The ineligible Bhutanese

What would you do if you found out that there’s this job opening that would pay three times more but would be less demanding than your current job? You’d probably apply for it, right? How could you pass up an opportunity to earn three times your pay for actually doing less work?

What would you expect if you found out that that job was in a government project, financed by government funds? You’d expect to get that job, right? And if you don’t, you’d expect a more qualified and experienced fellow Bhutanese to get it.

That’s exactly what happened. PHPA advertised for doctors. The doctors would be paid by the project. But they would work in the Bajo basic health unit.

Several Bhutanese doctors applied for the lucrative jobs.

But the government intervened. And that’s when things went wrong. The government decided that Bhutanese doctors would not be eligible for the PHPA jobs. They decided that PHPA could, instead, recruit doctors from India.

What is it with us? Our economy is very small. That’s why economic opportunities are few and far between. And yet, we insist on giving the best opportunities to foreigners. We insist on depriving our own people.


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  1. That’s the government’s prerogative…Having been trained, educated and given so much importance by the govt., it is the duty of everyone to serve where you are needed the most and NOT where you are paid the highest…it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, does it?? simple common sense!!!

  2. Honourable OL,
    You have brought up this pertinent issue here. I also feel that bhutanese doctors should be given the preference because it is not only an opportunity for the doctor to earn some extra income but also help in keeping the money inside the country.

    It is indeed a shameful act to say the least.

  3. nima tshering says

    i agree with kinga although there will be some pros and cons with the hiring of doctors from India. Nothing come free and isolated. Everything is related and chained with each other as we are living in a closed society not a jungle. It is therefore very important for the decision makers to study analyse and figure out what is the best for our country and people. The said decision should be in the interest of Bhutan and Bhutanese as a whole and in the interest of larger public. Doctors are already well paid by the govt than any other government jobs. We can never feed the greed of a man. Even if Ministers are paid any more than what is already above the limit, they won’t say “NO” rather claim more.
    Therefore, the decision should be in the interest of common citizens not individual based benefits .

  4. @ Kinga : If there is an opportunity available for qualified Bhutanese individual, then why not given them opportunity ?

    There could be various reasons for an individual to make his/her choice. As long as the individual does not violate the Laws of the Kingdom, he/she should be allowed to exercise individual rights !!!

    It only creates disharmony and lack of commitment in case of such individuals forced to remain back in the system !!!

    I certainly feel that “NO ONE IS INDISPENSABLE” and we should not restrict individuals/ professionals from choosing their own path !!!

  5. I just went through the first five lines of this article and it reminded me of a doctor in JDWNRH who is in chamber NO;5. and i learned that he is always late for his duty with 1hr every day, believe me!. I heard this from the security guard and the assistance who are around that chamber(5). i also complained this to the superintendent, but i don’t know whether this is being checked or not!! doctors wake up!!!!

  6. Tshering says

    Bhutan is not a good place for doctors..the govt thinks that because it has incurred for educating them, has to be fully made used to whether docs like it or not…who said docs are paid more..look at other professions, some donot have any bonds and paid at par with PM..Biggest mistake is to have chosen medicine as career where the there doesnot seem any future..esp in Bhutan

  7. Firstly, I totally agree with hon’ble OL on this issue. MoH and government should not disallow our Bhutanese doctors to join projects just because of shortage. Shortage was there since long time and will be there for a long long time to come. It is not the fault of individual doctors for the shortage, it is the fault of the system and the government. Trying to retain back few doctors will not at all solve the issue of doctor shortage in long run. How long are we going to try this method?

    Secondly, MoH is violating the Individual rights, the RCSC rules & regulations and the constitution itself. Yes, a lot have been spent to produce a doctor but these doctors have already served more than the bonded period as per the RCSC rules and regulation. Hence it is their right to resign as they wish and join any project to practice their lawful profession as per the constitution. Why can other civil servants resign and join DHI?

    Thirdly, by allowing the doctors to join the projects, it is not going to make the situation worse. They will be working in Bhutan, serving Bhutanese and in fact many referrals to JDWNRH can be reduced.

    Fourthly, it is not right to say Bhutanese doctors are paid better than other civil servants. They are paid as per the grade or PCS. Freshly passed out doctors are placed in grade 7/P4A just as other professions after taking much longer years to complete. Even the fresh specialist who spent 4 years on average to become specialist are placed in grade 7 or 6. By then they have already lost many years of seniority in service and their class mates in other sectors are 1 to 2 grades higher to them. The minimum allowance they r given is just a name sake and adds little to their otherwise plain salary. 20% allowance of roughly 18,000/-(grade 7 pay) for non specialist doctors comes to around 3,600 extra. They deserve more given the type of work they have to do. In reality, most civil servants in other sectors earn much more by means of TA/DA for frequent tours and seminars unlike doctors. Only few DMOs and HoD get occasional tours and most doctors get only plain salary just as our dedicated teachers.

    Fifth, doctoring is just an occupation. It is their job and they chose to became one to earn and to support their family. It is wrong to assume that they became one to save lives. Saving lives is secondary and will naturally be part of their work. Therefore, doctors are just another civil servant just like many of us.

    Sixth, It is wrong to say all doctors come late to work and are not good to patients. Few many be but not all. Just because of few teachers are assaulting students does not mean that all teachers are bad. Many teachers are in fact better than some parents, same rule applies to doctors.

  8. My_voice says

    Why restrict only doctors then? What kind of democracy is this? Is this government allowed to make up all kinds of new rules according to its whim? Does the individual have no right? Wake up.
    It’s a democracy. Not a dictatorship.This is an act of oppression. The government is expected to have a broader outlook.
    No body can be forced to stay in a job-it’s a democracy. And what sort of a government denies its own citizens a job opportunity?!

  9. As long as the Doctors are going to work in Government Hospital and BHUs in Bhutan I don’t see any problem.Maybe Lyonpo Zangley is one who is behind this.

  10. Respected Honorable Opposition Leader, sometime update about appreciations of what our government is doing la….

  11. Kinga you seemed to be out of touch with reality. You mean to say that other PhD/masters in other professions eg architects,engineers, vets etc can just leave to join other organisations -home and abroad despite acute shortage in the country.Aren’t they trained by the gov? I dont know why this inherent dislike for drs.It is nothing but pure envy!!!!!Bunch of Hypocrites

  12. All i can say is “Where there is a Will there is a Way” especially in the Land of GNH. One fine example would be the recent cross transfers of senior Executive Civil servants.

  13. I think doctors are eligible to apply for that job unless they fulfilled their contract.

  14. My mistake on my first comment. I think doctors should be allowed to apply for the other job as long as their contract is over.

  15. @ Rafa Nadal: If he updates the appreciation about what our government is doing, then what is the use of having an opposition leader? I think he is the best Opposition leader that our country would ever have.

  16. tshering says

    author kinga’s comment here is one typical example of how the general bhutanese population think of our doctors,,,,, people think they hv been trained by the govt. therefore that they are a lifelong slave…. according to the bond they shall serve just the double amount of year to that of the course duration,,, beyond that where they go and how they survive is none of your business and i feel nobody has the right to restrain them just in the name of some shitty policy,, most comments given against the article here are just given out of jealousy rather than genuine reason fearing that one or two senior doctors who have served their legal term of years in service are now going to earn more than what they were in the past,,,,

    i dont understand why people are scared of other ppl(specially doctors) earning better paycheck? people know all doctors are unhappy about their pay and entry grade and yet,, the rest of society seem so reluctant to even listen to it forget about being concerned or caring,,,, why is that? is it out jealousy that they being scared or cant stand doctors being always ahead of them in life right from the beginning for e.g doctors were always among the toppers right from pre primary,, they enjoyed better care and attention from the school teachers,,, they were liked by principal/headmaster,, some even were given the role of class/house/school captain,,, they got the oppurtunity to represent their school for national level debates, quiz,,, they were all over the place yet they kept topping their exams,,, classmates envied em all through their schooling life… the trend of they being ahead all their life went on & on and overshadowed their entire schooldays…. now those ppl at the backseat during the entire schooling period are all grown up and some holding senior civil servant position in very critical areas,, some working as just civil servants,,, some working in pvt institutions,,,,some even as member of parliaments ,,,, but whoever they are now,, all think the same ( that they cant stand doctors being ahead in their life all the time)… it is too much for em to tolerate that now it is hard for them to digest even when doctors are getting a shot at earning something from outside the civil service,,,,

    but its sad coz its in the bhutanese mentality,,, the whole mentality has to change first and the system,,,, something is wrong with the system of bhutanese mind…..

    As if doctors topping and being ahead all the time was their fault….

  17. guardian says

    The OL is right and so is Kinga, while the OL is all for freedom of choice, Kinga’s stance is that our doctors should be a bit more grateful to the government for educating them and training them to become doctors. At this juncture, the MOH and the government are in an most unenviable position as allowing doctors to leave would mean that government hospitals themselves become short staffed and not allowing them to leave results in most of our doctors becoming unhappy which in turn could impact negatively on the quality of services they provide, though, I am confident that they are professional enough not to go down that route.

    Now is the perfect time for being proactive, so my suggestion would be for the MOH to increase the salaries of our doctors to an acceptable level so that everyone is happy.

    In a bizarre twist, I have also been told, that the after hours paid clinic which was introduced sometime last year has been impacted by RCSCs interference. The shortsighted people at RCSC, I believe, have capped the allowance the doctors are paid for doing over time to a maximum of Nu.12000/- per month, which has resulted in doctors refusing to see more than 4 to 5 patients a day which is enough for them to make the maximum amount they are entitled to, even though they have ample time to see many more patients.

    RCSC and Lyonpo Zangley need to get their act together, though the way issues relating doctors have been handled so far certainly does not inspire much confidence.

  18. Deb-Ngagpo says

    In the event the govt allowed govt docs to join projects, would OL’s oposition then be “why did the govt allow govt docs to move as they wish?”….7 yrs of free govt training should make bhutanese docs morally responsible to serve the citizens where the govt thinks they are best fit…In the name of democracy, giving docs, for that matter where there is shortage of human capital in any field, the liberty to move as they wish would hamper the lives of the common…implications of such moves are huge…in my opinion, the govt has made the right decision to maintain this “gentlemen’s agreement” to retain the govt-trainted docs…

  19. I am for OL.
    I feel every one should respect one another’s rights and freedom.
    The doctors we are debating here are sr. doctors and I am sure they must have already served 15+ years.
    Also they are not going anywhere outside Bhutan. They will be serving our own people. They only difference is, they are now at Thimphu, JDWNRH and if they are allowed to move out, they will be serving people of Wangdi and Punakha.
    In fact it will be good for people of Punakha and Wangdi. They will have two more sr. doctors.

  20. Either which way, OL is going to exploit the situation and use that as a publicity stunt..a very cheap way of garnering political mileage…cost to society and creating social disharmony and discord be damned…!!!Welcome to politics, people.

  21. Young Mind says

    The government is like a fish in the water who is thirsty. Like, keeping ocean at home and searching water outside blindly.

  22. Meto_Selden says

    it is indeed government’s prerogative to make decisions for country’s larger interest. however, i am sorry to say that this decision hasn’t been taken with adequate analysis with regards to the overall impact to the morale of our doctors in general and to the system as a whole. if i was the minister of health, i would have taken this opportunity to really motivate our doctors to work harder to avail such better opportunities. there was no harm in letting them go and join phpa. after all, serving phpa at bajo bhu also means that bhutanese people working in phpa and also our own people from wangdue district can benefit. for the doctors, i am sure serving bhutanese people in wangdue is equally important as serving people in thimphu. having qualified doctors in wangdue also means making lives of our people in wangdue a lot easier so that they don’t have to travel either to punakha or thimphu should attention of a qualified doctor is required. i am one of the persons who is highly committed and dedicated to the best interest of my country and i am also highly indebted to my monarchs & my governments in the past for all the benefits i received due to their farsighted and selfless leadership. today, i am a bit concerned about how decisions are made by our government, that is supposed to be more democratic than in the past. my plea to the government is that, please do a proper analysis of any decisions taken…..

  23. I just see politics making its domain in the name of rights and wrongs.
    Be it OL’s endeavor to quench the thirst of so called ” Publicity Stunt” or Govt.’s strategy of retaining doctor to address the acute shortage of the like profession…i feel such discussion would lead to no where. It would rather eat away the sincerity and loyalty of doctors and the consequences will go down to people. Its better if the discussion be made in the closed room with all concerned ones and discuss only the POSITIVE outcomes in public.

  24. Let me throw my views on Doctors. I am thankful that i dropped Biology in PU otherwise i would have faced the same struggle. I should have advised them to become engineers. Just a point….someone claimed that all doctors were brilliant from kindergarten. I don’t remember my classmates who are now doctors scoring above my grades. On the other hand, I certainly agree that Bhutanese doctors are piled up with frustrations and frustrations and more frustrations. Doctors are well paid everywhere except Bhutanese doctors. Even outsider who comes and practice this profession in Bhutan get handsomely paid. That is a fact. Why salary is so important? Ask MPs….They should sometimes discuss about Doctors salaries in the parliament. Though i am not a doctor i support them to earn more than others because it is a pathetic job. Even a clerical job in Bhutan has better environment than doctors. If you want to retain them, it is not effective to retain by coercion because it will only be counterproductive. Frustrated professional is no good to the profession or the institution.

    Secondly, our civil service system do not recognize human capital, specifically specialized skills. They think that no one is “indispensable” in a society. That is a very very wrong concept. Even a cleaner is is very very important. Look at the world and learn from them. When RCSC is guided by such principle, no wonder the brightest of Bhutanese will leave the system. For instance a person who has done PhD is almost considered equal to the general graduates. There is no reward for such high skills in our system. That is what exactly Doctors are fighting for. If you cannot let them leave the system, discuss something about their remuneration in the parliament instead of MPs remuneration. Because i believe that MPs are replaceable immediately if they seek to resign. But doctors cannot be replaced in a day or year.

    Just because this country has trained them does not legitimize to coerce them to work. Every Bhutanese was trained by our country and every Bhutanese by birth has the moral right to seek education from this nation. No one has the moral right to argue that a fellow citizen was trained by this country so he or she has to serve indefinitely as long as he or she has fulfilled the training obligations. Those doctors applied to work in PHPA has the moral and legal right to pursue their profession anywhere as long as they fulfill their obligation with RCSC. Even our constitution supports that so they have the sound legal tooth to take this government to Supreme court for unfair policies. Moreover, they are applying to work inside Bhutan. That has double benefit to our country. Firstly government does not have to pay for those doctors. It is being paid the the project fund. Secondly, they are still serving in our country. They are not leaving the country. If we need them, we can always hire them occasionally to conduct specialised surgeries in JDWNRH. It is possible with proper management. Sharing human resources within the country is always possible.

    To solve this problem for good, why don’t you send 20 to 30 students or even more every year for MBBS training. More money is spent on frequent tours and travels by managers and senious HAs in MoH. They don’t understand that the ministry exists because of these doctors. Even nurses exists because of these doctors. The MoH wants to suppress Doctors within a small and suffocating consultation room with patients while in the headquarters, they enjoy frequent travel abroad. Such systemic bias cannot be right.

  25. bad Abbott says

    A govt that has no regards for its citizens, specially the technical and professional category, who are capable of thinking and making a difference in the dev of the nation are pissed on, the result will a stench of urine in the country.

    the dedication and the sincerity expected from the doc and technical personnels by the govt will not by achieved by shitting on them.

    you give them shit, you will get turd in the bargin. who gains, the flies who thrive on the shit.

    this is a country with a democratic facade and constitution that is raped every day.

    I dread the night mare that will follow.

  26. Meto_Selden says

    karma – reality is obvious. this point is not only discussed here; it is discussed in offices, restaurants, bars, etc… we just cannot turn our blind eyes and deaf ears; as responsible citizens of this country, we must use every forum to discuss anything that affect our lives in anyway. doctors aren’t fools – they know what is right or wrong and to make informed decisions.

    sonam, your arguments make very good sense, I agree with you.

    i only hope our decision makers are a little more empathetic and are able to make good decisions…

  27. I have been listening to this craps from OL for so long. When he was in parliament in first two seasons, i was grateful that having two parliamentarians, the OL was doing greatest job of check and balances.

    After two years and as clock for next election ticks, the OL has become frantic. Now OL is more frantic because he can’t even run his own party. Even Dasho Damchoe respected by most people is reluctant to support OL. Thank God, Damchoe didn’t run away during constitutional case.

    Today, OL has became the guy who is forced to say opposite of what PM says.
    You know to whom OL outsourced the works to Develop a PDP Manifesto, a reporter and freelance writer. And do you to whom did that guy approach to get copy 2008 DPT Manifesto? Guess or not…DPT supporter. That is how desperate OL is.

    What is OL’s political strategy? Win primary round and be opposition leader by default? that is it.

    This article on doctor by OL doesn’t support cause of doctors anyway, it just support cause of his own desperation.

    Or do i have disclose some more embarrassing personal history?

  28. I feel very sad and angry that some people so dumb. Worst-they say and do dumb things and it impacts negatively on us all.

    Firstly, all professionals have the right to go where ever they like, ONCE their BOND period is over.

    Doctors are under lot of stress already, with more crazy policies, I’m afraid, many educated parents, in future will not encourage their child to become a doctor. Many parents had already discouraged their children from becoming a teacher and many graduates don’t want like the profession either.
    I fully agree with Sonam and Dorji.
    And with the MOH telling PHPA not to recruit the Bhutanese doctors, and INSTEAD recruit foreign doctors is the stupidest/biased idea to resolve the shortage of doctors.
    Why not let the Bhutanese doctors go to PHPA, and MOH recruit foreign doctors- it helps our economy too.
    Doctors should get legal aid for enforcing such stupid ideas, depriving right and implementing biased policies, when MOH are allowing some doctors to be in the administrative position.
    These doctors are not even going outside their country or moving to a different profession. PHPA is inside the country- Bhutan. Serving tsa-wa-sum is helping your country irrespective of the work for as long as it is inside the country.

  29. The above comment by mongar is pathetic. Any discussion is healthy, unlike our govt. where they only like to do things quietly and discuss their personal benefits.

    I don’t care if the issue he raises is political or not and or even if it is self benefiting or not- it’s his job to raise his opinion on every subject matter, that helps create discussions.

    This subject matters as it talks on a pertinent issue- doctors and the well being our our general population.
    Good job, OL ! please talk, louder and more louder!

  30. Meto…sounded to me that my comments encoded by you were beyond what i actually meant to convey. my apology if it did hurt your ego.
    I choose not to describe Doc as “fool” like u did…i was just trying to keep their spirit up n i for one certainly know that Doc are not fool and its not right to associate them with such low words. Go through my comments if you wish to..

  31. Just Asking says

    As long as they work in Bhutan I find it is okay. After all they will be treating Bhutanese patients.

    It is ironic that that the same MoH has lost many health professionals to WHO.

    Is MoH’s policy something like WHO is ok, PHPA not okay?

  32. The opposition leader has the right to comment on what the gov is doing . but we may not blindly challenge him for what he writes here just because one may be a DPT supporter. remember that he is only serving us by being the opposition leader. we can always suggest him but what is the point of personal attack? let us question our own ability before undermining his ability as an opposition leader.

  33. This is directed at those who argue that the doctors will still be in Bhutan even if they were to be allowed to take up employment at the PHPA.

    I think you need to consider that JDWNRH is a premier national referral hospital that attends to the medical needs of the whole country. By contrast, if they move to PHPA, their services will most likely be restricted to the population within and areas surrounding the project.

    Therefore, I would say that their value would be greatly reduced. Bhutan is faced with a severe shortage of doctors and cannot afford to loose even one. As for the issue of loss of opportunity for the doctors, it is an ethical issue. If their moral compass allows it, they should make the move by all means provided they are not bound by some enforceable restrictions. For the government, ethics has no role. They have to look at the larger picture. However, that does not mean that they can impose unlawful restrictions on the doctors.

    At the end, it will be the doctors who have to decide. While doing that however, they have to remember that it will not be the rich and the powerful who need them. It will be the poor and the incapable who have greater need for their service.

  34. Hi Mongar, come on, mention more ambarassing personal life history of OL if you can. It would be interesting.

  35. 2012, and we are still behind, whats wrong with our government?, give the freedom for those ppl who wants to serve our country, let them work where ever they feel its better, it might be regretting if these doctors leave the country for better jobs in other country.

  36. I think the OL is right here. I dont think he is making noise just for the sake of opposing the govt or MoH decision. Let us analyze what transpired in this case under discussion.

    True the doctors received free training from the RGOB. True they are now civil servants. Why then not treat them like all other citizens and civil servants?

    Everyone is Bhutan received the same opportunity – to opt as for capability to choose a field of their interest and receive training at the cost of RGOB. Why are we forgetting every one of us as citizens received free training and that opportunity was not restricted to doctors only. Also, even in the case of doctors, like all civil servants, should also be abided by the same rules. Once they fulfill their contract, bond whatever you call it, like any civil servant they too should be able to choose what is best for themselves and their families.

    If the Ministry of Health is in a dire state due to shortage of doctors in the country then the right question should be “what were the people entrusted to look into such problem in the ministry doing till now?”

  37. Anyone who would draft a manifesto will look into other manifestos. Especially PDP has to look into DPT’s manifesto so that they can draft a better one. This is what literature review means in the context of developing one’s one. If PDP copies exactly same manifesto as DPT’s then it is embarrassing, because of plagiarism. Otherwise, just for reference purpose it is absolutely ok.

  38. Anyone can write anything on Bhutanese doctors as they are treated and graded no more than the slave both by the government and its’ citizens of this country. No one can understand unless you are in it.

    My only prayers and request to readers in this forum is never send your child/ren to become a doctor. If you do that would be “the greatest mistake you would have committed in his/her life, and the greatest sin on this lifetime for your self.”

  39. Let your children make the choose but as parents inform them well of what they may have to face

  40. Mongar,
    He must be from MoH.. one who leaks the shoes of people there….
    Thta’s why he has no self respect.

  41. It is a very very cheap & third class to stop aging doctors from earn a little extra for their family. It’s sad n it’s hurting. They would like to see Indian doctors. We know what is the motive behind this agenda of MoH.
    People say doctors are trained freely on govt’s money, what these parrots don’t realize is we are talking of doctors who have served govt over 20 yrs here. Don’t these almost retiring doctors have right make their retirement life a bit more comfortable after serving sick all life time.
    If our doctors join the project, more people in that locality will benefit plus doctor’s family will benefit financially. plus our hard currency will not flow out, which will be the case if foreigners come.
    It’s a trend which is bullish and extreme violation of human rights.

  42. concerned citizen says

    Firstly my appreciation to OL for providing opportunity for people to share their opinion through this forum. I hope in bringing this issue on the discussion table Hon’ble OL is genuinely concerned about the matter – that this affects the human or whatever rights of the doctors. I also agree with the OL from this angle. But the land of GNH should also look at how to balance between benefits and risks. The cost involved in training a doctor should also be considered and the scarcity of doctors in the country is another thing to be considered. If doctors are to be sent they should be sent on temporary or rotation basis. However, the money from projects, no matter how much, will not satisfy. Therefore financial benefit is not important at this hour. Rather, considering the present salary structure, doctors are at least given allowance. We cannot compare the salary in other countries where the economic situation is much much better. Doctors also should consider the national interests before the personal interest. The respect, fame, honour are invaluable assets which doctors get unlike other people and therefore they should live up to the honour bestowed upon. I think the government did for the people of Bhutan and not for any other reason. So while I respect the rights of doctors, also understand the decision of the government.

  43. Mr.Concerned citizen..
    We should really ask ministry of finance to do the cost assessment. Compare the cost incurred on training 1 doctor in India or sri lanka & one civil servant trained in australia.
    Govt trains not only doctors but also any other civil servant, if they can go to work at better place after their bond peroid .. why not doctors. They are just another human who have sacrificed yrs of their life. They too have family n children who need to go to better colleges or school.
    Next, people talk of allowance.what people should know is, in the name of allowance doctors are made labourer.Who wants allowance? Instead pay them for working overtime n for doing oncall n for working on weekends n holidays.
    There are amiable way of doing things, here MoH flatly said no, how can they say or do such thing. This situation could have been handle much more gentlemanly and better way.
    Doctors could have been send on deputation
    or temporary on rotation basis for period of one yr, & salary to be paid by the project.then no one would resign from job.

  44. concerned citizen says

    Dasho Gomezzz, I agree that doctors are like any other human being. But I point I am making is that the need of the hour was considered by the govt. in making the decision. The message that we get from the Bhutanese situation is that doctor is not the right choice of decision. But on the other hand we see a lot of parents taking loans to send their children to do MBBS. Then why is that so? Let us see how the situation turns once the medical college starts producing. It is a matter of time. Today it is doctor, tomorrow it will be engineers and so on. But a day will come when people can leave the system whenever they like to, without having to try all means to retain. I respect doctors for the work they do. But an engineer also makes the road that benefits the people and so are important if not equally important. Sometimes we tend to shadow others. I agree that those who do medicine spend long years but there are many others who topped in schools. Likewise there are doctors who were only average in schools but somehow got through the selection from all sorts of means …. through money and power, through luck, through support ….. not to undermine but to say that it is not all cream of the cake.

  45. Mr.Citizen,
    I’m not dasho, I don’t desire to be one.
    1. Parents sending their children to do MBBS on loan, i think u r missing the bigger picture here. They are preapring their children for future outside Bhutan, except few.
    2. I never under mind any profession, because i know, each profession comes with certain degree of difficulty and complexity.
    3. You are talking of need of the hour, well ,we all know the need, but again, the question here is, The doctors that we are talking here are of almost retiring age. We are not talking of young ones. we ar talking of doctors who have served over 20 yrs or so. I feel, people are missing this point here. If there is the need, then treat the doctors as if they are really needed not as if “damn you” attitude.That’s what exactly MoH has done here.
    4.There are many idiots in many field who come through money, power etc etc. It’s useless debating on that subject.
    Lastly, about the degree of sacrifices made by a doctor, only his or her family knows, rest no one will ever understand. That is what I have come to know over the years.

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