Something extraordinary took place in the National Assembly last Tuesday.

The government introduced the Land Bill 2012 in the Assembly. But they did not move a motion to deliberate the Bill, as was expected. Nor did they move a motion to withdraw the Bill in accordance with legislative procedure. Instead, the government proposed that the next Parliament deliberate the Bill. And the National Assembly endorsed the government’s proposal.

So what’s out of the ordinary?

One, the government introduced a bill that they never intended to discuss. But why would the government go through the trouble of introducing a bill, if they did not want it to be deliberated? Probably because they felt that the National Council would not agree to the main amendments to the Land Act (that the Land Commission is revamped so its members are largely ministers, and that the cabinet is given powers to grant resettlement land). And probably because they felt that the Bill would not pass the joint sitting of the Parliament that would have to be convened because of differences between the two Houses.

Two, the government decided that the next Parliament should deliberate the Land Bill. The current government enjoys a huge majority. And they, most likely, will form the next government. But to plan lawmaking on that assumption is presumptuous. And it is preposterous. I’m not sure it happens anywhere else in the world.

Three, the National Assembly endorsed the government’s proposal, and resolved that the next Parliament would deliberate the Land Bill 2012. That, in spite of the fact that, according to Section 192 of the National Assembly Act: “All Bills before the Assembly or any committee on the last sitting day of a term of the Assembly or when the Assembly is dissolved shall lapse a the end of that day.”And, in spite of the fact that, according to Section 318 of the National Assembly Act: “If the consideration of a matter has not been concluded by the end of a session, it shall be continued in the following session, unless parliamentary elections have been held in the interim …”

It’s clear that discussions on bills cannot be carried over to the next Parliament. Yet that’s exactly what we resolved to do. Extraordinary.




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  1. the way sessions are conducted in the national assembly is deplorable..there’s a speaker who has no idea on house procedures, cannot speak dzongkha properly, is weak with english..in short, totally incompetent..perhaps he was put there because his incompetence serves dual purposes – it allows government to dictate & it serves as a drama for the public to laugh about..

  2. its not national assembly,its the ‘national circus’ …with some puppetry n the strings bein pulled by the rich n the influential…i dont even watch it though i read the papers n find it so stupid when its clearly wrong n yet its happenein evry time.they say evrythin is not just ‘black or white’ ,theirs a shade of grey too….i say whats wrong is wrong n should be done away with , instead of goin on n on abt it . well if it sounds plain is coz im not ur regular ‘qualified’ whtever but a citizen with a ‘simple’ sopinion.

  3. bugamsisi says

    The Assemby decided to leave it up to the next parliament to discuss the bill. It is of course up to the next parliament whether they will take it up or not. If your party wins, you may want to leave it out which is not likely to happen. Good luck and enjoy the OLship, a truely EXTRA ORDINARY position in our context.

  4. With the Trowa case and the one sided deliberations it is clear that the current National Assembly is not there to serve the people but a few powerful families like Riverview family, Pm’s family, Zimba’s family etc.

  5. It is obvious that the top leadership in the DPT has vested interest when it comes to the Land Bill. And they have thoroughly managed to brainwash their fellow MPs. The MPs have no idea what’s going on, which has allowed a few of the cunning ones to always get what they want. They have managed to make others think that what suits them personally is in the best interest of the country.

    WAKE UP!!! Most of you are not coming back, so why dont you go out with a BANG!!!

  6. Dont you guys feel funny, Mr Zimba talking about wanting a road 50 ft away from a construction site when in reality his construction in the heart of the town is just next to the road… he should set an example when raising such point. Zimbas Plan for Bhutan…. sell trowa land to river view, sell all Bod land to Tashi… sell all damchen to Yab… wow.. wow

  7. Sonam Nidup says

    Very disgusted with all these scams, greed, grabbing business. Our country’s image is down in the dumps. Very disheartening for all of us. Sob… sob…

  8. Phuentsho says

    I’m now starting to fully understand this whole convoluted issue regarding the proposed amendments to the Land Act of 2007. Fortunately nothing came out of it. Aaahhhh!!!! It’s embarrassing. I’m embarrassed. I was absolutely speechless; when I saw our MPs just sit there in silence- like a nonchalant observer as the most embarrassing charade was taking place. My family and I watched it on BBS. People like us feel helpless nowadays. I hope our Politicians sometimes go online. My relatives were shocked- they said many nasty things, which I cannot really share on this forum. People’s sentiments are well established- clear and strongly felt. But out of respect for the office and observing our customs I will restrain myself from lambasting the El Supremo.

    I feel that some of our Politicians do not have a voice within their Party structure. Many of our young MPs are actually dynamic and leaders in their own right. Knowing few of our MPs personally, I know that they themselves aren’t fully aware of what’s happening and are very confused particularly at this juncture, but due to god’s grace they still have good judgement and are virtuous. But they too have become marionettes.

    Elections are in 2013, I for one haven’t decided on my Vote. I want to Vote for a person who will serve our King, Country and People and for a Party that is run democratically. As they say charity must begin at Home.
    Please forgive me if I’ve offended anyone. I’m merely expressing my concerns…

  9. phuentsho says


  10. @Karma: If what you say is true, I wonder what the minister is getting as kick back. I bet it’s more than a pat on the back. I bet it is even more than a fat cheque for the party coffers.

  11. bunch of pdp fools still not yet out from 2008 shock is throwing their frustrations!….better prepare for another wave of shock in 2013!!!…

  12. Am just wondering by Hon`ble OL`s statement “THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT ENJOYS HUGE MAJORITY AND THEY MOST LIKELY, WILL FORM THE NEXT GOVERNMENT” and this off-course is true in a deeper and wider sense. But contrary to OL`s argument as a capacity of OL in all forums blaming and criticizing the ruling government for their failure had now been proved/accepted otherwise. OL is of the opinion still that DPT will win again….why and for what? The simple reason to me is that OL had understood the exponential performance and fulfillment of every plans and promises…

  13. continuation…..

    ultimately truths are being accidentally revealed………

  14. You may try to reach to people with issues that you want to oppose, but the fact is you will always be OL as long as you run PDP…

  15. Has the OL, the new president of PDP already conceded defeat in the next election? Does it help in his party’s chances? Does it confidence to his party candidates? Has OL decided to be OL again? What’s happening? Come on, OL, try to move forward, not backward.

  16. It has been rightly been sad that ‘you can fool some people all the time but you can never fool all the people all the time’.

    The attempt by the govt. to grab the prerogatives of His Majesty the King to distribute by introducing a Land Bill, was at best unwise and at the worst height of arrogance – assuming once again – they know what is best for the people.

    Many civil servants who voted for DPT in the hope it was a better choice are sorely disappointed by the rash & whimsical decisions of this govt. – telling the people what do, when and what to eat, when to walk etc

  17. I think the quotation you made would be more appropriate if it were directed to the OL. As for the DPT trying to grab the prerogatives of His Majesty, I think it is a big fallacy. You can clearly see why the government wants to have some control over the NLC, because when the NLC make blunders, it is the RGOB that gets the flack from the affected people.

  18. Sangay khandu,NLC Secretary, is a really corrupt man. If an investigation is conducted on his land holdings in thimphu, everything will can be unearthed.
    Service Delivery is really poor from NLC.
    Many Gomchens promoted to surveyor post by Ugyen Takchu own Land in Thimphu and urban areas in other districts.

  19. since the establishment of democracy, many arguments and extraordinary things happened. Even if it continues, no wonder, its just normal.

  20. Yes Smith, PDP thought they could fool all the people all the time by bribing them in the 2007 and 2008 campaign time. However, people fooled the party by taking the bribe, but refusing to vote for the party. I hope the next election will be a more free of bribe so that the result will not be counterproductive.

  21. mongar123 says

    Going by vehement protests of NLC, it seems that they are constitutional body. NC was just bullshitting. Else if they are civil servants, why should they oppose….

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