Who’s in charge?

On 13 November 2009, the Prime Minister issued an Executive Order directing that:

“The Ministry of Information & Communications (MoIC) is to develop airstrips in Trashigang, Gelephu and Bumthang and commence domestic aviation operations by Spring 2010, Dec 2010 and June 2011 respectively”.

Today, Kuensel reported that:

“The Gelephu domestic airport will start operations from June 2011, according to the Mckinsey’s milestone plan for civil aviation endorsed by the government and not December 2010, as stated in the government executive order.”

Who, may I ask, is running our government?


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  1. Looks like you are enjoying the roller coaster ride of our democracy but that is just the beginning. The ride has just begun.

  2. of course the PM, Lyonpo Jigmi Thinley elected by the Bhutanese people.

  3. Wise Old Man says

    dear sir what do you feel about bicma cutting of channels?Don’t you think BICMA should be actually be looking at the mushrooming of the Draying.Do you think Drayang actually is a part of our culture?I really wonder whether Health ministry is looking at the health issues and under age issue of the girls working there.
    I am tottaly disgusted with them.

  4. Letho Dada Drukpa says

    Definitely Jigme Yoedzer Thinley, but he is running our government BACKWARD!

  5. Mckinsey is running our government

  6. DorjiDrolo says

    It is obvious…

    JYT is running the government and McKinsey is trying to run the government faster.

    ‘In which direction?’ is what is really not obvious. We want GNH but GDP is what we are getting

  7. dungsamkota says

    I dont know who is in charge. what i do know is that the McKinsey boys (most of them 26, 28 year olds with degress from IIT and IIMs) ran a bill for Rs. 20 laks in one month at the Taj Hotel for accommodation and fooding expesnes.

    This amount is over and above the US$9 million contract with Mckinsey. There is a parallel and expensive government arm…who is definately runing the country.

  8. we voted for honor’ble PM, honor;ble PM voted for MR. MCKINSEY. PM rules us and he is ruled by him. MR.MCKINSEY- i really want to meet MR>MCKINSEY. i have many question to ask him… like; do he know me? where i am from? coz he seem to know everything and has power to decide what to and when to do?
    oh….oh… i want to voted him and pay thousand dollars- so that he can answer the result of 2013 election. what do you think honor’ble OL

  9. I think McKinsey is a very reputed consultant and definitely his work will not be like works done by Yak consultants. He can recommend anything but it is up to our govt. whether or not to follow what he advises.

  10. Our country is not running, I don’t know who the crafty driver is! It has come to a halt since the introduction of a democracy.

  11. Dear Lyonpo
    I wonder why our government prefer the service of consultant. Why do we need to spend thousands of dollars for their cheap service?

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