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The National Assembly has endorsed the government’s proposal to increase the salaries of public servants. Here’s the good news:

Civil Servants will get a 20% raise over their pre-2009 salaries. Pre-2009 is used as a base as that was when salaries were last increased (by 35%), taking the total increase to 55%. Civil service salaries will now range from Nu 7,067 (for GSC II staff) to Nu 52,654 a month (for EX-1/ES-1 level).

Secretaries to Government will draw Nu 55,490 a month. And the Cabinet Secretary will get Nu 63,000. That makes the Cabinet Secretary Bhutan’s top civil servant.

The pay scale for holders of constitutional offices, including members of the Judiciary, have not changed as they were fixed recently.

Members of local government will also receive a 20% increase over their pre-2009 levels, taking the salary for gups to Nu 14,355. The salary for thrompons has been fixed at par with EX-2 level (Nu 44,175). In addition, thrompons will get a house rent allowance of 20%.

The salary for Members of Parliament has been increased from Nu 36,000 to Nu 55,490. The Deputy Chairperson (of the National Council) and the Deputy Speaker (of the National Assembly) will draw Nu 63,000.

All that is good news.

But there’s more good news: the prime minister, chief justice, speaker, chairperson, cabinet ministers, and opposition leader have not taken salary increases. Their salaries will remain unchanged at Nu 78,000 per month.

The proposal to increase salaries will be discussed by the National Council today. They should endorse it, in which case the increases will come into effect on 1st January 2011.


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  1. It is a good news for civil servants that their salary will increase by 20% over their pre-2009 salaries. If so are we also getting arrears from 2009?

    What about the government corporation agency? OL please do raise this question in NA.

  2. Congratulations.The MPs are getting a pay raise for the THIRD TIME in just 3 years!!!

  3. It is indeed a very good news that our brothers and sisters in the civil service will get another raise. As ghalay pointed out, what about those in corporations – especially the government corporations?

    Previously the corporate salary was 15% above the civil service pay. Now with 55% raise in civil service pay, corporate salary is 40% below the civil service pay. DHI people are very well paid and DHI don’t seem to be thinking of any raise for companies under them. I think it is time DHI did something to bring the corporate salary to a level at least comparable with the civil service pay.

  4. Why are the MPs salaries raised the highest? Going from 36,000 to 54,000 is not 20%.
    That is 50%.

    Why do they deserves 18,000 raises why the entry level pay for civil servants graduates is just 16,000. It does not make sense.

  5. i think pay-hike for civil servants is just a cover-up for MPs and parliamentarians to increase their salary… Gee! what a shame.

    and i’ve never been for flat rate increase in the salary. This does not make much difference to C. servants at lower salary slab.

  6. Whenever there is a rumor in the country for revising the Salary for the Civil Servants, the Shopkeepers become very Active and Alert for increasing prices of the goods they sell in the market, and like wise the House Owners do actively keep their ears wide open for the rumors to come fact, so as to increase the house rents they collect from the tenants immediately.

    There is always a partial happiness for the Civil Servants (Especially the middle and lower level group) because of the little extra amount they receive from the pay revision for the first few days. But very sooner everything turns back to SQUARE ONE, because of the drastic inclination of the prices of the goods in the market and due to the revision of house rents.

    BUT, why the prices of the goods in the markets have to be increased because of Salary Revision??? How are these issues related to each other??? How is the revision of the salary affects the prices of the goods in the market and like wise the House rents too???

    For increasing the goods’ price, the prices of the goods should be increased at the supply source. For increasing the house rents, there is a “TENANCY ACT OF BHUTAN” to guide the increase of the house rents. Therefore, I never see any relations among these issues, bringing excitements to the Shopkeepers and House Owners with the revision of Salary for the Civil Servants.

    Where is Ministry of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Works & Human Settlements for these issues? What is the main purpose of bringing so many Acts in the public, if these Ministries are not able to strictly enforce the acts practically.

    MoWHS has prepared the Tenancy Act merely for the sake of showcasing to the Public. No matter, how many times LIVE Discussions are made on these related issues over the media, but the Ministry never wants to enforce it strictly, because most of the House Owners in Thimphu are Ministers, Secretaries, and so on… All the Law makers are the aforesaid people, where they always become BLIND and DEAF on these issues.

    But the only victims in the GNH country like Bhutan are the middle and lower level group of people….
    Therefore, for people like me it doesn’t make any difference by this pay revision as I have already received a notice from my house owner of Nu. 1000.00 increment from Jan 2011.


  8. Pay raise is not good news to me. i know net effect is zero. It was done because MPs want to take huge share by giving small piece to other civil servants. Thats what politics is and now i understand why politicians are least trusted people in the world.

  9. This gesture by the Cabinet Ministers and few others indicate that they are not greedy for money. This a good leadership example and must be continued. If this continues then we can democracy in Bhutan is different than in other countries. This I think sends a good message and clears the doubts of many who continued to blame that they were travelling abroad to make money. I am for a party that sincerely acts with “tha dam tsi”. Let us put this in record and compare with the future governments. I am not a relative of any MP or Cabinet but one who has a third eye. I believe in action not in words. However, the Nu. 2,000 salary for a Tshogpa is an insult. My question is, is he/she eat stones and leaves while others will eat “phaksha pa” and “red rice”? Why is there the sky and Earth difference?

  10. True Dukpa says

    I agree, it is not a good news as you put, in any ways to civil servants, rather it is a strategy adopted by the government to please them, while the salary, benefits and perks of our MPs are unjustifiably raised, as written above, three times in just three years. Basically, every year our honourable MPs were given salary rise for doing nothing! Some justify this as an encouragement for future participation on politics but the danger is more of its negative attraction that of vying for wealth, power and corruption. Although the rise is necessary given the increasing level of living standard but the impact of the same is higher if not the gravest to common people. As soon as the salary rise is announced, the very next day, the prices of goods and services equally rise so do house rents, transportation, essential and basic food items, among many others. Monopolistic market structure still exists and such unregulated prices of goods and services is possible if it did not. Seriously there is a dire need of competition policy, consumer protection,trade practices and passing off law and tort law, without which the market will continue to harass consumers while the law gets amused. These are but one of the responsibilities of our so-called honourable MPs to delve in whilst they are concerned more on salary, perks, benefits, entitlements.

    People who are paid higher can afford anything because the prices of goods and services is not differential, for instance a bag of rice today is Nu. 1000+, a Secretary can afford 55 such bags, while the lowest earning civil servant can make it only 7 such bags! in a month. Ironically people who earn higher are the ones benefit a wide range of basic services such as electricity, water, housing etc, that instead should have been the other way round, because, ideally with the salary range, the affordability is proportionate with hierarchy, meaning those services are costly for lower range salary people.

    Talking about government housing, I find it absurd, especially the spacious government housing in and around the country, that a planned housing system like Chanjiji otherwise can accommodate more numbers rather than housing one or two occupying a massive space or should we understand that it is the DPT way of judicious utilisation of government resources?

    Ground reality is, there are more important issues at hand that need dire attention, rectification and expeditious solutions for a number of problems that we are plagued it, than unjustified salary hikes of our honourable MPs for doing nothing!

  11. I do not understand why some people keep on being sceptical of anything the govt. does, no matter good or bad. If salary is not increased, there are complaints. If salary is increased also then there is suspicion. The human desire never ends. I think we should give them the chance to try and do something because they were voted by us. We can wait for our turn to be one of them next time. Poeple who are at the decision-making level must be given their fair share of salary so that there will be no corruption and also good people can be attracted. If the salary of MP is high it is good because we can also join in future and earn like them. We can also better understand the difficulties by being in their shoes.

  12. ON behalf of the building owners I would like to thank the govt. All the building owners are very happy because we will now be earning more moeny than before. We have decided to increase the house rents by another 20% by early January. No one can do anything to us because the Tenancy Act not enforced. Our other friends, the shopkeepers also said that they were happy because they can increased their prices. They are confident that the Ministry of Economic Affair’s verbal threats of inspecting the prices will not make us worry as nothing did ever happen before.
    But we are little concerned of the land fill at Memi Lakha will be also growing larger with all the non degradable wastes coming into the country. We are afraid that Bhutan will have more mountains (of wastes) in the years to come which means leaving less and less space for future generations of Bhutan.

  13. Well, whatever we do it is never a zero sum game; there is always an argument for and against. Perhaps, it is a nature of our whole existence. If we want complete satisfaction and peace of mind, the world is not a place to be. We should not be politicians, civil servants or corporate employee, landlords etc. because whatever and whoever we are we are never satisfied. Our desires have no limit;our arguments have no end. There is no rights and wrongs; it is all relative. i simply wonder what kind of predicament we are caught in. Is this world a right place to live????


  14. I wonder if this is really a good news.
    Just did some calculations. The salary increase at Director level is 3500/-, for office assistant its 800 to 1500/- and at mid level, its 200 to 1600/-
    I agree with TC up there. This is indeed a good cover up for MPs to increase their salary, as if civil servants are stupid.
    I think this pay hike is a big joke to all C. Servants

  15. I don’t understand why the MPs pay are same as the government secretaries. It takes more than 20 years to become a secretary where as a person that just graduated can become MP. If you look at other countries, even their prime ministers make way less than doctors and other professionals. In Bhutan they want the politicians to be highest paid.

    As for ministers forgoing raise, I applaud them for doing so, but we all know most of them will benefit indirectly through rent increase and such.

  16. democratic leaders are doing great job and receiving great salary so let me clap my two hands noisily.

    Increasing salary for civil servants is a good joint decision but cut down the inflationary rate in the market. Our shopkeepers never follow the norms.
    i will be happy if government could discuss about WOMEN PLAYING KHURU IN BHUTAN. Whether it should be allow publicly or remove such awkward new culture from our society.

  17. i guess any pay-hike is better than no pay-hike 🙂
    The sad news is that my rental has already gone up.

  18. pay hike should have 20% house rent allowance not 20% pay hike for the 2009 pay scale.

  19. Does the RGoB have enough internal revenue to sustain contineous pay hike for the politicians and the civil servants. If the salary payment is banking on donor supported progarmme/project funds, RGoB is risking collapse of governance system.

  20. I don’t understand why the MPs pay are same as the government secretaries. It takes more than 20 years to become a secretary where as a person that just graduated can become MP. If you look at other countries, even their prime ministers make way less than doctors and other professionals. In Bhutan they want the politicians to be highest paid. As for ministers forgoing raise, I applaud them for doing so, but we all know most of them will benefit indirectly through rent increase and such.

  21. good to here from civil servant as well as from shopkeeper. well what is the decision of increasing the stipend for Bhutanese student studying in India? the government will take too long time to finalized it? in facts the top prime students undergoing undergraduate are in India including top 3 MBBS, architecture, engineer, LLB, journalism, veterinarian, nursing, technicians and etc. they equally compete with the same exams and its the citizen right to get equal amount of stipend as other students are providing.
    we are getting nu.21600/6 month and those students in Srilanka and Bangladesh are giving nu.17500/month. is this fair? the living standard are high in India than those 2 countries. 95 percent of students are sending to India by govt to reduce the cost of education? it is just a sake of showing that Bhutan got is giving every thing free to the citizens?
    again govt have to cheek those few students from high background pursuing their studies and also getting the stipend. ex.the education ministers’ daughter in srilanka doing MBBS. how she got admitted and what basses she is getting stipend? she was qualified for MBBS? Like this all the ministry and respective department might be sending it. the opposition party and the ACC should conjointly need to investigate and this type of miss management so called corruption should be raised in the parliament. now the point is though the propose level of stipend is still half when compare to others still than it will be a beneficial to built their positive attitude towards govt. hope the increment ill reach to the students’ pockets by Jan
    2011. if the debate is made Unionist and formally to the govt by prime students studying in India the govt have to except and also they may loss their integrity.


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