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Consider this: His Majesty the King issued a Kasho yesterday granting Nu 200 million towards the reconstruction of the Wangduephodrang Dzong. Nu 100 million was granted from the armed forces, and Nu 100 million from His Majesty’s Kidu Foundation.

Now consider this: The government has allocated Nu 20 million per year to the Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Fund until the balance reaches a ceiling of Nu 100 million. The Relief Fund was passed by the Parliament in the last session. Nu 20 million per year is woefully inadequate. I said so in the Parliament. And I wrote about it.

How much is Nu 20 million? It works out to under 0.06% percent of the government’s annual budget estimated at Nu 34,515.549 million for 2012-13.


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  1. Haha again your chamcha words trying to take refuge in HM.

  2. Looks like we ve so much money n gov is hiding it somewhere…what a pity OL we ve!…OL should come to real world understand the fact that we r stll one of the poorest countries in the world n we ve to forgo many important thing coz of inadequate fund……pls don’t play this kind of dirty politics… If we ve fund, everyone will be happy to allocate more than billions of money for such noble fund!

  3. Whether the funds are in HM’s Kidu Fund or whether it is in the government’s account, the money is the same and both the HM and the government will apply the funds for the same purpose – for the good of the country and the people of Bhutan.

    HM can always ask the government to deposit more into his Kidu fund if he needs it after all, at the end, it is the people’s money and HM will use it for our good.

    OL is merely playing cheap politics because he has seen that he has a bunch of stupid people who believe in whatever he says and who cannot make a distinction between what is right and what is wrong. OL is merely playing to the gallery.

    The only thing the OL achieves by bringing HM’s name all the time in his posts is to make it so commonplace that overtime, the luster associated with the King will wear off and people will begin to utter the name of the King like any other common person.

    I have said this before and I am saying it again, please do not involve HM’s name every time. We are not so stupid that we do not understand what you are saying and why you are saying it. You make out as if you are the only one who cares for the King. You jolly well know that it is not true.

    While we are at it, please also give us a break and do not quote the Constitution so often. It is as if you are the only intelligent person in the whole of Bhutan who has any understanding of the Constitution and we are clueless about it.

    Please give us some credit.

  4. Useless comments,..huh..

  5. Can’t blame OL. He is where he is by default and not by design.

  6. One thing i would like to caution all is never bring “institution of Monarchy” in to our mundane quid pro quo discussion. Monarchy is a symbol and essence of our unity. We should not use it cheaply and for advancing our argument. Keep it sacred for our own benefit and survival as tiny nation sandwiched between giants and resource hungry nations.

  7. OL, what’s your point? always trying to create problems. you think we are fools whom you can try to manipulate?

    stop trying to underestimate the bhutanese people. all citizens of bhutan including the civil servants of the government and the politicians love and respect our kings as much as you. however, the difference between you and them is that they do not use our beloved kings name for ulterior motives, as you always do.

    for the last four years you have done nothing but tried to portray yourself as the only bhutanese who is loyal to the kings. i am sure our kings know your cunning and manipulative character and see right through you.

    have you heard our bhutanese saying – “labh dah kha thab dah, ki-lee zu-kha”? you are soon going to be that ki-lee.

    can’t wait to see you next desperate post.

  8. Hi OL, you are again bringing the topic on royal kasho on this dirty forum. The government is going to commit 20 million to the relief fund every year. But it does not mean that every dzong will be destroyed every year so as to require more than 20 million on a yearly basis. Why do you want each one of us to explain all these small things for you. If you are great, make worthy comments. Personally, how much did you contribute for the same? Stop talking and start to act. Do not let down your supporters with this kind of insane comments. It may be your intention to tell the public that you are always right and the government is always wrong. However, you prove just otherwise.

  9. OL

    just want you to know that if you were in PM’s shoes, you would not be able to do one percent of the things he has done. You could never serve our King and country as PM does. Your experience alone, forget ability and dedication, just cannot compare.

    Don’t do this disservice to the nation by constantly using HM to bash PM. Division never benefits anybody. It only causes disharmony and weakens everybody.

    Respect that and understand that this game you are playing is called dirty politics.

  10. drukpangoma says

    PDP website informs that it is under maintenance. Is this true or is the party beyond maintenance? With OL churning out one bogus issue after another, there is no other outcome than the sad but sure demise of the party. RIP!!!

  11. Paro penlop says

    Its not bad comments but good news instead….

  12. What happened to PDP website? Perhaps OL can accuse the PM for the website’s failure. The government should have done something to save PDP’s website. Surely, the PDP will say they are not responsible.

  13. There is this PDP branch party called the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa which again consists of egoistic qualification wielding book wormish gang.
    Bhutanese people should know the nature of people like Dr Tandi, Khengpa Lekey and many others in the party. I can’t imagine to have these people in our august parliament hall governing the country.
    Bhutanese ppl must use their wisdom and judge well.

  14. Thinley Y. says

    kencho, proOL, Thinlay, sc, Thinker, tangled,
    Stop being a Hypocrite. How can you ask OL not to bring the name of His Majesty into the discussion. It was JYT and his crony DPT MPs who tried to take away the land kidu powers from His Majesty. And you expect the OL, the NC members, the Local Government officials, the civil servants, the Nation to sit back quiet and let it happen. How can you ask us not defend our King We reacted just in time to Stop You all from getting the land kidu powers. We may just have saved ourselves from being ruled by a Dictator like Jigmi Y. Thinley.
    How much more proof does the People need about your ill intentions? You even changed the composition of the Land Commission members and totally put it under the control of JYT.
    So, Hypocrites, don’t ever dare to take the Bhutanese people for fools. All your arguments are baseless and without any substance.

  15. People lik prooL, byeOL n etc… R u qualified enough to sit in the parliament…. People lik u made our OL’s bloge dirty n misusing. People lik u just wel come ‘GREEN TAX’ not knowing from which source it hail down n how much u criticize or uplife DPT atlast u’l gain just satisfaction n sin for writing what is not true… AH GOD ALWAYS COUNTS UR GOOD DEED.

  16. dhendhup says

    OL has the right to bring important information of this kind into this forum. Most of the writers above were supposedly DPT chamchas trying to defame the OL. The good thing about OL is that he has openly put all the comments for public to view even though most of the views are against him.

    Let me also agree with what Phuntsho wrote about so called Druk Nyamrup Tsokpa. I also have the same opinion like Phuntsho that most of the candidates were those of previous PDP which because of their egoistic nature tried to form a separate party. Actually, they would have joined the PDP and made it more stronger to give a tough challenge to DPT party, but since our bhutanese are by nature very egoistic, they broke up and formed a new party. It is going to be another disastrous as surely the people of bhutan will not cast their votes to the egoistic candidates of the Druk Nyamrup Tsogkpa.

  17. As far as i am concerned, my contribution to OL blog is to reason out and point out facts in order to help prevent Bhutan sliding into compartmentalized partisan groups: And to prevent people distorting truth to advance ones selfish point of views. If this tantamount to belonging to certain political party, so be it. It does not hurt me a bit for my conscience is clear. I will always defend the truth no matter how tough is the job in this poisoned atmosphere of posturing and scoring cheap crappy political points.


  18. drukpangoma says

    Thinley Y.,
    Are you from another planet? Who is challenging the authority of HM in Bhutan? No one except people like you who seem hell bent on causing rifts in our society just to further you own narrow understanding and interests.
    Thinlay, I agree with you that OL and his lot find it difficult to digest when the arguments are not going their way. Let them rant!!!

  19. OL thinks that Wangdue Dzong can be built only through Kidu Fund or wat?. However, the kidu fund in this case may complement govt budget for re-building the Dzong.

    But in other disaster like floods, fires in private property, the Kidu fund will be separate. The govt has to pay pay separately as compensation, insurance etc

    Kidu fund of Nu. 200 million is more than enough. After all, Government has to pay separately anyway. Take an example, a house is Thimphu caught fire. HM gave Nu. 5 lakhs. But Govt can’t say since you got money kidu fund, you are not entitled to other compensation.

    At same the Government and state is paying. HM with his wisdom and compassion can only prioritize the fund based on situations and circumstances.

    If HM has donated Nu. 200 million for Wangdue Dzong, Government will have to replace that one anyway. So where is question of inadequacy.
    .06% for Kidu fund from Chunk of govt budget that has run for a year with socio-economic development is lot of money….

    Please stop politicking and talk about some thing visionary and practical….

  20. Dear Tsenfel,
    what a shame as a citizen if you can’t pay tax for car you drive….

    In 1990, my village doesn’t grow orange but today it does? what could be the reason?

    Tomorrow, you will complain, the road is too bad. what could be the reason….

    Besides no government wants to impose tax especially when election is nearing. Don’t you think it is political suicide. Still they insist on raising tax. what could be the reason…

  21. If some of us sound like DPt chamchas, it’ because you are PDP chamchas. But, actually we are all Bhutanese.

  22. Yup Bhutanese! We are all Bhutanese each trying to bark up the wrong tree for self interest to please one and displease the other. In doing so, we make an ass of ourselves and throwing muck at each other. End result? Zero, except that we prove ourselves that we are petty, we are pseudo intellectuals, argumentative, hero worshipers and awed by fanatic politicians as we used to during school dramas! We are still very very Bhutanese and nothing can change this fact!

  23. fuentsho says

    OL is desecrating the Monarch. Please stop it.

  24. We love and respect out King so please dont use words like “Chamcha words ” those word are meant for people who worship and glorify DPT leaders. OL has won the 1st ever constitutional case in Bhutan (REMEMBER)and asked for the LAnd Act to be deferred becoz all of us know what the govt was trying to take over the land kidu powers under the pretext of adding our KINGS Kashos land ceiling clause to the new land act, since they knew that the people were openly against it in the forums.
    People like Phuntsho ( Dhendup is just Phuntsho himself whos writing it as a follow up ) is just jealous of the very qualified group of people who have the guts to stand up and voice their opinions and form a party . or is it a case of sour grapes ? Not invited to join the party as a DNT candidate ?LOL
    I would prefer to have an egoistic qualification wielding book wormish gang in the parliament governing the country than a group of half qualified politicians who just sit and raise their hands to agree to every BAN and TAX . Qualifications is what separates people in terms of thinking,understanding and differentiating good from bad AND most importantly being able to stand up and voice their opinions instead of BELIEVING that everything their Party does is democratically RIGHT . Lack of that is whats allowing all whats happening in the country .Some still dont know whats a DEMOCRACY and the difference between STATE and GOVERNMENT !!!!

  25. word of advise says

    I do not have any bad feelings against OL as a person. He holds a very respectable post in Parliament. But I also feel that OL is bringing HM’s name in every topic. We respect HM. HM is sacrosanct. It is not good to link HM to each topic under discussion.

  26. Thanks Mongar for your comments. Being as true citizen i humbly respect to their decision n i’m interested to pay the tax if it comes through proper channel. You are welcome to study on that TOPIC… LA

  27. Just Asking says

    As the Opposition Leader, your job is to question the government’s decisions and applaud when they do a good job. You have done both although there were only few instances where you applauded the government. That’s got to do more with the government itself that did little to be applauded.

    Had you been in the ruling seat, they would have done done the same. May be they would have been more vicious that you are.

    So I am asking, why all these insults against you?

    I would have kicked you if you went hand and glove with the government.

    Keep it up!

  28. Mindu Dorji says

    After the Trowa Land Scam and the Gyelposhing Land Scam gets investigated properly, DPT will not have any chamchas left.
    OL should rest easy and work on providing the nation with a political party that will be exemplary and work in the interest of the Tsawa-Sum

  29. After Trowa and Gyelpo land scams are fully investigated, OL will become speechless. If it was really a land scam, will PM make a request to ACC for investigation? The storry seems to be made up some PDP supporters of Gyelpozhing just to defame the government.

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