State of the Nation

Reporting to Parliament

The projected order of business for the Fifth Session of the First Parliament for Bhutan had, among many others, the following two entries:

Thursday, July 1:

Presentation of the Annual Report on the State of the Nation, including Legislative Plans and the Annual Plans and Priorities of the Government, to the Druk Gyalpo and to the Joint Sitting of the Parliament.

Monday, July 12:

Deliberation on the presentation of the Annual Report on the State of the Nation including Legislative Plans and the Annual Plans and Priorities of the Government by the Prime Minister

As we all know, the prime minister delivered his State of the Nation address, as scheduled, on 1st July. But for reasons still unknown, we didn’t get to discuss the prime minister’s State of the Nation report. We didn’t discuss it, as scheduled, on 12th July. Nor did we discuss it at another time.

It wasn’t like that last year. The State of the Nation report was discussed, albeit briefly, in the National Assembly immediately after the prime minister delivered it to the joint sitting of Parliament.

I hope it won’t be like that next year.

The State of the Nation address is important. It is the prime minister’s report to the Druk Gyalpo, the Parliament and the nation at large, on the social, economic, financial and political condition of our nation. It gives the prime minister the opportunity to highlight the government’s successes over the previous year. And it allows him to outline the government’s legislative plans, policy agenda and national priorities for the next year.

Naturally, the prime minister would expect us, parliamentarians, to consider his annual report carefully. And to spend as much time as needed discussing it to offer valuable feedback.

But more importantly, our people would expect us, their representatives, to consider and discuss the prime minister’s State of the Nation report thoroughly so that they can rest assured that the Parliament is doing its job.

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  1. do nyou know why there was no discussion after the report. I think there should have been one because every report requires clarification unless people have understoond and accepted everything. In your earlier post you mention rating how the MPs have done so far. Are you talking about during the NA sessions or outside of it. I hope you might be talking about both and if you are.

    I agree with that some barely speak during the sessions. They represent people of thier constituiency and i think people’s need are different in many regions. So I would really like to see some quiet ones speak for their country. Are there people in the regoin happy, satisfied with the Govt. is doing or do they need anything else?

    As far as what is happening in the individual cosnstituiency, it would really nice to conduct a survey, at the rural and urban level I hope there some funds somewhere to do this. I think its also timely since the Govt. is already half way through its term.
    Good Luck.

  2. and i just read the Kuensel report on hotels to reach for the stars….. Its interesting that the Thimphu hotels are excited and ready for the rating. I hope the hotel owners and managers beyond Thimphu, Paro or Punakha are as excited and more importantly ready for this big change.

  3. Dorji Phuntsho T says

    Our DEMOCRATIC PM has forgotten that he has been elected in a democratic system and now more and more we see that he is becoming autocratic.

    Dictator JYT is the new avatar we are begining to see.

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