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Our country is going through an unprecedented economic crisis. So why is the government establishing a Secretariat for the new economy”for the United Nations? Instead, what we need is an office – a war room – dedicated to planning and directing the recovery of our economy.

And why is the prime minister preparing to “make a statement promoting the vision for a new economic system” for the world? What we really need – desperately – is a head of government who is genuinely and fully committed to understanding, planning and directing the recovery of our economy.


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  1. typical of jigmi thinley..overblown ego, misplaced priorities & a passion to please foreigners, bordering on colonial subservience..all the while preaching gnh shamelessly, while practising capitalistic materialism personally..half heartedly & sometimes totally failing to credit creation of gnh by our beloved 4th & trying to project to the international audience as if gnh were his..
    arrogantly proclaims on national tv a ban on import of vegetables & then uses agriculture minister to defend his error..
    is clueless on how the rupee crisis happened & looks to blame the private sector, equally clueless on solutions to alleviate the rupee crisis & brings in stiglitz et al to divert his accountability on the issue..
    tirelessly works to enhance his personal image internationally while
    ignoring domestic problems & difficulties..if only he put in half the effort to solve domestic issues..this overated man does not know that charity begins at home..

  2. Just few weeks back renowned economist said it is not a crisis but mismanagement of rupee reserve but here OL says it is “unprecedented economic crisis”….so, whom should we believe?

    Meanwhile what is the relation between forming “Secretariat for the new economy” and so called economic crisis? Gov and RMA is doing whatever possible to solve this issue but what is wrong in forming new secretariat at the same time? If rupee crisis can be solved by not forming this secretariat, then i will agree with OL. So, maybe, OL can highlight how this new secretariat will adversely effect the gov in solving the rupee problem!

  3. I support our PMs endeavour to finding a solution to the unsustainable way of humans living on this planet. GNH could be a solution but it has to be developed soundly based on sound econometric modelling. It just cannot be acheived with philosophical speeches. He does have a passion of social scientist in making this GNH work for the whole world. But he forgets that he is the PM of Bhutan, not a social or economic researcher. Over all he is spending too much time on international assignments than on domestic works. Let us hire him in the next election as a social scientist than PM so that he can fully concentrate on GNH modelling.

  4. “Let us hire him in the next election as a social scientist than PM so that he can fully concentrate on GNH modelling.”


  5. Tshering Chuki says

    Throughout all your posts honourable OL, you seem to be waiting for just the moment when you can pounce on PM’s every move. Can you not for once open your mind up and try to understand, really understand what GNH is all about, what people are trying to do to make it more relatable to everyday life? This secretariat is not “for the UN” as you have written, it is for the government of Bhutan. So clearly you have jumped to conclusions again without trying to understand. And by the way, what “unprecedented economic crises” are we going through? It is dangerous to be so vague and general using such terms without understanding the specifics.

  6. Deb-Ngagpo says

    JYT administration through his totalitarian regime has not been able to clean up the mess it created back home….i will not be surprised if the world soon understands this paradox and renders his weird theories a crap….Give us our due happiness first and take the remaining to the rest of the world!

  7. bhutanese says

    you should be the last one telling us what kind of a leader we need we the bhutanese people know what kind of a head of state we need, that is why JYT is the PM and not you. you always criticize PM but at the end you prove yourself to be the biggest joker and PM always wins.

  8. Dear Opposition Leader,
    Please put your own House in order first….lets see how you fare when you rule the country. Lets see you are really Harvard product just Harvard Disaster sent through nepotism…

  9. constitution says

    haha Mongar, This is what we all bhutanese would like to see in OL…first get his own house in order than point fingers at others.

    Our OL has discredited everything, whatever the govt. has done till now..I doubt what his IDEAS would be in his govt( if PDP survives) and if he ever become a PM. I doubt the country will be ruled by him or someone else from behind.

    Forget about the above, my real worry as a citizen of this peaceful country is this small NATION is heading for division and its communal harmony among its citizen might become a history by this party politics if the political party approves the way our present OL is leading now…..I could smell already a division among we civil servants and soon might reach the villages…VIRUS which was healed with much difficulty during the last election..

  10. Secretariat for the new economy. Wow, that’s a good one. So far during the DPT govt’s rule we have been given the ban on the sale of tobacco (but not on smoking), the ban on the sale of meat (but not on its consumption), the ban on the import of medicines which do not care to register in Bhutan, the ban on import of vegetables by vegetable vendors, the ban on new loans by the financial institutions and now the ban on the movement of private vehicles in the core areas of Thimphu on Tuesdays.

    All these bans have made our economy into something new and unique. I am sure the rest of the world will be keen to emulate our new economy.

  11. guardian says

    I am not very sure as to what this new office is going to achieve, however, if this new Secretariat is going to be successful, they may need to look into banning foreign travel for our spoilt bureaucrats in the civil service. The general view is that foreign travel etc is just a sheer waste of money with absolutely no improvement in the performances of the person sent out. So all RGOB funded tours, seminars etc should be banned with immediate effect, however, foreign related travel fully sponsored by a third country should be allowed.

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