Studying pedestrian day

On pedestrian day, the number of vehicles driven is halved, and the number of people walking is doubled. At least, that’s what a study by the National Environment Commission says. Good.

But what would be better, essential in fact, is for the government to study the impact that pedestrian day has on the quality of our lives. And the impact that it has on doing business in Bhutan.


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  1. Impact of Pedestrian day on doing business in Bhutan is pretty good by the look of it, especially for PM and Lyenpo Nandalal’s family members..

  2. It was really good to know that National Environment Commission had done a study on the impact of pedestrian day initiated recently. Hope they have done even on the numbers of meetings cancelled, absenteeism in the low rank classes and offices and on the productivity of the government offices as a whole. In my opinion many citizen going to agencies after long walk are made to wait for the concerned officials as they were struck up in the traffic of pedestrian day. forgot one thing the sharp increase in the earnings of our taxi drivers.
    Sad thing that i witnessed today evening, while walking home with my friend was when we saw that NEC guy who was on the debate on BBS getting into a taxi to reach home. Luckily We didn’t have a camera to make it more snappy for kuensel.

  3. Remember, pedestrian day was not introduced to boost the business community. It also does not restrict people from travelling in taxis. It is to reduce the traffic for at least a day and preserve environment in the smallest possible way. Why are your always filled with evil notions?minds

  4. I’m a businessman and I have no reservation on pedestrian day though it does not help my business. Business is not everything. We must promote culture, environment, economy, etc.

  5. All other excuses for launching this P/Day may pass off, just maybe. But environmental concern? This is pure bullshit! Year on year our govt. allows 1000s of hectares of forest blanketing the whole countryside with smoke for weeks on and do nothing about it? Every roadside valleys are being turned into scraggy sliding ugly scar faces with dusts covering young plants and crops? And they talk about environment? Isn’t there any limit in bullshitting the mass, the region as a whole? The govt. has made it the T/Day – Taxis Day! Campaigning for 2013 already? Taxis will be crucial ferrying voters who have little or no money. Come election, taxis would have made enough money to run free for a couple days for many voters! But for which party? I like it a lot!!!

  6. Read forest fires and stone/sand quarrying indiscriminately and controlled in my post above.

  7. ProOL,
    Sorry to go off the subject but I’m a little confused. Who are you referring to as Ata Yongba?

  8. while people struggle to walk and reach to the emergency desired places, there are some, who proudly talk of environment and understands very little. There are so many junipers and rhododendron cut down to produce huge amount of polluting carbon dioxides and monoxides which we neglect on the ground of culture. Our government need to think when they hold on to their own rationality and integrity. Furniture houses, logging, Sawmills, Incense manufacturing unit and other macro and micro industry might represent more than moving vehicles in the country. The only thing is; they contribute to GDP while vehicle owners also pay taxes .

  9. Drukpa,

    Atta Yongba is Karma Tenzin.

    Seems like OL does not like my post – he has removed it :).

  10. ITs not pedistrian day, its Taxi day!

  11. Of course OL has the monopoly over his blog. He can definitely remove comments that are quite convincing and comments that do not support his views.

  12. The OL should remove the idiotic posts made by his supporters, none of them try to reason out anything and he chooses to remove Prools post, one of the few posters who actaully makes an effort explain things properly.

    Just read the above posts made by Peytse, Tobgay and Karma Tenzin and you will understand what I am trying to say.

  13. HAHA OL…… I now see why you are in the opposition party…. you are very clever… you deserve another seat in the opposition party in the election 2013

  14. Wang Drukpa says

    If it is for environment, there are better effective things:
    1. Put up steel posts at strategic locations in Gewogs for dharshings, it will save 50% no. of annual deaths X 105 trees a year.
    2.Fix the faulty electric crematorium at Thimphu Dhuthroe. (how many tons of wood can we save, mena?)
    3. Subsidize electric cars and make them attractive vis-a-vis fossil fuel vehicles.

    If it is for health reasons, leave it to the individuals to make their choice of exercise and healthy living. There are choices lije walking,trekking, cycing, swimming, jogging, astha, gym, games, etc.
    Do not step into my personal rights. I already feel I am in school with so many dos and don’ts or under dictatorship.
    Let me work, earn my living honestly and live the way I want to unless it is threat to society. Driving car is not threat to society, or is it? I have started dreading the coming of each Tuesday as it brings along so many inconveniences.
    Suddenly Bhutan has become a lit bit more difficult country to live in.

  15. Pedestrian Day, “a boon for the lazy folks who want to use a car to move a 100m distance”.

  16. To be honest I like the concept of p/day but…………!!!!

    1. Only core towns are implemented creating congestion around ring road especially in T/phu.
    2. Vehicles cannot enter core area but are allowed to come out.
    3.Taxis are allowed.what i understand by p/day is people has to walk not even in taxi.
    4.Selective vehicles r allowed i don’t know why,for me only Police n ambulance should be allowed that also during emergency.
    5.It seem veh plying on highways are carbon free.
    6.Some town have ring road n some doesn’t so if u r traveling from Mongar to Ranjung means u r stuck up at Tashigang
    7.Some Dzongkhag do not require p/day because their everyday is p/day due to minimum veh
    8.P/day is ordered instead of encouraging which defying individual right.
    9.It can ply before 8 am n after 6pm timing has been changed for those who does not like to walk resulting no difference
    10.Created more disadvantages

    So my humble suggestion is to lift p/day or do not supersedes executive order instead put on web so when international people browse Bhutan they will be happy without implementing in Bhutan.

  17. fuentsho,
    I have no problem with the OL removing my comments. As you said it is his Blog and he has every right to remove any comments that he finds unacceptable.

    Unfortunately, I dare say that his readers missed out on something very educative – a piece of wisdom that this site is incapable of imparting on its readers. However, I suppose I agree that certain personal references contained in that comment concerning Atta Yongba was considered unacceptable and as the owner of this site, he has every right to dictate his brand of morality, irrespective of whether rest of us agree with him or not.

    To give you the gist of what I said, the important message was that:
    I cannot believe that Atta Yong is so stupid as to believe that the DPT government introduced the Pedestrian Day because they believe that the taxi drivers represent a sizeable vote bank. That they would use the extra money earned by them during the Pedestrian Day to ferry DPT voters around during the upcoming elections.

    It is not only stupid to assume thus, but also that it is dumb to assume that the taxi drivers would be able to identify DPT supporters to ferry around. Such an old man saying such a thing is incredible.

  18. There are newspaper reports of a Bhutan Post city bus procurement scam where Bhutan Post favored Global Traders even though it’s Chinese buses are low in quality and Nu 13 million more expensive then the lowest bidder. Now put the following together.

    1. Global Traders is owned by Son in law of Prime Minister a Mr Kezang Wangchuk of Riverview

    2. Cabinet had approved the bus design that closely resembled the bus design of Global Traders

    3. Global Traders partner is son-in-law of Lyonpo Nandalal whose ministry MOIC is in charge of Bhutan Post. The same son-in-law and daughter is already involved in an ACC case of MoH scam.

    4. Bhutan Post CEO was selected by cabinet despite ACC’s objection over the controversial selection process

    5. Global Traders had supplied the chinese bus which had crashed after system malfunction in Hong Kong Market. Global traders are going to supply the same bus.

    6. PM introduces pedestrian day and using excuse of public’s demand for better public transport PM and Nandalal authorize procurement of expensive buses when country has little or no money to spare.

    7. Nandalal’s ministry is in charge of implementing Pedestrian day using RSTA, RBP etc.

  19. The Bhutan post buses were needed for Pedestrian day. So even though everyone else suffers PM’s and Lyonpo Nandalal’s family does well for themselves out of Pedestrians day.

  20. Rinzin,
    Your information is very interesting but again it’s all just a big coincidence. JYT, DPT, Nandalal Rai, Ped day, Bhutan Post………there’s no connection!!!!!

  21. I believe that P day has been initiated with noble intention but it seems to have created inconveniences in the process of implementation. P day is hot topic for discussion at home and in the office. Listening to all these views, i have concluded that there is no agreement and consensus as to how it should be implemented: everybody seems to have their own views. Some say it should not be on working days (Monday to Friday); others say it is best observed on Sunday when there ain’t much human movement and activities. The larger question is in a democracy it is difficult to arrive at decision that satisfy everybody’s needs and conveniences. In such situation, what is the solution?? Even if Govt. consults people will there be agreement on P day? I doubt it. My suggestion is if we want to live as coherent Bhutanese society we may have to sacrifice some comforts or conveniences for larger good. Otherwise, we will remain as bunch of disgruntled and discontented individuals–always.

  22. it is not right for government to ban cars & force people to walk or use taxis on tuesdays..the choice should be the individuals’..
    it is impractical that cars are banned every tuesday over the entire country for the general public but taxis & tourists are allowed to run..
    those genuinely concerned with environment have the option of walking, anyday & everyday, tuesday or not..those who do not want to walk should not be forced to..
    people, trucks & cars travelling between districts are greatly inconvenienced..hard data to prove environmental benefits of such a ban is non-existent, fuel sales are apparently the same, people ride cabs even as they are banned to drive their own cars..tourists are exempt from this ban..people still drive before 8 & after 6 to beat the ban.. then there’s the plight of school children & nursing mothers..all in all, alot of hassle with nothing to show for it..just like the empty meaningless rhetoric that jigmi thinley continually engages in..with his sidekicks unable to speak up out of fear, unable to tell him his senility is a cause of harrassment to the larger public..
    if comments here about how the whole bus procurement is taking place is true, it is an intricate web of corruption, greed, hypocrisy, lies, nepotism – the anticorruption office should step in & initiate an inquiry to expose such collusion..
    if what some here have commented is true, this appears to be a pretext to ensure

  23. ProOL,
    Suppose you are a Taxi driver who is immensely benefited by the Pedestrian Day. Now, suppose on the Election Day there are two groups of people of two different parties (PDP & DPT) stranded on the way, and both want to reach the polling station for voting. It so happens that your taxi passes by those groups and want to give them a lift, but your taxi has the capacity to take only one group. Which group would it be?

  24. I dont think pedstrian day is to get taxi driver’s votes. DPT already know they are sure to win again in 2013, so they doesn’t have to make effort to get votes from a small group like taxi drivers. Pedstrian day is just a whim of JYT which none of the other ministers have the guts to disagree.

  25. Every Tuesday is not p/day bt taxi day… Some writer like proOl and Drukpa need to quit this blog on moral ground. Til date i haven’t seen you have made positive comments or agreeing on the TOPIC. You use this blog just to underestimate other….

  26. Peytse, Can’t you think better than that? How will the Taxi driver really know which group of people are the supporters of which party? First, the driver has no right to enquire about it. Secondly, the supporters would not reveal the truth. For instance, in 2008, many people believed to be PDP supporters allegedly voted for DPT. Regarding OL’s right to remove some posts, does OL understand the democratic principles in the first place? Don’t we have the right post our individual comments? He may be expecting only positive comments from all. But, how can we write good comments when we do not feel from within? When you have the mouth to speka, you should have the ears to listen.

  27. Regarding Taxi Drivers, forget about the people they are going to ferry to the polling stations, but the Taxi drivers themselves are going to vote for DPT and there is a whole lot of them.

    If there’s any truth in what Rinzin says, the government is doing exactly the opposite of what it needs to do. If you want people to use public transport, one of most important factor is safety. Now, if you provide buses that are going to malfunction and put people’s life in jeopardy, isn’t that going to deter people from using it?

    Seriously if what Rinzin says is true, some people are willing to go to the extend of putting other’s lives at risk just so that they can fatten their wallets. In my opinion, local chinese products should be avoided like the plague.

    As for pedestrian day, let me worry about my own health. I don’t need the PM telling me how to live my life. Regarding the environment/pollution, what is JYT thinking traveling in a Land Cruiser which gives 4kms to the litre, and the same goes for the other ministers and senior government officers. Please clean up your own shit, before imposing your hypocritical views on others.

  28. What Rinzin said is just a propaganda. Perhaps he is making such comments because the losing bidder is his close relative. If such cases are at all true, it will first appear in nedia, then the ACC and other agencies will challenge. If this does not happen, it is not more than a personal grudge. After all, this blog is used mostly by OL’s followers.

  29. Peytse,

    What analysis, I am sure you can do better than that.

  30. Analyzer you clearly don’t read the papers. This story on the bid scam where PM’s son-in-law and Nandalal’s son-in-law was favoured has already come out in the papers.

    Look at the conspiracy here.

    1. PM introduces Pedestrian Day

    2. Nandalal needs buses for Pedestrian day and so orders Bhutan Post that is under his ministry buses

    3. PM’s son-in-law and Nandalal’s son-in-law win the Nu 45 million bid for the buses in controversial circumstances even though they are Nu 13 million for expensive then lowest bidder and even when their bus had crashed due to malfunction and destroyed 14 vehicles in Hong Kong market.

  31. Rinzin,

    Buses are needed for all days, not only for pedestrian day.

  32. If Samden Enteprise’s feels wronged and that he has an air tight case, what is stopping him from taking the BPCL management to law. I don’t know who owns Samden but he could not be a small fry in the business world which the government can trample so easily.

  33. Rinzin, Are those buses exclusively meant for pedestrian day?

  34. Earlier there was no real strong demand for the buses as people could use their own vehicles on Tuesdays. So yes thus buses were brought mainly to accommodate for pedestrian day

  35. Rinzin,

    Why don’t you take the BPCL and PMs son to court on behalf of Samden if you are so sure that something indeed went wrong.

  36. I am totally against this so CALLED EXECUTIVE ODER … I AM COMPLETELY FEED UP WITH IT NOW…..

    I work in the Dzong, My wife works in Motithang HS, My daughter studies in Changzamtok and son in YHS i stay in Changjiji….

    Every tuesday I have to spend Nu 400 which actually i could use to fuel my car and last for about a week….

    Just DONT know why GOVERNMENT IS making DIFFICULT for us…


  37. Forget everything and focus on PDP’s status. It is almost in its dying stage. All ECB’s deadlines have been expired. Yet, the impractical OL failled to clear the debts. OL vigorously talks about Constitution and the laws of the country. Yet, the ECB’s laws are violated. So, OL, update about your own party in this blog rather than poking on other’s nose. Even its website has been out of function. I surely think the PDP’s days are numbered. By-bye PDP.

  38. enough_is_enough says

    Hell with dictator JYT and his gang of followers who can’t even speak a word against him!

    Instead of conferring the GNH ambassador title, he should be given the title “Dictator of Bhutan”. GNH will not be achieved by acting like Hitler.

    Except for the flowery words(lies), nothing in this guy exhibits the qualities of a person who is serious about GNH. Not one day goes by without me cursing this attention seeking, very corrupt, egotist animal.

  39. concerned citizen says

    The first time I heard of the pedestrian day I really appreciated the govt. for the idea. I walked all the way up to office. During the debate on BBS on the topic, I wanted to call and argue with the lady who raised the issue against the idea. After I saw the real truth about the real practices, I am now doubtful of the benefits. May be there is a need to review and make some changes.

    Firstly the number of vehicles (in case of office goers) has not reduced. In fact people go to office before 8.00 am to reach their children and to avoid walking.

    There are heavy losses to the government in terms of delayed works – less meetings, all drivers are driving taxis as the govt vehicles are not allowed.

    People use the roads around the demarcated areas. This means less vehicles but they travel double the distance and thus spend more fuel and emit more gases. For example, a office goer who goes to the Tashichhodzong from Babesa via Norzin Lam now travels from Chang Gidaphu via Motithang and leaves the vehicle at Zilukha thus traveling double the distance.

    Taxis are allowed which means the same thing as driving pvt cars. People do not use taxis in group to reduce fuel consumption and gas emission. They take reserved taxis.

    Many people do not walk – roads are not friendly, it rains on most days and many people live far away from business premises and offices to find low rent houses. The distances are too long to walk.

    Buses are not frequent, often too packed and also routes are not suitable to most.

    In conclusion, idea is good but implementation is difficult due to various factors and conditions.

  40. Guys, I’m just having fun because other than fun, there’s nothing much left of anything around here! I’m not tickled or offended by anyone labeling me or aligning me with anybody whatsoever. Those of you who choose not to understand my piece, I regret my poor language skill. Once again here it goes:
    PDay crap is okay by me. All the reasons assigned thereto may or can be accepted. EXCEPT the environment concerns! That to me is pure bullshit! 100% of it! Why?
    Because we did nothing and still do zero to prevent forest fires that destroy half the countryside every year throwing the country into smoky gloom from November to mid April. Look around the mining activities that scar the mountain and the hillsides! Look around the peripheral municipal areas that talks volumes of dirt, filth and the garbage spewing stench you could lose appetite forever! But of course, you guys writing fancy stuff here must be fortunate people who drive around only on express ways and highways and don’t need the luxury of having to see them! All I’m saying is that do something solid to stop forest fires, stop scarring the beautiful faces of our mountains and hillsides and keep the towns clear of the muck we see everywhere instead of crying hoarse about environment! Agreed, my language isn’t academic enough as most of you smart do, but this is what I meant, what I believe and I’ll stand by it, whether or not anybody agrees! This is the best I can do and also yes, I’m Karma Tenzin, Yongba, the excop! I don’t and will never hide my identity like the bunch of you chicken shits! Any problem with that? identify yourself and call me 17602317/77229505 or mail me Have fun guys, I know you will!

  41. Now here is the man who has some MAJOR BRASS BALLS! Can ProOL and the likes reveal their identities just like Karma Tenzin did? No, not in a million years!
    By the way Karma Tenzin, I fully agree with what you said about the serious environmental degradation taking place especially as a result of forest fires and mining activities,and government doing nothing about it, instead comes out with the self-serving idea like Pedestrian Day in the name of preserving the environment.

  42. Prool,

    I think the old man is now definitely going senile. Peytse, please take care of him and I think you are mistaking senility for having balls.

  43. What kind of blog is this? It says “life and politics in democratic Bhutan”. But, OL does not publish the views that he does not like. For instance, ProPDP’s comment is still awating moderation. Is this his philosophy of democracy. At least maintain the blog nicely till your party can exist.

  44. Analyser wrote” it is not more than a personal grudge.”


    I know how dangerous this PERSONAL GRUDGE can become in today’s real world.This animal can turn the world upside down.

  45. sonam,
    The man you are calling senile is someone who has received two coronation medals both from K4 and K5…written two books, was a Major as a cop (correct me if I am wrong) and served the Tsawa Sum with unwavering dedication. If you can call such a man senile, I don’t know what we have to call you. Maybe we might have to invent a new vocabulary just befitting for you. Any suggestions people?

  46. K4 and K5 both support the Pedestrain day and ata Yongba, someone who was decorated by none other than K4 should therefor be supporting this initiative of the RGOB, but it is clear he is not, that’s where the senility part comes in.

  47. sonam,
    Any proof or public record of K4 and K5 supporting Pedestrain Day?

  48. sonam, also I sense derogatory connotation in the choice of your word “decorated” in your above comment. Can you elaborate on that please?

  49. Ugyen Tashi says

    Dear OL,
    Don’t waste time studying pedestrian day, it is the work of Royal Audit Authority and Anti Corruption Commission to study. It is a pure case of corruption but one that cannot be proved now. Our people must be informed about this DPT corruption case and all other corruption cases before the2013 polls.
    Best of luck

  50. You yourself mention that he received two coronation medals from His Majesty, so in that way, he was decorated by HM, so I am confused as to how someone can see something derogatory in it.

    Proof that K4 and K5 support the PD, did you not see His Majesty riding his bicycle, he could have easily chosen to travel by any vehicle, the fact that he opted to ride a bicycle on the 1st PD is proof that he supported it. As for K5, you can always see him riding his bicycle, that’s proof enough for me.

  51. Pema Jamtsho says

    Dear OL, I just request to get some clarifications. In Thimphu and other districts of western Bhutan, riding cycle have been encouraged starting from HE PM and your good self too. But are you aware that in southern parts, bikes are not allowed on PDay? SJ, Sarpang and Samtse cycles for Bhutanese not allowed like car for PDay. Why two rules in one country?

  52. Peytse Instead of supporting OL with useless comments, why don’t you help him clear his debts so that PDP won’t cease to exist. Walk on Tuesdays to raise funds if necessary. It will be a good pedestrian day for you.

  53. Peytse

    Karma Tenzin a.k.a. Atta Yongba is past 60 and has been a beneficiary of the goodness of the King and the government all his life. In difference to his age, I am not going to discuss whether he was deserving of all the kindness and generosity of the King and the government. But certainly, his pompous outburst says one thing: he is one ungrateful person or he, of all people, should understand the compulsions of the government.

    Like the governor of the RMA said on BBS TV, every one seems to be under no moral obligation for the mess that we are in, but the government. In all these many years, he seems to have failed to understand that we are all collectively responsible for the mess we are in. It is unfair to bray at the government like a demented person.

    How is the government going to be able to do anything useful if all the people of Bhutan is going to refuse to do our part?

    As to proof of HM 4K and 5K supporting the PD, I know that they do and including all the Royal Family. If you notice, you will hardly ever see BHUTAN and BHT vehicles plying on the road on Tuesdays. Regardless, the DPT government is the one that is running this country. Any failure will be attributed to the government. Therefore, they have to do what they have to do irrespective of whether some people like it or not.

    By the way, please also do not worry about the DPT government being unhappy about the likes of you making unreasonable noise. They know that it comes with the job. They have to do what they have to do. There will always be donkeys that are unwilling to give an inch while being quite happy to take a mile.

  54. You people, including myself, arguing, mud slinging and getting personal and at times being so petty, form just about 0.002% of our miniscule population. Out of 0.002%, 99.99% of you are dolts, spineless throwing muck to passersby hiding behind anonymity/incognito and claiming moral high grounds and pseudo- intellectualism. Whatever we write and post here, should and must be able to stand the challenge of proof and reason. I’m beyond anger or irritation and feel well shielded from any illogical rantings from the smart elite, just about 5 same guys posting in different names? enjoying the luxury of anonymity.
    I’ve absolutely nothing against any of you nincompoops or the govt. to which I’ve been part of it and will be a part of it in my small humble ways till I drop dead! Of that, let there be no doubt!
    I’ve also said that PDay is fine with me and I love walking! No problem here, right?
    My problem was and still is, is don’t load the environmental concerns to this PDay exercise as an excuse BECAUSE WE ARE NOT DOING ANY DAMN THING TO STOP FOREST FIRES AND STOP SCAR FACING MOUNTAIN AND HILLSIDES that is the real ENVIRONMENT we should be seriously concerned and get the work done!!! Now, ProOl and the rest of you guys hiding in the bushes, I hope you got my point. There may not be much bush left for you to hide yourselves if you don’t let your buddies in high places do something fast to stop what I have suggested! Looks like I have to reinvent Asterix and his buddy Obilix Bhutanese style fight forest fires and stop the indiscriminate stone quarrying to save the REAL ENVIRONMENT. Have fun guys!

  55. I forgot to mention that I’m not an impulsive guy over react to people trying to degrade me nor excited by some one trying to upgrade me for whatever reasons. I am who I was and known for, I am who I’m and want to be who I’m and like everything else, so I shall perish. Finally, I’m done with you guys! Intelligence wrongly used is no intelligence and you’ll murder the little wisdom you may have by default be wasted, too! It may be good riddance for you guys, but I shall not surface again in this blog till you guys show up with CID nos. Why should I argue with faceless and spineless dolts and duffers? Bye.

  56. Karma Tenzin,
    Don’t run away – stay and make your point. But try and do so in a sensible way – the mature way.

    You know damn well that the PD has to do with lot more things than merely environment. Don’t give us this crap that you are going to rubbish the PD on the sole reason that it has to do with environment. That is a terribly constricted view.

    Forget a crazed Karma Tenzin, do you want to take a bet that even the mother of all laws, the Constitution, is NOT going to be able to stop us from reducing our forest stand way below the minimum mark?

    What do you want the government to do? Act the fireman or the forest guard? Unless people like you and me begin to take on our part of the responsibility, nothing is going to change. But we cannot take the defeatist view – we still have to keep trying.

    I have nothing against you personally but you as a senior citizen have no excuse to behave like a 25 years old lafanga.

  57. ProOL,
    If there is one thing that I like about you, it’s your good command over English. Other than that you are the stupidest person that I ever came across in this forum. You wrote: “As to proof of HM 4K and 5K supporting the PD, I know they do and including all the Royal Family. If you notice, you will hardly ever see BHUTAN and BHT vehicles plying on the road on Tuesday.” I mean seriously how can you deduce this as a support. You are way out of your mind. You are brainwashed by PM and DPT policies to such extent that if tomorrow PM declares the constitution null and void and proclaims himself as the first hereditary Prime Minister of Bhutan, you will happily go with it without even a word of protest. I feel sorry for you man!

  58. Karmadoj says

    Somewhere I heard our beloved K5 even travelled in a Taxi on the PD.Peytse,what more proof you need?

  59. Everyone tries to prove to be the smartest of all in this blog. Everyone tries to call the others with all sorts of bad names. “Self praise is donkey praise” and there is no one to appreciate. Whether one uses four, five or six nicknames, it’s individual’s choice. Whether one writes in correct English or not, who cares? After all, this blog is viewed by just a few of us.

  60. Karmadoj says

    Please do not underestimate the Bhutanese people’s intelligence. I think, we are matured enough to distinguish between good and bad. We know precisely well when to act and when not! So long things are going in the right direction and for the greater common good of the nation, why should we be even bothered by such mob leaning cheap shots?

  61. Peytse,

    You can ignore the language and judge me on the basis of my substance.

    Don’t you think you qualify as some one even dumber than me? At least I have the common sense to deduce something while you do not. I certainly am right when I deduce that the Royal Family is giving support to the government and their rule, when they keep off the road on Tuesdays. In fact, a rustic like you provably did not see that in one of the papers, His Majesty the King was seen bicycling on a Tuesday.

    Now if the King and the Royal Family and most of the educated lot are willing to support the government in their endeavor to save this country from further misery, what makes you think the weasels like you and Karma Tenzin a.k.a. Atta Yongba is going to be able to convince us that what the government is doing is something wrong?

    As to being brainwashed by the PM, don’t you think it is more dignified to be brainwashed by someone more worthy and learned and competent, than playing second fiddle to the OL who is politically motivated to feed trash to idiotic and gullible people like you who has no brains to judge what is being put out?

    You Dumbo, the Constitution has now been signed into law by the representatives of the people of Bhutan and every other authority in this country. Therefore, let alone the Prime Minister, not even the King can nullify it. Go get some education instead of making a fool of yourself ranting away mindlessly.

    I do not support the DPT but the truth and any and all causes that are good for the people and the country. I will come to the defense of the government, on every wrong that is being put out by uneducated and uncaring people like you. If that makes me a supporter of the government run by the DPT, so be it.

    You are as dump as that NC from Bumthang who was stupid enough to declare on BBS TV during a panel discussion on PD that any attempt by Bhutan to do something good for the environment is useless because the bigger polluters like India and China are not doing their share. I mean can he be so dumb? Even if he does not have it in him to understand the big picture, he ought to have that small sense to know that as a member of the Upper House, he has to be seen to be a little bit more intelligent than he was seen to be?

    God save this country from people like you and that NC member!

    I know I am wasting my time arguing with a Dumbo like you but my take is that in the process, there will be others who may be willing to look at the issues squarely on the face and arrive at a more educated conclusion and not only based on the skewed views expressed by some people who have ulterior motives in spreading falsehood and misinformation.

  62. What can you say to someone who thought that the term decorated was derogatory in nature.

  63. Wolaso ProOL. Keep on commenting please.

  64. mongar123 says

    I think post people decrying the P/day doesn’t have clue what environment is. Those people think environment is just trees and forests…so sad

  65. What is inconvenient to you does not mean that it is not good for the country. It will be convenient to some of you if all the forests are cleared for urbanization. For the sake of country’s general welfare, some of our inconveniences have to be sacrificed. For Bumthang’s NC member’s comments on BBS, I too could not agree with him. Frankly speaking, NC should be comprised of senior citizens who have good experiences of laws and governence. The fresh and young citizens may have good language command, but they seem to be narrowminded and inexperienced to be seated in the house of review. Having said so, the pedestrian day is supported by the senior and educated people. It’s only those some business and less educated people who try to complain. They are always thinking of their own convenience.

  66. Hahahahaha…….Bhutanese, Analyser, ProPDP, Citizen… Whatever nick you used,,your nick contradicts the way you comment. Your comment clearly shows what type of person you are. Haha very funny..when yourself is the one who is trying to act are pointing to others…lol
    Whatever..carry on… Have fun..little boy.

  67. Karma Tenzin,
    I would like to respond to your earlier comment on the taxis on PD. Since it is declared a PD, why use the taxis. Let them run around and exhaust their fuel which is not cheap. I don’t use taxis on this day, otherwise there is no point declaring it as PD. Unless there is an emergency, let us not use taxis and not even the buses. When they do not get passengers, the streets will soon be free of taxis and thats where it helps the environment.

  68. Hi Hammer, I did not know that you are the moderator of this blog. You’ll find my comments funny as I find yours too. Because, this blog itself is just like that.

  69. Haha….keep posting my little immature least your comment entertains many of us.

  70. Sure, it entertains many of just yourself.

  71. Very soon Mr. ProOl might be decorated with a TAMA, recommended by our Excellency P.M.
    He might even get the GNH Citizen of this year.

    He surely is a loyal dog of DPT.
    hahaha, and as some one said, he might even be bothered least if democracy heads to wrong direction.

  72. If we are really serious about our environment and the pollution caused by vehicle combustion then why not allow on electric cars and buses plying on Peds Day.

    In fact when the Cabinet was deciding on the buses to be bought to help cater to passengers on Peds Day they should have gone specifically for electric buses since its only city premises. I guess Chinese have not started producing electric buses.

    By the way, when the King, who is above the Law, is seen respecting the Law setting aside all the inconveniences caused, dont mistake such support as approval. I think its only because the King believes in a democracy there must exist the rule of law. Imagine what would happen if the King announced the Peds Day was a stupid thing. The government may make the rules but people would not follow it. At least I would not.

  73. His Majesty respects the law as HM believes the rule of law must exist as quoted by you, but you will not respect the law. I think you are way too stupid to commenting here.

  74. GNHaps, Democracy is not always about right, it is also about responsibility. It is everyone’s responsibility to respect the law, conserve the environment and promote peace. If people are given only rights, not responsibilities, people would think it is their right to commit crime. Pedestrian day may be of some inconvenience, but it has good impact for us.

  75. Did any one hear that more than 500 votes were received from one single phone number during the debate on PD at BBS? If this is true, than BICMA must inform the public so that one or tow individuals with vested interest do not mislead the public and undermine national interests.

  76. Drukpa Meser says

    I wish i also had a taxi to celebrate the pedestrian day by picking up all the passengers and fill my pocket.

  77. enough_is_enough says

    If a dog has a bad owner, and if you try to put some sense into the dog regarding his owner, the dog will not listen no matter what, and will blindly pledge his loyalty to the owner.

    Prool and his friends are the dogs, and JYT the owner. Of late, the owner has been acting quite like an animal himself, making decisions/laws without using his brains and without consulting the people he serve.

    The other day, I had a hard time getting home walking in the rain as I am not rich enough to pay for taxis every Tuesday. My children did the same. I want to see JYT walk in the rain every Tuesday and see what its like being me and many of us.

  78. What a selfish person, thinking only about his own comfort.

  79. Enough_is_enough, I’m sure it rained all over Thimphu at the same time. So, even PM and all other pedestrians would have had the same experiences like you. That’s something many people face even if it is not a pedestrian day because they do not have cars to drive.

  80. Totally against this so called PD. It gives so much inconvenience to all my family members and same to more than 80 percent of the people living in Thimphu. Instead of benefiting, it has proved to be disastrous. One can see the impact all around the periphery of Thimphu city in the form of traffic congestion, parking along the streets, accidents, etc. Government should not have imposed such thing on people when the people actually are against the idea. It is purely a bull dozing of the idea of one or two person on the entire nation.
    Please lift this draconian rule and give people the choice.

  81. dhendhup,
    Give people the choice? Are you sure you know what you are talking about? Don’t you realize that the government has been giving people the choice and here is where we have arrived as a result?

    I am so saddened by the quality of participation in this Blog. Why is it that the people on this blog think that the PD was introduced because it would give people pleasure and happiness? The PD is a result of our past mistakes. Those past mistakes have the potential to ruin this country.

    The government has been forced to introduce PD as a necessary measure to bring back this country on the road to recovery.

    These are difficult times and each of us need to be tolerant of the difficulties that we have to face, in order that we can see a better future in due course. Until now, the Bhutanese people have been so spoilt by the Kidu the King and the government doled out. But now it seems that our Bangzoe (exchequer) is not a bottomless pit, after all.

    Those of you whiners, please be prepared for even harsher conditions that needs to be imposed on the people. We need to learn to earn our keep and do so without complaining. The more you complain, less you are likely to see good days.

    If you can accept small inconveniences now, you are likely to see good days quicker than if you keep complaining and not do your part.

  82. ProOL wrote:
    I am so saddened by the quality of participation in this Blog. Why is it that the people on this blog think that the PD was introduced because it would give people pleasure and happiness? The PD is a result of our past mistakes. Those past mistakes have the potential to ruin this country.

    The government has been forced to introduce PD as a necessary measure to bring back this country on the road to recovery.

    Mr. ProOL, just let us know how PD has benefited the country and helped us bring back our country to normal and recover from INR crisis? GIVE US THE FACTS AND FIGURES…

    More than a good, PD has ruined our life. Life of the people living in city like Thimphu and staying away (about 2 km away from the office) has been made difficult. We land up spending Nu. 1500-200 more every month because of PD.

  83. San, You will not spend the money if you choose to walk. On the otherhand, you would spend the same amount even if you drove your car.

  84. san,

    Please grow up. Are you expecting PD to be the answer to all our problems? Trust me, it is not even 1000th of what we need to do. It is just one of the thousandth initiatives we must put in place before results will begin to become visible. But if citizens like you are unwilling to do your part, our problems are unlikely to be solved, ever. However, I am encouraged that you are among the minority who think the way you do.

    The biggest worry is that people like you who can write could make all the difference – to spread the message that every citizen need to take part in this recovery effort. Sadly, it seems that you have not even understood the extent of our problems so how can you even begin to be useful about it?

  85. I have done a good research and found out that, PD will make every citizen like me POOR by Nu. 2000 every month which is Nu. 24000 annually.
    My only argument here is that the choice to be left to the citizen. We do not want inconveniences in the name of saving fuel import and protecting environment.

    People like Observer and ProOl did not understand the difficulties this PD has brought to our lives. They may be the ones who licks PM’s ass. or the ones who are least affected by this PD.

  86. san,
    If you are spending that kind of money, clearly you do so because you are incapable of being creative. Once you are faced with a situation that is certain, you should have the intelligence to plan accordingly to face the situation and not be a victim of it.

    The difficulty you face is of your own making. You are too spoilt or unimaginative – thus you have to suffer. We are faced with the same situation as you are but we do not whine away like you do. We plan ahead so we do not have to waste money where it is not necessary. Like someone wrote in the Kuensel, people else where walk every day of the year. Why are you grumbling just because you have to walk one day in a week? If you are such a Dasho that you cannot walk, be smart about it – don’t grumble about being poorer because that only goes to show that you are a person who not only lacks creativity but are also incapable of being a useful citizen.

  87. San, if you are a well-off person, take a taxi or bus. If you are not well off, join the pedestrians. You are given a choice to make. I’m sure you were not born with a car.

  88. ProOl wrote:….”Those past mistakes have the potential to ruin this country.
    The government has been forced to introduce necessary measure to bring back this country on the road to recovery…”

    You talk sense here and I am completely with you on this.But, how serious are we travelling on this recovery road in the real sense?Sometimes, the way how things work at the ground tells me a different story.I haven’t lost my hope yet however.I know this is not a easy task for the JYT, but, with him at the helm of powers now,JYT alone is our only hope.I pray he succeeds in this very important national mission howsoever daunting it may be.Good luck,JYT, you are doing great.Please keep doing this good job without losing your focus.
    A concerned citizen.

  89. karmadoj

    He alone cannot solve our problems – we need the participation of the people. Sadly, look at the attitude of the people. They talk as if the measures put in place by the government is designed to give them a helluva time.

    They seem to fail to understand that little hardship is called for and the people has to be tolerant about small discomforts.

  90. One of the purposes of the pedestrian day was to reduce pollutions. But I don’t see any reduction in the movement of vehicles.

    Many of the travelers are the office goers. They drive to their respective offices following the shortest as possible and park their vehicle in their office parking lot for the whole day. Now with the pedestrian day, people are forced to take the longer route (The Ring Road) to get their destination which I feel is few km longer than the usual distance. Viewing the above, how has pedestrian day led to reduction in pollution?

    Moreover, Electric Car could have been encouraged to move freely like taxi to promote such technologies.

  91. CD,

    So walk instead of driving and request your office goer friends to walk also, this way you become more healthy and there is less pollution. The larger message of PD is to sacrifice ones own comfort for the larger good of the community/country. But then most Bhutanese are so selfish, that every move of the government is viewed as infringing on their individual rights.

  92. why can’t we have a day for our environment to rest? it also need rest..we maynot make a big difference but we are doing a small thing which is going to have impact if continued for a long time…so people lets think and respect it..if it wasn’t good it wouldnot have been proposed at all…it is good for all and for a better future..

  93. 1. Pedestrian day has created great inconveniences to the majority. There should be only one day in a month and on this day there should not be any vehicle moving throughout the country except in emergency cases.
    2. taxis and tourist buses, school buses should not be allowed to move on pedestrian day.

  94. After 15 times of Pedestrian day I observed following pros and cons
    1. Reduction of carbon footprint
    2. Encourage physical exercises
    3. enhance community vitality
    4. mitigate the INR crunch
    5. create town calm and silent
    6. Control the use of fossil fuels
    1. Growth of unpunctuality to office or class
    2. Inconveniences for those who do not posses cash.
    3. very inconvenient during emergency
    4. Empowerment of taxi driver
    5. Succumbing to the mercy of taxi driver
    6. Frequency of taxi doubling
    7. Taxi zooming to grab more money
    8. Walking is risky in some roads where the pedestrian walk ways are not provided.
    9. Walking under rain and sun without umbrella.
    10. Productivity in the offices decreases
    11. Excuses for every agency increases
    12. Couple working in far apart office not able to have their lunch together.
    13. Picking up of school children
    14. Things getting postponed for other days

  95. Tenzin Dolkar says

    hi, i think taxis move twice or thrice to places that private cars need travel just once to get their job done.

  96. chhoegay dawa says

    okey so as we see now that pday has been implemented in the country and considwering it to be a great idea of our leaders….shouldn’t it be beneficial to the people????

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