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Too good!

The road between Langjophakha and Dechhenchholing is being expanded. Good.

Traffic on the single-lane road that connects the upper precincts of Thimphu valley with the town had become heavy and dangerous. So it was time to widen the road to accommodate the growing number of vehicles.

The government is executing the work departmentally. And they’re doing a pretty good job. It’s been barely 3 weeks since starting the project in Langjophakha and they’ve already reached the Dechhenchholing bridge area. Impressive.

But some people have complained. Sonam commented that commuting has become difficult and unpredictable. And Laurence set me this email, which, incidentally, has not been published by the newspapers. 


Dear Tshering Tobgay,

Please find below information I sent to some newspapers today. I thought you may be interested since you are also a Taba resident, and you may be able to do something about it.

I called the Director of DoR and tried to make him understand, but without success. He said that we cannot work based on ‘suppositions’…(IF something happens)!

Please feel free to contact me if you want.





As usual, I was going back today to Taba during lunch time to breastfeed my baby. Since the road works along the Taba road started, I use the Royal Palace road to Dechencholing, and then cross the bridge to go to Taba.

To my big surprise today, the bridge at Dechencholing was also closed, because they also started the works at that side of the road. The road was blocked a few meters after the bridge towards Taba, so there was no way any car could go through.

I definitely had a problem since my baby was waiting for my milk at home. But I thought this is a big issue for all the other residents in Taba. What would happen in case of an emergency? In case of fire of a house in Taba for example? In case of a seriously sick person living in Taba who has to be urgently taken to the hospital? Both ways (from Lanjupakha and from Dechencholing) are blocked at the same time! It would take some time to clear off the road (whatever way) if there is such an emergency case!

What about the hundreds of school kids from Nima High School who have to walk along the ways while the bulldozers are busy taking and pushing large quantities of soil and big stones, boulders? What if a stone or boulder would fall on one of the kids?

The issue is not about the inconvenience the road works are causing, which will of course benefit Taba residents in the long run. The issue here is about security. How can both ways be closed and blocked at the same time? This is totally irresponsible! It is against any security prevention measures!!!

Why could DoR not use their brains and think of having the 2 ways closed and blocked at different timing so that at least there is always one way open and there is always free access in case of any emergency??? It should not be very complicated. Especially given that the part from Taba to Dechencholing bridge is not a big stretch, so they could for example work on that bit during the opening hours from Langjupakha side.

Thanks in advance for reporting on this issue!


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  1. After widening, the road looks good…but no one is bothered what the taba residents had & still have to go through…this is monsoon, the area is slippery, so becareful guys…Government will only do something when something happens, until then, their argument would be look, nothing has happened and we make noise unnecessarily.

  2. dear laurence, i can’t speak for the department of road and neither can i speak for residence in Taba. but as a somebody who has also faced difiiculties commuting due to raod construction , i wanted to say that i know it is inconvenient and i am sure the people responsible for these raos cosntructions are sorry too. but at the end it is totally worth it…. we had similar problems during the road widening projects between Paro – Thimphu and Thimphu- Phuentsholing highway..and today we are enjoying a very nice and pleasant ride…
    Anyway, i know you are talking about security and emergencies.. i can only pray and hope that nothing disastrous is going to happen in the course of this road construction.., but if it helps you to balance your opinion, i have been in the most inconvenient road construction in a small city in the US and i guess people here are facing the same problem too…( there are mothers waiting to nurse thier babies, office goers trying to get to work on time and school children trying not to get run over by over speeding cars) sometimes.. we just have to endure a little hardship to bear the fruits…
    i hope you are able to nurse your baby nevertheless.

  3. Dear OL,
    Off-topic, i know…but what is your take on people from the camps in Nepal who are resettled elsewhere claiming that they are “Bhutanese” refugees??

  4. There does not seem to be any dearth of whiners in Bhutan. It is either Bhutanese or a Laurence from Arabia or Timbuktu.

    Laurence, you have been given prior notice that the roads will be blocked at certain given times – so make arrangements in a manner whereby you do not have to go to Taba to breast-feed your baby during the times when the roads will be blocked. It is not the people at the DoR who are not using their brains – it is you who think that who has a monopoly over brains. You talk as if the people at DoR did this specifically to victimize you. We are all going through the same inconvenience. What is so special about you that you cannot tolerate it while we are all doing so?

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