A big problem

We have a problem. In our last poll, 94% of you claimed to either know or think that drug abuse is already a problem in Bhutan. On the other hand, only 5% of you said that drug abuse is not a problem in our country. 1% admitted that they don’t have a clue.

I suspected that substance abuse was growing, especially among out youth. But, I had no reason to think that it was already a problem. The poll results have forced me to rethink my views – that’s why I kept the poll up for so long. Next week, I plan to discuss this issue with the government including the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Bhutan Narcotic Control Agency. I’ve also arranged to meet some youth.

This week’s poll asks: “how prepared are we to cope with disaster?”


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  1. No, not at all prepared.

  2. Hon’ble OL…please ensure that this poll is taken seriously and some concrete plan of action come about it because i also believe this is a serious issue and feel we are already 10 steps behind in managing this problem. Government has done a lot but we need to re-look in to what we have done so far and have they been effective?…if not what other strategies can we adopt, what is driving our youth toward this problem?.. If we think the future of Bhutan lies in our youth then the youth must be taken care of as they are the ones hit hard by this problem.

  3. “Ignorance is bliss” but not in the 21st century.The government is well aware that the majority of the Bhutanes population comprises of youth. The policy maker would plan a few activities and then the whole drug related problem is “ignored”. Our policy and law makers does not know the meaning of “follow-ups”. They are the ones who are failing and it is our laws that are failing to keep our youths away from drugs. They are only children and if they are bored they will try new things. It is our duty to keep them peroccupied and engage them into meaningful and productive activities. We should give them the “choices”.
    The entire durg related problems are not due to our youth, it is ourselves we need to question. We as adults and role models are lacking in many avenues. It is time that we change ourselves inorder to change our youths and thus our future.

  4. One Rehab called REWA initiated by some private individuals got shut down. Now government is not even bothered to replace it with another one. YDF has money & resources to do this but they are not bothered and go for events that make them be noticed. Nothing concrete is coming from YDF for this national disaster of youth getting into drugs. We need a REHAB center immediately and YDF has to do it because it is money raised in the name of YOUTH if I am not mistaken. ACT now before it is too late.

    An addict some year back.

  5. Hon’ble OL

    I am very happy that you are taking up this issue of drug abuse with the concerned authorities. Penelising and putting drug abusers behind the bars is not going to solve the problem. We must educate our youths and also adults about the dangers of abusing drugs. You will get a clear picture of drug abusers in Bhutan if you check with the Police and with the Court too.

    I think we need rehab and treatment centres in our country at the earliest. That is not enough, we need trained people to give councelling and treatment to the victims of drugs.
    Best of luck n Kadinchey

  6. more number of drugs user increase bcoz of the lake of job’s and education. most of people who take drugs they have a family problem, maybe bad choise in freind or some they do it bocz they want to tool kool. now the we have a new rehad center open and its helping some , hope this will trun out well and hepl as much as they can,

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