State of our civil service

I watched the last part of the People’s Voice debate on BBS TV this evening. The motion was “Civil Service – efficient and accountable?”

The team arguing against the motion won by a huge margin, 692 votes to 184 votes. Obviously, they were able to convince the viewers that our civil service is NOT efficient and accountable.

But the votes are compiled from viewer SMSs (only one SMS per phone number is recognized). So the result also reflects widespread discontent at the state of our civil service.

What do you think? Is our civil service efficient and accountable? Please take the poll. And please share your views. This is an important issue. And the more of us that think about it, the better it is for our country and our people.



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  1. RCSC does not go by the achievements and performance of a civil /public servants. It goes by the thumb rule “who the person is”. RCSC has its own hidden agenda. Things must change. RCSC, please close your eyes and think what you have been doing. Don’t be vindictive. Everyone in the country knows what you have been doing. Change yourself and things will certainly change. Please don’t take actions on hearsay. Otherwise, civil servants will rot and the general public will suffer.

  2. tshering wangdi says

    as your excellency mentioned, it is indeed an important issue. But it was unfortunate that none of the RCSC commissioners and the chairperson turned up to the discussion. all in all, i think the debate was poorly organized by BBS and so was the little or null response from the civil service commission for such an important issue.

    regarding the civil service,not every one is to be blamed with poor efficiency. we have good number of civil servants who are dedicated and efficient. on the other hand, we have equal number of civil servants who work less and achieves more. this is because, we are still in the system where by you have to appease your boss as you do to a local deity. this system will take maybe another 10-15 or more years to become history.

    the ministers and the PM doesn’t get tired of praising the civil servants in every speech they make after every developmental goal they achieve. however, the question is “are the civil servants being treated just as a machinery to run the system in the country”? if not then why civil service has become more corrupt despite stringent laws, inefficient despite so called efficient DPT govt. as mentioned by the Speaker of the Parliament on almost all of his inaugural and concluding addresses in the Parliament.

    i believe, unless the people in the civil service are not adequately recognized, adequately PAID(i have no hesitation to mention this) the major events which may lead to crisis in our nation would take place in the civil service.

    every other aspects of the nation is important, but i feel it is much more important for the civil service to be reinvented and rectified for prosperous nation as it is the civil service which puts up the show…

  3. Bhutanese Civil Servant = including me!
    Are most people capable and interested to serve the country?= YES!
    Are we doing enough and making the service efficient and accountable – No, a Big big NO!!!!

    RCSC frames rules that are only suitable on paper. No ground check or discussions at all!!!

    People at RCSC= Have terrible attitudes. They think all Civil servants have to depend on them and they are the ultimate powers.. Thats Pathetic!..

  4. I am not so sure whether people were discussing the efficiency of RCSC or civil servants. If they are discussing the former, I would say, we have the most inefficient bunch managing the civils ervice. If we are discussing the latter, I would say we have very good ones and as well as very bad ones and the bad ones get recognised more because of the way the system is managed by the RCSC.

  5. civil servant says

    I was little confused with the recent debate. The presence of only two guests in itself indicated lack of interest and fear factor created in the system. Most are afraid to speak bad. Politicians are afraid to speak so as not to lose future potential votes. Public are afraid to speak because of the fear of being vindicated. So in the end everyone is afraid and the debate as such did not make much sense. I agreed to what Dasho Sherab said. One cannot generalize that all civil servants are inefficient and not capable. There are those who are capable but there are also those who just occupy space in the office. There are a number of factors which contribute to the inefficiency in the civil service. The reason is although there PCS system is developed to promote an efficient civil service, in practice there are many problems. There are many bosses who still believe “boss is always right”. There are those who lack leadership qualities. There are those who cannot say ‘No’ and have a soft heart. That is why non performers are given consideration. Then there are those who always take the credit but not the blame. There are those who know only know how to yell at staff and point fingers in public forum but never recognize their contributions. There are also those who think that they the most patriotic and honest. No one else works like them. All others are useless. There are those who play a safe game by keeping few happy. I think it is combination of all of these that leads to lack of motivation. Even capable and committed people lose hope. They then become lazy, careless and do not even bother to attend to the clients. That is why many are resigning. I think if capable civil servants are to be retained then they must be made to feel that they are important. They must be consulted and their ideas and concerns should be shared. Calling to attend a meeting just to listen to the long speech of one or two defeats the whole purpose of meeting. Money is important but equally important is the recognition and consideration. if the problem of inefficiency is to be addressed then the system within which the civil servants work should be analyzed and changed. People should be given equal pay for equal work. One who works like a donkey should be given the better pay than someone who just comes to sign the attendance register. Mere physical balance in the office does not serve any purpose. Both staff and bosses should be made equally accountable. When a new recruit joins office he/she is very committed and excited but as time passes they become lethargic. So, the reason for inefficiency is the environment and not the individual. Therefore the environment should be reviewed and corrected.

  6. sangay T dema says

    The mere fact that none of the commissioners nor the chairman of RCSC turned up for such an important discussion clearly shows the inefficiency and the biasness of the organization. I have personally not seen any good quality of the RCSC for the past more than 10 years after I joined as civil servant. What I know is they have some rules beautifully framed but only for show. The real thing and how it works is very different as clearly articulated by the Hon’be NC member during the debate. RCSC needs a revamp and needed it very soon. Good to hear that the committee of NC are conducting the study which will be discussed during the upcoming parliament session.

  7. On the Dawa’s question to Mr. Dorji Tshering (RCSC Representative) as to why the RCSC did not bother into studying the reasons on what really prompted an exodus of engineers from the civil service moving out to joining other agencies – in his reckless RCSC’s distinctive working behavior, replied that even if whole of the engineers in the ministry decides to leave, the RCSC as an organization can do nothing and may as well simply facilitate such mass movements because it is the civil servants right.

    Instead what the RCSC can do is to recruit people in their place through contract service or request other donor agencies like JICA for recruiting JOCV volunteers. In this particular instance the visionary RCSC’s work as a result has been unfolded to full view by way of this statement from this gentleman. This is truly the current state of our civil service story.

    Now, what others make of this statement here from the RCSC representative? To me, this is sheer stupidity on his part lacking maturity to understanding things beyond his nose.

    If RCSC is committed in seeing an efficient, small and compact civil service in action, then, under an ideal situation at the least – they would have cared to study why people were leaving civil service in masses?

    With RCSC’s such a tall order of going everything 100 per cent efficient, small and compact, definitely, they cannot afford losing well trained people that too experienced engineers in big groups.

    Actually, this incident in itself should have ringed the alarm bell on their deaf ears on how this would affect the RCSC’s dream plan? Their letting go of these engineers in an utter carefree way indicates that the RCSC in reality seems least bothered on which ever direction things meanders so long as their chairs could be tightly secured.

    How would recruiting engineers on contract service basis supplement in attaining their dream plan and guaranteeing the nation the quality product?

    In today’s scenario, forget about well experienced engineers, even recruiting people at the lowest rungs like drivers etc. are very difficult because people were not willing to join the civil service under the present civil service contract terms.

    The contract duration is set for two years initially subject to extension and within this, there is nothing to hold back people after they are trained and have acquired the necessary skills to take on the mantle.

    This basically means that two years is literally too short a time and when people are ready to assume on the task, they would not be available, because by then, they would prefer going for a greener area where they are paid more and absorbed immediately outside the civil service.

    This arrangement is very short sighted and rickety in nature, in that, I am amazed RCSC seems to have banked all their hopes on this aspect in taking them to their dream plan.

    On the JICA volunteer’s part, because of the Government of Japan’s generosity nature towards Bhutan, they may come forward in helping us in sending their volunteers, but there is no guarantee that such kindness would flow never endingly from the Japanese government’s coffer.

    Banking everything on such supports speaks volumes of how our top think tanks in the RCSC function?

    Therefore, the question that we need to ask ourselves is – supposing in a classroom because of the teacher’s amateurish teaching techniques if bulk of the students dozes off to sleep, then, should we punish the student for sleeping or take the teacher to task for having done a mediocre teaching job resulting into making the students sleep as it failed to spark off interest elements in the teaching courses?

  8. I thought the guy from the RCSC Dorji presented himself very well. He was articulate and also very informative and reasonable. HE should replace the commissioners since they were not even willing to come and voice out in BBS on such an important topic.

  9. In civil service only few takes the burden and rest rides on others yet all are treated alike. The end result is everyone gets same increment and promotion. How can it be possible? but that is a reality today.

    For me, RCSC is a failed institution in this country with burden of failed policy.

    In current scenario, there is no way civil servant can be efficient…

  10. I agree fully with Chimmi’s views above, it was short and sweet but right to the point.

    In my opinion too, the RCSC needs a complete revamp, we know there are problems within the RCSC when the much vaunted PCS they introduced has created hell for many in the civil service,(failure, maybe not because the PCS is not good, but because they have simply made too many compromises while implementing it) and yet they have not even acknowledged that it has been a failure. If a revamp of the commission as a whole is on the cards, please for heavens sake, do not bring back people like the Election Commissioner, who in my opinion suffers from serious tunnel vision and as he worked in the RCSC for so many years, he is part of the problem and not the solution.

    Though with the attitude of our bureaucrats, it seems that the problems of the RCSC is going to be with us for a long time.

    In regard to whether our civil servants are efficient, it is a no brainer and the obvious answer is a BIG NO.

  11. I watched the debate expecting a lot fire works of substance but what a disaster it was!
    How can the civil service be efficient when the RCSC itself has lost its relevance because of its own inefficiency? The very idea of ‘small, compact and efficient civil service’ line was and is still wrong/misplaced. where are our advanced university degree holders in human resource management? Are they placed in wrong areas as the RCSC often does? Yes as someone suggested that the RCSC requires a major surgery of reconstructive type with professional HR staff at senior levels to do the job. Forget the figure head chairman and the commissioners lot. the results can be achieved without them!
    There is shortage of manpower in every department where service delivery is way below average. With this problem forever haunting us how can we even think of efficiency? Traffic safety management is increasing by the day and RSTA and traffic cops run short of manpower; unable to control forest fires in the immediate neighborhood of the capital because we have no manpower; land commission takes ages to deliver new thrams because they are short of manpower; hospitals and BHUs are over worked and over stretched because they don’t have manpower; in spite of HM’s Command, earthquake victims haven’t received their insurance claims and dzongkhad administrations have not yet delivered the materials when summer is just round the corner because of manpower shortage; thrompons cannot keep the towns clean because they have no manpower and what else? And on the other hand we have hundreds of unemployed boys and girls ranging from high school drop outs to university graduates raring to join jobs and perform. So scrap the RCSC and leave the jobs to ministries as they already have their own HROs and design the staffing pattern on which efficiency depend. (I’m not a civil servant. Just an observer citizen!)

  12. RCSC, as the personnel agency of the civil service, will impact the quality of the civil servants in service. Their policies directly impact the recruitment, compensation, and career management of civil servants. I understand all that, but fail to see the connection of how these affect YOUR efficiency. How will their policies affect how you manage your time and tasks in your ministry/agency? How can RCSC affect the policies and the execution of programs of your ministeries?

    RCSC has no say in the pervasive pencil pushing and paper shuffling in ministries. This creates so much needless work and then ministries complain that they are short-handed.

    RCSC has no say when your ministerial projects/programs fail and then you conveniently blame it on budget constraints/staffing. How can you embark on a project without planning and evaluating if the necessary resources are available? If you have neither the budget or staff and choose to continue, you are knowingly wasting valuable government resources on something that is doomed to begin with.

    It’s easy to blame the RCSC. But think about the question, EFFICIENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY. Have civil servants look inwards?

  13. Just to notify the readers to be very careful of what has been said here. Most of the writers here are frustrated and vindictive people like the first writer here, K B Wakhley, who was terminated from service by the Ministry and RCSC. Of course people like him will have nothing good to say after all. Following such instigation could harm only ourselves in the end. We are happy that the RCSC is doing a good job. That debate exposed that we have a good civil service as everyone kept on saying majority are good but few bad. The debate on the whole was also quite vague like the two against the motion.

  14. Tshewang,

    Please do not seek cover under few cases and generalize the whole nationally important issue as that of nothing but a sheer trivial personal matter.

    We are not kids having difficulty in understanding what is what?

    The fact that this particular issue qualified as a talking matter in our national TV bears testimony to how important this RCSC’s inefficiency case has become in the present context.

    Public as well as civil servants are largely discontented themselves in huge numbers in the way how things take shape relating to how RCSC and their top bureaucrats discharge their duties.

    For how long RCSC is going to keep hiding behind these excuses and let the people suffer in getting their rightful share of unhindered public services which mostly gets mired in bureaucratic hassles owing largely because of the RCSC’s failure in disciplining their top guns( civil servant Dashos).

    People’s verdict has been franchised by way of that whooping 692 votes against the motion as compared to only 184 votes for the motion.

    What does this speak of the RCSC’s reality story?

    Does it say the only few disgruntled lot or the majority population?

    People now are demanding complete revamping of the RCSC and I am seeing a merit in their submission.

    RCSC must change for better and there is no excuse for that.

    If the RCSC’s current team is incapable of shouldering this important task that of bringing the house in order – monitoring and disciplining the spoilt top bureaucrats, then, definitely, in the larger interest of the public, a new team must take over the reins of the RCSC.

    This, to me, is the people’s verdict.

  15. system failure says

    initially every one begins by being excited about civil service… but if one takes initative one is likely to get audit memoes.. so after some time we become lasso dasho type of officers…. just do what the boss says..
    send public here n there.. ya jo go .. ma jo go .. fa jo go…… look for some trainings….. serve your boss…. never do naything more than asked.. keep all papers works neately.. save your head…. that is what the system is all about…..
    it is not the fault of RCSC or any one.. infact they try to improve things … but too many paper works in our system makes public service delivery a secondary thing…. for an example one work which requires 22 pages of paper works have to reach all the way to Thimphu from every Dzongkhang…. if the system is like that how can public service be better…..

  16. Jamyang, many good individuals and Institutions, even governments are brought down by only few rotten apples. What i am trying to say is beware of the credibility of the writers. We know institutions like the RCSC can not please the majority. I too have grievances against the RCSC but it is not right to generalise and bash the agency coz of personal reasons.

  17. A concerned Insider says

    As many writers wrote and commented on the efficiency and inefficiency of civil servants and RCSC, i think i have noting to write. Having said that i want to be a civil servant very much because i will get promotion anyway without having to work.At least, i wouldn’t be affected by King of same organization.

    I worked in the same corporate media house that love so much to comment on the rcsc issues. This hosts and producers like to make some issues a national issues even as they failed to see what is happening in their organization.
    Outwardly good and inwardly full of corruption. Did you know that NDTV in India is run by around little more than 100 people? Do you know how many people are there in BBS? More than 300 and who are those? Relatives, friends, sons, daughters and cousins of senior editors and managers. Where is the efficiency of BBS. Recently two producers are recruited. How? There wasn’t even an interview. Forget about vacancy announcement in the media.
    Did you hear of recent pay increase in public corporation. The grades of all staffs were subtracted by one. Initially few heart sons were left out but after hue and cry,all grades were downgraded except General Managers.

    Did you know Management and Managing Director wants to fire 4 drivers? And how? The drivers have to write an application stating that they want to resign and corporation has nothing to do with it.

    Do you know how Adm and Internal Audit are selected. Terms of reference says minimum of five years. who are selected. Those people less than five years but who can really talk about pseudo achievements and one guy even went to Malaysia appointing himself when he was officiating GM of Finance.
    Why can’t BBS talk about their failures instead of talking about others failures.
    Reason is simple. Those producers won’t be able to rebroadcast same programmes.

  18. Tshewang wrote: “We know institutions like the RCSC can not please the majority”.


    This is unfortunately the problem with the people in the RCSC whose allegiance largely stays riveted neck deep in serving the interest of the few top powerful bureaucrats (minority groups) and is least bothered about the concerns of the majority civil servants or the public at large.

    Wow…Tshewang, what a great idea! I think you are not only a flawed person yourself, but, in that flawed state of mind, you are making a terrible statement here that of announcing that RCSC as an institution mustn’t work in the majority’s interest.

    Please do not confuse the readers here; I think RCSC’s policy per se seems not something that’s in disagreement which prompted these sensible writers into pouring their minds here.Rather, it’s the authorities in the RCSC on whom these public disapprovals are directed at, I think, for doing a sloppy job.

    Our beloved monarchs through this democ
    racy gift sacrificed their powers in the larger interest of the nation and people hoping that in time Bhutanese people themselves matures into full size grown up citizens – capable of safeguarding and steering the nation by exercising the majority’s collective wisdom and interest.

    Now, at the implementation level, if RCSC as an institution misconstrues this noble gift as individual institution’s power to be exercised in whatsoever fashion, then, there is no guarantee many people would not join the band wagon here – in expressing their dissatisfaction towards authorities in the RCSC.

  19. Tshewang,

    Since it is you who has started the ball rolling by accusing KB Wakhley of being the villain piece for standing up to the authorities for being wrongfully dismissed by the RCSC, may I ask you to give us your reasons for believing so. I have read some of the things that Wakhley has accused the BPC and other officials of and in the absence of any clarifications from BPC and the concerned officials, I have no option but to believe his story as being true. As far as I am concerned, BPC, his parent ministry and the RCSC have not refuted anything that he has said on this issue thus far, please correct me if I am wrong.

    So frankly, now who are we to believe, it seems to me that RCSC as usual jumped the gun and terminated him without even following their own rule book, ie the BSCR.

  20. And believe me, I am sure Dawa, the anchor, must have requested the Chairman and some of the Commissioners to participate in the discussions/debate, the fact they refused the opportunity to clarify many things about the RCSC, just proves how arrogant they are.

    With such an attitude, how do you expect anyone to have a good image of the RCSC.

  21. Bunch of frustrated civil servants! In a big system like civil servants, no individual or agency alone can make it perfect. It is also a collective responsibility particularly when it comes to implementation…concerned ministries, dept, div, unit heads should also be accountable…while it is perfectly fine to blame rcsc as it is nodal agency, we should also do some retrospection on our own and sectors where we r working to see how we can correct the system…my thought!


    In this who is who web page of RCSC, you can see that there are about 50 officials in total, out of which 10 are on study. This means 20% of the staffs are on study. That’s a huge percentage!! The questions that now arises are:

    1. why such a high percentage of working staffs on study at the same time?

    2. how did these guys get their studies? Was there any fair selections/ interviews done?

    We need RTI. We want to find it out!!!

  23. Our learned Mr. Anonymuse is obviously an RCSC insider or a die hard fan with fierce dedication. Good for you, sir. I am merely saying that for any organization to function efficiently and effectively, we need a meticulously planned staffing pattern which my understanding is is the job of the RCSC overseeing the national HR requirements. In other words, the little efficiency we have is handicapped badly by shortage of manpower which reflects the inefficient functioning of the RCSC. So if you, RCSC, carry out your duty by providing adequate staff to run any ministry/department/division/units/subunits, the efficiency could be better monitored and questioned! You can’t do that now because they don’t have the basic HR pool/staff to operate with!

  24. Jamyang, we pray that someone like you will work for the RCSC one day and address our personal issues including the one faced by you.

  25. If you follow this chain of comments, you can see that Tshewang’s comments,especially the last one above, unmistakenly reflects the arrogant attitude of the RCSC officials we find in their office: I don’t wanna hear your views, you must listen to my views because your training/promotion/scholarship is in our hands; if you think you can do our job better, why don’t you come and seat here; we do not care what you think; and so on. There is no room for open and fair discussions in the RCSC at all! They are swift to jump to the conclusions that your discussions, opinions, requests and suggestions are nothing more than flat criticisms and frustrations of unsatisfied people. They will even charge you for that, be careful!!

    RCSC’s people got some real bad attitude problems. DISGUSTING!!

  26. Hi Karma
    I’m very flattered but I’m afraid I’m neither Bhutanese nor am I even located in Bhutan. With that, I don’t quite understand how I qualify as an RCSC insider or a fan.

    Why I question all the fingers pointing at RCSC is a simple extrapolation of my own work experience. Never in my career has HR been blamed for execution failures in the organisations I’ve worked with. If my team screws up, I take responsibility. If I screw up, my boss takes responsibility.

    My team is under-staffed? We escalate to management, talk to stakeholders, negotiate the deliverables and/or deadlines, re-allocate personnel and tasks. We work harder, put in extra hours, bring work home, make personal sacrifices. In short, we make it happen. Or go down in flames trying.

    The truth is, the civil service will always be ‘short-handed’. It’s the nature of governments and bureaucracies the world over. “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” – Parkinson’s law

    Furthermore, how much bigger can the civil service grow? It’s been growing consistently in the last decade. 23,000 is the latest official size. But I have strong suspicions that the number is understated. The service should not and cannot grow at its current rate for much longer. What must improve is the efficiency of individual civil servants. You must learn to carry your own weight, and perhaps more. You need to benchmark yourselves above and beyond the Indian civil service, which has consistently ranked as one of the most inefficient in Asia and probably the world.

    RCSC has its flaws and problems. You can fault it for many things, including its own inefficiencies and inconsistencies. But blaming them solely for the inefficiencies of governmental agencies is something I strongly disagree with.

  27. Tshewang,

    Bhutan now has a pool of well experienced and qualified people in store that, to me, would definitely work with their full hearts in putting things into proper perspectives given the chance.

    I do not have a faintest doubt about it! Because, in such exchange programmes if implemented in earnest (read 5 years mandatory transfer matters at the top bureaucrats level as a case in point), at the least, the growth aspect of the nation would see an added boom resulting into presenting a fair opportunity to every capable civil servants who are endlessly waiting in line wishing for their share of chance in serving the nation under various capacities based on their skills and experience.

    This important element not Jamyang specific, but, in the broader interest of others as well like Bhutanese Karma, Tashi, Tshering, Dorji, Wangmo, Dechen etc. may one day do wonders in showing to the world that Bhutan truly is headed in a GNH way.

    The GNH’s main tenet in my own understanding must center vastly on the ‘fairness’ aspect as its cornerstone policy thrust.

    The RCSC’s little vigorous and less self centric approaches actually would have taken us closer into addressing this critical human resources imbalance story altogether.

    But, in order to doing this, we need a stronger will power deciding into traveling way beyond this “kith and kin” driven mindset which unfortunately has been missing in sight at least in the current team RCSC.

    Had RCSC cared serving the nation alongside these lines, then, by now, they would have at least initiated something on this top bureaucrats transfer front?

    The fact that they haven’t still awaken to this call from the public shows that in the greater common good, they are definitely not going to walk this extra mile risking their own chairs on the stormy water.

    The system correction mission which has been made to sound like a herculean task is reality a very simple task if we express our true willingness.

    For instance, there are dzongdags working in remote areas throughout their lifetime and there are also people working in the ministries/agencies as directors, CEOs, secretaries’ sun bathing in such cushy jobs for indefinite periods.

    Why can’t RCSC initiate cross sector transfer every five years within this critical system spoiler top bureaucrat lots so that this fairness ideology gets translated into action in the real sense?

    Transferring midlevel civil servants for the sake of proving the RCSC’s BCSR transfer point would only breed more frustrations amongst the civil servant community themselves and will not take the nation to any tangible worthwhile distance in terms of the nation’s equality human resource growth fronts.

    I have seen that in other international organizations, people at the key posts are not kept in one post for more than 5 years.

    That’s because they fear their system getting into corruption mode because of the prolonged stay of same individual on that sit.

    The question that the public poses to the RCSC surrounds alongside these lines? Now, whether or not this is indeed a reasonable asking, only time will tell?

  28. Whatever Jamyang says is true. If we need to improve the system, we must begin with the body that is responsible for doing so. Simply hiding behind the guise of an “apoliical constitutional” status does not transl;ate into efficiency, transparency and fairness.

  29. I fully agree with the above points raised by Mr. Jamyang.

    GNH is all about being fair and impartial.

    If a thorough investigation of even the Teachers appointment this year is carried out, we can clearly mark it wasn’t fair at all.
    On one hand we talk of Efficiency and Quality on the other hand our perfectly drafted policies and strategies are imperfectly implemented.
    How can someone who is being unfairly treated for being hardworking and sincere be efficient for that matter?
    Ofcourse this is something that all individuals at all levels of civil service need to understand that when you try to favour your own dear and near ones, somebody else’s dear and near ones are affected. In my own personal view GNH is a collective contribution of individual’s small acts of honesty, integrity, fairness and refraining from snatching somebody’s opportunities and achievements!

    So long my GNH Leaders

  30. All the best…….

    I am civil servant as well. But i am wordless ……..

  31. Jamyang marked” Had RCSC initiated something on this top bureaucrats transfer front?”

    RCSC in their present inebriated state of affairs will never touch on this prickly issue of applying the 5 years BCSR transfer rules to people in the executive brackets. They know very well that such rules were developed exclusively to be experimented on the midlevel civil servants so that in the eyes of the general public their performance graph would have seen reached the zenith point and achieved as such. Albeit, not knowing how such biased implementation of their BCSR rules would be viewed negatively by the masses. If people in the RCSC cannot tactfully handle their own developed rules, then, they do not have the right to sow the seed of disillusionments amongst the civil servants.

    The civil servants’ anger towards RCSC seems to be mounting and definitely, this is not a good sign.

    The RCSC’s present mentality – that of showcasing to the rest of the world that there are two sets of BCSR rules, one, for the general civil servants and another for the privileged top bureaucrats – should be corrected.

  32. To what degree RCSC can be biased, log on to RCSC is a failed organisation and a puppet.

  33. We are made to feel that Bhutan will not have any problem of youth unemployment, corruption, service delivery, and so on if OL Tshering Tobgay becomes the head of government. From his talks, I get a feeling that he can solve all sorts of problems overnight and make bhutan a land of paradise. However, let’s not forget the proverb, empty vessel makes more sound.

  34. The former Thimphu City Corporation officiating Thrompon Ugyen Dorji narrated his version of a shocking story to the BBS yesterday – as to what really prompted him to resign from the civil service.

    On listening to him, he said something like when he was about to get that Thrompon /ED post for which he contested under the PCS’s open competition, it has been miraculously snatched from him during that last 3 weeks period when he was out attending seminar somewhere in other countries.

    What is this we are hearing here?

    Does it hold any water?

    If so, I think, RCSC needs to do a serious explaining here to the Bhutanese people as to how the “RCSC’s politics clause” managed to turn this Ugyen Dorji episode upside down within just 3 weeks time when the post in question was about to go to him as per the merits of the PCS.

    By way of a confirmation, he seemed to have received a telephone call from the RCSC informing him to even ready his police and other clearances.

    Can Ugyen himself or someone here share with us – when this incident did take place?

    Which year and under whose minister ship?

    This will make a very interesting case study and let’s see how things pertaining to the RCSC’s PCS format normally take shape in the real sense which results into making the civil servants leave the civil service occupation in mass departure?

  35. hi all
    i’m just a rookie in this issue…but definitely will be voicing my opinions and ideas…so as of now i got nothing to say

  36. Pema Norbu says

    Friends and countrymen,
    I must first apologize for, maybe, a wrong reasoning. My personal feeling is, the RCSC is a defunct organization and there is no need for such an office. We need now is a good “Civil Service Act” which every elected government could use as their principle, abiding guideline in their line of work. We have competent HR divisions in all ministries and organizations, and where performance surveillance and merit awards by way of promotion or special recognition can be awarded without resort to RCSC. I am not a civil servant but then with many friends and relatives in the civil service, I nudge to make this small observation. NO RCSC in sight would mean, no intervention, improved happiness and work efficiency, compactness, due-time recognition of exemplary works in their areas of specialty, forward arm to reform their organization strength in terms of manpower, compassion to provide part-time jobs for the really unfortunate kids and no RCSC exams drafted and checked by external examiners at some? undue costs.
    No offenses meant.

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