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At the end of the second Pedestrian Day, I reproduce below a comment posted by “Dala”:

Can anyone provide a copy of the executive order circulated by PM.I want to see the content of the order because the Police and the RSTA people are not allowing vehicle movement even in remote places forget about towns and cities. I was on the way to Dagana from Dagapela and they stopped my car and said that I cannot go to Dagana. When I asked why I can’t go, their reply was that there is executive order from PM to restrict all vehicle movement on Tuesday. So, its really confusing for the general public. I thought the executive order applies to Dzongkhag towns and cities only.

The prime minister’s executive order is available on the Cabinet’s website. However, I’m posting it here for your ready reference.






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  1. Thank you Hon’ble OL for providing a copy of the Executive Order.I will print this and carry with me whenever and wherever I travel on Tuesday and If RSTA and Police stop me I will read and explain the content of the order to them. I also need to find out if Dagapela falls under major town.

  2. It sounds like we are driving during a state of emergency!

  3. I feel its good to walk at times and this is good initiatives to encourage people to use public transport system (city buses since i can hardly afford to pay for cabs) rather than driving individual cars.
    However, i feel goverement should have been well prepared for this before implementing it. on pedestrain days, city buses are full and need to wait for another bus to come. more over the frequency and timing of the city buses should be notified to the general public (esp new big buses).

  4. If we are serious about are environment we should buy electric busesto be used within the city and our city cabs should be converted to driven by LP gas like in Thailand and India.

    Presently, Tuesdays are “Taxis’ Day”

  5. Next executive order will be , people should get up at 6:00 am, then do some yoga, then eat vegetarian breakfast, then go to office , then eat vegetarian lunch, then in the evening come back, then watch tv at 6:00 pm, only married couples can have sex at 10:00 pm once a week, bath only once a month to save water, farmers should go back to using ox and horses, all to save our energy and the environment.

  6. Dear OL la,
    I’ m wondering,let alone the general public, even you seem to have not got a copy of MP’s Executive Order for Padestrian Day through official channel.As long as there is no mention of the letter copied to you, for that matter,the Office of the OL, i would tend to think that you’ve illegally managed to possess one, and even dare to make it public through this social networking channel.
    Even to think otherwise,and i ask myself, is the OL doesn’t deserve to be issued such an important letter by the Secretariat of the MP? As an important public figure?…. Notwithstanding, even i’ve got the chance to see the executive order,thanks to the OL.
    Kadrinchhe la

  7. your excellency,

    Thank you very much for sharing your valueable thought on pedestrain day in Bhutan. I utterly agree with you that the move should be encouraged by the leaders of the country instead of imposing the rules without seeking the views of general public who are mostly effected. Though i am not a cab driver, i am quite sure many of cab drivers in the town might hav made hefty cash on the pedestrain day. those who generally work for 5 hrs a day seem to hav workedatleast the double hours on that particular day emmiting the double amount of carbon into the atmosphere. which i think is a failure of basic objective behind this move. secondly, tourist visiting bhutan might hav been confussed looking for odd and even numbers.
    Instead of making tuesday pedestrain day, it would hav been much better if the entire norzin lam is conververted into pedestain way whereby only specified numbers of vehicles can proceed into fulfilling certain requirements.

    Thank you very much.

  8. zhabdrung says

    This looks like an excerpt from Mein Kamf. Who are they to dictate when we should walk, talk, eat and sleep. One day these guys will start propagating that 2 plus 2 is five.

  9. Your Excellency,
    This is outrageous!!
    By protocol their Majesties should have been copied the notification 1st and 2 nd in the list. This just shows the esteem the PM holds for the monarchy. The Bhutanese people must not accept his arrogance any more.

  10. Alas! These days the concept of ‘Climate Change’ has become more important than ‘Buddha Dharma’for some people.

  11. Drukpa,

    You are such a DUMB ARSE!! Read the Notification again. The copies were NOT sent to their Majesties but to their Secretaries. And if you did not know, their Majestys cannot be sent copies — they must be submitted the copies in ORIGINAL and presented in person by the sender/signatory.

    The Secretaries to their Majesty’s are certainly not above the dignitaries named at serial 1. to 5. So the order of listing is correct.

    Read and understand properly before you make silly comments.

  12. one should note there has been inconvenience and some extra expenditure for mothers of new born child who have to shuttle home to breastfeed,,,
    two wheelers should be given free passage,,, i think bhutans greenhouse gas emission is negligible,, maybe even less than a millionth of the total but its contribution to environment by virtue of having huge forest cover is astronomically high,,, so its incomprehensible why bhutan should be burdened to produce oxygen for others,, and it comes at the cost of villagers as they have to depend more on forest which is mostly protected,,???
    i think the main objective is to cut some expenditure as this would save few millions of rupee on fuel per day considering that the traffic is reduced by half or so

  13. fuentsho says

    Executive order in Bhutan is a must, without one things will never get done. Hehe talk or the walk never made to the second week because it was kept optional. That is why we have laws, rules and regulations. For instance how can we not make it mandatory to wear helmet when you are riding a bike? Or speed limit of a car? Can we just make it optional? – Sometimes Opposition is too much dwelling on petty issues.

  14. In a democratic setting, we have executive, legislative and judiciary bodies. If executive body does not issue the orders, is the OL going to issue it? Those who don’t like new changes will get stagnant in their lives. If we ask the people for every decision, we will never come to a conclusion. One man’s food is another man’s poison. Definitely, the government’s food is OL’s poison.

  15. fuentsho says

    Well said there, Thinker.

  16. guardian says


    Are you kidding me, inconvenience to new mothers, while I certainly sympathise with them, spare a thought for many of our villagers who walk for days just to get their rations of salt and rice etc, than you will find that being a little inconveniienced in a place like Thimphu will feel like heaven.

  17. Young Bhutan says

    Hello Everyone:

    Why can’t the car owners (I believe most who complain so much about the Pediastrian Day to be car owners)see beyond the need of their selfish selves?

    Why can’t the Pediastrians (If those of you who complain about the day do not own cars)see that the move is for us all?

    And why can’t our Opposition Leader stop clamouring over petty issues?

  18. Dear all,

    Although I do support the cause but I am very much against the way it is implemented.

    My basic doubt: Why can’t judiciary intervene when any of such dictatorial orders are passed and enforced. We must empower judiciary to keep a check in a ‘democracy turning to autocracy’…

    Just a thought…

  19. I just feel OL complains because public opinion is in his side..atleast public opinion of those who own the car and know his blog..

  20. wingsung says

    Come the rains and the biting winds of winter, it’ll be interesting to see how many of the new gung ho walkers are still walking.

  21. hi guardian,
    thanks for enlightening me,,, must be your village is 10 or more days away from roadhead coz mines only five days away if you think that i hail from urban town with a silver spoon in ones mouth,,, not being explicit does not mean its against those not mentioned,,, i am all for villagers and farmers,,

  22. Young Bhutan says

    Dear Mibang,

    I too feel that the way it is being implemented could have been more democratic in an ideal sense… But my doubt is who all could have been consulted… obviously there can’t be a national referendum everytime the Executive passes an order… So my assumption is that the government could have the authority to pass minor things like that own thier own… As long as the means is not too destructive and is justified in the end, I feel there should not be much problem…

    And my reservation with the OL’s criticism is that he has the kind of daring to make remarks that will potray Bhutan in a negative light in the eyes of international community… See for instance, he says that the Pediastrian Day is nothing more than an attempt on the part of government to steal the limelight in the international media… Now, doesn’t he think that that is good for Bhutan? He can go against the government.. But not against the state… He should be proud instead…

    I can only pray that our OL excercise a bit of restrain… and may be get stronger with those issues which demands greater attention… Delving into petty issues will only cost his own credibility…

    Respects for OL!

  23. If OL does not want Bhutan to gain any attention from international media, what’s going to be his foreign policy like? How will Bhutan’s development programs survive without the foreign donations including the Indian aid, because OL also does not Indian cars to enter our country. Are you opposing simply to please a certain section of people, or are you really against the international relations. Perhaps, you must be feeling envious when our PM is shining on the international stage. Many of us are just confused with your personally intended views.

  24. Considering the number of reckless drivers in cities and their lack of common sense to let the pedesterians cross the roads even at zebra crossings, I wish if every day were Pedesterian Day in Bhutanese cities. Although the cause has been to reduce environmental hazards as well as to reduce traffic congestions, I feel that pedesterian day must be taken as a reminder for the need to respect the pedesterians by all those who drive. Every day I see a lot of school children restlessly standing at the edge of busy highways or roads waiting for a chance to cross over, yet I have never seen any car stopping by to allow them to cross the roads. When will our people begin to realize that those children might get late to the school because of them or when will they realize that all pedesterians including the disabled and the old must be respected while driving? So, I feel that the introduction of Pedesterian Day is a good move although the government should have sought public opinion through appropriate research medium before implementing it. But certainly there is an urgent need to be aware of traffic congestions, inconveniences for the pedesterians, climate change, etc.

  25. Thinker,
    Yo are right! OL’s foreign policy will read:
    1. Do not allow Indian vehicles inside Bhutan while Bhutanese vehicles should be free to go any where in India.
    2. Bhutanese refugees in Nepal should not be allowed to return even if they are genuinely Bhutanese
    3. Bhutan should not participate in any UN or other international and bilateral meets as it is not in national interest.
    4. GNH – what is it? The Oppn party has to define it before it goes international…

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