Cost-cutting measures

Press Release

23 August 2013

Bearing in mind the current state of the economy faced with a growing public debt, INR dearth and ever increasing current expenditure, the Fourth sitting of the Cabinet decided on adopting austerity measures to rein in unnecessary and excessive spending. As such, the Cabinet has decided to implement the following cost cutting measures until economic situation improves in the country:

 1. Pay: As per recommendation of the National Assembly conveyed vide NAB-SP/2010/74, dated 16/12/2010, the pay scales for the Ministers of the Second Parliament was to be increased from Nu.78,000 – 1,560 – 85,800 to Nu.1,80,000 – 3,600 – 1,98,000 for the Prime Minister and Nu.1,30,000 – 2,600 – 1,43,000 for Cabinet Ministers and equivalent posts.

The Cabinet has decided not to adopt the new pay scales as recommended above. The existing pay scale of Nu.78,000 – 1,560 – 85,800 will be applied for the Prime Minister and the Cabinet Ministers with effect from 27th July 2013, the day His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo granted Dakyen to the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers. The next Pay Commission may review and suggest otherwise if necessary and recommend to the Government later.     

2. Accommodation: Prime Minister has decided to live in his private residence and spare the official residence for continued use as a State Guesthouse. Cabinet Ministers will mandatorily occupy official residences at Lhengye Densa as it would involve payment of housing rent allowance otherwise.

3. Security: Security personnel for the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers shall be reduced to bare minimum and no pilot escort will be used for movements within Thimphu and Paro. The Ministry of Home & Cultural Affairs has been directed to revise the Security Protocol for VVIPs/VIPs, 2013 accordingly.

4. Ex-country Travel: Ex-country travel by the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers shall be kept to bare necessity. The Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers will travel abroad only when it is absolutely necessary and that too with a bare minimum delegation even if financed by host countries or organizers. There should be no formal reception or see-off line up at the airport.   

5. Chadri Arrangements: Chadri arrangements should be confined to events involving Royal Family Members, Zhung Dratshang and that are of national significance only. Pitching of tents, hoisting flags, arrangements of dancers, serving food, etc. during other events must be stopped. During visits of Cabinet Ministers to places outside Thimphu, there should be no elaborate chadri at the place of stay, whether hotel or guest house. Packed lunches for mid-way meals and tea to be arranged by the visiting team. The practice of Dzongkhag officials coming half-way to receive the officials should be discontinued. This applies to the visit of the Prime Minister as well. The Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs is directed to revise the Chadri Protocol accordingly.

6. Hospitality and Entertainment: No excessive expenditure shall be incurred for extending hospitality and entertaining guests by the Cabinet Ministers. Government entertainment for official purposes should be reduced to bare essential. Wherever possible, lunches should be hosted instead of dinners, and number of government invitees should not exceed twice the number of guests. Food items containing local products should be promoted, instead of imported stuff. The Ministry of Finance is directed to revise the existing circulars/guidelines on government entertainments and hospitality and further streamline it.


7. Transport/Vehicle: The Prime Minister is entitled to one Land Cruiser and Cabinet Ministers to one Toyota Prado as exclusive duty vehicles with drivers and operation/maintenance costs. One Maruti WagonR car is provided for secretarial duty of the Ministers.

  1. Notwithstanding the above entitlements, the Prime Minister has decided to use the old vehicle (Toyota Prado) on his duty. The Cabinet Ministers will use one of the pool vehicles available with the ministries. No new vehicle will be procured by the Government until the economic situation improves.
  2. Maruti Wagon_R cars provided for secretarial duty of the Ministers will be returned for pool use in the ministries.

8. Domestic Staff: Prime Minister was provided five and Cabinet Ministers two domestic staff at residences. The Cabinet has decided not to avail this facility. The Pay Commission may study the need and suggest otherwise later. The DNP’s Maintenance Unit will look after the flower gardens and general cleaning of premises on regular basis.

9. Cabinet Secretariat: Cabinet Secretariat currently has 41 staff (2 Executive, 13 Officers, 2 Contract, 11 Support, 9 Operator and 4 GSP) as against some 52 approved posts. In addition, there were 4 political appointees and one Photographer on contract basis.

The Cabinet decided that there will be no political appointments made in the Cabinet Secretariat. Instead, Prime Minister will look into re-organizing and down-sizing the Cabinet Secretariat. Excess staff, if any, could be relieved off on transfer to agencies facing shortage of HRs.


The Cabinet hereby pledges to abide by all relevant laws of the land and consciously work hard towards curtailment of wasteful public expenditure. In doing so, the Government earnestly hope that all ministries, autonomous bodies, corporate agencies and also the private sector understand the gravity of the economic situation and encourage them to voluntarily come up with their own austerity measures. The Government and the people must collectively aspire to revive the economic situation through collective efforts and sacrifices.


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  1. So thoughtful of u la ur excellency….u make a great leader….THANK YOU la.

    We are PROUD OF U 🙂

  2. This is an achievement indeed. But I pray words are followed by timely action. The beginning seems hopeful, let the storms of time not wither these promises.

  3. dr. b p kharel says

    it is one of the best expenditures cut down method. u r great HE PM TT

  4. Efforts to reduce cost through such austerity measures may be peanuts as compared to the rampant and pervasive corruptions taking place. And yet, the efforts by the PM and his cabinet colleagues is a remarkable beginning. As indicated in the press release “The Government and the people must collectively aspire to revive the economic situation through collective efforts and sacrifices.” This is indeed required and I am sure people by now have realized to be prudent in earning and spending. However, strategic long term planning by RMA, Government and the Financial Institutions and the major commercial/business sectors is imperative to come out of the mess we have been facing since about two years now.

  5. jigme choerab says

    thank you mr. prime minister. i am so proud to have a leader like you. your government has my loyalty and fullest support.

  6. Good to see you come back on your blog.

    I am thoroughly amazed and touched by the selflessness put forth by your excellency and the cabinet ministers. May it inspire other orgs endlessly.

  7. Very calculative n generous of ur cabinet. I find it very realistic n hope ur excellency n ur group will further delve down the sicial ladder n look into n bring changes…long live ur excellency

  8. This will bring down the corruption.Thank god, we have found Genuine Bhutanese. I thought we have none. I wish to see more positive changes. The way you govern is very dynamic and as per the time and situation. This is what we require. Thank you mr Prime Minister. My support to you as always.

  9. Kunga Supe says

    Your Excellency,
    You and the present government had a choice before you – to make merry with the meager resources we have (as the last government selfishly did) OR to make history by changing the course of Bhutanese democracy for the better. My heart is brimming with pride and gratitude as you have chosen the latter.
    It is going to be hard to continue doing this and to keep your party’s financial backers happy as well. But you will figure out how to go about this challenge prudently. Of that I remain most confident in you.
    It is also most heartening to see that you are being transparent about and going public with these austerity measures. Five years down the road, the Bhutanese electorate will ask what you’ve done for them and will measure your party up against the pledges it made in the last elections. It is imperative that they understand you did the best that you do with the limited resources you had in hand. Thus, transparency is key.
    The way this government is going, it is difficult to imagine that anyone will ever replace you. The government, the Cabinet and you have my highest regard and best wishes.

  10. Kunga Supe says

    *the best that you COULD with the limited resources…

  11. Way to go!

    The amount that the government spends on Chadi is phenomenal and it is heartening to see that clear cut instructions have been given regarding chadi. Often times the success of the opening ceremony of a workshop/conference overshadows the actual event as all efforts go into the preparation of the opening ceremony rather than the technical aspects.

    I used to find it ridiculous that Mongar Dzongkhag and Kurichu Project officials would be at Yonkhola to receive senior government officials. I am now glad that this won’t be necessary anymore.

    We need a practical government and that is what PDP is doing and Hats off to you!

    I hope the bureaucracy picks up from here and contributes to the government’s efforts.

    I am positive that at least 15-20% of the deficit can be made up through effective cost cutting through across all sectors.

  12. Karma Dupsel Tamang says

    Your Excellency

    Thanks for sharing transparency and accountability information for Good governance.

  13. Haap/ Bumthang says

    This is a real initiative and the sacrifices of our present government…I am 100% sure that this will rally improve our country ecomomy….i Have seen and experience here at BUmthang that when ever the Ex. AG miniser comes here the party workers arrange the program in their hotel and put the huge amount bill to the various offices for the adjestment….

    Now we are out of all such things.

    i Thanks ans salute you honorable Prime Minister

  14. Nima Wangdi Gyeltshen says

    This is an unprecedented move on the part of the Government,since, the previous Government I remembered were always discussing means to improve on their “THOBLAM”. Thanks for making me believe that change is possible. Congrats la

  15. its awesome idea your excellency..

  16. Son of Bhutan says

    Kudo’s to honb’le PM and team to have blazed a new trail .

    Leadership is about sacrifice and setting examples and you have truly done your bit to exemplify the positive traits for a positive Bhutan .

    May the winds of positive change continue to keep blowing and may all negativities be dispelled from Drukyul .

    Pelden Drukpa Gyelo & Long Live our Kings !

  17. Good move Mr PM…lots of reform should be made …..I am indeed very happy about it… Now as a concern citizen I would like to share my concern about waste management…Bhutan is such a beautiful country when we look from airplane and through picture but upon closer look lots of waste are thrown ever where possible.It is as if every place is a place to throw waste.I strongly believe that Bhutan’s strength is in tourism and for that Bhutan doesn’t have big sky scraper or disney land or any commercial hub to attract tourist . But What Bhutan has is a beautiful , virgin environment and Bhutan should bet on it to attract tourist who wants some peace of mind in natural environment setting. For clean environment strict waste management rules should made.
    Clean town with no waste will attract more tourist and will have health benefit and economic benefit as well. All I want to say is if strict rules are made on waste management like rules on cigarette smoking. Things will improve very fast.

  18. Thank you, your Excellency!
    When some citizens cannot afford to eat a proper meal or go to school, it would sound selfish of MPs taking so much in the name of allowances and perks. And what you are doing is commendable.
    We look forward for more such measures, especially on tackling corruption; slacked attitude in implementing planned developmental activities for the country, that leads to wasting of resources.
    Our country should plan well and implement well, our civil servants should be mindful of this. I hope your party makes an effort to ensure this happens. We should focus development in other areas of the countries. Thimphu is overburdened. Thimphu should remain the political hub. We have Phuentsholing as commercial hub. Further we should have education city in another place and film city another place (say like Bumthang or Punakha or other). Doing this will also create employment opportunities. With development of town, comes opportunities for demand of services (private/ commercial services and others), and this will help boost the economy.
    Bhutan is mostly a service sector; we are less of manufacturing nation.

    Well I don’t need to say all this. I know you are wise and thoughtful and I trust you will take Bhutan soon to greater heights, make our country prosperous among the Asian nations, as propperous as any European countries. So for doing this you will be remembered in the history as the remarkable prime minister, as remarkable as Abraham Lincoln, who did things so profound that was ahead of his time.

    Tashi Delek!

  19. This should be exercised by all offices, and understand this as measure to minimize expenditure at such time of economic situation. Great Job PDP Government, otherwise you too deserve all the luxury the previous polititains enjoyed.

  20. i am a fan. Its a dream so far to have a leader like you. One way of developing Bhutan is to make sure 100% of our civil servants do their duty from 9-5.A bad attitude among the youth of Bhutan today is that they want to join civil service so that they don’t have to work. This attitude wont bring us out of debts nor make us a strong nation. Many civil servants are known to play archery or card games during office hours. i am a private employee and i work hard for my firm.There should be some mechanism to keep an eye on many of the ethics-less civil servants.

  21. You are playing this to please media because you know media will enhance your next chance of election. Is there no one in PMO to share that news or 11 ministers have nothing to do except updating blogs, create facebook pages or twitter accounts…….

    Don’t give tokenism. Make real change.

  22. suraj Darjee says

    why don’t you occupy a house in the gov quarter? that will reduce security for you the PM and the gov will not have to give you rents?

  23. Your excellency Mr. PM
    Hats off to the commendable changes u have bringing ever since your Government was in place to Rule Us.

    Thank U. U r action speaks that u r a Politician By heart & i guarantee ma support in the coming years for such changes.

    now i can be sure that the PM coming from Humble Family is more Realistic & does every thing for the benefit of his people & country. Thank U. I dont mind supporting a PM coming from the most humble back ground if he/she has an excellent deterimination to serve TSA-WA-SUM like ur ExcelLency Is doing.

    i have no thing but to offer u r millions of likes for ur commendable actions and may God Bless U Mr. PM, All cabinet Ministers, Other MPs, Ur family members with every Comfort & Happiness for now & in all the time to come.

    u deserve the best of Regards and appreciation from all those People who really wanted Change.

    Thank u la

  24. Great initiative set by new Govt. Hope other autonomous, corporate and public sector agencies also adopt the same. Bhutan is a very small country with very scarce resources and we can’t afford to spend lavishly. I salute to PM and all Ministers for taking a very commendable cost cutting measures.

  25. Your excellency PM

    Thumbs up for the wok well done and hope to see all goes well hereafter too.

    Following lines are some of the points which was quoted by a concerned citizen of our country. If the cases were true it really needed to be looked into it.

    Following are 32 points submitted. Your excellency can explore Bhutanomics.

    Samthang TTIS

    1. All the staff have planned to leave Samthang because they are not happy with the principal and Training coordinator Ugyen Dorji because Principal Sangay Wangchuk never appreciate the hard work of staff and Ugyen Dorji is not acting like training coordinator but he acts like a torturing coordinator to the faculties and now we are fate up with these two person in the institute ….because of the two person the staff are trying to move to other organisation and even some wants to resign.

    2. Principal used to misuse the pool vehicle Pejero, most of the govt. budget has been used to repair the old Pajero, he use pajero in his personal matter, he use as if Pajero is his own vehicle.

    3. Staff quarter actually constructed for Teaching staff but he has given to non teaching staff including messenger, driver, accountant, rite now accountant is male, he got that quarter because of former female accountant, Principal have already said Accountant is very important person in the institute when there was lady accountant but she went transfer and male account came, and he have to give the quarter to the him to keep his word as he already have said accountant are important, and teaching staff are not.

    4. Principal may be entitled to get teaching allowance provided if he/she takes a class, but here at samthang not even a single period has been taken by him since 2010 but teaching allowance is always given to him, this is really unfair, ACC really need to check it out and need to investigate in this matter, because corruption is not only for misuse of huge amount of money, corruption is even for a misuse of a one NU.

    5. Principal will talk to the outsider as if he is very polite, innocent and humble so that people like him, in reality he is dirty man and he acts like a tiger with his staff. We are wondering why govt. is keeping such bullshit People as the head of TTIS.

    6. The cooks are very innocent but when they make a simple mistake he used to say I will slap you even though they are very much elder than him.

    7. Trainees are beaten as and when he like to beat and beating to the trainees has become this hobby and interest. Poor trainees could not do anything to him, if they open their mouth to explain, they will receive the punch from Principal, only they can do is to receive his beating with bowing, and his beating is not simple, it’s the punch with all his force, trainees used to come with their torn chick and with bloody nose but we are helpless to help them.

    8. Guess he used to fight with his wife and used to pour his anger to the staff. And we poor staff cannot do anything to him, because there is every chances he may claw us as he is the tiger of the institute.

    9. When staff suffer from sickness and when they approach to ask vehicle he never turn up to sign the moving order but for him he can even use the pool vehicle for personal use such as reaching his wife to wangdi, hospital, Khasadrapchu even to Tashigang, and used to claim TA for his personal purpose also.

    10. High way inspection, as he said he was going for the high way inspection for driving training taking pool vehicle along with his wife, but he went to his wife’s house and spend a week with her and he came back, if he has gone for high way inspection he would have met with the trainees and as well with the Instructor, but instructor said that principal didn’t came to inspect them…but his high way inspection was to claim for TA, he would have claimed for DA also but in his office order he have mentioned Pajero for mode of transfer, if you don’t believe than inspect the institute’s documents and ask the HVD instructor’s about his high way inspection individually.

    11. OJT stipend where not given on time and let trainees to suffer a lot and he found some of the trainees were absent at the time of his visit and came back without giving stipend and let the trainees to suffer, therefore the stipend brought with him was dismissed, means he have filled his pocket with trainees money.

    12. Actually on OJT respected instructor are required to monitor but Principal himself have to go to claim the TA/DA.

    13. Principal used to collect NU.1000 each form trainees for uniform but in the bill the cost of uniform is only Nu.480, all the time he used to say the trainees are from poor background and they don’t have enough money to go for a further studies that’s why they have come to this institute but his word and his act was really different, he says one thing and do another thing, he is such a horrible old man. Lets calculate the profit he made till now from poor trainess (total amount collected form a trainee =1000.00, the cost of one uniform is 480 as per the bill 266 dated 23/08/12 from Durga Store, plot No. 122, G.F 01, Goedoe Lam, Phuntsholing, the trainees estimated till now from the start will be 328 trainees therefore 1000*320=320000.00, and the cost of one uniform is 480, the profit from one uniform he made is 1000-480=620, the total profit will be 620*320=198400.). Additional proves: 1.No quotation for uniform, 2:No bill has been shown till now to other faculties, Mr. Choney Dorji (Messenger) also involved in this matter as such the bill was sent in his name, but we are not sure how much commission has been given to him for all phone calls to minimize the price to 480 per uniform.

    14. Actually to get the post of principal minimum qualification should be Degree but his qualification is only class VI, and how come he is appointed as Principal according to the PCS, due to this education background he is having attitude, manner and ego problems that’s why the condition is getting worst, RCSC need to act seriously on this matter as there are thousands of capable person in the market to be a perfect principal.

    15. Frequently he used to send the truck with trainees for carrying stone, sand, firewood etc saying it is kidu approved by ministry for the Lhakhang, ok its is acceptable for once but kidu for again and again, which I think it is not at all acceptable , he may be receiving the handsome amount from the contractor. The hard work is done by our poor Trainees but Fruits have been harvested by this dirty minded Principal.

    16. The furniture’s of the institute such as sofa and chair has been taken by the principal to his quarter, and using as if it is his own property

    17. The messenger and driver are more powerful than the teaching faculties due to the support of the principal to messenger and driver, and messenger and driver are the chamcha’s kept by the principal, so that if any of the faculties say anything will be heard by the principal by those chamchas.

    18. One of the trainee cracked the brake light of the training vehicle while given a driving training and he made to paid trainee for the repaired cost of 5000 but when messenger choney dorji got accident while he was driving land cruiser with truck, even though truck was having the fault and they have estimated for the damage of the land cruiser and the estimation was above NU. 90000.00 but the institute have to bear the cost for the damage from the institute budget….then why they have estimate if institute has to bear the cost of the damage? here you can see the clear picture of Dirty Principal and his chamcha Messenger Choney Dorji…they must have taken the money from the truck owner and repaired the vehicle with institute budget.

    19. The old dress of pass out trainees has to be collected by Store in charge by the order of principal and the collected old dress has been given to the new trainees esp to the Driving trainees. And he used to claim for the bill for new dresses as if he has given new dress to the new trainees, and the amount is taken in him. This proves that he is really cheating the govt.

    20. IDF (Institute Development Fund) is collected once only but here in TTI Samthang they are collecting twice, that means the institute head is doing what is not supposed to do.

    21. Sir Tshering Jamtsho has resigned voluntary and when he have claimed for Transfer Grant, Principal has given the grant directly from Samthang to Gelephu, Gelephu to Pema Gytshel but recently our Liberian Lhawang Dema also resigned voluntary from her service and she has been given transfer grant from samthang to Bumthang, bumthang to Trashigang, and Trashigang to Pema Gytshel, which makes a difference of one day, he only supports to the lady staff.

    22. Ugyen Dorji, is acting quit differently this days, and torturing faculties of the institute, now and then he is reporting to the principal saying the staff are not working well, and principal used to listen to him without any clarification and used to scold the staff calling them to his office and there is no options for faculties member to seek for the job in other organisation, there is no motivation at all to the faculties so that faculties can build up the interest on thy works and responsibilities, till now I haven’t heard any of the faculty saying they are happy to work under Sangay Wangchuk and Ugyen Dorji. Now we are aware of Ugyen Dorji why is he doing such and becoming more punctuality this days only in front of Principal was that the Principal of TTIT (Technical Training Institute Thimphu) has reached to the stage of superannuation so Ugyen Dorji is Trying to get a good recommendation from the Principal so that Ministry could appoint him as the Principal of TTIT.

    23. When principal mother was expired he has taken an official order to claim for the TA/DA, instead of taking personal leave and also he has claimed for TA/DA when he came back from the Gaywa/Gaytsha, he has claimed for the TA/DA which he was not entitled to claim for his own personal purpose.

    24. Faculties should compulsory bow down (Chalen) to principal even though he is not entitled for Chalen but if faculties fails to do Chalen to him his face will become very angry and even announce in the assembly saying that he need a chalen, and used to say when everyone does chalen for me why not some of the staff not doing it.

    25. To run the canteen the quotation should be declared to all the interested participants every after compulsion of one year from the stated date of the approved quotation but in TTIS the quotation has been done only once in the year 2011 and the same person is running till now, and the electricity for the canteen is paid by the institute since there is no Meter to read the consumed electricity, this all is due to the Kidu by principal because Mr. Choney is the relative of Principal sangay Wangchuk through his second wife that’s why he is helping him, even Mr. Choney working as contract basis, he is not eligible for govt. quarter but he is given quarter therefore the teaching faculties has to stay outside the campus.

    26. The extra HDPE pipe was given by the contractor to the institute, after the completion of new hostel sponsored Jai Prakesh Construction PHPA was used to drain the waste of boy’s toilet, fine it’s cool, but what this dirty Principal did was he made a bill for the free of cost HDPE pipe and loaded his pocket with illegal money.

    27. This principal of TTIS can fully be compared with the Sadam Hussian of Iraq, the rules and regulation of our institute never matches with the law of our country Bhutan.

    28. Mr. Ugyen Dorji has jumped from 1st step to 10th directly which actually is impossible, means he was a certificate holder and he was send for Diploma course in Australia but he came with Master Certificate, here also you can see his real picture, how dishonest is he, cheating the Govt. and people of the nation. And now again he has cheated the nation by appearing the Preliminary Exam (PE) of RCSC, and here how RCSC has given the opportunity for him to sit for the PE for the person who even don’t have Diploma Certificate, and how come he having Degree Certificate without going for further studies. Since he is here at TTIS only. So RCSC really need to investigate to this matter if not RCSC are not doing your job as per the rules and regulation brought out by you. If it is possible for a certificate holder to appear PE than all should be given an opportunity, if not than not even to one person. We hate partiality. And we need justify as we all are under equal justice.

    29. I have posted this complaint in Kuenselonline thinking that we every individual have right to fight for the corruption and our country’s vision and mission is to provide with GNH, so in our institute there is no concept of GNH at all, no one is happy with this two unqualified men.

    30. And here we will blame to the ministry itself (MoLHR) for not providing us with full fledged Principal, his designation is Vice Principal, and I have never seen any institute run by the Vice Principal, there are two Vice Principal in TTIS, one is Sangay Wangchuk and another is Ugyen Dorji, because Sangay Wangchuk pretends to be a Full fledged Principal and given a title of VP to Ugyen Dorji. They are designating their designation themselves, shameless. We would have accepted with this all, if they were good, but they are horrific.

    31. Principal usually use to take trainees mess items and this time he has taken 5 packs of rice from the mess, shamelessly stating that he is going to feed the dogs, here I don’t think he has to take the rice from the mess to feed the street dogs, he is earning good salary including unofficial TA/DA and if he wants to feed the dogs than he should have bought it from the market, feeding dogs was an excuse for him to take the rice to his house, he has killed the stomach of trainees, such a greedy person I have never seen, he is really an awful person, believe me. Weather the stock is of June last year or of this year, he doesn’t have rights to empty the trainee’s pot, this is really an illegal act, out of the law of our country.

    32. Therefore the Minister, Secretary, Directors and the officers really need to tackle the problems of the institute, if you really like to run the institute smoothly throughout the generation. If not after few years you may find only Sangay Wangchuk, Ugyen Dorji in this institute and their champchas. As a proof many of the staffs are applying for job in other organisation, so ministry should know what’s the reason by now and no one is happy to work under this two cruel men. If ministry could come and talk to the staff individually in absent of this two horrible men than we think it will be better. And it will be wonderful if ministry could transfer them in other department.

  26. Ramesh Khanal says

    Nepal’s then Prime Minister Marichman Singh had also talked about similar programmes in 1989 which were called “mitwyayitaa”.

  27. Cost cutting measures during difficult economic times is the most welcome move. I hope your government could sustain this effort and save millions of Nu. that can be used for necessary things like meeting cost of health care, raising productivity of agricultural crops, funding scholarship for needy poor students etc. As a Bhutanese, any noble and rational reform by any government must be appreciated and take notice of.

    Keep up the good work.

  28. Domchosertong says

    Hats off for Mr PM… and my family is always there to support you and your party forever la…you are truly the people Prime Ministry…

  29. Karma Jimba says

    Your Excellency

    You are doing very well so far. Please keep up and don’t let your Ministers let you down.

    Bhutan will surely progress if you are consistent with your doings.

    Thank you.

  30. Commendable initiatives your excellency. We are really proud of you. Costs cutting exercises, when the country is going through difficult time, is very much appreciated. Besides the cost cutting measures already put in place by the government I would like to add the followings: Such cost cutting initiatives should not be confined at certain level rather it should be done throughout the government offices both vertically and horizontally including Corporations.
    There are many areas where this exercise can be done examples:
    (1) unnecessary workshops/seminars, retreats using government budget to dine with wine could be done away with.
    (2) Rationalizing use and maintenance of pool vehicles is another area. Except offcials who are entitled for designated vehicles the others vehicles should be really “pooled” and kept in office compound. At present the pool vehicles are rampantly used and taken home by certain section of officials. In the Dzongkhags pooling can be done under Dzongkhags.
    (3)Purchase of gears, equipments, computers etc etc are done again and again nobody knows where they are going…..can somebody be accountable ?
    (4) stationeries and printing, photocopying has become luxury….systems are there but implementation is poor….
    (5) Procurement has become messy….proper accounting is necessary.
    (6) Lots of unwanted “official” dinners accompanied with alcohol can be done away…
    (7) unnecessary travels even within country…private trips under the guise of official trips..
    (8) There could be many more…

  31. Practical intelligence in full operation, a much needed change is happening and please keep them coming! We’ll never need to export GNH ever again. First, let’s have surplus of it and may be, we can think n plan to market it out! Appreciated n we’ll celebrate your efforts humbly.

  32. Tenzin lodey jamtsho says

    Thank you your HE, proud to be PDP. Hope it will go till end.

  33. Tashi Chozom says

    Your Excellency, we really appreciated the austerity measures adopted by the cabinet under your dynamic leadership. In this line, most Government offices received a circular issued by the Ministry of Finance. I was confused with one of the guidelines under Ex-country travels. It said that the ex-country travels be minimized and be taken when it is “absolutely necessary” and “irrespective of sources of funding”.Minimizing Ex-country travels which has to be made from RGoB fund is an appropriate measure. However, there are other travels (Meetings, seminars, conferences and trainings) which are at times supported by other countries and organizations where the country does not have to bear a single penny. Therefore, I think it will be wrong to discourage such travels. Kadinchey la!

  34. a very good beginning. congratulations

  35. Good to see the essence of Bhutanese society ‘Humbleness’ emanating from top…

  36. I’ve never been to Bhutan before and I accidentally came across this blog while searching for meat ban laws. I’m really impressed by these practical measures as an effort to cut down government costs during times of economic hardship. This reflects a truly altruistic spirit that I wish my country’s leaders could also realize and implement. Really hope Bhutan can develop in a way that your people will always be wise and happy. Best regards from Vietnam.

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