Message on Happiness Day

Today is a big day for Bhutan … and the world.

Today, people all over the world will come together to observe the first International Day of Happiness. My family and I join the people of Bhutan in celebrating the first ever global happiness day.

I thank the prime minister and the government for their hard work and perseverance in advocating Gross National Happiness at home and abroad. I congratulate them for for successfully promoting happiness in the international agenda, and for pushing the United Nations to adopt the resolution on happiness. Their efforts have led to the adoption of the International Day of Happiness.

Today is a good time to think about our priorities – to ask ourselves what is important and what we aspire to do with our lives. It is also a good time to take a deliberate break from regular work; to spend time with family, friends and loved ones; to be true to oneself, free of material ambitions and insatiable desires.

Today is also a good time to reflect on Gross National Happiness and how it was born. It is a time, a proud time for all Bhutanese, to remember that His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo, gave the world a new idea, a new calling. So today is a time to offer thanks to the Fourth Druk Gyalpo for gifting GNH to Bhutan and to the whole world. On this happy day, I urge all Bhutanese to offer prayers for our beloved Kings.

Tashi delek!



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  1. Very true your excellency. I join you in celebrating Happiness and my sincerest prayers for our Majesties.

    For me, if happiness is a job than it is teaching.

    All the best with the upcoming election.

  2. A belated happy Happiness Day; a relevant sentiment in crazy times.
    As you say –
    `Today is a good time to think about our priorities – to ask ourselves what is important and what we aspire to do with our lives.’

    The world can learn from you guys.
    Cheers, ic

  3. Finally, our Hon’ble OL has expressed support for the government. Sometimes, such expression is a good indication to show to the world that politics in Bhutan is little different than politics in rest of the world. Congratulations to the OL.

  4. Tashi Delek! indeed. Finally, we have at least one day to celebrate happiness for everyone.

  5. Your Excellency,

    As you have asked us to contribute our views for u to raise questions to the government in the final session the parliament, i have shared my views accordingly as follows:

    a) When the ban of Quota is to be lifted for civil servants

    b) Would 20% salary allowance be merged to the basic b4 this government dissolved for civil servants

    Am not very clear whether those issues are raised. If not raised, what was ur point for leaving those behind…i can agree if u have some other pressing national issues on the place of above two points….i just wondering your views on this….. sorry for asking this again…..with my highest respect…

  6. guradian says

    When the PM was abroad promoting a new development paradigm, ie GNH, and was doing so on behalf of His Majesty the 4th Druk Gyalpo, who coined the term GNH, the OL had even asked the PM to submit the expenditure incurred on his GNH tours.

    Now, all of a sudden, the OL seems to be singing a different tune, this is the type of person the OL is.

  7. Namaskar
    I am from India. I read your interview published in The Sunday Times of India on Jan 18, 2015 and felt happy. Bhutan has suddenly caught my attention and I wish the nation and its people all the happiness. The interview touched me when I read about Shri Tobgay’s personal history.

    I am a writer and my husband is a film-maker and we would love to visit your country and see you in person if possible. I know that His Excellencies generally do not have time to meet all and sundry but I thought I would still write and make this request.

    I am also happy about GNH – Gross National Happiness – which the world, I truly hope, imbibes and spreads peace and happiness, instead of hatred and war.

    Thank you.

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