Ill conceived and misguided policy

My statement to the press yesterday:

Yesterday the UN General Assembly voted to elect non-permanent members to the UN Security Council. Bhutan, along with Cambodia and South Korea, competed for a single vacancy for the Asia Pacific Group of countries.

Bhutan secured only 20 of the 192 votes cast and was eliminated in the first round of elections itself. South Korea beat Cambodia in the second round of voting, and was elected to the Security Council.

The Government has expended considerable time and resources trying to secure a non-permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council. Our Mission to the UN at New York has been enlarged; Special Envoys of the Prime Minister have traveled far and wide; Ministers have traveled extensively and held bilateral meetings at the sidelines of the many multilateral conferences that they attended; and the Prime Minister himself has spent a disproportionate amount of time outside the country, campaigning for a berth in the UN Security Council.  It also appears that Bhutan may have established diplomatic relations with several countries solely for the purpose of securing their vote for our Security Council candidature.

The Opposition Party has always believed that the Government’s bid for Security Council membership was ill conceived and misguided. Moreover, we believed that even if we were somehow elected to the Security Council, we would have exposed our country to more harm than to good. As a young democracy, our focus should be at home, within the country, addressing issues of national importance, rather than craving for the international limelight.

The Opposition Party, however, chose to remain silent until now as we believe that in important foreign policy matters, we must present a united front to the international community, and Bhutan’s bid to join the Security Council was this government’s most significant foreign policy initiative. With the elections having concluded, however, we would be failing in our duty, as the Opposition Party, if we did not express our concern over the current government’s misguided attempt to secure a UN Security Council seat. Our concerns do not stem from the fact that we lost the election, but from having contested for the seat in the first place.

We also feel compelled to voice our deep concern over the overall direction of Bhutan’s foreign policy under the current government. Bhutan has always followed a prudent and far-sighted foreign policy befitting a small country located in a geo-politically sensitive region. The current government’s international priorities can be described as irresponsible at best, and undermine a foreign policy that has served Bhutan well over that last century.

As such, the Opposition Party calls on the Government to reconsider its foreign policy priorities, and devote its attention and scarce resources to pressing issues within the country.

The Opposition Party also calls on the Government to provide a complete and public account of the expenses incurred to campaign for the UN Security Council seat, and to explain why so much resources were allocated to an undertaking that we had no chance of winning in the first place.

19 October 2012


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  1. Django Peg says

    Excellent article.

  2. Kelzang Dawa says

    Everything has limit. Government has tried to prove limitless. We have an elephant of duties and predicaments to be solved at home, yet the government went on searching for an elephant footprint outside. Yes, we are no more isolated nation, but decisions and policies should be based on priority. I am not a learned person, but I have learned about ‘opportunity cost,’ in my high school days, and if I am not wrong, I also strongly agree that those resources wasted outside in a dire quest to acquire permanent seat in UN SC, would have been great blessing to curb some problems back home.
    Keeping an ocean home, and searching for water overseas cannot quench our thirst.
    It is the time to be mindful, and collectively work for better Bhutan, before we are too late.

  3. Paro Penlop says

    That’s Good news to hear !!!

  4. Why is Bhutan’s foreign policy almost never discussed in our press?

  5. I feel sad looking at what’s going on in our country. I have always refrained from criticizing the government but I think it will be a dis-service to Tsa Wa Sum for any concerned citizen to not speak our mind when we feel that there is something going wrong.

    Just look at the amount of precious time and resources we have wasted pursuing dreams that make no sense at all like the education city, tech park, CDG, McKinsey, bid for UN security council seat, foreign trips to market the idea of GNH, hosting of countless international meetings and state visits of people from countries that can be of no long term benefit to us. At the same time, so many serious domestic problems have surfaced. Due to the Rupee Crisis and the mismanagement of the economy, so many ordinary people and small businesses are suffering.

    It’s already more than four years, but no matter how hard I search, I can’t even find one great policy or one meaningful long term investment made within the last four years. People like to talk about all the progress we have made in sociol sector like water supply, electricity, primary school enrolment, and mobile phone connectivity. But these are projects which were already going on before the elected government took charge and, with a strong and well qualified civil service in place, any party that formed the government could have achieved them. Where have they walked the extra mile? Where have they made a real difference in common people’s lives?

    In fact, all the GNH talks by our leaders in power, comfort, and wealth are an insult to a large number of our people living in poverty. We have no shame talking about GNH when so many of our fellow citizens in every remote corner of our country suffer in poverty; when so many of our youth can’t find a decent job to become a productive citizen of this nation, when people we trust and look up to are involved in shocking practices of corruption, nepotism, conflict of interest, and misuse of power, and when the inequality, in terms of both income and opportunity, are growing forever.

    We have an opportunity to build a much better future for our country. But I am concerned that our irresponsible leaders are squandering this rare opportunity. We, the ordinary citizens, can never know the complete story of how and on what the government spends our rare resources, but just the ones that came out in the media are enough to give any concerned citizen sleepless nights.

    The sad irony is that we elected a government to govern this country, but they outsourced it to a group of fresh McKinsey employees who have no long term interest of our country in their heart. How can the McKinsey, a company that specializes in market based multinational economy, give the right advice and direction to a small nation pursuing a completely different goal? Perhaps that’s why we have projects like the education city that doesn’t make any sense. But on the other hand, if McKinsey was advising the government, how come they didn’t see the Rupee Crisis coming? How come they did nothing to improve the country’s trade balance? How come there are no serious initiatives to build a sustainable foundation for our economy? How come there are no changes or improvement in our public sector? I thought they are supposed to be good at these. Well, I guess we’ll never know the answers, because, after spending millions of hard earned Dollars, there isn’t even one proper report in public domain about the McKinsey project.

    Perhaps one of their unspoken mandates was to advice about how to make few people who are close to those in power rich. We see a group of new rich people getting really wealthy. They will become the business tycoons and the wealthest people of this country within the coming decade.

    And then it breaks my heart and makes me really angry to learn about all the corruption cases involving the people in power; people we have trusted for so long to lead us and our nation. No wonder some people in Bhutan are very, very rich even by the international standards.

    On top of that, we hear stories of corruption in Judiciary which can be extremely dangerous for our young democracy.

    But what gives me a little hope is the forthcoming 2013 elections. I think DPT will win again but I am hopeful that we will have more MPs from the Opposition party in the NA for a better check and balance.

    I have no interest in politics. So whatever I have mentioned above are out of my genuine concern for the future of our country and our children. I have nothing against DPT, PDP, or any other party.

  6. I fully agree with the OL’s views and feel that the govt. has gone on a futile excercise that only meant spending huge expenses that we could least afford and a wasted time that could have been spent on addressing the pressing problems at home;
    The PM is so determined to prove an image abroad that he quite forget that we are a small nation struggling to survive.
    Why we did it, is something that is questionable, and should be explained by the PM and the govt.
    What I can’t stomach is that we went ahead knowing that we would lose. I consider this an act of foolishness and squandering away our meagre rescourses without a thought of our economic plight at home. We hold those responsible accountable and should in the future reconsider, how we conduct our foreign policy.

  7. Honourable Opposition Leader,

    It seems you have known all along that “the Government’s bid for Security Council membership was ill conceived and misguided” and that “even if we were somehow elected to the Security Council, we would have exposed our country to more harm than to good.”

    If that is the case, why did the Opposition Party choose to believe that Bhutan’s bid to join the Security Council was an “important foreign policy matter” and “remain silent” in the first place? Why do you call it “this government’s most significant foreign policy initiative”?

    By “remaining silent” (not opposing when the initiative was actually pursued) even when when you knew that the initiative was not good (as you suggest), you failed as an Opposition Leader. I understand that foreign policy matters are always sensitive, and that you could not have made such a fuss out of it on this blog or in the media, but you could have atleast talked to the government in a manner that befits the matter. If you have not done that, you have been a party to the government, and pointing fingers at the government after everything is over is merely resorting to a blame game.

    So, if the government should be blamed for pursuing an “illconcieved and misguided” policy, you should equally be blamed for failing to oppose it in the first place.

    No hard feelings Lyonpo. Just an alternative view 🙂



  8. Some advise I give and remind my 12 year old son often.

    A small kid must know his place, hang around with friends his age and play with boys his size. When a kid doesn’t know his place and tries to play equally and with the big boys of the neighborhood he will surely get hurt or beaten up by the bigger boys. It’s better to respect the bigger boys and keep their support and play with boys of your size.

    Know what you can afford and don’t try to keep up with the richer kids of your class because you will eventually finish all your money trying to compete with kids from richer parents. You don’t have to have an iPhone just because some of them do. Spend wisely and don’t waste the little that you have.

    Charity begins at home and get your room in order before you volunteer to clean your class or school.

    Know and accept your place and never get too big for your boots.

  9. this man becomes pm & plays waste of public resources in chasing a personal dream..the resources wasted & efforts put in would have had far greater impact to address issues at home..
    the country is going through never-before seen financial crisis (which yeshey zimba said was a minor problem & would go away in a few months !), private sector is desperate, people opposing a forced pedestrian are frustrated, youth are going astray, highways resemble dirt tracks, quality of education is hopeless, healthcare fares no better, domestic airports are grandiosely opened only to be closed after 3-4 months, disasters never imagined occur one after another ever since this government takes power, pm & ministers tainted in multiple corruption scams have no conscience & go on shamelessly with business as usual, india is ignored & other foreigners wooed endlessly, public finance in a mess with finance minister clueless, home minister walking on egg shells with gyepshing land scam, the inner circle of this government all staring at corruption charges & time in jail..
    what has worked perfectly well until 2008 with our kings at the helm have all been perfectly undone by an arrogant & hypocritical man & his sycophants..

  10. To me the pursuit of the non-permanent member to the UN Security Council was a ploy to enrich the PM and ministers involved in campaigning for months abroad. According to Foreign Ministry sources the funds spent on this fruitless pursuit runs into crores and crores that our cash-strapped country could ill afford, and that is the bottomline! Apart from the delegates, we have all seen DPT supporters (who have nothing to do at the UN)posing with the delegates in New York. It was also an opportunity for the government to take its supporters for a holiday, which has not been an uncommon practice in every delegation that the PM leads. Our country is small but out delegation is always large with DPT supporters and PM’s family members attending such functions abroad.
    I second the OL, the government must come clean and provide the amount of resources spent on this futile exercise as it is demanded by the citizens. Instead of trying to resolve the innumerable economic problems created by this government (that has after overspending on useless causes forced its citizens to take austerity measures)it goes on a spending a spree abroad.
    Can anyone tell me how much time in a year the PM spends outside this country, and how much of our scarce resources has been spent on his travels that include his party supporters and family members? Someone said that our PM has created a world record and should enter the Guiness Books of World Records for being the only Head of Government who has been absent from his country the most. No Head Of Government in the world spends more than 2-3 weeks outside his/her country in a year, and each trip does not last for more than 3-4 days, but our PM is out of the country for months on end (which leader of a country has ever done that?). Some say he spends more than 2-3 months of the year, even during several Sessions of the National Assembly he has been missing, instead preferring to travel abroad on one pretext or the other. These have cost implications and till date Bhutan has not gained anything (apart from the PM and his huge delegation bringing back $$$ they receive as DSA and the shopping they have done).
    The PM and Foreign Ministry argues that vying for the seat has been an enriching and rewarding process. I absolutely agree, it has indeed been an enriching and rewarding process for the PM, his party supporters, and family members to go on expensive holidays at the government’s expense.
    Even an idiot would have known that Bhutan had a snowball’s chance in hell to become non-permanent member to the UN Security Council. We have barely a handful of diplomatic relations with countries (and only countries with diplomatic relations will ever support each other for such a coveted seat, this was very well known to the PM). But our PM overestimated his reach and influence thinking a few shallow talks on GNH would sway the world to vote for us. Wake up PM!!!! You have done more harm to this country in the last 4 years than our benevolent Kings did in the last 100 years. The whole country is suffering because of his reckless and unilateral ideas and policies.

  11. This govt. probably tried to hide its failure on the domestic front using foreign relation and GNH as excuse. This was definitely not a smart idea to compete with a country like south Korea which is far more advanced than us. PM’s success is no where when it comes to such issue. So better concentrate back home by accepting the ground realities in rural areas and work for difficult solutions. No short cut to success. People knows what your are trying to achieve without. This is not inline with the values of GNH you are preaching. According to GNH the elephant is inside and you are looking for its foot print outside!

  12. Yes, OL has made a big mistake by not opposing the government even when he knew our fate would be fruitless. Or is it that you have now started to blame the government when we did not get elected. Or is it that we would get elected and stay quite although you pretend you knew what would be the out come. That is the greatest mistake we are making. When the Hon’ble PM talked about our candidature and the chances of getting elected, everyone thought he was right. As an editor had written in the editorial column a few weeks ago, we had no chance at all competing with a developed country like South Korea. We are making diplomatic relations with countries like ourselves: developing or underdeveloped countries. Do you think they will vote for us when we do not have anything to offer them. These similar countries will say they will vote for us in front but they know that they will benefit more by voting for the richer country who gives aid to them. We got only 20 votes and may be we got them from the countries with whom we already had diplomatic relations. It was definately a waste of resources which would have benefited our poor people at home. Let us never make this mistake again. We now know at what level Bhutan stands at. Let the future governments concentrate on the well being of our own citizens since the world already knows that there is a country called Bhutan but will never let us give a chance to participate at the international level in view of our economy. Folks, wait and see, once the political campaign begins, Hon’ble PM will tour the east & west and north & south of the country, convience the people and get the DPT elected for the next term. Cheers!.

  13. seeing and knowing the fact about what DPT has done over the past years have never satisfied us.
    I would like to ask them to take a 6 months class on 8 habit for leadership and then only contest to be the leaders in new democratic country and for 2013 election. They are:
    1. Be Proactive
    2. Begin with the End in Mind
    3. Put First Things First
    4. Think Win/Win
    5. Seek First to Understand, and then to be Understood
    6. Synergize
    7. Sharpen the Saw
    8. Find Your Voice

    I have found out that NON of the DPT members have learned the above lessons and have that quality of a leader. It seems that they have never learned it during their school days, during their past career time, have not practiced within their family, so how can we accept them again………………….will be continued……….

  14. straight drive says

    Honourable OL,

    I m of the opinion that our government has exceeded the expectation of many. To get 20 votes is indeed an excellant job. The reasons are as follows:
    1. Bhutan’s foreign policy is dependent on India as per the Treaty of 1949. Though some changes were claimed to be made, these are not made public, atleast I dont know about that. So it means that Bhutan will have to act by India’s interest.
    2. Bhutan has a population of just about 7 lakhs which is not even a corner of one city in many countries. So Bhutan’s vision may not serve the purpose in many parts of our world.
    3. Moreover Bhutan is advocating uncharted principles of life but the present world are looking for something already charted and safe the people from unemployment, starvation etc.

  15. If Bhutan’s bid was successful, OL would have made commented differently. If OL really knew this would fail, he would have made this comment earlier. Do not play politics here. If you know something would fail, remind beforehand.

  16. Well, i have been away for sometimes and meantime many things happened, some of which worth reflecting and commenting.

    UNSC: All along i had been commenting that our effort in securing place in UNSC has been futile effort. It is not because effort is not worth making but due to the fact that we had to compete with country like SK that has more economic and diplomatic clouts than many of us combined. Now we have to swallow our fallen pride; but on the other hand, it is not end of the world. This bitter lesson teaches us that there are more things that require immediate attention of our politicians at home than going around the world wooing vote for UNSC.

    Bhutan is sailing through turbulent times as far as economy is concerned. I am eagerly waiting for some words of consolation from our elected leaders. How long can they keep silent?? Have they ran out of ideas?

    On the hindsight, i begun to doubt whether it was worth investing on three airports that have been built with lot of precious rupees. Do we need these airports considering our miniscule geographical size and very very little domestic air travelers? If they are meant for tourism then we have another case of economic mismanagement because, in the first place, air travelers will displace vehicle hiring services and drive several highways businesses and resorts out of business. Also, two of these airports are very dangerous to fly and land in summer and spring times without proper air traffic control system and weather forecasting system, which are non-existent at present. If at all we need air ports for emergency purposes, then smaller airfield could be built where helicopter could land and take off without much problem.

    I wish Our Government stick to the policy of “small is beautiful” rather than embarking on ambitious projects that require lot of foreign currencies and investments and that are not keeping in tune with environment and ecological principles.


  17. I totally agree with Ugyen. The credibility of opposition is questionable. What a shame, OL only chooses to rub salt in the cut. He and the opposition never said anything when the government was pursuing it though he claims that it would not be good. Where is the credibility? I really don’t understand, is OL just listening to whatever some other people say aftermath of whatever the government days. If such a thing will continue from Hon’ble I really do not see him fit as the Leader of Opposition, let alone the PM.
    Other than pointing his fingers vividly at the government and describing the foreign policy as ill conceived and misguided he had not given us any analysis.

  18. OL sometime do appreciate what government has done. Even if your party win the 2013 election and form government; I think to do like present government will be an herculean task.
    Why didn’t you oppose at the very beginning? You always argued when the eggs are hatched and when everything become impossible.
    Just Opinions
    Pema, Thimphu

  19. OL,
    you have started to moderate your blog from malicious comments…. you said’election is looming’ and that is why you want to moderate your blog to abstain people visiting your blog from commenting maliciously. you could have moderated long time back… why went election is looming, you started moderating your blog? damanges has done long time…it is of no used… people have oozed out all their malicious comments, negative thoughts and hatred to someone for last four years in your blog and they have none for you to moderate. dun worry! i am either PDP nor DPT… i have no malicious comments to either of existing parties. coming to UNSC,,,, i was happy that Bhutan participated in UNSC election and equally happy, bhutan lost…… winning might put Bhutan at blade edge…

  20. OL has lost it once again, the government did nothing wrong in trying to get a seat on the UNSC. As someone who is as intelligent as the OL, it is sometimes difficult to believe what politics can do to a persons mind. I just fail to understand how such a stand can be of any benefit to him or his party.

    As for our once self confessed DPT supporter, drangnam da drangden, he or she actually believes that the reason for aspiring to win a seat on the UNSC was to somehow enrich some DPT party personnel and their supporters, now, can you get more petty and more pathetic than this.

    No wonder, PDP is not going to be of any relevance after the next elections and
    rightly so.

  21. I think if Opposition Leader were a Zhung Kalyon in 3rd King’s reign, he would have criticized King for joining UNO and Colombo plan. The advantage for joining and trying to be seen in international spotlight is even greater than joining Colombo Plan and Postal Union…

    Now coming back to OL’s post, here OL is being opportunist, he kept silence till now in case Bhutan win UNSC seat to share victory. Now it is defeated, he wants to distance himself. As said many times, OL is leader in doubt and no mind of his own.

    He tries to play to populist idea rather than popular idea.

  22. I will run away to Canada,if OL or PM becomes the head of Government in next election,2013.


  24. Hon’ble lyonpo,
    What you did, putting up a united front in the international arena, was the right thing to do.From what is written here it seems when you are ruling party after 2013 you need to be prepared not to receive such support from the Opposition.
    The good right and good thing you have done is make the government accountable. Winning or Losing like the UNSC does not really matter but what does matte is informing the people, the tax pagers, how there money was spent. This is trend we have to set for any of our future democratic government.
    I believe two of our retired lyonpos travelled all over the world as special envoys of the PM. Knowing their aptitude our country would probably have got more than 20 votes in the UNSC had they not made the trips. Anyway they made the trips at our expense so now let us hear how much of our money went in sponsoring those trips. Is it wrong to ask this of the government, whom we have elected, just this much? If it is then the trend set up by our first democratically elected government is not health and changes need to be carried out. So let us welcome 2013 and each one of us citizens make our contribution intelligently.

  25. I don’t want to be on anybody’s side but when we speak out something, it is always good to reflect critically.
    Someone does something with intention and objectives. For instance, govt. spent sometime campaigning for UNSC seat. I feel we bhutanese shouldnot be bombshell for not getting elected.
    The government might have done it thinking that it will help in turn. I would say different people has different philosophy.
    I say what i see and so far no govt under our wise leadership of wise king has harmed or tortured people and nothing will happen to our country.
    Pelden Drukpa Gyalo

  26. Hon’ble Lyonpo,
    Are you a ngolop by any chance? That’s what Lyoenchen has made you out to be on national TV yesterday.
    Any comments la?

    We are very interested to know the amount we spent on trying to secure a seat in the UNSC. That answer PM did not give us.

  27. Bhutan started to plan for joing the UN Secuirty Council back in 1999 when Bhutan was still ruled by king. So, doe the OL mean that our king misconceived this plan? Or, is he raising the issue just for the sake of oposing it?

    • Dear Observer,

      His Majesty the Fourth King devolved executive powers to an elected council of ministers in 1998.

      Guess who was foreign minister in 1999? And who was the chairman of the council of ministers when Bhutan indicated interest for the UNSC seat?


  28. So, you took 13 years to voice out that it was misconceived? Would His majesty the king not have then advised the present PM to withdraw the bid if it was really a nuisance? Does it mean that only one country should attempt for the Security Council at a time bid so that no country fails in the process? Also, what harm would have caused even Bhutan was selected?

  29. Dungsam Khotsha says

    “It takes an eye to see others, but a mirror to see oneself’ goes an old Bhutanese saying. Eyes are normally taken more care than the mirror because mirror is useless without an eye. PM must take care of his people who voted him to serve, and not just go around like a nomad moving around all the time and forgetting his homeland. Seven more months and for Bhutan’s sake, let us vote this greedy man out, or else, we will surely be digging our own graves.

  30. Dear OL,
    Even if the government was handed over to the council of ministers, would His majesty the king have allowed the government to bid for the sead if it was really not necessary? Do you mean that only one country at a time should bid for the seat so that no country lands up in failure? What is the harm in participating? I also do not understand what harm it would have caused if Bhutan secured such a prestigious seat in the UN Security Council. Every nation aspires for it.

  31. The attempt by Bhutan to get a seat in the UN Security Council by taking on South Korea seems to have been like one of our best RBA boxers challenging Mike Tyson. Little wonder Bhutan got a bloody nose.

    What was the purpose of this resource-draining adventure when it was clearly a ‘lose -lose situation’. If Bhutan won it would have forced Bhutan to take sides. Also the embassy in New York may have been ‘enhanced’ with perhaps relatives of influential persons costing tax payers dearly.

    Was it really it justified to send large delegations and Special Envoys (who should really be enjoying quiet retired lives) to lobby when the chances of winning was non-existent from the beginning? The silver lining being presented to the public is that Bhutan has established diplomatic relations and enhanced its sovereignty. Could that not have been done more discreetly and pragmatically which has been the hallmark of Bhutan foreign policy under Bhutan’s enlightened Monarchs?

    Should not the former Foreign Secretary accept moral and professional responsibility for this debacle.

  32. ur excellency,
    if something good is happening you are in the limelight. if its other way than you hibernate and wait to sting after its all over.
    please, if you continue to think that way, i recommend you to not to park take in the upcomming election.

    sorry la… but i feel that way

  33. Dear OL,
    Why didn’t you post my last comments? Was it undemocratic? Coming to the point, though the executive powers were devolved in 1998, His majesty the king kept his eye on the functioning of the government since it was a preparatory step for full democracy. So, it would not have been possible for the PM to do anything on his own will. I also wonder what harm it would have caused to our nation if succeeded in securing a seat in UN Security Council. Every nation strives for it and how can you say that Bhutan must not do so.?

  34. Hon’ble OL,

    Whether you like it or not. JYT has been one of the trusted Bureaucrats of the Kings. You only lose your credibility trying to prove that wrong. Its no need for you to bring out the history, I am sure PM as the Foreign Minister then, must have briefed and consulted the King.

    The problem with you and our opposition is you act too late. You wait for the public and media to say something, and then you make your move. If you knew it was an ‘conceived and a misguided policy’ all along, do you think you are doing justice to Bhutanese people by keeping mum until everything has been over?
    Do you think you did a justice to Bhutanese economy by not raising the tax issue in the parliament but taking the government to court later?

  35. There is absolutely nothing wrong in asking a government elected by the people for accounts on money spent on behalf of the people. This is democracy.

  36. i am with karma 1, all true. its too early for bhutan as of now..

  37. respected OL
    your post is really an informative one. we should have protested earlier before hand but our money and resources are gone now. but this kind of defeat should impart bhutan that as of now bhutan is not ready for any thing big like this., even if we won for seat, what could we have done? i think gov is doing kind of business by selling GNH, or are they trying to barter it for some donations, help, to think. why not concern of pressing issues within country.

  38. PLZ ..sue PM………………………………ASK Him r Unpatriotic..Lyonchen has killed Democracy in BHUTAN………………Those who criticize is labelled as unpatriotic which translate into u r ……………………………………………..NGOLOP……………plZ OL……take this matter seriously for future of democracy in BHUTAN…M WITH U…………………………….

  39. i mean ask prove hw u have been unpatriotic,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,its sad that PM think he is the only patriotic person in BHUTAN……
    what are 32 percent of our population doing who supported PDP,,,,,,,,,Plz OL….ask PM the basis of his remarks………u r “unpatriotic”,,,,,,,what have u done unpatriotic things??????? I deeply saddened,,,,,,,,,,\

  40. Dear OL,
    Just remember King has to be consulted and final approval were always sought.

    Your LSN was also part of cabinet as a Minister and he became Prime Minister by mid 1999. what was his stand that time. Or was he busy planning move for health to indirectly publicize himself to future voters which didn’t succeed.

    By the way, who is opposition party in parliament. It seems only you now.

    Having said that I appreciate your one man show in parliament but you need to have some ideology even then..

  41. It would interesting to know how much hard earned money has been spent chasing the UNSC seat. Democracy as it is has proved to be too expensive for a small country like ourss!

  42. while irrespective of whether the rule is under the king, whether the rule is under the the devolved powers or whether the rule is under the full democratic system, no PM and others would take such a important decision without having consented our Kings…thus it has a principal approval from our kings as well…i think it is only natural to move forward…no worries…nothing went wrong…

  43. In 1999, the govt. I believe only put in their intentions to join the UNSC, as they were no other contenders at that time. It was during the present governments time that it was declared formal. I believe, it was the govt’s responsiblity to have carefully assessed the situation before diving into the untested water before wasting both time resources and our face. I also feel that it is unfair to point the finger at our Kings only when it is convinient to do so. The decision was that of the present govt. and whether good or bad, should be accepted as such.

  44. OL is right here.
    There is nothing wrong in asking the govt for for clarity in what it does. The problem is how PM has reacted. It is really unfortunate. There is no tolerance or maturity on the part of the govt. They have lost and has spend huge sum of hard cash and time. They should actually apologise to the people by accepting their responsibility.
    It is also known that this govt hardly listen to the opps.They think think they know every thing. This is dangerous attitude in democracy. It is the duty of opposition to held the govt accountable and keep inform people.
    Those people who think otherwise are entitled to your right, and I respect your views but not necessarily agree with you.


  1. […] 2012, for instance, when Bhutan sought a non-permanent seat at the UN security council, Tobgay did not mince words: “Bhutan has always followed a prudent and far-sighted foreign policy befitting a small […]

  2. […] 2012, for instance, when Bhutan sought a non-permanent seat at the UN security council, Tobgay did not mince words: “Bhutan has always followed a prudent and far-sighted foreign policy befitting a small country […]

  3. […] 2012, for instance, when Bhutan sought a non-permanent seat at the UN security council, Tobgay did not mince words: “Bhutan has always followed a prudent and far-sighted foreign policy befitting a small country […]

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