Successful SAARC

The Sixteenth SAARC summit is over. And, by all accounts, the event was a grand success. So compliments are in order.

I offer my congratulations to the prime minister, the officiating foreign minister and the government; civil servants (all of them, but especially those in the foreign ministry); RBP, RBA and RBG; the Thimphu City Corporation; teachers and students; volunteers; and the clergy. Special thanks are due to the Government of India for their generous support.

The banner, showcasing the eight SAARC leaders, was sent in by Lhendup Dorji, an official photographer with Business Bhutan. The gallery has a few more of his photographs of the SAARC summit.


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  1. A great relief for all of us. Now I can breathe well. It was untimely yet it was a grand success. Let us all appreciate our PM JYT for taking all the risks and making us all proud. It is the first ever international summit held in our country. Many generations from today our people will ask: when was the first SAARC Summit held in Bhutan? During whose tenure as Prime Minister did the first SAARC summit held in Bhutan? All the credits will go to Lyonchen JYT.
    Keep doing good for the nation according to our Constitution and we will applaud you. You do anything that contravenes our Constitution and we will not tolerate.

  2. I know that the 16th SARRC summit was a successful story but being from a middle class people I am not happy to see such regional conference in Bhutan. The reason for not encouraging such conference is because Government paralyzes some section of the population. All these odd and even number cars allowed alternatively in the town does not hamper high level people because they have more than one private cars with one official cars but to the low income people.

  3. Transplacement says

    Realizing that this SAARC summmit was the landmark in the history of our nation, lately I have tried my best to keep in touch with many online news, though I live miles and miles away from my homeland.

    I for one would like to thank all those people who have left no stone unturned to make this summit a successful one when many delegates from different countries gathered and took a keen interest in addressing issues like climate change and terrorism.
    I see this event as a stepping stone toward organizing more and more regional and supranational meetings down the road.

  4. Thinlay says

    I also like to join all Bhutanese to claim that first head of SAARC state summit in Bhutan is a big success. This success is due to concerted effort made by all Bhutanese at all levels. Big congratulation to PM for chairing the summit with courage and elegance.


  5. hindiman says

    All SAARC meetings held elsewhere in the region has always been a success. In fact in other countries public were not harrassed and yet things went on well. What is there to show off when bhutanese people by nature are submissive and obedient. It is the people who followed rules that need to be applauded. Otherwise given the power, money and authority.. anything is possible.

  6. pem tshering says

    When all the police officers spread across the country are brought to Thimphu for controlling some of the people, it is natural that any sort of summit would go peacefully. But, having taken place peacefully alone do not qualify as to call it a success. I am just wondering if Bhutan could have arranged it by itself without the help and support from India. No one Bhutanese individual should have the nerve to claim it as his/her personal success.

  7. Sha,
    I’m sorry that you had to bear the profound sacrifice of not enjoying the “luxury” of your car for three (?) brief days during the summit. Oh how it hurts me to think of the pain of the paralysis (was it?) that you had to bear!! You’re right, by no means should our country ever put people like you in such dire circumstances.

  8. Congratulations to Hon’ble PM for the great success! Such things make us proud as a Bhutanese. However small we are, we never fail in our duties.

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