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Several multinational companies, like Tata, Airtel, Lafarge, and Infinity, have shown interest in investing in Bhutan. And others, like Mountain Hazelnut Venture, have already started doing business in our country. So it’s time the government finalized its foreign direct investment policy.

But before finalizing the policy, the government should hold thorough consultations with all stakeholders, particularly the private sector, to ensure that they understand the policy and, more importantly, that they commit to supporting it.

And once the FDI policy is finalized, it should be made public.

Incidentally, the cabinet approved the Economic Development Policy last year. But it is still not available to the public. Instead, just last month the prime minster informed a potential investor that:

Bhutan was finalizing the Economic Development Policy which would spell out the kind of environment in which they can operate.

Transparency is important. And it is especially important where there’s money to be made.


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  1. Transparency, my dear OL, is Blowing in the Wind! Please do something…….

  2. I would like to request those people who anchored vigorous discussions on issues like Tenzin Rigden helping Bhutan Today, PM’s Press office influencing Bhutan Today, excavating Dirt, Education Officials being penalized twice for the same mistake (Sonda, Tangba2, Tangba, mediawatch,Guest, Concerned, Bumo, Sakten Guy, Samdrups and many others which i dont remember to name here) to kindly anchor the same debate over this topic which is of national importance.
    Its we that make difference in designing a clear and right public policies…we ought to raise our voice if we are to really say that we are concerned citizenry of Bhutan.
    We boasts of awesome snow-capped mountains, including Gangkhar Puensum, which, at 22,623 feet, is the highest unclimbed peak in the world.Similarly, lets debate and inform our policy makers that its not ripe a time to join WTO or that we cannot share a toilet with MNCs, lest it stink. We need TATA Trucks for transportation of pur potatoes from Bumtang to Phuntsholing FCB godown, we need highly so[phisticated tech to mine Gypsum from Pemagatshel and make money fast to keep bhutanese clothed in GNH, we want our child become a scientists working for NASA by making Bhutan a Knowledge hub….but where do we stand in terms of all this?

    It is very easy to pass a comments on a persons weakness or strengths…but we boasts,we are Buddhists, and its sin to insult others.Individual can afford to make mistakes but we as a nation cannot afford to design wrong policies for your children.

    Lets suggest our fragile government a strong ideas…how to design a FDI Policies for our future….here we dont need McKinsey.

    The forum is now open for debate…

  3. the government seem to have a lot of work to do. There’s always decisions to be made and important decisions.
    while, most decisions internal affiars can be hushed up, decision with begger impacts such as FDI i believe should be well analyzed. I still hope that as in the past when HM was responsible, the Govt. today has thought of all the costs and benefits not just for the present but also for the future generations.
    I hope that some of the concerns raised are taken serouisly and not as a challenge to thier power. Bad decisions has happened too many times and especailly in the last few years… policies have been made and not regulated many times in the country, While FDI might seem very exciting, i still feel that we should know what the risks and unintended consequences are.
    the Govt. must put the people and the country before for once

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