Security Council?

Powerful lobby?

Our government has started to campaign for non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council. Is this a good idea? Take the poll that asks: “Should Bhutan lobby to join the UN Security Council?”


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  1. thats interesting, though its for a fixed term we could give a try to make our presence felt in UN

  2. I think that Bhutan decided to run for elections for one of the non-permanent membership post a few years back. As Clyde said it would be a good idea to give it a try and make our presence felt at the UN. However, we really need to weigh the pros and cons of such a massive undertaking. My first point would be that whether Bhutan is indeed ready to take on such a challenge when its institutions back in the country are all in disarray. My assumption would be that even if we were to just campaign for the elections we would need a solid Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But at the present time, I think we can all see the state it is in. Secondly, I am not sure who all are campaigning for the elections for the 10 seats. If we are up against god-knows some countries that have more higher leverage of soft power, our campaign may just be a joke. My conclusion is, if it is very important to weigh the cost benifit of this undertaking. What are we gaining from this? I suppose quite a bit… internatioanl clout…. recognition of Bhutan as maturing in the international politics…. However, it will also have implications such as, will Bhutan be able to campaign successfully….. at what cost is the RGOB campaigning…. will the RGOB be able to secure a reasonable number of votes so as not to disgrace Bhutan even if RGOB does not win…. If RGOB deos get elected, Does it have the capacity to represent at a professional level…. Can Bhutan handle all the internatioanl pressures that come with the seat…..

    Personally, I dont think the time has come for Bhutan to become a member of the Security Council. We may still need to mature, get our foundations strong. If RGOB’s intention is to make its presence felt in international scene, I am sure there are many ways of doing it with lesser costs.

  3. Tshering Lhendup says

    It is brilliant idea. We should support it.

    Our country’s sovereignty will be strengthen.

  4. It is not wise on the part of the PM to seek it. It will be waste of resources as we can never become.

    India could not get it as the economic of the country was cited as a prerequisite for membership. Bhutan is still under poverty.

  5. UN is one old spineless dinosaur.

  6. That is a nice try, and we should laud our PM’s courage and audacity to make such demand in the UN Assembly.

    What is a big deal in giving it a try? If we can get it, nothing like it. I remember when our 4th King revised the old treaty with India, nobody would have though we could do such thing. Nepalese were shocked upon hearing this, and they gave a try after us, but to no avail.

    I always admire people who are pragmatic and optimistic, never subdued and withheld by the fear of what would happen if the mission is unsuccessful.

    By the same token, I have admiration to your Excellency, the Hon’ble OL, for taking the government to Court. Lets see how things shape up through time.

  7. No harm in trying!!!Nothing to lose by trying!

  8. For those of you who might want more information as to why we seek membership @ the Security Council (

    Also FYI it was decided back in 1999 way before we even knew we were becoming a democracy/ before elections or partisan politics.

  9. For those of you who are cynical about Bhutan lobbying for a non-permanent seat of the UNSC, I think it is the height of CYNICISM and stupidity.

    Bhutan can gain a lot for such experience and more important, contribute to the world body and the member nations rich ideas and ideals grounded in Bhutanese values and ethos. If Bhutan’s membership of this powerful body can contribute to ensuring peace in even just one small country in some corner of the globe, that’s job well done.

  10. Kinga,

    Don’t think we are the champion of peace. We have our own share of rough history and violence.

    Yes other countries can surely learn from our culture and values, but cultures and values have become more like a museum show piece for some wealthy people to explore. Other than that, the greedy world is obsessed with wealth, power, and influence.

    The humanity is doomed for mass extinction which is slated to happen sooner or later.

  11. We must absolutely aspire for that seat! Thumbs up to our Lyonchen. This proves what he thinks of Bhutan and the Bhutanese as a whole. We may not get elected but I am glad we tried.

  12. Bluepine,

    Exactly that is where our role as propounder and champion of GNH comes in: to ensure and contribute in ways that “the greedy world obsessed wealth, power and influence” can back track and look at life from a different perspective, as it were, and as cliche as it may sound, make the world a better place for all, irrespective of caste, creed, color, religion, scarves( in Bhutan’s case) and other ‘social distinctions’

  13. Bhutan may not get elected but the very point that Bhutan is contesting for a seat is huge significance to our small country.I support our PM and Government for this campaign.

  14. Raba Sharang says

    Whatever may be the case, I like the idea of being a member of the UN Security Council but I am worried whether we would be successful in our attempt. If we succeed, it would be the biggest achievement of the ruling government.


    Canada lost its bid to run for a non-permanent security council seat after its vote count went down from by 30 percent in the second round of voting. Canada’s Foreign Minister has blamed its Opposition leader for the loss because of a lack of support and for being critical of the notion that Canada was not deserving of that seat.

  16. OL,

    Point noted??


  18. I fully endorse the view that a membership to the security council will not only enhance our sovereignty but give us some clout in the international arena.Having said that, I feel deeply concerned that the capacity at the Foreign Ministry is still very, very weak and I wonder if we can effectively participate in this important organ. In any case, it will be crucial to have a well qualified and respectable Permanent Representative at the UN before to lobby intensely, and after to participate intelligently.
    While remote controlling from the centre with the PM’s wide experience in the international arena may prove valuable, the man on the scene should certainly possess the right type of quality and gumption.
    It is still a hypothetical question as getting into the Security Council, even as a non permanent member is no easy task.
    All I can say is good luck!


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