Public resources control media?

About four months ago, on 28 April, The Bhutanese complained in their editorial that the government was increasingly “using their advertisement revenue to ‘fix’ critical papers …”

Last Saturday, Business Bhutan published a copy of a circular, marked “confidential”, directing all departments within the Ministry of Information and Communication “not to provide any advertisement, announcement, notification, circular, etc” to The Bhutanese. The letter, dated 2 April, was issued at the instruction of the Minister.

Lyonpo Nandalal Rai, the minister of information and communications, has clarified that the circular was a result of miscommunication; that he had meant “Bhutanese media”, not “The Bhutanese”; and that he had withdrawn the circular as soon as he had seen the error.

Lyonpo Nandalal Rai’s clarification is welcome. But it seems unlikely. And, anyway, it is not sufficient. He should answer why he would have wanted to issue a blanket ban on all advertisements, announcements, notifications and circulars in all the media houses – print, radio and television – in the first place.

He should produce the office order withdrawing the circular in question.

And he should explain why government advertisements, announcements, notifications and circulars in The Bhutanese have fallen, and fallen drastically, since April.

The latest issue of The Bhutanese, for example, printed on Saturday, 11 August, carried just three notifications (two by Bank of Bhutan; one by Bhutan Power Corporation) and one message (by DHI). There was nothing – no advertisement, no announcement, no notification, no circular – by any of the government agencies.

Compare that with the Saturday, 11 August issue of Kuensel which carried more than 10 notifications (by National Assembly, ECB, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, RBP, Ministry of Agriculture, Tsirang Dzongkhang Administration, Wangduephodrang Dzongkhag Administration, Samdrupjongkhar Thromde and STCB) and more than 10 announcements (by Druk Air, RAA, BNB, DGPC, NPPF, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Mangdechhu Hydropower Project and RBP). Most of these notifications and announcements were made by government agencies.

In terms of content, The Bhutanese wrote 15 articles and, for comparison, Kuensel wrote 17 articles in their 11 August issues.

But Kuensel enjoys a wider and bigger reader base – yes. Plus Kuensel is older, more established and would have a better marketing division – yes, yes and yes. Yet, the huge difference in advertisements between the two newspapers is too big to be explained just by these factors, especially since The Bhutanese also enjoyed much bigger government advertisements only a few months ago.

Is the government misusing public resources to control the media? It certainly looks like it. And if that is the case, we cannot allow it. But what can we do? To start with, we can take a closer look at the newspapers. We can study the contents of the newspapers, and scrutinize all government advertisements, announcements, notifications and circulars.

That way, the government will know that we know if and when they misuse public resources to control the media.

Here’s a copy of the MOIC circular that appeared in Business Bhutan:


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  1. Django Peg says

    With ”The Bhutanese” clearly outlined in inverted commas, i think Karma Tenzin has some explaining to do.

    The fact is, the government simply can’t handle the stories written by the Bhutanese.

    Game on…

  2. This is it, this symbolizes the end of Bhutanese democracy

  3. These are BBS you tube links to two programs where Tenzin Lamzang made an appearance to talk about the issue of ad control to the bhutanese and the dangers to free media and democracy.

    Peoples voice —

    Monthly Review —

  4. citizenxiii says

    Forth estate in bad shape, our Govt. seems to prefer stories which suits their taste.No sooner it will be a hobby for the influential folks to own and run media houses in Bhutan.

    I recall a quote by Thomas Babington Macaulay,” I have long been convinced that institutions purely democratic must, sooner or later, destroy liberty or civilization, or both”.

    Welcome to Demi-crazy!

  5. I think Bhutanese newspapers must learn to sustain without government handouts. In that way, they can write what they feel is right which of course is not always agreeable to others. I do not see any logic where government advertisement is equally divided among various newspapers. It does not make sense and it should not be that way. Government of the day, like it or not, will always have discretion as to which paper they should support. Such support will change with changing government. So i see no reason why some newspapers should complain for not getting advertisement.

    My suggestion is if newspapers want independence from the government and write what they want they should stand on their own feet rather than going with begging bowl and at the same time shitting on the plate, which feeds them.


  6. By the way, i forgot to mention one thing. Bhutanese society is not matured enough or ready to support investigative journalism that can become bitterly biased when dealing with corruption cases. Franky speaking, if we start investigation of all wrong doings of the past, then i am afraid that Bhutan will be one hell of a big jail where all members of the higher echelon of society right down to drivers, peons and contractors will be languishing.


  7. just-to-be says

    Do not give any ads to bhutanese media, if what MOIC minister clarified is true, instead give it to media in the foreign countries.

  8. I think we all as a responsible citizen must support “The Bhutanese” paper from dying natural death.
    The Bhutanese has been doing excellent job and that every one must agree. It is need less to say that they have been investigating big corruptions and exposing the true colours of our corrupted leaders.
    If they are not corrupted, how on earth in a span of 2-3 decades in service, they could accumulate such a massive wealth. The wealth that belongs to every citizen of Bhutan.

    So what could be done to support The Bhutanese.
    1. I think one way is to encourage every responsible citizen to at at least buy the papers and read them.
    2. Encourage all private business firms and corporate house to give adds to The Bhutanese

    We want more such investgative reporting on corruptions.

  9. Which newspaper gets the ads will depend on the coverage of the newspaper itself. Does The Bhutanese newspaper have same coverage as the Kuensel has? Ads are for reaching out public notifications not a food to be shared equally among all. Another question is, is The Bhutanese newspaper going to dig out all corruption practices of our past history. What about 20, 30, 40, 50 etc years ago? Was Bhutan free of corruption those days? If not, The Bhutanese is deliberately targeting the present government. I’m sure all the high officials of the past were in some ways involved in corrupt practices because the situation itself was like that.

  10. If this is the govt policy towards the media then we can discount having free media in Bhutan.

    Thinlay you seem to one of those DPT hound dogs sniffing online forums and posting the same things under multiple names. How the hell can media live withouth govt support when whole economy is govt run.

    All i can say is JYT i had great respect for you once and even voted for you. I still respect you but looking at this circular you have become a much smaller leader in my eyes. Small enough to be even compared to ur MPs.

  11. Sad Sad Sad

  12. Well, if media wants government support they have to be unbiased in what they report. Truthful and unbiased reporting will have societal support. Vindictive journalism has no place in our society; It is a source of conflict and unnecessary hysteria and sensationalism, which we must avoid at all cost.


  13. Thinleys example of vindictive journalism – Gyelpozhing, MoH scam, Chang Ugyen, Bhutan Lottery , Denchi scam , Bjemina

    Thinelys example of good journalism – 101 times rebroadcast of PM’s speech on BBS

    Thinelys idea of democracy – Hail Hitler !

  14. Thinlay is one of the top rung chamcha’s of the DPT and therefore whatever he writes in this forum is in support of DPT. He doesn’t seem to be giving a fair opinion, just forget about him. The fact that every body agrees is that the present government uses the bulldozing tactics to get things done whether people like it or not. The best and most recent example being the Tuesday Pedestrian Day which more than 80 percent of the people (old, young, students, monks, arm forces, etc.) are not in favor of it and strongly in favor of lifting such draconian rule. Yet, the bulldozing government seems not to pay any heed. People should think carefully before you vote next time, if you do not want to live in a country where more of bulldozing form of governance evolves. We want true democracy, the democracy which will promote in achieving the GNH.

  15. bhutangossip says

    “Going with a begging bowl and shitting on the same plate”

    Quite a statement. Looks like your plate is full for sure. Do you live on the leftovers or you are part of the main course?

  16. Well, i do not have to defend or respond which side of the fence i belong to. It does not take rocket science intellectual caliber to decipher the intention and purpose of “the Bhutanese” paper.


  17. The Bhutanese wants to indulge in third-rate journalism and at the same time want to beg for ad money from the government for sustenance? That is down right shameful. If they wish to dish out nonsense, then they better be prepared to accept what they deserve.

    Given their circulation and the slander they commit against the country, the government should shut down this immoral paper. However, the DPT government is so busy acting goody two shoes, they won’t act.

    The Bhutanese wishes to act cocky against the government, they can but have the spine to do it without groveling for government’s ad money. The ad money is not allocated so that some half-breed paper can go and put out slander against the justly elected government.

    Incredulously, they will have us believe that they are into investigative journalism when, in effect, it is nothing more than a puppet in the hands of some interest group.

  18. 1. The MoIC should produce the follow up papers concerning the Circular.

    2. Karma Tenzin should tender his resignation.

    3. We should revisit the current system of govt. ad allocation to the papers – Perhaps, this is not working?

  19. If you don’t like Aum Neten and Tenzin Lamzang then there’s only one reason- You are corrupt.
    If what Bhutanese reported is wrong then we should stone Lamzang, but looking at the way things are He has evidences… And if you still think Bhutanese should suffer from Ad deficiency for speaking truth, then think about your future where you have to pay for speaking the truth.
    I am not against the government, in fact I worship the PM but I damn the corruption and his hands in it.
    The Bhutanese came like fresh breath of air, among many stereotype newspapers in Bhutan, with difference and courage, and we should keep it alive.
    Dear OL, please fight for the survival of strong media.

  20. Why only The Bhutanese newspaper finds such news against the government? If everything Tenzin Lamzang writes is true, why not other 11 newspapers find such things out? I think some of those things are made up by the The Bhutanese newspaper intentionally.

  21. The circular looks like a genuine mistake to me, how can they write, “the media, the Bhutanese, it looks like they meant the Bhutanese media. So OL and Tenzing Lamsang have been had by the RGOB it seems. And also, it does not look plausible that a government under minute scrutiny for all their actions would be foolish enough to issue such a directive, it just does not add up. Since the officer apologized, like it or not, we must give the benefit of the doubt to the RGOB.

    And Passu, you are certainly not correct in saying that all people who don’t like Aum Neten and Tenzing Lamsang are corrupt.

    I love Aum Neten because she is doing a thankless job, but I can’t say the same for TL. He is bringing in a dangerous type of journalism into Bhutan, commonly known the world over as tabloid journalism, which we can well do without.

  22. I don’t trust this newspaper, the Bhutanese, it is creating disharmony amongst the Bhutanese.

  23. Dear observer, I have the same question, why can’t 11 other papers find those stories? This make The Bhutanese very crucial.
    And if the Bhutanese is cooking up the story, why do you think Government is silent?
    Dear Guardian, I respect ur idea of good journalism but do you seriously feel the Bhutanese is threatening journalism in Bhutan? I find it strengenthening real journalism. I find courage in it. I find selflessness in intentions.

  24. I wonder to what extent the The Bhutanese newspaper will pursue the corruption cases in Bhutan. Is the newspaper going to dig out only the facts of present ministers or go beyond that? Will Tenzin Lamzang investigate the issues of 1990s, 1980s and so forth?

  25. Passu, What we want from the Bhutanese is responsible journalism, not vindictive journalism as one commentator earlier mentioned. And to each his own, while you find courage in The Bhutanese, I on the other hand find it being on a hate driven mission.

  26. Yes Observer–The Bhutanese paper is very selective in reporting and seems to be targeting only the present government. That is why i say this paper is 100% biased—-no wonder, it is own by group that has bone of contention with DPT ministers. I would even degrade this paper to the level of “vendetta paper”. The paper should be nipped in the bud before it causes more disharmony and unhappiness in Bhutan.


  27. Thinlay , Guardian , Observer, just ask your self whether we would like to go on with these corrupt people (be it members of DPT or PDP or anybody) without being penalized or shall we, as a responsible citizen, voice our concern over the corruption and make them pay for your corrupt practices.
    I am sure those of us who are not linked directly or indirectly with these corrupted people will support “The Bhutanese” for bringing such a sensitive issues.

  28. I think Thinlay , Guardian , Observer and Prool and ‘the monk’ are the same person. OL should not allow ppl to post the same things under different names.

    As for this case it shows how blind DPT has become even when hard hitting evidence is presented. Almost all papers including the usually pro govt paper The Journalist has also lambasted the govt for trying to kill of media freedom.

  29. To not to be able to see that this paper is up to no good, we have to have people like Passu.

  30. The Bhutanese is run by Tenzing Lamsang whose only mission is to discredit the government and cause disharmony in our society. If it is so good, why don’t you who appreciate it so much, come to its rescue. The purpose of advertisement is not to finance the papers but to promote or inform tyhe public and it is up to the agencies concerned to choose the medium. Please do not mistake investigative journalism with irresponsible and vindictive journalism.

  31. San, please don’t pretend that you are someone with no political affiliations, you support this paper because you don’t support the DPT.

    Are you not worried that this paper is doing a great disservice to the image of the monarchy by digging up stories that happened much before the advent of democracy into our country, from a time when many things that would be conceived as corruption at present would have been accepted as being perfectly normal in those times.

    As most of the corruption stories that are being unearthed happened when we were a monarchy, the message “The Bhutanese” is sending to the world, is that under a monarchy, Bhutan was one big corrupt nation, which is absolutely wrong.

    They need to focus on corruption stories after 2008, when we as a kingdom became a democracy.

  32. It is indeed so sad. Are we copying the Chinese Strategy?. This is not the way government should work. Ads sould not be curtailed merely because the media house writes bad about the government.

    Minister and secretary of MoIC should be held responsible for such an act. It is really disheartening.

  33. Passu
    Seems like in the brains department, you are seriously lacking. To speak of Dasho Neten in the same context as that of a depraved person like Tenzin Lamsang, is to insult a person of Dasho’s integrity and standing. Lamsang is nothing more that a stooge puppeteered by some spineless people wishing to cause loss of faith to our monarchy and the government.

    It is clear by now to those of us who can think objectively that the Bhutanese paper has only one objective in mind – to cause disharmony among the Bhutanese people. Every one of its issue since inception has carried stories that speak nothing good of the country, the government, the people and the governance under the monarchy.

    Like the Guardian said, Lamsang is single minded in his effort to dig up and publish every sordid matter that happened in our past. Even a fool would have understood by now that he is trying to hit at our monarchy by dragging issues that is best left buried as something that no longer is in the interest of the people of Bhutan to talk about.

    The Bhutanese has no fear of folding up because of lack of ad money from the government; after all, they are being funded by dirty money. So lack of funds is not an issue with Lamsang. If his paper folds, it will be because people will finally get fed up with his tabloid journalism based on distorted facts and because well meaning people with substance will finally understand that he is evil at heart and he intends to cause rift within the Bhutanese society.

  34. Rigpa, if you think all of us are one and the same person, then you are one guy devoid of any Rigpa.

    Why don’t you discuss the issue on hand instead of trying to find out who is who.

    So all the other pro government newspapers are also suffering, so it is not only the Bhutanese that is suffering, then why is this paper making so much noise.

  35. OL has clearly studied how many advertisements Kuensel and The Bhutanese carried respectively, I wonder why he did not bother to find out how many adds the other newspapers like Bhutan Observer, The Journalist etc had too. Am I seeing a bias on his part and is there a reason for that.

  36. This govt should go find a hole and bury itself in it the way it is going

    1. Gyelpozhing
    2. Bhutan Lottery
    3. Chang Ugyen
    4. Trowa Theater
    5. Chineses buses
    6. Denchi Land scam
    7. Ped Day
    8. Taxes
    9. Education City
    10. MoIC Circular

  37. Guardian the Bhutanese has not been doing any disservice to the Monarchy but rather your idol JYT has been doing that. Few examples below

    1. Try and Grab HM’s land Kidu powers
    2. Get his party to appoint himself GNH ambassador for life when only HM can do it.
    3. Land Bill angry speech when he indirectly attacked HM by pretending to attack OL
    4. Constant efforts by JYT, Zimba and Khandu along with few MPs to take HM for granted
    5. Spread untrue stories about the Monarchy
    6. Try and blame all problems on Monarchy when they should take blame

  38. Guardian, Prool and other sensible forum writers have correctly sensed the evil intention behind digging past deeds by the paper in question. I think any sensible Bhutanese will staunchly and wholeheartedly guard our monarchy and constitutional monarchy system from any evil design (perceived and real.

    Going back to issue of Govt ADs for newspapers, i do not see any reason why ADs be equally divided among newspapers. Paper with wider reach with sensible and truthful contents will have larger share of pie than those bent on disrupting the peaceful co-existence of all Bhutanese.


  39. The Bhutanese is not here to spew disharmony,it is here to make those credulous people,who have been deceived by the personality cults of the likes of JYT and other rabble-rousers, realize that they have been cheated on and deceived,and the only way to unearth the truth which has been swept under the rug is through news outlets of the likes of the Bhutanese and other fearless journalists like Tenzing Lamsang.

    How on earth can any rational person possibly try to defend those demagogues and goons when what they have done is tricking people, through their cheap art of rhetoric and personality cults, and robbed away land and property from the poor and downtrodden?

  40. Where was Tenzin Lamzang during those days? I believe he was working in other newspapers. Why didn’t he report all these scams then? He does not have to be paid by the government because the opposition party is paying handsomely to encourage him on reporting all the past issues. If he is not paid by the PDP, he would bring out the corruption cases of the PDP members too. Unless he is critical to both the parties, he is a biased journalist. It is likely to lose more customers.

  41. bhutangossip,

    You seem to be pretty thick with the OL, so can you please ask him as to why he is only looking out for the welfare of “The Bhutanese” and not the other papers. Seems to me like a classic case of you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours or as Prool says, are both the OL and Tenzing Lamsang being bankrolled by the same vested interest group that somehow wants the government to fail.

  42. What is interesting in all the posts is the fact that from all the people in defence of JYT and DPT not one of them can deny the accusations of corruption written by Tensing Lamsang.
    All you can say is he is biased.
    Biased he may be but who isn’t? All of you are too, towards JYT and DPT.
    Can you honestly tell us Gyelposhing scam, Bhutan lottery, Trowa scam, Chang Ugen land scam, Chinese buses, Education city, Denchi land scam never happened?

  43. OL at his best to defend his mouthpiece thebhutanese.

  44. Dear DPT mouthpieces and earpieces (given the old age of your Lyonpos). Please deal in facts and not accusations.

    Fact 1 – Tenzing Lamsang as done stories on Bjemina, Phobjika, Yab’s Wangdi stone quarries, MoH procurement scam etc earning the wrath of PDP.On this forum TL nearly took OL to court and also got accused of being a DPT reporters by many PDP posters at the time.

    Fact 2- Tenzing Lamsang and also his paper has done stories on Gyelposhing, Bhutan Lottery, Chang Ugyen, Chineses Buses, Denchi earning the wrath of DPT

    Fact 3 – Hence proved that Tenzing Lamsang is what we need in these times of PDP and DPT. Great going keep up the good work. He is now being accused of being PDP by the DPT posters.

    Common DPT and PDP people make up your mind.

    I suggest you open a public account like in the case of Wangdi Dzong fire (except this time fire was lit by DPT) so that the public can contribute to keeping ur great paper alive.

    A great fan.

  45. This is only one of the many evidences to show that DPT govt is now behaving like a mad dog biting everyone including its own citizens. Someone needs to put down this mad dog.

  46. So Tenzing Lamsang has been paid off by OL and his supporters.

  47. No Sonam you and buddies have been paid in land, mines, factories, education cities, chineses bus tenders , moview theaters, govt postings by JYT and gang. That is why you all have the time to sit on your fat asses the whole day and write on online forums while the rest of us have to make a living.

  48. @Phuntsho; so you make your living by posting and reposting on this forum! kekekeke…

  49. On what grounds are you suggesting that we are corrupt people, is it just because we don’t agree with your views. While you have every reason to believe that this paper is doing a good job, we too have every reason to believe that this paper is up to no good and that it is being used as a tool by some vested interest groups to somehow discredit the government.

  50. Whatever Tenzin Lamzang writes and however OL and the supporters press the issues against the government, Bhutanese people’s faith cannot be detered unless ACC comes up with its own charges. ACC, ECB and the Constitution will have the final say on rights and wrongs.

  51. DPT dogs are everywhere these days. they just wont let others speak or listen to them for once, and will never admit their mistakes. I guess dogs take after their masters. Quite a sickening sight these self serving greedy corrupted dogs.

  52. As long as the Government is sincere at heart and works truly for democracy they have nothing to fear about. But if they doubt in their own strength and beliefs, it proves that they are not sincere. If they believe that The Bhutanese is defaming them, they have access to the Judiciary. They can always sue them. Their silence will only prove that something is terribly wrong with them. On all the ongoing corruption cases (both PDP and DPT linked), I have only one thing to say, Justice delayed is justice denied. Just saying that things are under investigation is not enough. We need the verdict before 2013 elections. Or do we intend to charge sheet culprits posthumously?

  53. At the end of the day, market forces will decide which paper dies a natural death and which paper stays afloat.

    You can’t have any third rate journalist hold an elected government to ransom.

  54. Amusing to see two sides to a coin which seems to have only one face 🙂

    Lots of blanket statements against the ‘bhutanese media’ …ooopppss i mean ‘the bhutanese’, but very few able to counter the specific issue of ‘mis-communication’.

    I pray that the government is able to counter/defend the stories brought out by proper legal means, if ‘the Bhutanese’ engages in vindictive journalism as some have voiced their opinion here.

    Or-else, atleast be smart enough to not leave blatant evidences, which you need to later, deny about shamelessly.This questions the intelligence of the common-man, and i assure you, we are not stupid.

    2013 is going to be interesting!!

  55. This is a shameless act by a government that claims to promote democracy.

    This circular is proof that we are living under a dictatorship of JYT and gang

  56. The paid DPT dogs and bitches here have everything to say but nothing to say on the denying the compelling evidence.

    No wonder you guys lost the case with OL in supreme court. The evidence is screaming in your faces and yet you act like a bunch of frisky rabbits screwing each other than coming to the point.

  57. Guardians first post clearly explains why it could be a genuine mistake, so to all you doubting toms, read it again.

  58. So anyone who does not agree with the PDP are dogs and bitches, that’s how the PDP mindset works. Now to prove that anyone can make a mistake, did you watch the BBS news last night, according to their reports, it is the 66th anniversary of India’s Independence from British rule, but everyone knows that it only the 65th anniversary. So if BBS can make a genuine blunder, why can’t a junior officer in the Ministry do the same.

    Like I mentioned earlier, it is inconceivable for a government under so much scrutiny from the press ie The Bhutanese, to make such an amateurish blunder.

  59. Oye Guradian … it is the 66th independence day and BBS is right hahaha. do your homework. No wonders PM’s speeches are full of factual errors.

  60. Why isn’t the Bhutanese talking about the other parties involved in the Gyeposhing land case? It is biased and third rate investigative journalism because it is selectively targetting the DPT minsiters only. If you are as gutsy as you claim, bring the others under similar crutiny.

  61. Truth_is_Buddha says

    If u r scared, then u r not fit to rule. the first rule of governance is transparency and if u cannot do that, it makes sense to quit.

  62. Phuntso, thanks, I stand corrected.

  63. Evidence NOT evidences please.

    And TL might have done a story on Phobjikha or whatever, but he had maintained there that the affluent people were not wrong, meaning the PDP supporters were deemed not at fault by the paper. Can the newspaper do that?

  64. Rigpa here is my speculation – If your party had won the election, there’d be not many media unlike now (there are 12 or so.)

    New corruptions would have been multi-fold the fact that they spent millions to garner votes.

    Old corruptions would have not even allowed to raise unlike now, where TL is trying all his flesh and bones to “investigate” DPT government.

  65. Mr Matubey you clearly don’t follow the papers. The reason that gyelposhing became so controversial is coz everyone was named by TL including PDP affiliated lyonpos like Jigme Singye and Leki.

  66. The Fool on the Hill says

    I am VERY curious:
    If the letter was regarding all the Bhutanese media, and not just one specific newspaper, why was it marked CONFIDENTIAL la?

  67. GOD what is happening to Bhutan now… One after the another … The Government talks about developing media and is this how they do this…

    WHat is the problem … If you think that the informations provided in the Bhutanese is wrong you should take them to court …

    THis a very cruel way of conducting your business Mr. Government… M really really fed up now…… ! I would like to encourage you all who preach and talk about GNH to read this article and learn…

  68. feuntsho,

    Didn’t you know that TL is all three, the judge, jury and executioner, whatever he writes is the gospel truth for him.

  69. Phuntsho,
    What about the other big wigs heading the branches other than the executive and legislature? Don’t pretend that you don’t know them.

  70. I think discussions on the above captioned topic is becoming too wild and its getting no where. Without any extensive investigations and all, one cannot say so much on the circulation. People are just assuming this and that, trying to make hell lot of issues here.

    My Advice: You don’t have to dig out things outside, instead just maintain your inner Peace and you will get the true answers

  71. In a democracy a govt is of the people, for the people and by the people.

    This DPT govt is definitely elected by the people but is not for the people or of the people.

    And that,, nobody is denying, even the supporters of these goons..(Guardian, ProOL etc). The only argument they have been putting is that “the Bhutanese” only targeting and defaming DPT.

    I just want to say that which ever party they belong to, the corrupted people must be put behind BARS.

  73. bhutanese,

    Why don’t you wait for the ACC to come up with their report, your making noise here is not going to change anything. And why are you not shouting about the Phobjika case, it is four years and still no verdict, why are you only concerned about the DPT.

  74. Do you know why Tenzin Lamzang shifted from one newspaper to another? Because, he writes false storries and he is fired by the board members. He criticizes the whole nation with all these negative issues. Journalists should not be attached to political parties.

  75. 4Democracy says

    Tenzing Lamsang was never fired from any job as many media people who have worked with him and even the board members will attest to. Lamsang was once the blue eyed boy of the DPT who even took him on that trip to Istanbul. As long as Lamsang wrote aganist PDP and glorified PM, all’s well. Lamsang being the balanced journalist also wrote investigative stories about DPT scams and suddenly the DPT is labeling him as an evil person! DPT is a party filled with arrogant and mad people. You preach about being humble, try to be one first. DPT are the ones to ask for special frills and distinctions in the parliament sessions so you can show your arrogance and pride. Where was your humbleness then?

  76. OL and Tenzin Lamsang even managed to make fake accounts of JYT in Twitter so that they can discredit him..

    Desperate means of desperate people

  77. If you see these days PDP supporters, they have nothing substantial to say but calling dogs… who are dogs anyway….OL don’t hire such commentators to call other’s supporter dogs.

    Every body who knows who is dog because better person didn’t become OL…

  78. That’s why the Bhutanese people’s collective wisdom and better sense must prevail at all times. We must be guided by our own virtuous thinking, a good judgment, which must be used as a self regulating check in itself by knowing what is right and what is wrong when viewing things from the broader national growth perspectives? Bhutan mustn’t be known as a lawlessness ridden society and any one promoting and encouraging such unhealthy moves must be penalized in the people’s true court of law. If Mongar 123’s statement on the fake twitter matter holds water, then, this harmful practice is not acceptable to the Bhutanese people.The Honourable PM represents us the majority Bhutanese people and therefore,this can be understood as an outright insult to the general public.

  79. No matter whatever tactics are used by OL and his mouthpiece TL, the bhutanese democracy cannot be shaken. It could not be shaken in 2008 with PDP’s dirty tactics and it can’t be shaken in 2013. Slowly, we are going to discover that the accusations made by The Bhutanese newspaper are all false and its credibility will falter. People’s faith on PM cannot be shaken as he has grown up, educated and served the nation along with our farsighted fourth king.

  80. Hope our honorable PM has no hand in it. This is purely an outrageous act on the part of MOIC minister. It warrants an extensive explanation to the general public. Government is preparing a recipe for manufacturing ‘human bomb’. It may spell disaster in near future if there is no check and balance.
    If government feels that The Bhutanese has done injustice by reporting false story, there’s appropriate way to deal with.

  81. OL, when you become PM in 2013, you can forward mandate to all government agencies to give advertisements to all media! Spend more government budget on advertisements instead of using for economic development!

  82. I read all comments made here and my clusion drawn after reading is “ProOL” is Anti OL/TL. After posting this, its not unexpected to read yet few para from “ProOL” to “Just My Views”,,Huh

    Don’t beleive me? Follow the comments.

  83. Bokto,

    Wow great analysis, good for you.

  84. Bokto,

    You actually understood what I wrote? Amazing! But you still don’t have the brains to understand that there were some posts on which I did not comment. Now don’t tax yourself in trying to understand why I did not do so.

  85. Publicly funded private media……

  86. ProOL

    Wow, you were surprised because I understood what you have written; ah! You should be, because your comments are either in French, Chinese or Japanese, ah no no its alien, with lots of underlining meaning, which one has to refer a volumes to understand what you have written, What a genius ProOL . For me, following all your silly comments, it only shows how immature you are, for me it only signifies you were arrogant as much as you are self-centered and egoistic.

    Come on ProOL, let’s talk something constructive for the benefit of future generation of our society, talk to the point instead of outpouring all your egoistical paradigm and frustration. Do not go by the law of your inner feeling alone instead talk something sensible.

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