Wanted: more guarantees

Guarantee more jobs

I am impressed with Lyonpo Dorji Wangdi’s confidence. When the labour minister called for a ban on drayangs, he guaranteed jobs for all the women who currently work in drayangs. And I’m quite sure that, if he had to, he could keep this promise.

But here’s something he should think about: the women working in drayangs already have jobs. So they don’t need his bold assurances. Unemployed youth, on the other hand, would welcome his guarantees. After all, they are the ones who are desperate for work.

So provide out-of-school youth with gainful employment. Then they themselves would choose not to work in drayangs. And I would be really impressed with Lyonpo Dorji Wangdi.

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  1. Exactly my sentiments when read about the Labor Minister’s promise to provide jobs for the people who work in the Drayangs.
    Youth Unemployment is on the rise each year…. and what we need is to strengthen private sector, even if their business is entertainment. And anyway didn’t this whole thing start with RAPA. Don;t they get invited to weddings and promotions to entertain. What’s the difference?
    Middle class people can’t afford to hire them at their houses? that’s why lets deprive them…
    really.. if the Govt. can not manage to administer a hand full of entertainment centers within the law and regulations, i don’t see how i can trust them to administer the country and implement/enforce other policies.

    Do some studies/research and find out what the real issue is… Why do we have young girls working as entertainers… is it a lucrative business or is there an underlying issue.. assumption will only lead to more chaos…

  2. I am surprised, there are graduates dwelling the streets of Thimphu for more then 2 years without a job at hand and every year more graduates are joining them.

    Let us not fantasize about a perfect world; rather we need to act with our senses that can give meaningful outcomes.

  3. Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy. ~Ernest Benn

  4. It’s easier said than done. In other words, preaching is easy, but practising is difficult. There have been wonderful achievements on paper as far as employment is concrened. The reality is yet to be seen. Let us live with reality and avoid dreaming for success. Ultimatley, it is the achievement/outputs that counts at the end. 2013 is not very far!!!

  5. Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err. It passes my comprehension how human beings, be they ever so experienced and able, can delight in depriving other human beings of that precious right.
    Mahatma Gandhi, 1931

    We Bhutanese are not children, why does the goverment want to rule with ironfist, we are not dictatorship.

  6. Drayang Lady says

    Thanks Lyonpo Dorji Wangdi for the promise. I am sure you will keep up your promises. We are there because we did not get jobs and people just take us for a ride. Come and catch these naughty guys.

  7. I love Lyonpo Dorji Wangdi. Thought he was sure-footed and realistic.

    From making Panbang an International Sports City and providing jobs to the drayang girls, he now proves to be dreamer.

    I love dreamers…

  8. The Honourable Labour Minister’s perception of providing employment by means of reflecting spun figures in a news paper, report, and bulletin, etc. is a complete deviation from the ground reality.

    The sort of sweeping statement is indicative of his own maturity and an exertion of his authority. This is the common trait of our so called shakers and movers.

  9. Its all the false promises, i don’t believe Dorji Wangdi… nor i want to.

  10. I am imagining that I am already swimming in the Olympic standard swimming pool of Panbang because the last time I visited it was really hot. I appreciate Lyonpo’s vision as visions make people try harder and achieve the miracles. But for the local resident of Panbang sleeping under the banana roofed hut and eating “joktangs” and “nakes”, this announcement have turned his/head round like a football kicked by Maradonna or Pele.

  11. Pema Wangchuk from Gaeddu College of Business Studies. year 4

    Unemployment, rural-urban migration, poverty and lack of education are the authentic reasons why young girls preferred Drayang and the recent research conducted reveals that 80% of Drayang girls are uneducated. Government needs either to give them training or employment opportunities.
    Before it spins out of control, it will be wise move on the Ministry’s’ part to ban this booming business called Drayang. Whether the business is legitimate or not is not a concern, but the major source of all our social problems emerge from Drayang. It will be better not because of that Drayang had had generated huge amount of revenue by benefitting small sections of society and skyrocketed the news of commercial sex and sexual harassment. Beside, there is also strck rules and regulation for the operation of business set up by BICMA but the business owner had failed it to perform. The problem never rises from setting up the laws of land but from the implementation point. It is the duty and indeed the moral responsibility of Drayang’s owner to abide by the law instead of mushrooming the business illegally.
    From the public point of view, Drayang’s are perceived as the only business in Bhutan in which prostitution and brothel are legalised. The customers also the main source of exploitating the Drayang girls. We the public or a customer’s lack the moral conduct and we are good in making laws and excellent in ignoring it. And to visit or not to visit is the choice of customers but once we entered the entry point of Drayang abide by the law as we are educated people in the society. We lack positive attitude and lack common sense. We don’t want to see and hear that customers are Kings inside the Drayang business and slaves in the normal place.
    Yes, Drayang owners are directly accountable for the safety of their employees but the owner alone does not bear 100% responsibilities. We the customers are also the contributing factors in creating and sowing social disharmony.
    I am much more skeptical when labour minister say full employment for Drayang girls when there is ubiquitous number of greenhorns in the job market since 2000.
    But from my suggestion it is the right time for our bureaucrats to stop the operations of Drayang permanently.

  12. well, there is something that i would like to correct …. If we see the Video once again we will clearly see that Lyonpo Dorji Wangdi “NEVER CALLED ON” for a ban on drayangs (i think the meaning/interpretation get completely changed). He just said that he will “SUPPORT” it.

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