Did DHI try to bribe the prime minister and cabinet ministers? If, as the PM claimed in Kuensel, DHI had indeed offered them “the latest generation iPhones”, then that would amount to blatant corruption. And the Anticorruption Commission should investigate it thoroughly.

Why should this particular gift be seen as “blatant corruption”? Because three years ago, during the new year, DHI had given Nokia cell phones to all officials holding cabinet rank, including the PM and the opposition leader. But, as far I know, most of the recipients did not accept the gifts; most of them had returned the cell phones after the National Assembly MPs rejected DHI’s bags, which they had received at about the same time.

Now after all that, if DHI is still tempting our ministers, this time with iPhones, we should be concerned. We should be alarmed.

But what if DHI had not offered iPhones to the PM or to any other minister? Then what? I ask this because DHI has apparently denied giving iPhones to the ministers. In fact, the very same Kuensel report states that, “DHI officials denied having done anything of the sort.”

So we have two stories. And only one of them can be true.

If the PM is right – if DHI had indeed offered him an unsolicited gift – we should be alarmed. And ACC should investigate DHI for attempting to bribe our senior most government officials.

But if DHI is right – if they have not offered iPhones to the PM or any other minister – we should be equally alarmed. The PM should then have to explain why he has misled the public, and why he is undermining DHI’s reputation.

Kuensel’s website has been giving problems. So here’s the clip of their iPhone story.




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  1. i-tribute to “i- Question”

  2. Tenzin P. Wangdi says

    something is fishy in the iphone article

  3. I feel that term “bribe” is used so irresponsibly these days.

    The dictionary meaning of bribery is to promise, offer, or give something, usually money, to (a person) to procure services or gain influence, esp illegally

    What purpose would DHI serve by trying to “bribe” the cabinet? What service or influence can the DHI procure by “bribing” the cabinet?

    These questions have not been raised, let alone answered, thus my humble opinion that the term “bribe” is used so irresponsibly

  4. When government is deficit of money to spend on the government development activities. How can the DHI spend thousands on such pity issues. The money spend has been automatically publicized on buying those I-phones. There could be crores of money being spend by DHI on many other pitty issues which we are not aware.

    So the auditors should audit it properly to dig out.

  5. DHI, as far as I am concerned is a redundant organisation. Why can’t the revenue generated from public companies be channeled to various agencies through the MoF?

    Fire is the only source of smoke. There must be some truth in DHI handing out leather bags, mobile phones and lately the indispensable i-phone.

  6. dhi was established by our king to safeguard the source of national resources..dhi was not set up to grease the palms of public officials..dhi handing out leather bags, nokia cell phones & now iPhones to ministers & mps is not correct..
    it is exactly this culture of chamcha giri & trying to please superiors through means other than performance & merit that is holding back the potential of bhutan..
    that dhi has repeatedly offered these gifts is worrisome..are they attempting to garner favor for some ulterior motive? are they offering these stuff to cover up some issue? is the ceo/chairman laying it on to ensure continuity of their term? is there too much money with dhi?
    that these offers have been made at least on 3 occasions merits an inquiry by the acc..acc in it’s role to curb with corruption must ensure that those making such offers for whatever reasons are dealt with, just as those receving it..the acc act will have a threshold for such offers & once it breaches this limit, it is suspect..

  7. One of the two is correct:

    1. DHI or
    2. The PM of Bhutan

    Someone is misleading the PUBLIC …. ACC should get to the bottom of it…. DHI or the PM

  8. DHI, formed with good intention, but one of the most useless organization, wasting hard earned money from corporations.

    I wish DHI was formed as a new organization, so that they have to work for their money instead of channeling money from all profitable state companies into them. Then I would appreciate them, if they can prove that they can invest and start new companies and make profit on their own.

  9. DHI is an organization with every Tom, Dick and Harry bearing ‘analyst’ title, outsourcing analysis job, and drawing hefty salary.

  10. something is there!! I think ACC should do something to know that something..

    M&PR/MRQ/2011/06​4th November 2011
    The below clarification was sent to kuensel yesterday to be published in today’s issue however the clarification has not been published, please find the same:

    M&PR/MRQ/2011/06. ​ 4th November 2011

    DHI has consulted the Prime Minister’s Office and it appears that due to some mis-understanding Kuensel (dated October 28th 2011 under the title “ PM declined i-phone handout to cabinet”) has reported that DHI has gifted i-Phones to the PM and the Cabinet Ministers.
    This is not true, as DHI has not offered i-Phones to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.
    Media & PR , DHI

  12. Like the OL mentioned in the last paragraph, the article would have made a mistake. Wait a minute, it can’t be a mistake. Like always it’s the reporter.
    I say it’s the reporter because it’s troubling times for the reporter and the media houses. Each trying to come up with sensational stories. Our audiences also catch the bait. This ha been the general concern on today’s reporting. All it creates is confusion.
    Rightly confusion, because thd reporter Nidup Gyeltshen is a champion in writing such unverified and contesting stories. This time attacking the reputation of he highest civil servant I.e the hon’ble prime minister and one of Lyonpo Om Pradhan.
    Or is he trying to rub salt to wound? By mAking such a claim in public.
    This is not responsible reporting. Thd burden to prove this should not be on the hon’ble prime minister and DHI chairman but on the reporter to share and make facts that establishes thd bribe so.
    Otherwise, here is a story; a person by the name of Nidup Gyeltshen is a drug peddler and smuggles cigarettes in the country. All school children buys the wares from him. BD operates out of changlimithang.
    Beat that and what’s happening to us. Where are we headed.
    Let’s be responsible and correct. Kuensel is becoming irresponsible not knowing their stories break lives of people and jobs. More soothe reporters.
    The country deserves better. And so do the public.

  13. yes, only one of them will be right! so, investigate it and tell the truth…if pm told lie, then charge for defamation but if dhi has indeed offered a phone, then, it is high time to change the top guns in dhi….

  14. i think perhaps there is been a misinterpretation of information somewhere. I don’t see a reason for the DHI to bribe the Government or for that matter even for the Prime Minister to lie about it.. And if we can find out the truth i think it would clarify the air about it…

  15. I cant believe that DHI would do such thing. I have great respect for some people working in DHI. These guys are hard working, well educated and dedicated: and the last thing that would come in their mind would be to give i-phone to government Minister. I think whoever wrote such report should double check the fact and make necessary correction. Obviously, we do not want to see rift between the Government Ministers and DHI.


  16. This is very very disturbing and more so because an “Highly Intellectual & Educated” Organization like DHI should be proving themselves professionally and not by resorting to pleasing the people in power with gifts!

    It’s actually a shame when such apex organization resorts to all anti-GNH activities indirectly selling our country so short!

  17. I never knew our ministers could be bribed with just an iPhone…

    I would have done it year back and made them sack the Tobacco Bill LOL 🙂

    Nice article, OL

  18. Finally the remarks made by the Singaporean minister in their parliament about our country is coming out when we go through the comments above. Is very sad people discussing on petty issues like the iphone and the leather bags. DHI should not have ever done this using the resources of the people of Bhutan. Just because of this petty thing, so many issues are coming up and the land of GNH pioneered by K4 is at stake. So guys don’t blame the Singaporean minister for his remarks.

  19. I think there is a debate on the BBS today relating to DHI. Lets watch the show and see what comes out of this.


  20. I just can’t believe that the world bank would fund a training for the board of Directors of DHI companies. The DHI CEO admitted that the world bank was only providing partial funding of the tour to Dubai, which then begs the question as to whether such a training is really relevant. I for one am skeptical as to what the Board of Directors are going to learn from such a training.

    At the end of the day, they will be doing exactly what they have been doing after they return from this well paid holiday.

  21. Further to my post above, does this now mean that every time a new Director is appointed to the Board of a company under DHI, he or she would be sent for a Board of Directors training. Another burning question that then arises, is on what basis are Board of Directors appointed by DHI, if they themselves feel that they are required to be trained. My belief has always been that people appointed to sit on a board of a company are all very capable people, now, if such eminent people are also needed to be trained further, it obviously means that the Board of Directors are appointed in a very haphazard manner by DHI.

    And finally the most crucial question DHI needs to answer is what kind of a training is in store for our Board of Directors and why in DUBAI, why not in THIMPHU.

  22. The pay scale of the leaders in DHI itself is questionable…..
    The organisation is like a spoilt sibling of a rich parents….

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