Leased land

Trowa Theatre in Changjiji sits on government land. The land, measuring 19,432.56 square feet, was leased to a businessman in 2001 to build an entertainment center.

In 2006, the government approved the transfer of the lease to another businessman. And increased lease rent from Nu 2 per sft per annum to Nu 42 per sft per annum, which was the amount being charged to other lessees occupying similar property in Thimphu.

The businessman taking over the lease did not sign a lease agreement protesting that the new lease rent was too high. He still has not signed a lease agreement with the government. Nor has he paid lease rent since 2006. The total outstanding lease rent as of last month is about Nu 5.24 million.

The Parliament discussed this case in its 5th and 7th sessions, in 2010 and 2011 respectively, and, on both occasions, decided that the government should resolve the issue in accordance with the laws of the land.

Last Thursday, during the Public Accounts Committee’s report to the National Assembly, Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba, the minister for works and human settlement, reported that his ministry was unable to resolve the issue, and that, as such, he had requested the Land Commission to sell the land to the lessee.

The government should answer how a businessman is allowed to run a business on government land, without signing a lease agreement, without paying lease rent, and for so long while violating laws and ignoring regulations. And the government should resolve the issue, even if the case must be forwarded to the court of law, as was recommended by the Public Accounts Committee.

That’s what the government should do. But what the government actually did do, instead, was to send a formal request to the Land Commission to sell the land to the businessman.

What was Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba thinking?

There are many other businesses, in Thimphu and in other parts of our country, which have also leased government land. Wouldn’t selling leased government land to one businessman open the floodgates for other businesses to also buy land that they have leased from the government?

And what about the rule of law? Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba must know that the laws of the land prevent leased government land from being sold. He must know that Section 307 of the Land Act states that:

Under no circumstances shall a land on lease from the Government land or Government Reserved Forests land be converted to ownership right.

Trowa Theatre sits on prime government land. That land belongs to the people of Bhutan. And the people of Bhutan would want to know that their government is protecting their land, not squandering it recklessly.


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  1. Be it government or private property, in Bhutan or anywhere in the world if someone doesn’t pay rent for over a long period he is thrown out and the case forwarded to court for settlement of the dues.

    To sell the property because he isn’t paying rent is the most ridiculous proposal and I am so disappointed with some one like Lyonpo Zimba for even suggesting such a settlement. I thought of him to be a leader of a higher caliber but turns out he is just another politician.

    Your Excellencey, even though small in number, even though you are getting a thorough and personal bashing in Parliment you must stand up against this on behalf of all Bhutanese people.

  2. Sometimes it is so overwhelming to comprehend what this government is doing and i find no words to describe it. This must be what Prince Siddhartha felt when he realised the truth.

  3. I fully agree that government should forward the case to relevant authority to resolve the case. Under no circumstance government should ever contemplate on selling the land to the lesser; if done, as rightly pointed out by OL, will open floodgate for others to claim government land that are being leased.

  4. Lease amount is government revenue and if i remember correctly, the parliament discussed the issue about a penalty interest of 24% per annum around the same time. The amount to be recovered with the penalty interest should be the governments stand not sell the property. Lynpo Zimba should realize that it will set a precednce if this case is entertained as per he request of the businessman.

    Bhutanese people should also understand that the new Land act which is to tabled soon in NA proposes resettlement powers to the cabinet. The above is just one of the cases which directly shows, what will happen if the powers are given to the cabinet ministers.

  5. I read in one of the newspapers just a few days back that few families in one remote place in Bhutan are about to lose their houses, which they built with their life’s savings because (a) some were on government land and (b) because some were within 50 ft of the road. The Dzongkhag administration had notified them to demolish but they did not so probably it will be done by the Dzongkhag.

    Now what an irony! The houses I am talking about is the home of three families. This is the place where they live as members of a single family and where they plan their dreams together. This place is also symbolic of the Bhutanese values & our closely knit family bonds. By tearing down these houses, the government is tearing down the hopes and dreams not only of three families but also of the dreams of many generations to come. But alas! What can they do?

    On the other hand a filthy rich businessman does not pay for land he has leased from the government for 6-7 years. Here we must know that this land is for business purpose; and it is a flourishing business. Hearsay, but movie producers line up to book time to show their films. Three films a day at Nu. 300,000 is Nu 900,000 a month. What is more shocking is Lyonpo Yeshi Zimba’s submission at the NA to sell the property to the theater owner since he cannot pay the lease amount. I say, there is a legal system which can be approached for such matters. Here, a man will only lose a small portion of his income. His hopes and dreams will not be shattered.

    I pray we have better leaders to guide us.

  6. The businessmen must be one of the elite in Bhutan. By the way, who is this businessmen? Must be relatives of Prime Minister or Lyonpo Zimba.

  7. The businessmen must be one of the elite in Bhutan. Now, we know how they make money and become rich.By the way, who is this businessman?From the statement of Lyonpo Zimba, I think he must a relatives of Prime Minister or his relatives.

  8. Sometimes ‘Democracy’ is becoming a petty ‘Quarrelcracy’ in Bhutan. I don’t see any reason why this issue should be given a spotlight in the Parliament. The issue could be resolved between the respective stakeholders (as per the law) without it having to be put to the Parliament. How did the agenda come to the Parliament? Why? There are bigger disputes than this that does not get tabled to the National Assembly for discussion. Are the roles of the Legislature and the Judiciary the same?

  9. 1. 2006..the Minister incharge of the transaction should be held responsible.
    2. The so-called the lessee should be ashamed of being a Bhutanese when he is making huge profits and refusing to pay. Big people always have small hearts
    3. Why did the government (2006-7-8-9-10-11) took all these years????
    4. In my village if I am absent for volunteer labour for one day, the village tshogpa shows up in my house by evening!..what an irony

  10. WHo is the business man? Of course whole of Bhutan knows who the owner is. Its no other than Kinley Wangchuk of the Riverview family. Knowing that they are married into 2 of the most powerful families of Bhutan, owning so many businesses and then saying cant pay the lease is a HUGE JOKE> Maybe we should ask him where he gets all the money to buy millions of rupees worth of bikes for his sons. lol. And i guess Lynpo Yeshey Zimba’s must be hitting old age now trying to bring up some options. If they grant aup kinley this land I am going to build houses all over government land and make profit not pay lease and force government to sell me the land. As it is said if they can jack things up so can we. Tashi delek druep ge tosa tshu. Another case of people with power favoring people with power.

  11. I have great respect for Lyonpo Zimba, however I do not understand under what “circumstance” did he come to such a conclusion.

    As a matter of principle, he should take back his suggestion and forward the case to the Court !!

  12. this is really very funny proposal….i am sure there will be better way to resolve this issue than selling it off….

  13. While I have not seen eye to eye with the OL on many topics, on this issue I am firmly in his corner. In no way should this greedy businessman be given the option of buying the land when he has for the last six years refused to pay any rent on the leased land, that after making so much money on renting out his theater. I fail to understand Lyonpo Zimbas logic and the right thing would probably be to send this crafty businessman to court.

    Also, where will he get the money to buy the land, if he has until now refused to pay any rent for the leased land, there is definitely something that is not right.

    OL should also name the businessman who proposed this grand idea of buying the land from the RGOB, most probably at much below the present commercial rates in that area so that we can find out if the government is aiding someone who supports the DPT party.

    And finally, as someone mentioned earlier, how did such a topic even come up in our NA deliberations.

  14. Haha, So the businessman is none other than KW of River View fame and the one who made most of his money on the copper business, ie by importing copper to Bhutan and selling it to India and pocketing the difference in custom duties etc. So it’s funny to learn how such a rich person did not pay any rent for the leased land.

    This case needs to be sent to the courts immediately and if the DPT keep on shooting themselves in the foot with such ridiculous proposals, in all honesty, people like us would have a difficult time supporting them in future.

  15. Tshering Phuntsho says

    Dear OL (and other regular blog readers),
    Thank you for the information and the rich narration. Bhutanese leaders have been playing with and taking advantages of the authority and the legal loop holes to take up properties / give it to someone in myriad ways. The more I know of such cases, the more frustrated i become. Out legal system is very weak in that way. I was better being ignorant rather than knowing all such cases of public property squandering. I have faith in only few politicians like yourself. The current government has not resolved the pending issues and also not acted prudently on such issues. This has only created a downward spiral of perinnial national downfall and trend will continue if the elected leaders cant discuss in a rightful direction.

    I appreciate OL for your daily update of such news and provinging us the opportunity to look into our own system and the odds that have the likelihood of affecting national interest…

  16. Honourable Lyonpo must be hallucinating now. After 15 years of service as Lyonpo, i think it is better for him to retired because his decisions are getting less wiser now. It is time for the DPT to go. Rich does not want to lose a penny for the country because they have to import those motorbikes from USA. They do not have a sense of patriotism. Even this Lyonpo seems to have none when he is proposing to sale a government land to a private individual. That is a breach of the constitution. Only HM has the authority to convert public land into private land.

  17. The debate on this issues showed the real qualities of few MPs.

  18. yeshey zimba the old fox has exposed his true self with the action he has taken..instead of following up on the dues, he rewards the defaulter..elsewhere, private land is taken over by government for measly compensation..if this is how government functions, it leaves no hope for the masses who are less fortunate..this bald headed fox should know better, having vowed multiple times to serve the tsa wa sum..

  19. The Businessman is Riverview Hotel’s Kinley Wangchuk. His son Kinely is married to Lyonchen’s daughter.

    The land will be sold at govt rates which are far below the market rates.

    In the end the Trowa land is a gift by Lyonchen and DPT to his in laws.

  20. This should have been titled the ‘Trowa Land Scam’. As Tsencho as pointed out the businessman is the hotel riverview owner whose son is married to Lyonchen’s daughter.

    I will go one step further than Tsencho and say that it is not a gift from Lyonchen to his inlaws but a gift to himself as his daughter will be getting a cut from the Trowa govt land.

  21. Lyonpo Zimba and Lyonchen should both resign.

    These shamless crooks earlier stole Gyelpozhing land from hapless farmers and now they are grabbing prime land in Thimphu.

  22. dhendhup says

    There is a general consensus that the decision taken by Lyonpo Zimba is 100 percent against the constitution and only to build is relationship with rich and influential guy, the owner of River View Hotel. This decision if goes through will be a great loss to the people of Bhutan and to the government revenue. How can government and for that matter a minister bring out such stupid proposal in the Nations parliament hall. As some members rightly suggested, it is another scam after Gyelposhing scam where both Lyonpo Zimba and PM were involved. It is a shame to the nation. The people involved in the Gyelposhing land scam and especially the high level people (politicians, constitutional members, drangpons, MD’s, CEO’s)should responsibly accept their guilty and surrender the land to government. It is high time now. One or two involved in the land scam might be innocent. Those should come forward and make it public announcement and surrender the land to government. Such steps if forthcoming will make the life and task of ACC easier.

  23. I heard this fellow KW feels like he is a Yab now and bulldozes everything towards himself using one of his son’s marriage to one of our princesses, and his other son’s marriage to the PM JYT’s daughter as a legitimate excuse to do as he pleases. People who do this kind of thing only succeed in bringing our noble Royal family’s name down and dragging it in the gutter. There is even talk that his orchard (i heard 10 acres or something)above Serbethang has now become over 50 acres. I wish I could multiply my 1 acre to 5 acres like him.

  24. guardian says

    The DPT must distance themselves from this issue immediately, the sooner they do it the better and leave it to other relevant institutions to deal with it as per the laws of the land. The judiciary, however, as an institution, themselves are under the scanner for some real howlers when pronouncing verdicts, that in this case too, they may knowingly err and reward KW with this prime piece of real estate.

    As for Lyonpo Zimba himself, as someone rightly called him, the wily old fox, it is too late for him to change, everywhere you look, he has managed to place all his relatives in key places in the government. If anyone wants to know the details, will provide them if relevant.

  25. gamingumin says

    Since all of you seem to feel so strongly against the Trowa owners why don’t you boycott the theatre? If no one goes to see movies there his profits will become lesser until one day he might be forced to close the theatre. So my dear forum frens, put your money where your mouth or, in this case your fingers are.

  26. Lyonpo Zimba probably received orders from the PM to sell the land at government rate and waive off the lease (over 50 lakhs in the last few years)since the PM’s daughter is married to Kinley Wangchuck’s son.
    If the PM has an iota of morality left he should intervene and ensure that the due lease (including penalty of 24 percent, as per the law of the land)is paid and that piece of prime government land is not sold to his daughter’s father-in-law. Then he can talk about equity and Justice and GNH!

  27. gamingumin, the issue here is not about watching movies. He will buy the land at govt rate and sell it at market rate and make millions, which is more than he can make by showing movies.

  28. I always try to refrain from saying nasty things about our MPs–but this time i simply can not help it. I think concerned MP who raised the issue in the NA must take back his submission; and let the case be forwarded to court or somewhere relevant.

  29. i personally think that there are many other cases like this without our knowledge. such cases are being suppressed by civil servants and also by the politicians(MPS) because in 9th session i saw a MP saying that, our country has become a place where nepotism and favoritism is flourishing. lets stop this lyonpos (Ruling Party Lyonpos).

  30. I was a very strong and vocal supporter of DPT…but my faith and trust in them is now waning. One land grab case after the other. I also, along with my entire family members voted for DPT and supported them, so will I also get a prime plot of govt land at govt rate and be excused of millions of Nu. that I owe the govt? Or is it only if one is a DPT supporter plus related to the PM that such windfalls comes ones way??? I can understand the anti-DPT members being frustrated at such blatant scams, but it is even more difficult for die-hard DPT supporters like myself to digest this scam as I feel betrayed by the party I supported whole heartedly and even campaigned for. I feel very let down, and that is putting it mildly.

  31. If the government decides to sell the land to these greedy is really ridiculous one. Why the Ministry has waited for so long to reach at this proposal. a) Why have the institutions such as RAA not pointed out while they are sure to add 24% penal interest to salaried employees and why 24% penalty is not calculated on the revenue not deposited. b) Like mentioned by OL is the government trying to open the flood gate for such scam…this should be considered as scam. C) When people in other areas are bull dozed for occupying the Government land, why Government is coming up with such proposal. d) Some people do not have roof over their head, while people live freely making profit without paying taxes which means the same person has not filed tax returns. e) I would love to build a house on government land on lease, not pay the fees for some years and later ask someone to propose to sell the land in the end.

  32. I am sure most of our fellow citizens would agree and like to support me for requesting OL to propose a platform to raise our voice- Citizen’s voice.
    We WANT a space to show our grievance and raise our voice in case of dissatisfaction over the decisions made by the government or any other person misusing their power to help themselves.
    In times like these (Riverview trying to grab land / govt. forcing people to walk / Speaker’s involvement in land scam etc…) we need to show our grievance and want government to hear us, the voice of the citizen of Bhutan. Because, government property and for that matter government land is our land- is every Bhutanese land. This type of corrupt practice will surely affect our children in future…

    It was supposed that our MPs will represent the general public in the parliament and voice their concerns but last 4 plus years, they have been just bargaining their benefits.

  33. newcomer says

    OL wrote: “In 2006, the government approved the transfer of the lease to another businessman. And increased lease rent from Nu 2 per sft per annum to Nu 42 per sft per annum, which was the amount being charged to other lessees occupying similar property in Thimphu.
    The businessman taking over the lease did not sign a lease agreement protesting that the new lease rent was too high. He still has not signed a lease agreement with the government. Nor has he paid lease rent since 2006. The total outstanding lease rent as of last month is about Nu 5.24 million.”

    Wait guys,

    There is something more to this story! This case presents a razor-sharp reminder to us- the citizens – on why we deserve a corrupt free better leader in today’s context so that things of such bad taste does not haunt us at the later stages in life. In 2006, the person who sat on the MoWHS power chair was no other than the sly fox chief LKW. If this guy at that point in time – prior approving the transfer of the lease – finalized the lease rent as part of his duty, then, today, this matter would have remained as a closed chapter. But, this did not happen because at the height of his corrupt days, the need for such a rational thinking never struck him. He must have thought that he could probably get away with whatever incomplete shoddy jobs he laid his hands on. The first guy who needs to do some serious explaining should be LKW. The Bhutanese people must demand this answer from him.

  34. newcomer says

    Sorry, please read as LKD!

  35. Hence proved, we have one of the world’s most corrupt government ruling us led by one of the worlds biggest dictators Lyonchen Jigme Thinley who is hell bent on enriching his own family even at the cost of the nation.

    I can’t wait for 2013, please come early so that we can kick these gang of crooks and cheats out led by a master crook aka master politician himself.

  36. Bring back Moranchy says

    I knew this way before OL rightly put it in his blog. I feel ashamed to think I am one of the beneficiaries of such oligarchy.

  37. The OL is absolutely right. No way the government can transfer the ownership of the land to the owners of Trowa.

    I am amazed that an intelligent person like Lyonpo Zimba can even think of such a thing. Although this is at a discussion level and may never come to pass, if it does, then given the owner’s links to the Royal family, this is not good for the country. We need to ensure that where the Royal family is concerned, they are blemish free.

    As said by some one above, the DPT must forthwith distance themselves from the issue. Forward the case to appropriate authorities and let them sort it out as per law.

  38. newcomer says

    Now, you are totally confused! The writings on the wall indicate that the onus rests with the former MOWHS minister LKD and here, in your nutty state of mind, thought it otherwise. Wow.. What do you mean by the phrase “hence proved”? Does it mean that in Choden’s blind court of law; such twisted ruling must be respected at all cost? In such a case, then, you must be someone with a complete skewed thinking. But, sadly, I do not know whether or not there would takers for such dictums?

  39. Thank you lyonpo for writing this fact here… i have heard it somewhere but was not sure….

    I like all the above is not at all satisfied with what the Govt. is doing with the current situation, like reward the defaulter.

    What I would like to ask Lyonpo and others here is, If the Government bulldozes its way and decides to sell the land to the lessee can a common citizen lets say like me take them to the court citing the above provision of the Land Act which states:

    “Under no circumstances shall a land on lease from the Government land or Government Reserved Forests land be converted to ownership right.”

    Can a common citizen take the seller and the buyer to court….

  40. dhendhup says

    I happen to watch a highlight of the Assembly discussion few minutes back and was shocked to see the all time barbarian MP of Punakha attacking the OL for no good cause. I think the Punakha MP is being intentionally used by the DPT party to attack OL for anything good OL raises in the assembly. OL should not back up as such attacks in the assembly without any substance doesn’t deserve any respect from the people of Bhutan. OL has raised the issue for the benefit of the people and country, few crooked MPs of the DPT were trying to protect their leaders who were involved in the biggest land scam in the history of Bhutan. We the people of bhutan are with OL especially in this two cases as it has to do with the present ruling party. the two cases referred are Gyelposhing land scam and Changjiji trowa land scam.
    We request ACC, Land commission, and any other investigating agencies to expedite in bringing justice to the case before the tenure ending of this government.

  41. I sincerely think, people must be allowed to voice like any other democratic nation in the world. If unique democracy mean absence of protest and demonstration, we can clearly see where government is leading this nation… unbelievable………

  42. nima tshering says

    what is more worrying is not about the two land scams but the number of scams that are pouring into the public domain one after another. Bhutan is too small to afford all these huge scams and corrupt practices. I am not jealous but am against all the rich people in Bhutan. Its so worrisome to see people driving latest luxury cars and bikes in the street of Thimphu because nobody in Thimphu either own any profit making industries or any big famous companies. where does all these money come from? why the rich becoming richer and poor remaining poorer in Bhutan? why does some business people and famous rich own 100’s of acres of lands when some are struggling with just a few decimal of land which is sole income for his people? where is equity and justice? where is rule of law ? who is responsible ?
    where is the ceiling of land and wealth?
    Bhutan might have rich cultures and good values for the record and History but the real thing that is happening in Bhutan is just the opposite of grand philosophy and exaggeration about our country.
    I am not offending anyone here. I’m just worried about the future of this country as we will be the next to lead this country. cheers

  43. Our country is going to the dogs. As a citizen of this country I am infuriated to see the DPT MPs clearly putting their self interest before national interest by trying to protect their corrupt cohorts who are proven beyond doubt… I am extremely exasperated!

  44. Concerned says

    It is so disappointing when you think of everything the government has done in the last few years. Being the first democratically elected government instead of setting a precedence to future government’s- this one has gone out of its way to lead the nation down the drain. On one hand we have a PM who spends half his time preaching about GNH across the world with his entourage of family and friends- comes back only to shout at the media for not working hard enough to promote him and te government for all they’re doing for the country- leads the country into a rupee shortfall and has the rest of the cabinet claiming its not as serious as it seems- then we have one corruption case after the other- gyelposhing, Chang Ugyen, now riverview Kinley Wangchuk, what next? And the true colours of Zimba seem to be coming out- remember his daughter’s infamous bar brawl? At least now we can understand where that temporary(hopefully) insanity and clouded judgement seems to come from. All I’m saying is- I’m so disgusted and baffled by this lot. If they don’t stop anytime soon– we can bid farewell to the nation that once was. That’s the a consequence of democracy! As idiots we elect idiots- we have no one but ourselves to blame for this mess we are in. It’s been nothing but a fall downhill for us- oh that and a resolution on happiness!

  45. anonymous wangchuk says

    Now read this issue and say is government really JUST to the people…???

    Thank you OL for the information. I always knew that something was wrong with the property ownership but could not gather any concrete information.

  46. In Bhutan, laws are made only for poor people. People fear with the people in our country not with rule of law. I am not surprised to know that the owner of Trowa theatre is Kinley Wangchuk (Riverview Malik). This is not a new in Bhutan, we are witnessing for ages. Common people can’t do anything since elites and wealthy people’s networks are strong and is growing stronger. Further, we can’t raise voice openly against two two rocks (We will become black sheep if we do that). So better to do some champa and earn our living in a simple way. Because, laws rescues only those people in power and who have good network with the upper hand.

    However, government will not taken action until new government comes to the power. The power and influential people sucks huge government revenue. Where is the equity and justice? DPT governt has promised to uphold this golden principles in their party manifesto and is remained in the documents only. Government has done nothing to address this kind of issue. We have best laws in the book. Yet, rich are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer. My faith in present government is fading away.

    Trowa theatre issue is a pity issue and doesn’t qualify as a NA agenda (Lingchen 2012). It should be dealt as per Land as pointed out by OL. The directives are clear in Land ACT, however, government is trying to sell people’s wealth to a individual. This is against constitution and laws. Follow country men has highlighted why government going against rule of the law previously. Really sad to see my GNH country following the downward graph under current DPT government. God bless Bhutan.

  47. Where in the world is Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup?

  48. gamingumin says

    From the frying pan into the fire?

  49. Azhang B says

    In the serious matter, what a funny decision by Lyonpo Yeashy Zimba? If such decisions are to be taken then perhaps I need to think a lot before I trust the government. Or may be I should take advantage over such matters, can I lease a land without rent and on condition to sell me the leased land in year or more, Ur Excellency Lyonpo Yeashy Zimba? ha ha ha ha…

  50. guardian says


    If you think Sangye Ngedup is going to change anything, you are living in a fools paradise. Please remember why he was not even elected from his own constituency and you will learn that he is part of the problem and not the solution. Let Lyonpo enjoy his retired life, I am sure he has had enough of Bhutanese politics to last a life time.

  51. Kuensel March 11, 2012

    Now see the differences between the cases

    Orchid grower asked to pay full rent or vacate

    The subsidy is entitled to a cooperative, which the establishment is not as yet
    Centenary Farmers’ Market After members of the Druk orchid farmers group reduced to four from 31, the agriculture ministry has asked Khashap Drukpa, who runs the greenhouse at the centenary farmers market, to pay the greenhouse’s actual rent of Nu 46,000 or vacate the place.

    Three months on, Khashap Drukpa has neither paid the rent nor vacated the shop.

    The centenary farmers market’s manager Tshering Dorji said the farmers’ group was established in 2009 with 31 members, and asked to register as a cooperative; but as of January 17 this year, it was still a farmers’ group.

    Among the 60 registered farmers’ group and 12 cooperatives in the country, the orchid farmers’ group, said Tshering Dorji, was the smallest with only four members. “The actual rent is Nu 46,000 a month, which the ministry subsidised to Nu 3,000 on Kashap’s appeal in 2009.”

    A tenancy agreement was signed between the farmer’s group and the centenary farmers’ market (CFM) on January 5, 2010. The agreement stated that CFM has agreed to rent out the space to Druk Orchid Grower Detshen, with a monthly subsidy rent of Nu 3,000 for five years.

    But after the department of agricultural marketing and cooperatives learnt that its 31 members had withdrawn, and that it was run by one man, the issue was raised in the third DAMC meeting, which was chaired by the agriculture secretary.

    The meeting decided that Khasap Drukpa should register his farmers’ group as a cooperative within a month to be eligible for the subsidised rent, and to get a certificate endorsing it as a cooperative from DAMC.

    “If you want it to be registered as a cooperative, the minimum number of members required is 15, but Khasap Drukpa had only three members,” the market’s manager Tshering Dorji said. “He was given a month’s time to register and, if he failed to do so, he faced the penalty of either vacating the premises or paying the actual rental amount of Nu 46, 000.”

    But Khasap Drukpa did not register, he said.

    The issue was then discussed on October 21 last year, during the ministry’s stakeholder’s meeting, which decided that the rental subsidy granted to the operator of the greenhouse be nullified, since the Druk Orchid Grower Detshen has not been registered as a cooperative, even after three months of their notice.

    “So I issued him a letter stating that, since he failed to provide a certificate that acknowledges his group as a cooperative, the previous rental subsidy has been nullified, and that with effect from January 11, 2012, he’ll have to pay the actual rental amount of Nu 46,000,” CFM manager Tshering Dorji said.

    The ministry also suggested that Khasap Drukpa take up a smaller place, if he was not able to afford the full rent.

    Khasap Drukpa said he was unable to register as a cooperative, because his application for a cooperative had to be endorsed first by the gewog administration and agriculture extension officer. “But both officers were out of station,” he said. “That caused the delay.”

    There are a total of 518 stalls at the centenary farmers’ market, where around 25 stalls remain empty most of the year. The vegetable section in the upper floor pays Nu 50 a day; the cereal section pays Nu 30 a day and the vendors on the ground floor pays Nu 55-95 a day.

    Officials said that, if Khasap Drukpa does not abide by the notice issued to him, the only option would be to take the issue to court.

    By Namgay Tshoki & Thinley Zangmo

  52. Pro democracy says

    i would like to lease a government land.. And then will try to buy it latter citing problems.. Hows the idea??

  53. I second newcomer, LKDs role needs to be investigated, however, lets not kid ourselves, that is never going to happen. LKD has also given RGOB land to elite private business people and influential families, that’s why, at one time, in the corridors of power, at one time, his name was being mentioned as a possible future Chief Justice of the supreme court, thank god that common sense prevailed and that he was never allowed any where close to the supreme court.

  54. Further RGOB is missing out lots of revenues. One will come-over many Caterers running from Government building/offices will have neither rents paid nor the employees working their gets subsidies.
    Given ample space for operation of it without paying rent…seems some authorities need to investigate or do some analysis.

  55. This is in response to Nima Tshering.

    Bhutanese people own latest luxury cars and tall buildings not because they have money enough to own them but because our banks have been irresponsible in loaning them money to acquire these luxury items.

    Ask any building owner in Thimphu and they will tell you that they do not have enough money to repay the interest, let alone principal.

    That is why people like us support the government when they suspend loans because at the end, it is good for the people. Thimphu’s land prices are unrealistic and must fall. The greedy owners must chew dust and the irresponsible banks must suffer bad loans.

    However, the problem with the Bhutanese is that we don’t learn. We will not stop buying. The only solution is failure. That is the only way a Bhutanese will learn his/her lesson. It is cruel to say this, but it is the absolute truth.

  56. Shame on you Lyonpo Zimba. For this act of yours – you are hereby named Lyonpo Yeshey Trowa Zimba. I am sure the you are not alone in this scheme

  57. Shame on you Lyonpo Zimba. For this act of yours – you are hereby named Lyonpo Yeshey Trowa Zimba. I am sure the you are not alone in this scheme.

  58. Lyonpo Zimba and Kinley Wangchuk are very, very good friends, their wives are friends and their children are friends. Guess I need to get myself new friends.

  59. newcomer says

    ProOL wrote: “That is why people like us support the government when they suspend loans because at the end, it is good for the people”


    Today, if the banks are not allowed to lend money for private sector development, then, why did the government opened two new additional private banks two years back?

    If suspension of loans would be good for the people, then, how will the government justify the existence so many banks in Bhutan? Have they been opened exclusively for the ornamental purposes if banks cannot engage in their rightful money lending business? I am still not convinced with the umpteenth vague justifications provided thus far by the government on this loan suspension matter.

    Sometimes, I failed to understand this lavishly spoken terminology “good for the people’ when all credit doors for the public are closed under some very dubious measures. I think the people should be given their choice whether or not to avail the loans. If the government wants to discourage people from taking loans so that slower growth takes place, then, the only recourse should be on increasing the interest rates.

    If the banks do not have adequate money to lend, I think, some of the banks should be closed.

  60. Not a bandwagoner and not a DPT hater… Just a another Bhutanese. Would be great to have a scam free nation, not gonna happen. Today DPT, tomorrow the PDP, there’s hope still. And we will still be writing forums as anonymous. Cheers PS: calling the PM and LYZ dogs? How cud u?, we haven’t reached to end of this. They have done a lot for our nation, lets not forget

  61. The proposal in the parliament is to sell the Government land to the private individual who has not paid the rent like mentioned in Trowa…rather why don’t people discuss the issues where the private individual are not allowed to sell his own inherited land giving reasons like it falls under e-zone or so. Such private individual is hell bent to pay huge interest or liability accruing to the financial institutions as time goes by. IS the concern authorities concerned about the debt of the individual or would the government propose to write it off at the end of long years?
    I think this issues needs to be discussed.

  62. sonam om says

    Good job OL you are the people’s voice, may you bring justice to this corrupt land of lost GNH. Not fair we need a people’s revolution, take back our country!

  63. The main beneficiary Riverview Hotel Kinley Wangchuk’s son is married to daughter of Prime Minister. PM is just gifting govt land at cheap rates to his daughter and her husband. In any other country this would be called a land scam but here Lyonpo Zimba tries to defend and justify it supported by the corruption free Speaker.

  64. wingsung says

    This is so wrong, from its twisted logic, its contempt for voters expecting equity and justice, and its hubris in thinking the public would not be outraged by such a blatant act. What a disappointment and i know who i wont be voting for.

  65. Here’s a resource that might prove useful to solve such problems in the future:

  66. I wonder how such ridiculous decision comes from one of our leaders. This shows how weak our government is. I just wish there are more opposition members so that such bad decision makers are thrashed in the parliament.

  67. if it was in my hands to take action i’d make these plp walk the whole of bhutan naked n then maybe let ’em keep the illegally acquired lands or whtever!

  68. As per my calculation the rent even after the increase comes to only Nu 60,000 a month. There are shops and restaurants in town paying more.

    This govt needs to go

  69. @ guardian

    Lsn has done far more for Bhutan than you or any other poster (on this site) can ever hope to achieve. If he wants to retire that’s his personal choice. I believe things would be better if he had won. What did the last election teach me? That politics is the same everywhere : if you want to win play dirty and promise anything to win votes. Maybe Lsn didn’t know how to play that game so well, too bad for him. Too bad for us! We lost a leader that would have brought positive change to the country! Lyonpo if you are reading this, please reconsider retirement and return! Bhutan needs you!

  70. Citizen watching says

    The wily DPT foxes will do anything in favor of elites and their relatives. Current hot topic of discussion is about Trowa Theatre of River View Hotel in Thimphu besides various land scams where foxes themselves are involved including speaker.
    I hate to see Dramitse/Ngatshang MP justifying that Gyelpozhing land scam happened prior to formation of the first democratically elected government. Who is the person that distributed land and who are the beneficiaries? It is the same person as speaker who is involved in distributing the government land to selected elites like sharing hot cake among friends or like giving share of inherited properties to his children. How shameful to see that guilty is deliberately abstaining from chairing when it is time to discuss on land related issues in the assembly. Is there any provision in the constitution where speaker can deliberately refrain from chairing the session unless one is out of country or unable to attend due to sickness? There was no reason why he should skip the session if he has followed the due process.
    JYT must have told YZ to raise this issue in the assembly to see how other members of the house and public response. The responses are not positive; the respondents are in unison against the sale of leased land of Trowa Theatre. We should never remain as helpless spectators on this issue.

    Again I personally feel that rules are meant for under privileged lot like letting people to drink his own urine in prison cell in Lhuntse, thrashing of YHS student at Tendrelthang and in both the cases the home minister strongly defended the elites/cops and imprisonment of gelong Sonam Tshering the first victim of barbaric anti-tobacco rule for carrying few packets of chewing tobacco worth less than two hundred. We don’t know whether officers involved in smuggling of tobacco from Bangkok to Paro Airport was put behind bar like gelong Sonam Tshering and for how long.
    High profile people serving in Dzongkhag with corruption charges are asked to put up voluntary resignation and paid retirement benefits. The nation only knew that serving Dzongda is asked to resign voluntarily and none of the media reported details. The Medias too are biased in reporting and informing the people. Teachers who embezzled few thousand ngultrums are suspended and finally terminated without any benefits
    Time has come that we stand united against corrupt people/politicians if we are to hand over corruption free nation to future generations. Otherwise Happiness will remain only for the crooked politicians and other elite societies and poor will remain always poor.
    I am raising my voice as a rightful citizen guaranteed by the Constitution but not against the King, Country and People. I have high regard for my King, he is living God in human form. But I am dead against the corrupted leaders.

  71. Sad that our elected leader(s) think we the people are all fools. What a blessing in disguise it is that such a thing took place in our parliament house. It is suppose to be a place where important policies are discussed and debated but what we are witnessing is very saddening – our parliament trying to take advantage of their positions and opportunities we the people offered them. Now it is clear why there is a proposal to amend the Land Act. Any fool can see what state our GNH country would be in if Land Act amendment goes through. And if it goes through I for one am not sitting up and watching. Enough is Enough!

  72. This is the most dangerous form of corruption

  73. newcomer,
    I suppose you truly, truly do not understand. So instead of giving you a lashing of the tongue, let me give time, as asked, and explain to you in the simplest terms.

    The banks have made available cheap and easy money to people.

    They made it possible for people to borrow money without any difficulty and restrictions. Because of that, people borrowed heavily – without worrying about the consequences to themselves and to the country. They bought things they did not need. They overspent their capacity to repay. And they have all spent it on things that brought about the current Rupee shortage.

    Because there was abundance of supply of cheap money, people paid way beyond their capacity to pay – because loan was easily available. As a result in places like Thimphu and Paro land were bought at 10-20 times their real value. The net result was that, it is rumored that the Sharchops now own majority of the land holding in Paro.

    Suddenly the land owners in Thimphu and Paro became rich and started to buy Prados and Land Cruisers and seriously dangerous killer hunting bows to replace traditional bamboo bows for their game of archery. The population of vehicles exploded causing severe traffic congestions. Increased vehicles means increased fuel imports – on Rupee payment. It also means added cost towards expanding of infrastructure.

    Civil servants were given car loans. Because of that even those who could not afford to fuel up the car, bought cars, further adding to the problem of emission, increased fuel imports and even worst, tying up good money behind unaffordable and unnecessary luxury.

    Some banks have loaned people up to 100% of building construction cost. As a result, there are building owners, most of them, who are not able to cover monthly interest payment, forget the principal. Thimphu and Paro are now concrete jungles. In due course these building owners will become insolvent and the banks will have to take over the buildings. The problem is that it will not be one or two building but few hundred building. Banks cannot sit on the buildings. They need to swap it for cash. But an over supply of badly built buildings on the one hand and on the other, tight money supply as a result of the recent RMA regulations means that there will hardly be buyers in the market. Even those who want to buy will not offer the prices the banks need to recover. So this means that the banks will end up with valueless property. This means that banks will face liquidity problem. This means that banks will suffer huge losses. This means that depositors will suffer, because the banks’ money is tied up in bad loans.

    Because of the falsely induced purchasing power, every year 4-500 buildings are constructed in Thimphu alone. 90% of the construction and building material are bought from India – against Rupee payment. This means that the country’s reserve of Rupee is not enough. So the government needs to borrow more Rupee.

    Increasing interest rates is not that simple. It has effects elsewhere. But more importantly, it does not solve our problem of the Rupee shortage.

    Banks are important institutions. That is why they are regulated. That is why the interest rates they can charge are controlled by the Central Bank. That is why there is a regulatory authority over them called the RMA so that they are kept in check. That is why when there is problem, the regulator has to step in and regulate banking services.

    As to the freedom of choice of the people, that is OK as long as the choices the people make are responsible and do not cause a problem to the nation. But the purpose of this discussion is that the people and the banks have not been responsible in their choices – therefore the need for the RMA and the government to step in and place restrictions.

    Lastly, just by stopping vehicle and building loans does not mean that the banks do not have other avenues open to them for investment. They have. They can go for agriculture loans, industrial loans, service industry loans and entrepreneur development loans. The possibilities are boundless.

  74. guardian says


    U don’t seem to have understood what I wrote, however in regard to LSN doing so much for the country, maybe to you it would seem that way, but to me, while i admit that he has done some good, he has done some pretty bad things too. As for playing dirty, his move for health walk had playing dirty written all over it, so stop making these wild accusations.

  75. Change,

    BTW, after so much of publicity for the ‘Move for Health Walk’, can you or the OL or anyone else for that matter tell us what the money collected is being used for. As far as I am concerned, I have never heard of the funds since the day the walk ended.

  76. Look who is making the wild accusations now! As for the money, why don’t you ask the present government about that.

  77. guardian says


    It is obvious that you can’t bear to hear anything bad about your hero, anyway, I hope you get your wish and Lyonpo succumbs to your wishes and rejoins politics.

  78. ProOL wrote: “Lastly, just by stopping vehicle and building loans does not mean that the banks do not have other avenues open to them for investment. They have. They can go for agriculture loans, industrial loans, service industry loans and entrepreneur development loans. The possibilities are boundless.”


    What use would your long lecture serve, if, at the end of the day, this highly twisted tongue leaves us on a more confused and a meaningless note?

    What are you talking about here?

    I have said loud and clear that my main bone of contention here centers not alongside these banks’ future investment avenues which no doubt has boundless opportunities; but, more precisely on the blanket credit ban part.

    I am more interested into knowing the rationale behind this unjustified new monster in town called the” blanket credit ban” which seems to have angered many people in the process and nothing else.

    That’s why I recommended closing of our banks if they do not have adequate money.

    Another contradiction in your statement has been this feel good impression, in this, hinting that the banks now have this full leverages and money for investments in these select key sectors.

    If that’s the case, then, why are the banks not following them?

    In that case, don’t you think that somewhere things must be going haywire at the implementation level?

    And if so, who should be held accountable? Whether RMA or Banks?

    What could be the possible reasons behind this RMA and banks standoff and how could the banks take a one-sided decision of going for a complete credit ban in defiance to the RMA’s order?

    In invoking the bank’s board of directors’ authority, if the banks knowingly went ahead with the ban imposition, how would you -as an intelligent person – view this matter in a nutshell?

    Are you aware how much negativity this credit ban episode has been generating in the minds of public now?

    Seriously speaking, can the government go upping the diplomatic ante at this high a price?

  79. Citizen’s around the country who heard this piece of proposal from the longest serving minister, considered containing wisdom and leadership, are baffled. People make mistake but not this type of blunder.

    It is disheartening, on the one hand, how those poor folks building temporary huts on government land are chased the next day by city officials. On the other hand, it is really annoying how influential linkages can be heard all the way into the highest legislative assembly and propose to the extent of selling the land to the lessee.

    History is replete with examples that leaders who fail terribly take the responsibility (they say quit) and in certain cases even strangle themselves unable to withstand the public criticism. We are bunch of stubborn Bhutanese!!! We play with magic wand over and over again, and that is not good.

    One scam is enough to put country and her people to dismal hope of expecting more from such a leadership/politician.

    Current land Act 2007 up for revision in the National Assembly is purely targeted to bury similar such scams in the name of resettlement, kidu or some other guises. Otherwise there is not single inconvenience, which resulted from Land Act 2007 or isn’t there other work to do than doing the same thing over and over again?

    This government is wasting so much of our resources. Not one session of parliament session went without discussing an issue with incidental benefit to parliamentarians.

    Watch out my dear folks, it is our generation that will have to ensure our grand children of enough land, resources and of all, the Bhutanese values. No where is politics good but it worsens if it is mixed with personal motives.

    Otherwise we are doomed!!!

  80. Jamyang,
    Are you trying to tell me that “this new monster” as you have termed it – the blanket credit ban – is not something imposed by the RMA and the government but by the banks themselves?

  81. ProOL,

    As far as I am concerned, yes, the banks themselves decided into going for a complete ban for all new loan proposals from the day the RMA’s nonresident accounts closure notification came into effect.

    However, I am not very sure whether or not this decision had the RMA’s approval.

    From here on, I would appreciate if you could take this thread further and enlighten us on where exactly we stand relating to the matter in question – since you seem to be having some better insights on the workings of the Bhutan today.

    My suspicion got the better part of me when you indicated that banks should have the essential resources for investments in the key sectors.

    Sometimes, I am of the feeling that, may be, the banks must have taken this unwarranted decision as some sort of a solidarity rejection move against the RMA’s sudden notification, but, the larger question remains, can the banks go this far a distance OR are they authorized into taking this magnitude public affairs decision without the concurrence of the RMA?

    This is one good “food for thoughts” material which merits rethinking – on why a well balanced carrot and a stick approach deserves the highest national priority policy considerations?

  82. In light of the latest detailed story in Kuensel on the Trowa issue, I am actually beginning to sympathise with the position the government find themselves in. It also does not help, that the former MOWHS minister LKD during who’s tenure this lease was granted is absolved of any blame, why the OL does not even begin to question the role of the former Minister is clear and I suspect that it has something to do with LKD being a staunch supporter of the PDP, given his close proximity to people associated with the party. If it were anything else, mind you, the OL would have been the first person to drag his name into the mud. So it clear that the OL has double standards.

    It also does not help that the businessman KW of Riverview is well connected through marriage etc, so in many ways, it looks as though the governments hands are tied.

    Now for the solution, as no one is offering one, this is what I suggest:

    In the absence of any lease agreement, request KW to pay at least Nu.21 per square foot as rent for the leased land instead of the Nu.42 per square foot demanded. This is a reduction of 50% so I am sure such a offer would be well received.

    Then sign a new agreement increasing the lease rates to the present government/market rates.

    If KW still does not agree, RGOB should take over ‘Trowa’ and lease it out. Pay KW the money minus the rent owed.

    Then sign a new agreement

  83. ProOL wrote “Some banks have loaned people up to 100% of building construction cost. As a result, there are building owners, most of them, who are not able to cover monthly interest payment, forget the principal. Thimphu and Paro are now concrete jungles. Banks are important institutions. That is why they are regulated. That is why the interest rates they can charge are controlled by the Central Bank. That is why there is a regulatory authority over them called the RMA so that they are kept in check. That is why when there is problem, the regulator has to step in and regulate banking services.”


    With a sincere resounding applaud, I fully agree to this submission of yours. Now, having identified this critical fault lines in the Bhutanese banking system which otherwise had the bigger share of contributions in the creation of this mess, my question to you would be: under the garb of this prickly tipped tongue, what immediate corrective measures would you recommend into addressing this menace?I think there is no denying the fact that our overtly powered bank CEOs with their hardheartedly driven “out of rules “sanctioned lavish loan gifts, coupled with the RMA’s strict regulatory weaknesses catapulted the birth of this mess, and therefore, our discussion should now focus alongside these lines, mainly on – what best course of actions merit putting in place into bringing this disheveled house into order? The only option left, I think, is the hard action taking session. But, are we ready for this???

  84. Hi Janyang,

    Thanks. I thought it was imposed on them. Now that you tell me it is not, the matter has to be looked at from a completely different angle.

    I did check with one bank and they confirmed that loans – all loans have been suspended for the time being.

    What intrigues me is why the RMA is not taking action against the bank knowing that what they are doing is harmful to the country.

  85. newcomer,

    I need some time to think over the issues since now it turns out that the banks complete ban on loans is self imposed and not ordered by the RMA.

    One thing is sure, if the banks had to resort to withholding further loans, they may be in bigger trouble than we were given to understand.

  86. guardian says


    After years of screwing the public of their hard earned money, if you think that the banks and financial institutions have suddenly developed a guilty conscious and have stopped giving loans to make more profits, then we are way off the mark.

    The banks/financial institutions stopping loans has nothing to do with self regulation in the sector as many are led to think, it is just a simple case of them not having any money to lend.

    For stopping loans they did not need any RMA directives, their own financial positions dictated that they refrain from approving further loans.

  87. This thread is on Trowa.

    If the leasee did not like the terms and the new rates why did he not just opt out instead of staying on for this many years?

    Was he forced to stay on?

    Only if he was forced to stay on should government consider any kind of redressal. I am really uneasy with such a proposal.

  88. Tangled,

    KW of Riverview fame refused to sign a new lease agreement when the RGOB raised the lease rate of the land from Nu.2 to Nu.42 per square foot and having refused to agree to the terms of the new lease agreement he could not even be forced out, simply because he was well connected.

  89. i feel that those govt officials who did not do their duty (review this case against existing policies, rules and regulations and laws and accordingly brief their bosses on appropriate actions required) should be penalised too. The penalty is to ensure that in future, not just the bosses but all the way down to all dealing officers do their part.

    That way, even if the boss is not inclined to deal with certain cases, the dealing officers can contribute by briefing and reminding. Right now laziness and cowardliness and even just plain old meanness is keeping a lot of even simple things from getting done.

    Accountability should be for all levels. The boss should pay more but the others should not go scotfree either.

  90. guardian says


    I agree fully with what you think should happen, however, when you are dealing with people who are powerful, it is very very difficult to implement laws etc, I have experienced this personally. If only the powerful and mighty realized that things would be much easier for everyone concerned if they abide by the written laws of the country.

    In the meantime, the only thing we can do to hopefully change their mindsets is to bring out their names in a public forum whenever the chance arises.

    In short name and shame them, though some maybe to thick skinned even to be shamed.

  91. Hi All,

    Did you know that the Namgay Heritage Hotel is building a superstructure and a swiming pool on the government land – next to it. I am afraid this is another Trowa Theatre episode.

  92. I dont know why we keep talking odnt you think its really high time we take actions in our hands before this crazy and egoistic bunch of people do some horrendous mistakes.atleast I am fed up of seeing their faces for so many years. we really need to walk the talk. Also I hope that the next gov ( god forbid that DPT doesnt get elected to give us nightmares )will take up all these cases-which they MUST because many other people have lost everything because of rules-then RULES MUST apply to them,too.
    We must PROTEST

  93. Pem Sonam says

    The way things are developing right now will all lead to the concentration of power (absolute power) with the DPT government. As it is they already have the following powers:
    Political + Legislative + Executive + Budget control + Positions/Offices (placing own candidates in key positions) + Business licences (Tourism, Airlines, Banking, etc showing favouritism to relatives and the usual suspects) +
    And now they want to have control over Land distribution

    There is a looming danger of Crony Capitalism. Who becomes rich, who gets what will all be based on one’s affiliation with the political leadership. If things are left as it is, a level playing field will not be possible thereafter.

    Favouritism – Nepotism – Cronyism – it is bad enough it exists – henceforth such practices/misdeeds will be INSTITUTIONALIZED.

    The big question nobody is daring to ask is – Are we moving towards a ONE PARTY DEMOCRACY?

    Will the 2013 Elections be FREE AND FAIR?

    I can’t understand what is happening to our country. Why are some people grabbing Power – haven’t they learnt anything from our Beloved KINGS?
    I have never been more concerned.

  94. The propeiter of Thimphu Primary School is also building a superstructure on government land below the school…

  95. One day might come when these people might propose selling of our mother land.
    This businessman must be related to Prime minister. I’m 100% confident about it. A minister wouldn’t dare to do so.

  96. maymay haylay haylay says

    I am now slowly believing the story. I never imagined our leaders could be blind. How about we go back to Monarchy ?. Come back Monarchy, safe your people!.

  97. Coincidently today’s story in The Bhutanese about the allegations that Bhutan Post did not follow procedures to favor a dealer to supply 15 city buses is PM’ ‘s son in law, kesang wangchuk. What more to come?

  98. BTW Kesang Wangchuk is the son of Kuenley Wangchuk of Trowa land scam

  99. And Tobgay son in law of Lyonpo Nanda Lal Rai is his partner. Bhutan Post is under the ministry of communication, Nanda Lal’s ministry. Is this a coincidence?

  100. Of late, I have come to believe that Bhutan has one of the most corrupted system in the world.
    I don’t belive in Politicians, I don’t believe in media or the press in this country, and I don’t in no nobody.
    We might have good system in place but when the system is controlled by those who are corrupt and the powerful, what can we do?
    All Bhutanese should ultimately realise that few people in the top control whole of Bhutan. We are made to believe that we have a democracy in this country when in fact it is just the opposite.
    I don’t even beleive that we have a justice system in Bhutan. What we have is not justice, but Punishment for poor people. Rich and powerful go scotfree becuase they have access to someone at the top-and our judges care scared shit out of someone at the top.
    Bhutan is fine, but the people who are running this coutry are f****d!

  101. we poor people are not allowing us to make Bagu la .if the person is related to minister they are doing what ever they like.

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