare and follow other democracies in the world because we have a small population and majority are poor. But we have a big govt. (10 Ministries) and fairly good no. of politicians. But if it is to look at cutting the cost, I agree we need to do so. That means reducing the campaign formalities (no chadris, no khadars, no parties, no hidden gifts), reducing the no. of tshogpas and also reducing the govt. Do we need 10 Ministries and 10 Lyonpos to run a government of 700,000 people? Well, let me listen to views from others. If we go by the policy of small and compact government, I think we are little less compact than we desire. So state funding is not necessarily a big concern as long as the ECB is able to draw a clear line as to what is the reasonable amount to do election campaign of a population of 700,000 people, let us remember we are LESS THAN ONE MILLION. But then some may say we need to cover all the yak herders in Merak, Lingshi, Trashi Yangtsi, etc areas and add TA/DAs and long list of allowances. It is not necessary to go to visit each “bago”, people should come themselves if they love their country. Someone said that MPs should fund themselves. Forgetting about the present MPs, let us think of future. Do we then propose that all future MPs will be those with big purse because the poor cannot sell their barren land and cattle to participate in the election. It would also mean that money is everything, which defeats the purpose of democracy and GNH philosophy. There is a lot of homework to be done and as in the past I believe that Bhutan will never fail in its endeavour. It will find its way and make the world admire it even more. We will be proud as ever to be Bhutanese. Few birds will continue twittering in the thick jungle as in the past but Palden Lhamo will come to protect its citizens. Each time I face a problem I imagine how lucky I am to be a Bhutanese. The word “happiness” brings smile in my eyes even when I am hungry and annoyed. How can I talk of GNH to others if I myself show a sad face? We cannot fool ourselves. As always, there will be ups and downs. Important is balancing the two as much as possible.

  21. Well, considering the things happening around the world everyday, I am not a big fan of democracy but GNH inspires me better. Bhutan as an advocate of GNH around the world where we say we emphasizes more on spiritual well-being more then the material things. I am wondering if Bhutan can come up with yet another unique concept of governing philosophy completely based on GNH so that even the requirement of party fund can be minimized to a very small amount. I know it won’t be an easy task as the current parties have already started paying or gifting people to vote for them, but nevertheless if all of us can change our motives and mindset for the common benefit of everyone then it should not be such a big deal.

  22. It is horrible that PM started pressurising the govt for fund. The best solution is self contribution. The cwc working members of each party can contribute about Nu. 50,000 each per year and run their respective parties. The government has no fund for the drama. The fund to be given to the parties should be diverted to development such as construction of roads, bridges, drinking water and so on. Our MPs are becoming stupid day by day. If you can`t run the parties without fund, please go out but do not keep nagging for fund.

  23. Truth,
    Aren’t you the naïve one? Don’t give me the maximum contribution crap. It is as ineffectual as the other rule of the ECB: the rule that requires civil servants to be apolitical. I can give you 20 different ways in which the rule of maximum contribution can be circumvented – legally!

    People here seem to see the tree but miss out on the entire forest. Their visions seem to blur beyond the tip of their noses. Regardless, I am glad that the DPT government has seen it fit to discuss the matter with the people and seek state assistance rather than do something on the sly with long term negative repercussions.

    I ask you, what prevents the DPT to quietly go about raising funds from whatever sources they choose and pay off the loans while cheerfully allowing the Opposition Party to raise merry hell all the way to their political grave yard?

    By the way, what new parties are you talking about? Look at some of the MPs of the DPT. Some of them are so bad that I wouldn’t employ them as my messenger boys or girls. Don’t you know that half of the Lyoenchen’s problem is because some of his MPs neither have the education, nor the experience or the acumen for high office to which they have been appointed? Look at the cheek of some of the MPs who have forgotten that they have been appointed by the people over whom they now want to lord over as Dashos. It is pathetic! but please remember that democracy is a new experience for us. We will learn as we go along but in the meanwhile, we need to have the common sense to look at things more objectively than we are doing.

  24. Well, for a small country of less than 0.7 million, it may not be necessary to have functional party offices in every district. Maybe, we should have such offices just before election for their own coordination purposes and after election, it should be discontinued to reduce the cost….Every party should just have their head quarter at Thimphu with few people. And of course, every party should limit their campaign expenditure within ECB allocation. These are the future proposal. However, for clearing the debt for existing two parties, since it was our first election, they might have done blunder by spending more than their income. So, probably, it should be cleared by state/Government or appeal HM for one time kidu to clear it. But such thing should not continue in future. This may require changing election act and other rules. Just my thought.

  25. Dear OL,
    It is, I guess, in your interest to let the parties fail as a result of the lack of funding. You have nothing to loose and every thing to gain from such an eventuality. BUT, think of the consequences on the country and the people. Can we afford to go for another round of democratic experiment with new parties, new rules, new laws?

  26. I agree with Yeswecan. Yes, as a nation advocating GNH principles we need to also practise what we preach. Are we really on the right bus? The world is watching us as we speak and do things. The video/TV camera is on it is recorded minute by minute. Some journalists in some part of the world is reading everything that is happening here. So, with technology and globalisation there are no secrets, no hiding place, no room for hypocrisy, not even in the once hidden land of ours. So put GNH into practise. Each one of us, led my our leaders must think of GNH once before we sleep and wake up with GNH in mind. Balancing spiritual and material life, living with human values and living in harmony with nature. People may be surprised to see us collecting money like bees collecting honey while at the same time talk of GNH. It is like praying for all sentient beings day and night but eating kilos after kilos of meat. It is funny but a truth.

  27. To Mr. Nemesis: Democracy is the rule of the majority respecting the rights of the minority but what is so great about democracy is that if it is wrong, even though 45/45 MPs voted for it, IT IS WRONG AND UNACCEPTABLE. If it is right, even though just 1/45 MPs voted for it, IT IS RIGHT AND MUST BE ACCEPTABLE. So you see it is not about sustaining DPT or PDP or any other political paties, it is not about whether or not we can afford to bear the costs of new elections or not, or whatever. It is about right and wrong; good and evil. It is is all about sustaining our nation in the right way and creating a future which is good and also right for our children. Democracy or no democracy, righteousness is all that matters and all that SHOULD matter. It is like the backbone without which a nation can not stand up well and, a bad backbone is as much excruciatingly painful as having no backbone at all(for humans).
    Just a thought.

  28. Wow! Tangba; some words of wisdom from you at last! Yes, it is about righting the wrong but for people like you, nothing can be right unless every one thinks like you and acts like you. Why don’t you form a party and join the fray if you are so confident that you can make a difference?

  29. Nemesis: I think you are truly a Bhutanese. I can see your typical Bhutanese attitude hissing through your words: whenever your ideas are challenged, even with sensible reasons, wisdom and common sense, you either pick up a fight right away or, dump the whole issue by saying “choed ra bey tey wai”. This is one reason why we have so many bad policies in our country. I don’t want to name them. It’s too many. People in power don’t listen to other people, forget about their subordinates. They do listen to what they want to listen, not otherwise. Let me elaborate it to you through one simple example which I think even an uneducated farmer will understand: the MPs increased their own salaries twice in just one year in office without the proposal of the Pay Commission. What do you say about this? There were so many people opposing it but did they listen? Do they care what ordinary people like you and I think? Finally they didn’t listen to what people said and increased their own salaries anyway. So is the case with CDG. And so many other things that OL puts it in very nice way, “bulldozed” them. Where do you think our country will end up if they continue doing like this?.
    Older guys were born and brought up in such mental environment and we may forgive them. Their generation is phasing out anyway but our younger generations must not inherit such attitudes from such elders. As I always said, if you read my other comments on this blog, I am not affiliated to any political parties that is presently existing in our country and nor will I to any other in the future. I am just exercising my right of freedom of speech, opinion and expression granted to me by my Constitution, without a speck of political interests. I am writing in this OL blog because of two reasons.
    1. There is no other place to write. If there is a DPT blog as good as this blog, I will write there too. I am writing here doesn’t mean I am a PDP fanatic. No. I will not hesitate to kick the ass of this OL if he is doing something which is not right, pardon me OL.
    2. Here we can write and express what we think without moderation and edition. I appreciate Honorable OL’s generous open-mindedness. In here, people can read what you actually wrote, not something that a rascal somewhere thinks is good or bad for you.
    The government must listen to what others say. They must take note of the sensible arguments even though that will undermine their own ideals and policies, and even though that comes from a distant lone opposition in the Parliament or a farmer in Merak Saktteng. They must listen but they are not. That is the sad part of the story.

  30. Many of you have mentioned that we need to support State Funding of the political parties in order to save our Democracy. But I don’t understand how Democracy can be saved if we, first and foremost, don’t protect the Constitution. OL and some of us in this forum are concerned, because many people and organizations including the ECB believe that the State Funding of the political parties is unconstitutional.

    Political parties will come and go, but if we don’t protect the Constitution there will be no Democracy. The most fundamental requirement of a Democracy is the “Rule of Law” based on the Constitution.

    In spite of strong objection from NC, Opposition Party, ECB, and media, DPT bulldozed the CDG. Similarly, as Tangba mentioned above, they bulldozed the MPs pay hike. In addition, they are bending the rules and established procedures left and right in so many cases like MPs excavators and Mining/Quarrying businesses for Indian contractors at Punatsangchu project, DPT women’s group and supporters touring the country with government resources, etc.. And now they also want DPT party workers to participate in local governance. If they go on like this, our country will eventually become a lawless state. Then there will be no peace, no security, no justice, no equity, and no development. There will be no opportunity and hope for the ordinary people and our society will start to rot from within.

    The ECB has given time till mid 2012 to clear the debts. So it’s possible for both the parties to remain afloat till mid 2012. In the meantime, one or two new parties will be formed. Look at PDP, against all odds, the party is still there. It’s true that most of the positions and jobs are done by volunteers including the Dzongkhag offices. But DPT can do the same. There isn’t much work during the non-election years, so there is no need for DPT to keep so many party workers employed all over the country. In fact, as we all know, DPT has 34 MPs, 1 Speaker, and 10 Ministers making monthly financial contribution to the party. So if PDP can remain afloat till mid 2012, DPT surely can – unless they are looking for an easy way out.

    Guest has mentioned that DPT can easily raise ten times the money they owe from the Bhutanese and Indian business community. That’s true. But it is also true that we live in a small society and the People and our Kings are watching.

    Guest also mentioned that without state funding PDP will be history. That’s also true. As it is with CDG, all other obvious advantages that the DPT enjoys in addition to overwhelming support from civil servants and other urban voters of 2008 election, there will be no level playing field in 2013. But perhaps some people in PDP don’t look at it in terms of 2013 election but as an opportunity to serve the nation by keeping the opposition party afloat for the survival of Democracy. As we all know “Opposition Party” is a requirement in our Constitution.

    Coming back to the state funding, even if it is the only option available, why don’t we wait few more months and consult the Supreme Court (SC). If SC declares it unconstitutional, then let’s approach our King or let’s amend the Constitution. That would be the right thing to do.

    Once again, unless we are able to protect our Constitution first and foremost and above all, there is no point having Democracy. It will not work for “We the People” of this and future generations, and the Nation.

  31. mediawatch says

    The Constitutionality of “STATE FUNDING for politcal parties” and “CDG” has been questioned. No concrete decision has been made as the Surpeme Court is still under construction. But once all the SC judges are placed, the Opossition Leader should file an affidavit with the SC challenging that CDG and State funding is unconstitutional demanding the SC to interpret the Constitution for the interest of the people of this country.

  32. Some very valid points Karma.

    Since we are a new democracy, we need to start with good examples, not bad ones.
    Look at what happened with the MP salary increase. All of a sudden, gups, who does not even have primary education wants same pay as MPs, they want same DSAs as ministers. They also got rewarded for supporting CDG.
    Ofcourse they will say yes to CDG, most gups are uneducated people who will do anything to please the MPs. Also who would not say no to CDG, it is free money.
    I also do not have problem with CDG, as long as MPs are not involved with it. When MPs are involved it is basically vote grab.

  33. we need politicians like gandhi who is solely into country and the people…..if i say, MPS and Ministers in the country are all blood sucking leeches…they are here for fame, power and money….when their sole aim is on these lines how can a party sustain…every little bit will go into this maneourves…..we need people who are genuinely in interest of the country and people…..set an example to others to follow….from this generation i can say some hundred years from now….no one will be remebered from this socalled historic transition…

  34. My quick and honest view on state funding of political parties. Well, if SFPP is unconstitutional, then with same logic state funding of Election Commission is unconstitutional because EC exist for political parties and vice versa. Where is the understanding? Am i right in my thinking???


  35. antiSycophants says

    “we might have to compromise sincerity and not serve the people anymore. We might even have to sell the party” did he really said that. No wonder bhutan is facing INR problem.

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