Flirting with danger

Clear and present danger

Last month, on 17 February, at about 8:45 PM, a policeman was shot and severely injured when gunmen opened fire on the Rinchending check post. Moments later a bomb blast ripped through the check post.

The United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan, an armed outfit based in Nepal, has claimed responsibility for the attack. URFB is just one of the many Nepal-based organizations committed to spreading terror in Bhutan.

Last week, on 1 March, less than two weeks after the attack on the Rinchending check post, the prime minister announced that he is willing to repatriate bona fide Bhutanese living in the Nepal camps who fulfill required conditions.

I’m shocked. Our country was attacked barely two weeks ago. So we expect the government to be on a war footing – we expect them to hunt down the perpetrators and to hold them to full account; we expect them to demand answers from Nepal.

But what does the prime minister do? He flirts with the idea of repatriating the very people who are committed to attack and to spread terror in our country.

I’m shocked. And I told the media as much. Here’s my full interview with Bhutan Today:

Bhutan Today Prime Minister has said that the government might bring back (repatriate) some of the people living in camps in eastern Nepal if they fulfill the criteria agreed upon earlier by the governments of Bhutan and Nepal. What is your overall view on the issue?

Opposition Leader I don’t understand how the prime minister can even consider repatriation.

In 2001 the Bhutanese and Nepalese governments began a joint verification of the people in Khudunabari camp. That verification process came to an abrupt end after the Bhutanese team was attacked and beaten up violently in 2003, just before they completed the joint verification of the people in Khununabari camp. The joint verification process did not resume after that unfortunate incident. Therefore, I don’t see on what basis, on what criteria, the prime minister could even consider repatriating people.

Does PDP support repatriation?

No. Repatriation is no longer possible. Repatriation of some people was a genuine possibility 10 years ago, but even then, only if the verification process was honest and complete. That didn’t happen. Now it’s more than 20 years since people settled in the camps, plus most of them have opted to resettle in third countries. If repatriation was not possible 10 years ago, in spite of the best efforts of the governments of Bhutan and Nepal, I don’t see how the prime minister can even talk about it as a possibility now.

At a time when most of the camp people have accepted resettlement in third countries, some observers feel that the prime minister should not have spoken that the government “will bring” some of the people back as the PM’s speech might disturb the resettlement programme in third countries. Please comment.

I fail to see the logic in the prime minister’s statement. How can he commit to repatriate people if we now don’t have any basis of even identifying whether a person is a genuine Bhutanese or not.

What is the best solution according to you?

I am grateful for, and support resettlement in third countries, especially since the people in the camps themselves prefer to settle in third countries. In addition, I strongly support honest dialogue between the governments of Bhutan and Nepal to consider workable ways of bringing closure to this difficult problem.

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  1. theribari says

    So, wise guy, please share with us what are the “workable ways of bringing closure to this difficult problem.”

  2. Anonymuse says

    It is extremely disheartening to see a politician as yourself state outright that you choose to dismiss the rights of these citizens, the citizens of Bhutan that you’ve sworn to serve. If even one legitimate citizen remains in those camps, the moral thing to do is to fight and ensure that they can exercise their birthright and return to their country.

    Are you saying that the verification process cannot be restarted becase of that incident which happened almost a decade ago? Is it better to hang an innocent man or to let a murderer escape?

    Saying that resettlement is the solution is to bury the problem, and because they have somewhere to go now, they are therefore “not my problem”.

    Apparently some citizens are more equal than others.

    “I also pray that while I am but King of a small Himalayan nation, I may in my time be able to do much to promote the greater wellbeing and happiness of all people in this world – of all sentient beings.” – King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, 2008

  3. At the very outset, it will be stupid to blame the entire people in the camp for the recent attack, and no fools will believe it. Yes, there are some determined terrorists in the camp whose sole motive is to attack and destabilize our country, but, I am sure there will be innocents as well. The situation and circumstances might have compelled them to be there despite being innocent. That is why, it was divided into four categories and negotiation was on full swing, which, of course was stalled due to premeditated attack by certain group of miscreants.

    It is good that most of the people are being resettled in third countries and we should be thankful to those countries. But, we cannot shy away from taking responsibility to negotiate and resolve this long pending issue. Sooner it is resolved, better it will be for those people and Bhutan. Giving blanket statement that “we won’t repatriate anyone” will lead to nowhere, and it will do more harm to the country’s image than good. Where is the question of negotiation and resolving the issue if our stand is so rigid. We are member to many international organization and we do have obligation to solve this issue amicably.

    While, I am very hopeful that all people in the camp will be resettled in third countries, we should continue dialogue with Nepal. Our stand should continue with categorization of four groups. Probably, this will take some time, and in the process, entire people might get resettled elsewhere.

    Probably, OL will need to learn more to deal such complex issues which involve international community. Such “extreme stand” may cater to certain section of domestic audience, but, it is also very important for us to have credibility in the international community, especially, at a time, when we are trying to spread GNH through UN and make our presence felt in the global community.

  4. "wiseman" says

    “Therubari” what the wise man is trying to say in plain simple words is that you cannot simply make amends with terrorists.We as Bhutanese should protect the “Tsa-Wa-Sum” at all costs and it is to my learning that the people who come under these various organizations have no respect for the “Tsa-Wa-Sum”, so ask your self do they deserve repatriation from the people of BHUTAN ???

  5. tshering wangdi says

    we can not accept the people from the camps in Nepal.

    They are not Bhutanese because they left voluntarily (i am an eye witness). those who choose to remain in Bhutan in 1990s are still grateful and cheerful of their decision.

    Bhutan is not a guest house which can be used anytime as per convenience.

    lets not destroy Bhutan by talking about repatriation.

    I as a Bhutanese Citizen will never and ever accept alien people from the camps in Nepal.

    May peace always prevail in our country.

  6. This is an infantile view- even an infantile would be capable of commenting ” ..governments of Bhutan and Nepal to consider workable ways of bringing closure to this difficult problem”.
    This is upfront the most fragile and critical issue in the line of national security and war wouldn’t be Just. The Nepalese wants their “homeland” back, they genuinely claim to do so. How would Nepal government bar family wishing to step inside their homeland where they had backyard quality family time, this is sick and immoral.
    I support the PM decision on this.

  7. OL,
    You have my vote.I made up my mind today. We do not want the trouble makers back.

  8. theribari says

    Don’t try to polarise our citizens. We cannot say that all the people in the camps are terrorists just as we cannot say all those who write here are PDP fanatics.

  9. Karma Dorji says

    In the year 1990 our fourth King traveled through out the country requesting the people not to leave the country. I was personally in one of the meetings and I can see the worry and sadness in our kings eyes. But most of the people paid no heed to our kings request and left the country. They not only left the country but they kept on terrorizing our small Nation and if it had been not our King than I dont know if Bhutan will be a Bhutan today. Now after a decade JYT wants to bring them back… What a joke? Why dont JYT get some advices froom our fourth King. Why dont JYT consult the Armed forces and Milita armies of the 1990. Ask general Batoo and he would say the sution of our country in the 90s. God Bless our King, god bless our country and god bless our armed forces but you JYT I am sorry to say but I feel you should better not take any chances in 2013 because the same people if you bring back are gonna fix you up….

  10. OL really doesn’t know workable ways? He know only one way; whatever government does, it is wrong. By the end of 2012, he will find fault in farm roads that connect whole nation.

    He has been telling people that his party is fulfilling the role of opposition? Yes, he is doing just that if opposition means opposing everything govt does. Ask him a solution and he will tell you that there is alternatives. what alternatives? He has no idea just as he has no idea how to deal with people in the camp. Most people in the camps are traitors. Who made them traitors? Law? who make law? Guy like you.

    As the time changes, the law must change. In the case of people in the camp, repatriation has been doing by some countries including USA. But then why bomb blast is happening if repatriation is only solution?

    We must find all the possible solutions. The comment by OL will just aggravate the situations. Besides, is OL playing politics even with national security and foreign affairs? i don’t understand.

  11. Kelpazangla says

    Dear OL, at times I have been cynical on your views and articals.

    On this point, you are fully right. How can DPT government even think of considering repatrating people from the camps in Nepal. All those (may be) bonafide Southern Bhutanese who voluntarily left the country in 1990s have already been resettled in the third countries. The ones left behind in the camps are the actual Nepalese citizens and Nepali origin Indians that the third countries verified and rejected. There are no more Bhutanese Nepali left back in the camps.

    For the terrorist act, these people are upto terrorist acts everywhere. Not only in Bhutan. It is their culture and religion.

    So, no way, we Bhutanese can accept terrorists for our fellow citizen.

    Next to Lyonpo Thakur Sing Powdyel’s failure on Orong School case, you have won my second vote on this issue.

  12. yet another trick of jigmi thinley..elections next year are approaching, & the man is positioning himself to garner support from the southerners..
    what he needs to not forget on this problem is his stand & comments in various media, forums & official records while he was home secretary.. he cannot do a volte-face on this issue, now that he is a politician..the people will see through his trickery & deceit..
    like his recent remarks on cdg, so is this an act..
    this overrated man’s decision is questionable, judgement skewed, intent shifty, ambitions limitless, arrogance eternal & hypocrisy his trademark..

  13. I also support our Honorable opposition leaders decision. I think there is more harm than benefit in bringing those people back to country. we even can’t guarantee that those people will come back and stay quite, better to prevent than to struggle later

  14. never again, dont ever think of it without Bhutanese people’s consideration, we can’t afford to make another mistake…there is absolutely no way, Hail to PDP….

    bless the people of Bhutan.

  15. Its very unfortunate to witness terrorist here in the last shangri-la and Gross National Happiness country. we are fragile and soft target but they shouldn’t undermine sons of Palden Drukpa. I always wanted to know and learn more about this issue and its present status but am always short of information.
    The most logical solution to the above problem is to discuss among the police makers rather than making it as agenda for politics. Security of Bhutan and its sovereignty cannot be compromised. Terrorism is not the answer. Bring the people who does such act to the justice and punish them with due procedure of law.

  16. I trusted your leadership for quite sometimes and now following your recent stance on “repatriation” thing, I would not hesitate to say that you are also on the same page with many other so-called leaders, who never wanted to see repatriation happen.

  17. Bombs gets exploded during the onset of most of the national events, another will perhaps follow when the parliamentary election is on it’s way. I don’t believe when within no time a group is blamed without investigation.

    People have been gunned down in the highway and in the forests, why a third party credible investigation is not carried out and made available to the general public? Why bombs are always exploding peacefully without causing expected damages?

    The circumstances 20yrs back could be investigated by credible international organizations to confirm whether the entire episode could be condemmed? All the events are being substantiated to be attributing to failure of a peaceful solution but are these events really investigated to be genuine?

    Our politicians should be more farsighted and wise because the future will come with a different perspective and complex universal thoughts.

  18. tshering wangdi says

    we have to take up the issue of several terror incidents happening in our country with government of Nepal internationally.

    Nepal is indirectly causing instability to Bhutan. this is a serious issue unseen by the DPT govt.

    And Mr. TP Mishra, would you speak the same thing if the people in camps were not of Nepalese origin. Dont be favorable to people just because they belong to your own race. every citizen of this country has a duty to its King and people.

    what karma dorji pointed out is 100% truth since i was also in the southern region during the terror days created by people in the camps. they left VOLUNTARILY hence they are as good as a alien living in the outer space for Bhutan… NO REPATRIATION

  19. An Observer says

    I really respected views of OL in other issues. However, OL’s view on such matter seems so immature.

    We all know that there is a problem that is of matter to the Govt. of Bhutan and Nepal. This problem should be solved instead of shying away. If we have leaders who do not want to face this problem, there will be bombs and gun fires happening every time (although the bomb blasts and gun fires in Bhutan are always blamed to the people in camp. I don’t know how far do we investigate. If we have identified them, take action.).
    We need mature thoughts on this. We know there are some genuine Bhutanese in the camp. We can’t wait some third countries to take them and just shy away from the problem. Is that the way we preach GNH? If we feel that the people in the camp are not genuine Bhutanese, first investigate and report. Right now, we are not even investigating this. Sooner this problem is solved, better will it be.
    I am not supporting the people in the camp neither I am supporting DPT. But the solution should be found anyhow. Shying away can not be a solution. Kudos to PM for his matured thought in such issues.

  20. Those people didnot chose to leave the country. They were chased away from the country. Raping innocent women, killing people, this is what the Bhutanese government did in order to chase them out. And now when finally they r having a better chance to leave for third country, the bhutanese govt suddenly want to bring some of ’em back? Does the govt hvae some grudge against the them?
    Mr. tshering wangdi, u dont have any rights to call them alien!! Infact bhutanese govt is the real monster here. How is Nepal causing a threat to Bhutan? Nepal is infact one of the frequently visited places by bhutanese poeple for pilgrimage. U shud be ashamed of urself. If I were you, I’d jump off the lungtenzampa for having such a negative thought!
    Every bombing acivity is being blamed upon them, they r struggling just enuf to live. the govt shud widen ur thoughts n not come to some shitty conclusion.

  21. And also PDP had promised to clear all the pending cases? Were u just blabbering to get votes of the Nepalese people??? Cuz now u guys r planning to chase away those who r having slight chances of coming back to their motherland! :/

  22. Kaflil Green says

    How can you infer that “United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan” is the mob of Bhutanese refugee in the camp with out understanding the grounding facts? Try to spread news only after full research and investigation, if not you will be creating problems to your own people to be a reader of fake and falsified information.

    I have had read some documented articles form Bhutan by one of the member so called Sonam from “United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan”, who claimed that most of their cadres are inside Bhutan of which 30 % of them are from Eastern Bhutan (specially Sharshop community).

    So, it is crucial to understand why people are initiating the seed of revolution inside the country, rather blaming people in Nepal or Bhutanese refugee in camp. Other wise there is no doubt the situation might get more worse, if uprising people’s movement is not addressed truthfully, wisely, and ethically. Early the government address the demands, better the situation controlled.

    From USA

    Kaflil Green, WA

  23. Nyamgawaitosa says

    Let me remind you once again. Please share your workable ways to bring a closure to this debacle as you have mentioned in your interview. Perhaps, the government may hire you as a special envoy. Otherwise, don’t try to fool people and create unnecessary sensation.

  24. tenzin wangmo says

    I think OL has a point here. I don’t agree that the OL is calling everyone in the camps terrorists, is he? But I am sure PM’s promise to resolve and bring back the people from camps in Nepal are simply political gimmick to win the Southern votes – wasn’t he home minister for 5 years and foreign minister for 5 years before taking becoming the PM in 2008? He could have been instrumental in solving the then. But he didn’t because he is just a politician. And what does naive OL do, he takes the bait that JYT had craftily laid for him? Just like CDG, just like increase in salaries for Tshogpas, and just like many small but impactful things.

  25. Anonymous says

    It looks Bhutan does not want peace. They want problems always. They want ethnic cleansing to continue through various means and ways. There is so much land grabbing in the south Bhutan. But who cares? Ultimate aim is to reduce the ethic minority, the southern Bhutanese called Lhotsampas.

  26. Tshewang says

    We are living peacefully here in Bhutan. Don’t instigate sitting in the US. Get to the bottom of the truth and the truth is we have no problem at home. The main problem is with few disgruntled ex-officials trying very hard to fight a lost battle on every front.

  27. We want peace that is why we do not want trouble makers. History speaks for itself. Not just the bhutanese history but Sikkim history and now Jaigoan history.
    Rumours are afloat that the people left so that they can come back in more numbers. Everyone knows that the people left voluntarily and most of the people in the camps are the ones who had been in bhutan but were never bhutanese citizen.

  28. Hi,
    I have been going through most of the comments and many are right, justified and politically correct. And, some rude and arrogant. That’s being human.

    I don’t know whether others have noticed but most of the comments are made using pseudonym. Why? Why do citizens have to resort to remaining anonymous to vent your feelings? Have you ever realised that? Why do all fear to jeopardise personal safety by using owns name?

    This to me shows the level of so called ‘democracy’ in Bhutan. Everything is still lip-service. It seems even the new king with his degrees and international exposures is wary of stirring the hornet’s nest led by the powerful ruling Mafiosi.

    I do pray that the day when all citizens will feel safe and free to use their own name while commenting and venting their voices will come soon.
    That’s when real democracy will come to Bhutan

  29. "wiseman" says

    oh “theribari” trust me when i say i am no pdp dpt fanatic here i do not believe in favoritism.i am a citizen of bhutan simply exercising the right of freedom of speech,isn’t that the reason why we’re all here in the first place or do i stand corrected?

  30. Kaflil Green says

    I was surprised to know that a country advocating GNH have had one of the largest number of refugee( i.e 1/6 %) in ratio (1:6) with its population.

    Throwing people out of the country who have different thoughts, ideas, ethnicity, language, dress-code, and values, and keeping those who agreed with what you command, do you mean to say this is GNH ?

    I think GNH means keeping people of different values, believes, thoughts, religions, cultures with in the practice of freedom and human right, but not as mentioned above.

    If I google Bhutan these days I first see Bhutanese refugee. What a shame!

  31. solo-kamtang says

    There are terrorists. We cannot deal or negotiate with terrorists. We should not. Then there are genuine Bhutanese citizens whom the PM has hinted the gov has to take back and whom the country should protect. We must remember that these two are different people. Although I am against those Bhutanese citizens having left the country more than 20 years ago when the going was bad, I still think taking back legitimate Bhutanese citizens and allowing them to return is the way forward.

  32. My friend Solo-kamtang, do not give you gray judgement just by going through some bias blogs and controlled news media. People to whom you are citing terrorist were forced to be not willed to be. Few individual might not fit this story, but majority were compelled to be and still are being compelled.

    People in power will tell you terrorist if you protest and challenge them with your final alternative. You might have an question, why need to protest and challenge?

    The fact is because if people in power tries to control you like a cattle, if self made constitution are thrown and enforced upon you, if you are treated like a garbage. If you are not listened, your voice and peaceful protest, then unfortunately you would be compelled to go with last option-that time they will colored as terrorist.

    I am not arguing, just expressing the bitter truth. I do love my country, but if government do not initiate a responsible and ethical diplomacy, situation will get more worse, than better.

    Remember, how terrorist are made?

    A. Forced to be or designed to be.
    B. Motivated to be.

    Most of our innocent people in came definitely falls into – A.

    utilize the precious mantra of lard Buddha-

    “Treat all creature with love, respect, and dignity, peace is always with you.


  33. Kamal Chhetri says

    It is better for the people who have left voluntarily to go and settle in third countries. They will again create problem once they are back here. It is actually not a refugee issue but a migrant issue which has now become terrorist issues.
    It is hard to believe how the world believes the lies of these migrants who came to Bhutan and were sent back. And they decided to lie to the whole world that they are genuine bhutanese who were maltreated because of their ethnicity. I must say that they become more bhutanese once they left back for their original country by telling lies.

  34. Kaflil Green, obviously you are an American and I appreciate your interests in the affairs of Bhutan. Have you come to Bhutan ever? Have you studied Bhutan enough to comment in the way you do? If you have, you haven’t done a good job and if you haven’t which appears to be so, then be my guest and visit Bhutan as soon as you can. For quite a lot of people from the US, Bhutan is an expensive destination at $220 plus a day if you come as a regular tourist. If that’s not a problem for you, fine. If it’s a bit on the expensive side, still no problem for you as I will invite you as my personal guest and you won’t have to pay that much. Apply for visa, let me know when and leave the rest to me. 10 days is enough for you to be able to write a thesis on Bhutan. I’ll be your partner, your guide and for whatever else you might need assistance. This exercise will clear all or any doubt you have on and about Bhutan. Till then, I request you to refrain from making comments on Bhutan and its affairs you are certainly unqualified to make. Get me at Karma Tenzin, PO Box 690, Thimphu, Bhutan, phones: 00975-2-326716/00975-2-321410/cell No. 00975-17602317/00975-77229505. I’m your man in Bhutan!

  35. For all other people trying to vent their frustrations, anger, appreciations, disgusts and other adjectives, please calm down. Everyone is trying to get one up here and not much of substance to help anyone, anywhere, anytime! It’s alright to make politically correct statements by politicians because it’s their business, bread & butter for some, strategy for others and for still some, they have nothing interesting to say! While we expose our collective stupidity and ignorance for all to see and read us, others must be laughing at us! Eventually, the will of people of Bhutan will have to and must prevail on the issue of the camp people. More importantly, we have our King who will and must oversee the due process of such an issue. That we trust with heart and soul.

  36. Sonam, USA says

    Karma Tenzin, yes you are the man because every single politically aware individual know from your comments that you are the right hand of some one in Thimphu. For me it is not a big surprise.

    Here is what I want to share with you.
    Do you know how would be the future of GNH,and principle of Buddha that we follow if these currently re-settled Bhutanese folks in western countries still feel this kind of mistreatment and misjudgements from our government of Bhutan? Please think seriously in the ground of reality!

    It will be more worse if we keep on hiding our governments’ wrong move towards these people. It would be wise to make a decision by remaining over the ground of reality than expressing our blind frustrations by being panic and aggressive.

    We do not need be ignorance and shy any more! International communities try to turn their heads to hear about GNH now a days. Came here at this different world and see the consequences. Please, let us not make a self judgement with out doing any research and without knowing the effect of international understanding.

    Here at U.S, I try to defend myself and our fourth king, but is being useless and ineffective because of the presence of the real lively evidence of (Bhutanese refugee from Camps). And, Kaflil Green might be just an example over millions of other.

    By the way time is on our side to be honest, I am too, sorry for these refugee from our county, because at last they are our people and we need to have our responsibility over them too.

    I think we need to re-think this topic and revise our decision on this issue, because our people(Bhutanese Refugee) in these developed countries would be our assets for unprecedented development and parallel success of our Nation in long run.

    So, rather than hatting and being bias to these people, we need to develop our strategy and strength to consider our government mistake and wrong did of 1980s and 1990s. We should consider giving space for these people. It is time to rethink our mistake from both sides. It is time to unite and build our country as we dream for.

    I would like to appreciate our Prime Minister for being farsighted over the issue of refugee from our country. Thanks for understanding the international pressure and reality. Go ahead with your vision. It is good for Us and for those refugee in camp and in Western countries. In general it will be our win-win situation.

    Remembering this quote would also help us to be changed:

    “Admit your errors before someone else exaggerates them.” ~Andrew V. Mason

    Long live Bhutan, long live Bhutanese!

    From, CA.

  37. HI guys,

    Heard that some of the Bhutanese refugees settled in the western countries do not know which part of Bhutan, they or their family belonged to.

    There is no error from our side. The error is from terrorist leaders’ side taking refuge in Koirala, who created the bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal, for the nepalese in the region.

  38. Kaflil Green says

    Kind a surprise! It might be coincidence or the usual practice- Last January when I commented on WashingtonTime against the Gadhafi Regime one of Gadhafi allies wrote me almost same response as Mr. Karma Tenzin comment here in this blog.

    Does not make any sense, but in this globalized society there are still some people in this globe who believe on power and money to persuade other, and to hide the facts.

    Mr. Tenzin thanks for your request. Sorry, I do not want to be corrupted just to support your regime there at Thimphu as some of our low profile reporter did to exaggerate GNH.

    If a simple, un-bias, ethical, and ordinary Bhutanese invite me, it might make sense to accept the invitation, but not from people like you. I am sorry!


    Green, WA

  39. Sonam USA seems to have learnt Bhutan Refugee advocacy in the US. Son, I can’t figure out why you are in the US in the first place. For whatever reasons you are where you are, you seem have aligned your thinking and attitude with not the real international opinion but of the US media honchos of the backstreet kind and the net junks. You certainly can’t claim knowledge of ground reality here, because you are not here to stake any claim to that. So as a Bhutanese in the dollar US, you are under pressure because your home govt. made mistakes as you say? Poor you! All you are hearing and listening to negative stuff about Bhutan on refugee issue there, is nothing but what is being fed by people who thrive on exactly the type you claim under the pretext of championing the cause of refugees. It’s their full time job, bread and butter as they are incapable of doing anything of essence. Add to that, the educated refugees have been recruited, trained, coached, briefed to show a sad face to whoever wants to interview them, photograph them so that they can collect some dollars to keep themselves afloat and not much to really achieve anything worth while. As for me, I neither a civil servant, nor do I belong to any political party you try to imagine me to be! However, I’m a hardcore Bhutanese and not necessarily inclined to subscribe to the ideas of the elected govt. Only way I can prove this fact is, I suggest you read my postings in this and other online facilities. kuenselonline forums is another place you’ll often find me by the name of vugpa. That’s me, my man!The US has never been anything other trouble maker throughout its history. To refresh you memory, US were in the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Afghan War, the nonexistent WMD in Iraq and killing Saddam Hussain, they are still there in the Middle East meddling, they broke up the USSR into fragments, they are after Iran threatening with military action just like they did to Iraq, they created Al qaida and Bn Laden, they won’t move out of Japan and the list is endless! So don’t worry about what is being flashed out against Bhutan. We are far too unimportant for them but we very important for us!

  40. For Mr. Kaflil Green and Sonam USA, be informed that I am aware of the US policies,lifestyles of cross section of the society there, I’ve been there and lived there and know many people, writers, thugs, cheats, manipulators, the pimps and peep shows, the gaming places, drug peddlers and pushers, the gay community to name a few. So naturally, I can’t be impressed by your claims that a few fakes make hue and cry over a handful of so called doubtful refugees and put the two of you under pressure/duress and that you are really concerned about Bhutan! So relax guys and enjoy life!!

  41. Kaflil Green says

    Mr. Karma Tenzin, your attitude and your thoughts provoke how degraded and childish you are.

    As Sanam stated above, politically aware and educated people in and out side Bhutan might have had already noticed your arogance and corrupted thoughts.

    To be honest, I do totally agree with what you have said above about USA. Furthermore, I have not preached any where that USA is the best country to be, or it is the country with happiness.

    Yes, do have lots of problems and our government is responsible for many of them. And we US citizen are responsible for part of those mesh.

    But dear, if you have visited USA, you must be totally shamed to claim about GNH in Bhutan- 1) where 1/6 part of population were forced to be refugee. 2) Where multiculturism and diversity is totally discouraged. 3) where religious freedom is below the average. 4) where innocent public still need to bow down and avoid direct eye contact with authorities. 5) Where single dyenesty holds the power of a county for generations. 6) where cry and utter of citizens were hidden in a black hole. Let me stop here.

    In reality please go through the above post, once more -Drugs Shortage Problem. You would then understand and realized what challenges and hardship average citizen are having, rather than wasting your time preaching and hyping about GNH.

    Hope you would not get mad on me by understand your reality.

    Note: Friends in and outside Bhutan, I am extremely sorry to go in details, but some time we need to consider Friend like MR. Karma too. Thanks for your understanding!


    Green, WA

  42. Kamal Chhetri says

    Kafil Green is dis-oriented and mad. You are barking at the wrong door and with wrong reasons for an cause that is based on lies.
    As far as I know, no one was forced to leave in the first place. You last post seems to indicate you do not like to respect the authority and defies it. It does not work this way anywhere in the world. There is this authority and power structure which needs and must been provided its due respect.Even in a company, if you defy your manager, you get listed in his black book. But this does not happen here, you came here to our peaceful country and wanted to repeat what Julies Caesar said ” I came, I saw, I conquered”. You guys wanted to again say ” When you are in Rome( as illegal immigrants), be nepalis”. That is what happened to Sikkim but that agenda failed in Bhutan. Then the lies started and unfortunately one UN staff with zero knowledge about the regional history was working in Nepal and she made this into an issue.
    You people were illegally here in bhutan and were sent back.Permission were granted for a few groups by our Third King but many followed after that. That is illegal immigration. And these people were legally verified and sent back.
    So be broad and modernized so that you do not have to import your wife from Nepal or Sikkim just because the ones in Bhutan are not of same caste or something. My sincere suggestion would be, marry your neighbor and stop illegal immigration. Don’t mind the thousand years old caste thing, they had no idea who human body functions.

  43. Kaflil Green says

    Mr Kamal, let us not fight with illogical statements but with logical arguments which would make sense. It is not about, should agree or disagree, but about finding the reality.

    So, find out who is in confusion. Mr. Karma tenzin have had indirectly stated that those people in camp were originated by Nepal, and they haven’t ever stepped in Bhutan.

    Now, you are saying that those people were legally verified and sent back.

    While, Mr.Karma Dorji commented at the top in totally different way ” in the year 1990 our fourth King traveled through out the country requesting the people not to leave the country.” If you think wrong, please feel free to go above and read once.

    So, what is your point here ? I don’t know who is jumping over the confusion ?

    It is not about respect the authorities and defies it, it is about

    1. Do the research, before you fall in the pit hole.
    2. Have a clear vision.
    3. Understand the gravity of the issues.
    4. And finally, make mature decisions.

    Appreciate for giving me a space to share my thoughts!

    Bhutanese who are educated and politically aware with global relation might understand what I mean to say. Solving this issue ethically and responsibly is always in favor for Bhutan, and Bhutanese.

    Hiding and ignoring, makes problems more complicated.

    Finally, I always respect and appreciate your feedback and criticism on my post.

    Thanks for your time!

    Regards! Greeen

  44. Mr. Green, thanks a lot for understanding at least a point or two. But, pal you have missed something very crucial in my post. Take a second, scroll back and see where I have mentioned anything about GNH. And the 2nd. point I have written that I don’t necessarily subscribe to the ideas of the elected govt. Will these 2 points make you feel a little less bitter about me? Lastly, you still are suspicious of me being connected to some power base in Bhutan and that I’m somebody who mouths govt. propaganda or I’m some glorified lobbyist here. Sorry, my man, I’m just an ordinary citizen, as ordinary as you’d want me to be and more! But that doesn’t mean I don’t know about the issue under discussion. You know it and must know that Bhutan is a mini economy and depend on on aid/grants etc. When the refugee crisis hit all time high with pressures form various donor nations, the UNHCR, IRC, the EU, the US Senate Committee and at one point, a high level fact finding team visited both the camps and Bhutan. The resultant report had nothing of substance to prove anything against Bhutan. The international media with vested interest even hinted that donor agencies should stop aid/grants to Bhutan.
    That did not happen. Why? Mr. Green may like to answer that. The UNHCR complained of donor fatigue to keep the so called refugees fed and watered and would stop funding. Neither did that take place! It’s become the way of the world now to lobby and counter lobby for everything including refugees across the globe because of vested interests, because many people eke out a living out of the whole process. So what goes round, comes around! But Mr. Green, seriously, what are you? A social activist, a philanthropist, a priest, an academician, philosopher or a catholic turned Buddhist for you an American, interested in the issue under discussion? Just curious and no offense intended.

  45. Mr. Kamal Chhetri, I don’t know how far you understand about settlement history of people around the world?

    Migration and re-migration is like a chain. No one, even you or me can claim to the guru in this topic. But, I am wondering how could you(Chhetri) would be able to claim you are the native from Bhutan, have not you guys migrated to Bhutan from Nepal ?

    And, yes same thing applies to our Drukpa community, We migrated from Tibet. Unbiased history speaks itself, Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal him self migrated to Bhutan from Tibet.

    I think the real inhabitants (natives) of Bhutan were those minorities like Brokpas, Bumthangpas, Khengpas, Kurtokpas, in East Far west and some in some part of North. But, if we dig deep, we can found that they have migrated from Mongolia and Eastern part of India.

    In those days there were no laws in our country that restricts any ethnic group to settled inside the territory of Bhutan. To justify it, remember when was citizenship distributed to our people in Bhutan?

    Now, let me introduce the point of argument here. How could we say those in south were the only illegal immigrants, but not those in North? Is it justifiable?

    Yes, I do agree people from India and Nepal entered Bhutan in different phase of our History, but what is there to mandate them as legal or illegal, if no law and constitution were in existence that time.

    To some it might sounds nonsense to elaborate this topic being a decedent of Sharshop family; nevertheless, fact need to be explored, spoken, and practiced. Otherwise we will be floating around the biased and unreliable information which will eventually reflects us.

    And finally to Karma Tenzin-the man, I would like to suggest- be practical, be unbiased, ethical, and matured. All in all, speak truth, rather then expressing your frustration and anxiety with unreliable and immature thoughts.

    Once again Kudos to PM for broad vision and matured decisions on the complicate issues of Bhutanese refugee.

    My, final thoughts- in general, causes of terrorism should be addressed. Investigation and analyses need to be done. And finally, durable solution on the issue of refugee need to addressed.

    In other words we may stop terrorism, we may simplify those attacks, we may blame those Bhutanese refugees by ignoring and avoiding the fact, but the causes and the principles never be. And this is the universal truth.

    We are at the right time to make a responsible decision. God bless my country, and Peace prevail in Bhutanese.

    “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” Lord Buddha.

  46. Kamal Chhetri says

    Tshring( Tshering?),
    The views we express in this forum will go as far as to express our opinion and might go a little further like the real decision makers of this issue into reading it ( Not necessarily influencing their opinion).
    When we talk about migration, as mentioned by you, we are talking about two different phases or stages in our Bhutanese history.
    When people from Tibet and Mongolia migrated to Bhutan, Bhutan was not a country. Migration was happening all over the world; red indians were being driven by the european settlers in now democratic US at that time.
    Zhabdrung came a bit later and unified Bhutan.
    But when nepalis came, Bhutan already had a very good modern government with modern laws( and not much has changed). I repeat that the first batch of immigrants from Nepal was permitted by our third King. Then many people started coming illegally without proper permission.
    The story is like a family lets someone to stay in their house and is treated like a family member. Then some other guy comes around and decides to stay without permission and when asked to leave, says he is a family member and compares himself to someone who had been permitted to stay by the family.
    One thing I have always believed is what I have expressed. Bhutan was unwittingly made to get involved in a immigration issue due to lack of proper demographic control measures in neighboring countries. It never was Bhutan’s problem actually and what we did was to sent the illegal settlers back. We have limited land and resource. Even with this small population, we are having huge unemployment issues.
    I understand that this issue is a very sensitive issue touching so many people and has also affected many lives.It was an unfortunate event but we must speak the truth and stand by it.

  47. tashi dorji says

    Oh please Kaflil Green. you are more kafley daju or giri bhai than Mr. Green of the US of A. Give us a little more credit, we Bhutanese can make out the difference between a real American and a daju bhai trying to pass off as one.

  48. Wai Kafil Green, remember GI GO (garbage in garbage out). You people are destined to create problem wherever you go. Be careful and be faithful to the US Govt. Don’t be foolish to claim you are original inhabitants of the country, you will vanish from this earth with no trace. And don’t get too bold and write rubbish about Bhutan, Our Local Deities will get your black soul wherever you hide. Be fair, speak the TRUTH and don’t adulterate the image of my country !

  49. Thanks Mr. Tashi Dorje and Mr. Tshewang for your judgements.

    To express the truth, I do not need to fake and hide my name as many of our Bhutanese friend have to do. Because, I do not need to be scared about being tracked by my IP address and MAC addresses.

    But, for sure, many of humble, unbiased, and truth advocating fellow Bhutanese over there need to be scared, aware, and safe with people like you and you tracking policies.

    By the way, you have full right to disagree if you agreed with my thoughts. Still in dilemma? Then, go through all those comments in this whole blog, and get the reality.

    It would makes more sense if you could say- what you have said to me, to those specific person who is posting unnecessary comments with several different fake names. But you could definitely not, because he/she might be no other than your self.

    Mr. Tashi Dorje and Mr. Tshewang (probably a same person) you failed with your tracking device, better buy enterprise version of Metasploit and Zenmap.

    However, thank you very much for giving me some space at-least to post my thoughts. If you could, please let it stay in the post for few hours before you delete or hide them.

    Green, WA

  50. Tshring, aren’t to you a little disoriented and displaced with your thought process with special reference to what I have tried to express in my posts, just like the guy Kaflil or Kaffley or Sonam USA? Please revisit what I’ve written. I’m neither frustrated with the issue nor have I any reason to be under any anxiety as I’ve nothing to do with the establishment of the day. I’m just a nobody and therefore I don’t need to lie about anything to or for anybody. If I appear to be immature, that’s the way I am and I don’t think anybody can do thing about it. However, the facts I’ve mentioned remain facts and have always been facts. You have the rights and opportunity to claim otherwise and I’ve no problems with that. On the other hand, you don’t seem to know the genesis of the problem. Not going too far back to the historical and chronological events of the past and briefly, let me remind you:
    1. The British started tea industry in the Dooars and brought in workforce from Nepal. They multiplied and spread to the foothills of Bhutan. Over a period of time and looking for greener pastures they entered Bhutan’s unmonitored territories.
    2. Early 1960s, Bhutan began its journey towards development activities and that brought in more workforce from Nepal as we did not have people to work. This went on unchecked because we lacked everything required to take measures.
    3. For the purpose of protocol/diplomacy our population figure was inflated to 1.2 million and remained at that for quite a while as we neither had proper records nor had any proper and reliable census been carried out exhaustively.
    4. When finally we did come up with some semblance of population survey, we found something was grossly wrong and head count census was conducted seriously. That was, our lhotsam population was realistically and unbelievably too high for us to manage with our meager resources.
    5. The imported labor force had decided to settle down for good and never to return to their homeland in Nepal, others from nearby India had joined this group because Bhutan offered better opportunity in every aspect. In the process many intermarriages naturally took place.
    6. A very large number of illegal people added to our lhotsam Bhutanese thereby making it difficult for our own folks to survive.
    7. Once the census report was finalized, the govt had to find a way to settle this issue and find solution to accommodate those extra and illegal people who enjoyed unwarranted hospitality of ours.
    8. It was about this time, people got ideas, obviously from Nepal and the developments in the immediate neighborhood, to make inappropriate noise of the kind that led to the problems that ensued and rocked the very core of the Bhutanese element. These are many people may not necessarily and conveniently agree but based on these facts, the international community has piped down and our relations with donor countries to Bhutan continue as it always used to be, unhindered by the refugee issue.
    So the likes of people like Kaflil/Kaffley, Sonam USA and their ilk, facts cannot be altered by few people pretending to be somebody else championing the cause of a handful of people who never belonged to anywhere. And for Tshring, whether your name is real or otherwise, I’m not being biased in my thinking and writing, nor do I support the govt.’s view on the issue nor do I blame my lhotsam friends for being who they are. I’ve been and am just a keen observer of events as a citizen and present facts I believe I know to be true.

  51. Karma, thanks! At least your tone changed now.

    However, I found proofs of citizenship and other kind of acceptable documents with majority of resettled Bhutanese. Some told me they lost it during the fire breakout, and other told me they were lost or were stolen. So, what is your point in this? Do you still consider them illegal?

    By the way I am totally against those who came after we did census in South. Those people are illegal, but how came those who were there before the distribution of citizenship be illegal?

    There is no law or record to identify our people before then. Right? No offense!

    Peace prevail on all.


  52. Kafil, – what about your identity? Why can’t you be yourself instead of hiding behind so many IDs. You claim to live in a free world and yet being a coward and preaching to others. Please also help the Red Indians in America and Aborigines in Australia to get displaced like yourself.

  53. You see Tshering, the problem was recognized by the Bhutanese and I believe a very serious effort was being made, as I’ve said before, to consider and accommodate the surplus illegals. The operative word being surplus. Meaning that the Bhutanese had little or no problems with our own lhotsampas but with those doubtful ones, the new economic migrants, desperately trying, manipulating and with deception to prove themselves as our folks. That’s when the bubble burst and the outsiders influenced the insiders to strike and claim forcefully to unite and revolt.
    Those people with proper and legal documents as you say, should then approach appropriate authorities for rectification instead of blaming through media who wants to capitalize wrongly on the issue! I can go on but Thsering or whatever you style as, think of what I said or rather written, ask around for an honest view of the events that led to the situation nobody enjoyed or enjoys now!

  54. Kaflil Green says

    I am closely reading comments by my friends Karma Tenzin and Tshering/Tshring.

    In my understanding both seems to came to some conclusion, that those Bhutanese Refugee who are in camp and who have had resettled in different western nations are in-fact are not illegal, but were the result of government unclear and ineffective move to clear the illegal from the country. If I am right.

    What ever, I believe if these people were treated with different strategy or with different approach, rather than considering a large mass as illegal, this problem would not have emerged.

    However, there are still chances for Government of Bhutan to analyses these issues broadly and to come with matured decision, rather than throwing a comments in aggression or in rush, which in-fact, harm the country in long run.

    I Hope and pray, Bhutan to take this issue seriously so as to strengthen its concept of GNH in reality. Other wise the concept would be considered- diluted.


    Kaflil , WA

  55. well many said and done about the Bhutanese refugees issue…the cancer is already implanted and its going to infect Bhutan to gradual extinct if not been careful to deal with….

  56. GNH in Bhutan is hard at heart but soft in mouth,about only 2.5% population are enjoying it with everything abundance.About 90% population are struggling to survive and about 7.5%population are trying to make their living better.The corruption is rampants with high Govt.officials which is the normal practice from the time of Bhutan’s modern history.
    GNH is infact a Grossly Nepotiased Hoax,to showcase the world by the wild dreamers of our country.

  57. Let us correct our mistake. It is a good time to bring our people in camp back to Bhutan. So, our attitude on GNH would make sense.

    Hope we would make a good decisions at this time, so world history would not explore our dark side.

    Peace prevail on all.

    Tshering, CA

  58. Penjorla says


    I agree with you. Never think of bringing those refugees back. They are the travel makers and these people are selfish, who only think about themselves. They will never ever do something good for the country.

    They left country voluntary and now they want to come back. Its like spitting and how can u again take back that spit.

    Please Lynpo, Save Bhutan by not taking those Ngolops back.

    We appreciate ur leadership.

  59. f***in people.

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