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Have you travelled on the Thimphu – Chunzom higway recently? Is so, you would have noticed a frenzy of construction activity at “Charkilo”. What’s being constructed is the road to the controversial Education City.

For all the controversy surrounding the Education City, the government has made sure that the project has not suffered for want of attention or support. The cabinet has earmarked and approved the lease of 1000 acres of land as the government’s equity for the project.  A new company, DHI-Infra, was established two years ago to spearhead the project. A full board, with the works and human settlement minister as the chairman, has been set up. Numerous road shows have been conducted. The cabinet “further ratified” the Education City project bid, and awarded the bid to a consortium of bidders. A law was passed specifically for the Education City. The government has allocated a subsidy to the Education City in their 2012-13 budget. The construction of the Nu 133 million road and bridge has taken off. Someone has lobbied hard enough for the IFC to recognize the project as an outstanding public-private-partnership venture. All this while the detailed project report is still being prepared.

The Education City project is going ahead. It is being bulldozed ahead by the government.

What’s not going ahead, and what deserves our attention, are the proposals to establish three private colleges. These colleges will be established by Bhutanese people, using Bhutanese money, and for Bhutanese students. So we should render them our full support. Instead, they’ve been left on their own, without any government support. And the proposals, all three of them, are lost, mired in the government’s infamous red tape.



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  1. One thing that really upset me is our eagerness to experiment without knowing the outcome and shortsightedness as far as development of infrastructures is concerned. And such shortsightedness is happening in times of heavy national debt and recessionary economic situation.

    I am yet to see the feasibility and sustainability report of such massive undertaking. I think people of Bhutan has right to know how Education city will be made sustainable without affecting socioeconomic fabric of Bhutanese: and without unduly affecting the pristine natural setting between Thimphu and Paro. It is equally important to know the economic gains (e.g. employment, revenue etc.)from such undertaking.


  2. Wastage of scarce resources in a poverty stricken country, and leaping 10 steps instead of one. Very poor quality infrastructure like the domestic airports and others, is no development. Our political leaders seem to be going crazy? I feel like laughing when I see the pictures of domestic airports in the TV and newspapers. Hopefully, the next government will not repeat the same story? IT park has already become a while elephant.


    Your EXCELLENCY, kind attention the following facts;
    1. As per the announcement given in the RCSC website, in order to apply for Master in Science & mathematics courses under the prestigious Nehru- Wangchuck scholarships 2013, one needs to have a Bsc degree. That meant B.Ed science & mathematics teachers graduated from the Paro & Samtse colleges of educations were ineligible to apply. The last date for application got over on 29th March 2013.
    2. As per the eligibility criteria( given in Aus Aid South Asia/Bhutan website) to apply for Master in Science & Mathematics courses under the prestigious Aus Aid scholarship scholarships 2014, one needs to have a Bsc degree. This also means B.Ed science & Mathematics teachers graduated from the Paro & Samtse colleges of educations are ineligible to apply. The last date for application is 30th April 2013.
    Such criteria’s were not there before. When we asked for clarifications, the dealing officers tell that it is a committee’s decision and we are eligible to apply for other scholarship schemes. Then, why not here? Who are the committees & why such a discriminatory criteria against B.Ed science & Mathematics teacher graduates from RUB? Then what options are there for science/mathematics teacher graduates to upgrade their qualifications? We know and we often “talk” that there is a huge shortage of science & mathematics teachers in our schools & many of our national science/mathematics teachers are serving in remotest parts of the country. . However working out such step motherly selection criteria for prestigious scholarships by the concerned agencies demoralize the B.Ed science/mathematics teacher graduates from Samtse & Paro College of Education and defats the very purpose of these two colleges & RUB. And it is ironical that such criteria are introduced just after the Sherig century celebrations!
    When the media wrote on the morale of our teachers, they were accused of shooting a poison arrow. How about these type of selection criteria?
    Is our degree not accepted worldwide? We do not know. The RCSC, RUB, MoE & the scholarship awarding agencies should fix the problem rather than coming up with such silly selection criteria.

  4. Again political bullshit….

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