The Budget Appropriation Bill for 2011-12 proposes how Nu 42,174 million of the government’s Consolidated Fund will be divided during the coming financial year.

Central agencies will keep a good 74% of the funds.

The 20 dzongkhags together will get about 20% of the funds.

And the 205 gewogs combined will get barely 6% of the funds. And that includes money to build farm roads. Take away farm road construction, and the winners of the forthcoming local government elections will have very little money to fulfill their campaign promises.


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  1. No comment Sir!

    But with all my respected ( whom I’m not easy to respect anyone )

    With the past 10 years I knew bhutan … Not including BHUTAN in the books

    This year BHUTAN goes so Big Sir! Not a small world for me anymore

    I need time machine but maybe Bhutanese love the way it is šŸ˜‰
    Who know, is it Sir?

  2. Is it a centralization process with hundred and one speeches of decentralization. The principle of democracy and the bottom up approach of the planning process is defeated if this is the budget share breakup.

    Do something, OL! I for one will be fully supporting you on this issue.

  3. Decentralisation was envisioned by HMK4 for the sole purpose of ensuring that the people will benefit(grass root level). This budget breakup ensures that majority of the government spending is spent on MPs sitting fees, TA/DA, medical kidu funding, etc rather than on the farmers that make up the majority of our population.
    Democracy was and is only an ideal…

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